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Wesley/Lilah #6: "I don't need to hear your evil plans." "No, it just turns you on, knowing I have them."

made by tootyfnfrooty

Welcome to the Wesley & Lilah appreciation thread I can't speak for anyone else but for me Wes and Lilah were one of the hottest pairing of Buffyverse. And the were the hottest actual pairing of ATS (i can say this and not feel guilty since my OTP never got the chance to move beyond friendship). At first it was surprising to see Wes was sleeping with Lilah, but it did not take long for me to root for them and i must say i was heart broken when she was killed by Jasmine because I really wanted to see where it would lead. Despite his feeling for another I truly believe Wes cared for Lilah and there chemistry was amazing and I felt that given time he would have grown to love her as much as I believe she already loved him.

made by tootyfnfrooty

Reasons We Love Wes & Lilah
Because he thought she had suffered enough
Because if she would have known that he would actually grow to trust her she would have never played him
Because they made a bet on who would call it a relationship first
Because when he lost the bet she wanted him to sign the dollar so he wouldn't forget
Because his dirty looks is what got her
Because he saved her from the beast
Because he tried to release her from her contract with Wolfram&Hart
Because she thought it was sweet that he tried
Because they bith had tears in thier eyes in thier last moments together
Because Lilah wore pigtails and glasses just for him
Because He couldn't help but be amused by her imatation of Fred
Because she offered him a job
Because she would have called, but figured he'd only tell her to go to hell, so, she thought she'd just take a shot and drop by.
Because she brought him the original Tuscan version of Dante's Infernal.
Because she cared that his great big barain was going to waste.
Because she arranged a show just for him

made by tootyfnfrooty

The Shippers
1. I_Love_JennaJameson
2. tootyfnfrooty
3. merveille
4. awakeningjenny
5. bbroccs
6. MelanieErdelyi
7. The_Void
8. Jacquelyn
9. Karol
10. Lawlessaholic
11. Crystal Clear
12. BlackWhiteRose

made by tootyfnfrooty

Wes & Lilah Moments
A New World 3x20

[B](Wesley opens his door to a knock)
LILAH: I would have called, but I figured you'd only tell me to go to hell, so, I thought I'd just take a shot and drop by. - Aren't you going to invite you in?
LILAH: Okay.
(Lilah pushed past Wes and walks into his apartment. Lilah looks around as Wes checks the hallway to see if Lilah brought anyone before turning back to watch her without closing the door.)
LILAH: Huh. Not what I expected. You know, bunch of flowers and 'get well' cards, maybe a couple of those balloons with the smiley faces on them?
(no reaction)
LILAH: Wow. I guess when she slit your throat she nicked your sense of humor.
WESLEY: Not at all. I find you being here extremely funny.
LILAH: And how is that?
WESLEY: Because you're going to offer me a job.
LILAH: It's a shame, really, what happened. You dedicate your life to a cause, and the very people you try to help turn their backs on you.
WESLEY: Yes. Tragic. Now get the hell out.
LILAH: Man of your talents, scholar, man of intellect...
WESLEY: Deep inside knowledge of Angel Investigations.
LILAH: Did I mention that Wolfram and Hart has the finest library of mystical, occult, and supernatural reference material in the world? Full medical, dental, 401(k) package.
WESLEY: Not interested.
LILAH: Hey, it was worth a shot. - Anyway, here is something to help pass the time in the unemployment line.
(Lilah pulls a gift-wrapped book out of her purse and hands it to Wesley.)
WESLEY: Dante's Divine Comedy.
LILAH: Actually it's just part one, the inferno. It's not a first edition, more like the fifteen hundreds, but it's in the original Tuscan. Have you read it?
(Wes closes the book and tosses it on a table.)
WESLEY: Several times.
LILAH: Then you know it's a guided tour of the underworld, the nine levels of hell.
WESLEY: Yes. Descending, concentric rings based on severity of the sin.
LILAH: (faking) You know, I always forget - the very bottom of hell, in the ninth circle, the devil is frozen in ice, right? He got three heads, three mouths and those mouths are reserved for the worst sinners. Now, I can't remember - who is in the center mouth? Wh-what was his name? The one person in all of human history deemed the greatest sinner? Who is it?
WESLEY: Judas Iscariot.
LILAH: Right! The worst spot in hell is reserved for those who betray.
(Lilah walks past Wes towards the door, but stops and leans in close for a moment.)
LILAH: So, don't pretend you're too good to work for us.
(later on, Wesley is using his laptop; looking up he spots the book, opens it to the woodcut of the devil eating Judas. Stares for a bit, than snaps the book shut)


Benediction 3x21

(While Wes dines on a frozen microwave dinner, a message arrives on his computer: '782 W. Palm Terrace. 8:30 p.m. Come alone.')
LILAH: I see you got my invitation.
WESLEY: Lilah. Obviously.
LILAH: I thought the 'come alone' was a particularly ironic touch. I mean, how else would you come?
(Wes starts to walk past her, but Lilah holds out a hand to stop him.)
LILAH: Don't rush off. Just look over there.
(Wes looks and sees Justine sitting at the bar.)
LILAH: I went to a lot of trouble to arrange this little show for you.
WESLEY: Good bye.
(Wes starts to walk away.)
LILAH: Okay, but leave now and you'll miss her big death scene. Don't tell me you wouldn't like to see the bitch that slit your throat and left you to die get a little of her own back.
WESLEY: What's going on here, Lilah?
LILAH: Some source - can't imagine who - tipped her off that tonight this place would be filthy with vampires. Which, as it turns out, is true.
WESLEY: Right. Because that same source tipped off the vampires that *she* would be here.
LILAH: Seems she has been pissing off a lot of undead Americans lately.
WESLEY: And you thought I'd enjoy a box seat for her slaughter.
LILAH: Well - yeah.
WESLEY: You really don't know the first thing about me, do you?
LILAH: Probably not.
(Wes turns to walk off and Lilah steps up close to him.)
LILAH: Like, will he go straight to his car, or will he stop to warn her first?
(Wes stops, but doesn't turn or speak.)
LILAH: He has to think about it. That's good. That's all I really needed to know. You can go.
WESLEY: A *test* Lilah?
LILAH: Oh, don't look so grim. I just needed to know whether or not I was wasting my time. And to prove we're still friends, I'll have her pulled out of there before anything *really* lethal happens. That way you don't have to torture yourself as to whether or not you did the right thing.
WESLEY: (spotting Angel) I don't think that will be necessary.


Tomorrow 3x22
(Wes is drinking hard at a dingy bar)
LILAH: Mind if I join you?
WESLEY: (deadpan) On many levels and with great intensity.
LILAH: How's your throat? Need a lozenge? Life's something, huh? One day you're a pivotal figure in the big battle, next thing you know, you're thrown out on your lonesome. No one even cares what you think any more. Well - I care.
WESLEY: You care.
LILAH: As one human being to another. (Smiles and raises an eyebrow at Wes) Just kidding. I care that your great big brain is going to waste. Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Angel Jr. a thing without precedent in human history?
WESLEY: You're wrong. Mesopotamian, Greek, Hindi, Celtic myth, the bible, even Darwin, all support the coming of something that wasn't possible before.
LILAH: Okay. - The impossible is here. But what does it mean? Is it the herald of a new age, better things to come or - the mass-destruction of everything we hold dear?
WESLEY: Yes. Every child born carries into the world the possibility of salvation - or slaughter.
LILAH: And one born to two vampires carries it in spades. Now, my people will be rooting - for slaughter. And your people... sorry - your *former* people, they won't know what to do if things turn sour.
LILAH: So, if the kid's the next Stalin, do you kill him? You can't! He's Angel's son. But on the other hand, if you just watch while he up and kills Angel or somebody else - that cute girl from Texas, say? - Wow, times like this? Glad I don't have a conscience.
WESLEY: I think you should leave now.
(Lilah puts a hand up to her throat, seductively)
LILAH: What was it like? When she cut you?
(Wes grabs her by the throat)
WESLEY: (dangerously) You terribly anxious to find out?

(Wes in bed, talking to an unseen person)[/SIZE]
WESLEY: Hmm. You know that sinking feeling you sometimes get the morning after?
(Wes rolls off Lilah and lies down on his side of the bed. )
WESLEY: It arrived early.
LILAH: (purring) It's like a little death. Several, in fact.
WESLEY: Get out.
LILAH: What? No sweet kiss? No 'when can I see you again?'
(Wes gives her a look)
LILAH: Watch the dirty looks. That's what got me going in the first place.
(Lilah begins to pull on her clothes)
LILAH: I'll give you this: you sure know how to channel your rage, frustration, and hate. Always a bigger turn on than love.
WESLEY: You still here?
LILAH: (laughing) I'm starting to like you, Wes. (serious) Don't go making more of this than it is. I'm not one of the doe-y eyed girls of Angel Investigations. - Don't be thinking about me when I'm gone.
WESLEY: I wasn't thinking about you when you were here.
LILAH: So - your former boss - has a soul - and you're losing yours. - Why, you're just new all over - aren't ya?
(Lilah picks up her jacket and her bra and walks out of Wes' apartment. Wes lies staring at the ceiling.)


Deep Down 4x01
LILAH: Mmm. That didn't suck. Well... maybe just a little bit. Mmmm....
WESLEY: Perhaps that's something we can expand on next time.
LILAH: What makes you think there will be a next time?
WESLEY: Because you can't resist me.
LILAH: I think you have that backwards.
WESLEY: Where are you going?
LILAH: Snack break's over. Time I get back to work.
WESLEY: Wolfram and Hart does its best work after dark.
LILAH: Sun's bad for your complexion. Ask Angel. Oh, right. You can't, because of the whole 'wanting to smother you with a pillow' thing.
WESLEY: Wouldn't think kidnapping his son would have such a negative effect on our friendship.
LILAH: You thought you were doing the right thing. I hear that can be confusing. Have you tried talking to him? Maybe when he gets back you can... (Wes laughs) What?
WESLEY: I have no idea where Angel is, Lilah, or what happened to him. And I really couldn't care.
LILAH: Wow. That was cold. I think we're finally making progress. Come on. Doesn't it bother you just a little bit? The not knowing?
WESLEY: That part of my life is dead. Doesn't concern me now.
LILAH: No, it doesn't.
(they kiss, Lilah leaves. Wes gets up, and reveals that he has Justine locked in his closet)
WESLEY: (to Justine) It's time. Let's go for a boat ride.


Ground State 4x02
(the following dialogue occurs during rambuctious foreplay)
LILAH: Ooh. I can't stay
WESLEY: You said you could?
LILAH: Big meeting in a couple hours... Potential client... First time as the new boss.
WESLEY: Not interested.
LILAH: I just want you to know why I'm going first tonight.
WESLEY: If I let you go at all.
LILAH: You mean, like you let your little slave girl go? Justine, is it?
WESLEY: So, you finally heard about that?
LILAH: I heard. (whispers in his ear, then nibbles it) I'm betting she heard a few things, too.
WESLEY: The walls are soundproofed. Though she did call you impossibly loud.
LILAH: And all this time, you're lying through your teeth. (mocking) Wes is so apathetic. Wesley doesn't care.
WESLEY: I had to raise him. Angel is— necessary.
LILAH: For what?
WESLEY: Fighting people like you.
LILAH: Good news is, you might've done me a favor. Soon as he dried off, Angel kicked Connor out of the hotel. Poor little guy, friendless, homeless... umm... looks like Connor's gonna need someone who cares, like a big sister, or a... Mrs. Robinson, if that's what he's into. I thought you liked the bad girls, Wes.
WESLEY: I don't need to hear your evil plans.
LILAH: No, it just turns you on, knowing I have 'em.
WESLEY: Shut up, Lilah.
LILAH: Make me.


The House Always Wins 4x03
WESLEY: No, I'm working late as well. It's fine. (laughs) Sorry to disappoint, Lilah, but I am not waiting at the door with a scowl and burnt pot roast. (laughs) Well, if your lot can have the world destroyed by midnight, we could still— (call waiting beeps) Dammit, hold on. (flashes phone) Price here. One minute. (to his guest) Can Emile put all that together for me?
DELIVERY GUY: It's a pretty funky package. Wouldn't be cheap.
WESLEY: I don't need it to be cheap. I need it to work.
DELIVERY GUY: Yeah, I suppose. Yeah.
WESLEY: (to phone) Go. (pauses) Yes, we'll bloody well take Angel's clients if he's out of town. Call me back with the details in twenty minutes. (flashes phone) Sorry, Lilah, midnight might not be— Uh-huh. Oh, you did? That is my favorite pair. Are you sitting at your desk? Take them off. (to guest) Why are you still here? (guest leaves, then to phone) No, not after your meeting. Now. Pretend you dropped your pencil. (sits down) Very good. Now...


Slouching Toward Bethlehem 4x04
LILAH: It's not a secret.
WESLEY: What isn't a secret?
LILAH: Us. The firm knows that we're... doing this.
WESLEY: Isn't it their job to know this sort of thing. The sordid details of their employees lives.
LILAH: Mmm... Yeah, I just thought I should tell you. Sordid. Rrreow. Angel knows too.
WESLEY: I don't work for Angel anymore. And I could care less what he thinks.
LILAH: You faker. That's what you said when he was sleeping with the fishes. We both know how that played out.
WESLEY: That was different. So Angel knows about our relationship. Big deal.
LILAH: A dollar! You owe me a dollar.
WESLEY: Oh, damn!
LILAH: You called this a 'relationship'. You lost the bet. You said it first. (Wesley hands her a dollar) Sign it first, as proof.
WESLEY: Proof of what?
LILAH: Of now. Of this.
(nuzzles his nose, they kiss)
LILAH: (to phone) Yeah. Hold on. (gets out of bed and goes out to the hallway, partially closing door behind her) Yeah. She's back? And you got a positive visual of her? You're sure that it's her? Uh-huh. She's with the kid? That's unexpected. No, I'm here. Put an extraction team together. I'm on my way. (hangs up phone)

WESLEY: You're leaving.
LILAH: Huh. No rest for the wicked. You should go back to sleep.
WESLEY: Do you really have to go?
LILAH: Why? You missing me already?
(She picks up her keys and her purse from the bedside table, and the signed dollar bill Wes gave her falls to the floor. She takes her jacket and walks out the door.)
LILAH: Ooh. A drop-by. That's a surprise.
WESLEY: Is it?
LILAH: Well, that it took you so long, yeah.
WESLEY: You played me.
LILAH: You played yourself.
WESLEY: On the phone, you wanted me to hear that so I would tell Angel.
LILAH: Free will. Look it up.
WESLEY: Lilah...
LILAH: I was just doing my job. You're the one who decided to take what you overheard and give it to the good-n-plentys. So before you go all righteous fury, figure out who you're really mad at here.
WESLEY: What was the real plan?
LILAH: Let's just say, I could've had Lorne's brain in a jar, but I left it in his head 'cause he's a friend of yours.
WESLEY: What's that supposed to do? Lull me into trusting you again?
LILAH: If I'd thought you'd ever trust me, I would've never played you like that.
WESLEY: It's never simple, is it?


Supersymmetry 4x05
LILAH: Surprise!

WESLEY: Well, look, a bribe. How thoughtful. No, it can't be a bribe. Must be a setup.
LILAH: Can't it just be... a gift? Open it.
(He opens the package to find an antique helmet from a suit of armor. Wes is truly impressed.)
LILAH: We seem to be butting heads lately. Now you'll have the advantage.
WESLEY: This must have cost a fortune.
LILAH: Yes. It'll take you hours to thank me properly. (kisses him) Fortunately, I've taken the afternoon off.
WESLEY: (stops the kissing) I have to leave actually. But, thank you, Lilah, for the gift.
(Wesley leaves the apartment. Lilah starts putting the wrapping away, and notices the magazine Wes was reading is open to Fred's article. )


Apocalypse Nowish 4x07
LILAH: Hard day at the office?
WESLEY: I've had worse.
LILAH: What happened?
LILAH: Giant?
WESLEY: Swarm. Why are you dressed like that?
(Lilah's sitting on his desk near the window. She's done her hair in two pigtail braids with little white bows, she's wearing glasses, a short skirt, a white oxford shirt and a blue cardigan sweater. She's swinging her feet like a schoolgirl, acting coy.)
LILAH: (in Southern accent) Isn't this what you like? Big brain and a tight little—
WESLEY: (rolls eyes) Lilah.
LILAH: (in Southern accent) Oh, forget about that evil witch. Let's talk about me. I'm good and pure and science turns me on, and-and one day if I pray hard enough and eat all my vegetables, I just might just have hips.
WESLEY: (amused despite himself) Are you finished?
LILAH: Did it turn you on? Watching her up there in front of all those braniacs knowing she was the smartest one in the room?
WESLEY: Her theories deserve attention.
LILAH: Just her theories? I saw the way you looked at her. Oh, come on. Do you think I care about your little crush? Moon all you want of the Texas twig 'cause I know whose bed you'll be crawling into at the end of the day. Or the middle of it. (starts kissing him)
WESLEY: You think you know me?
LILAH: Better than she ever will.
(they start to make out; Lilah takes off her glasses but Wes intervenes)
WESLEY: Leave them on.


Habeas Corpses 4x08
(Wes opens the door to Lilah, who was visibly anxious about his safety.) [SIZE=1]
LILAH: OK. (smiles) I was just checking.
WESLEY: I'm alive.
LILAH: (concerned) Not by much from the looks of it. (hugs him) I left you a couple hundred messages last night. Don't feel obligated to return any of them.
WESLEY: Then you're all right.
LILAH: Fine. Slept at Wolfram and Hart. FYI, safest place to be in case of an apocalypse. You on the other hand— Hmm. I bet I could make you feel better. (leans in to kiss him, but he turns and walks away) You know, it's weird. Rain of fire, whole city burning—why do I feel a chill?
WESLEY: I can't do this anymore.
LILAH: Yeah, yeah, I've heard that a million times, cowboy. We both know how this song ends. You, me, broken furniture...
WESLEY: It's over, Lilah.
LILAH: You're serious.
WESLEY: After what I saw last night, I believe a day of reckoning has arrived.
LILAH: And you just reckon you'll toss in with the good guys?
WESLEY: I'm choosing a side.
LILAH: And the girl of your dreams just happens to be on it. Hmm. What are the odds?
WESLEY: This isn't about Fred. Or anyone else, for that matter. It's about right and wrong.
LILAH: And you have such a clear grip on those concepts.
WESLEY: I've made mistakes.
LILAH: You're making a big one now. (walks up to him, puts her arms around his neck) I could wear the glasses again.
WESLEY: Don't embarrass yourself. (she pulls away) There is a line, Lilah. Black and white, good and evil.
LILAH: Funny thing about black and white— you mix it together and you get gray. And it doesn't matter how much white you try and put back in, you're never gonna get anything but gray. And I don't see your Texas-gal-pal wearing that color. Come to think of it, she prefers black.
(walks out of the apartment)
(the Beast grabs Lilah)
LILAH: I could help you. Anything you need.
(jabs a finger into her, discards her when Connor flies at him)
BEAST: Connor...
(Connor gets tossed. Lilah flees, and is pursued. Wes suddenly pulls her aside.)
LILAH: Uh, oh, I don't understand. (weakened, she falls forward)
WESLEY: (catches Lilah and holds her up) Stay with me, Lilah.
LILAH: Why are you here?
WESLEY: I have a man on the inside. (sounds of metal clanging can be heard outside) What's that?
LILAH: Oh, it's the fat lady singing.
WESLEY: Lilah.
LILAH: The building automatically shuts down under full scale attack.
WESLEY: When you say shuts down...
LILAH: Windows, doors, air vents. Nobody gets in or out. Oh...
(The Beast knocks down the door to the office Wesley and Lilah are in. Wesley picks up Lilah and carries her out of the room in his arms.)
WESLEY: Stay with me. Come on, Lilah, there must be a way out for someone like you. Think. A back door, something.
LILAH: Around the corner, a supply closet. Why are you stopping for? (Wesley grabs a grenade from his bag) You gotta be kidding me. (Wes pulls the pin, and throws the grenade down the hallway toward the Beast, where it explodes.) Will it kill him?
WESLEY: No, it might distract him for a moment.
LILAH: (stops when she sees Gavin's body on the floor) Gavin. Poor bastard.
WESLEY: Lilah?
LILAH: It's in here. (points)
(... inside store room ...)
LILAH: Come on, where is it?
WESLEY: Are you sure this is the right closet?
LILAH: Yes. Third floor and lobby. (Lilah finds the lever) OK, here it is.
(they slide down the chute)
LILAH: Now what?
WESLEY: Now you disappear. You get patched up and leave town.
LILAH: Turn tail and run?
WESLEY: That thing won't quit 'til everyone at Wolfram and Hart is dead. Go underground, change your name. (turns, walks away) Don't make its job easy.
LILAH: Wesley...
(she looks like she's going to make an uncharacteristic declaration, possibly "I love you". But changes her mind and says instead)
LILAH: Connor's trapped up inside.
LILAH: I don't know if he's alive. He's in the third floor conference room. Not that there's a way back in, I just thought you should know.
(Wesley heads off, Lilah turns and limps away in the opposite direction)


Calvary 4x12
[B][COLOR=dimgray]LILAH: You're a son of a bitch, you know that?
(sits next to a wall and tends to her bleeding stomach wound)
WESLEY: When I said go underground, I didn't think you'd— Is that where the Beast—?
LILAH: I can't make it stop.
WESLEY: I could take a look at it.
LILAH: Uh, I'm fine.
WESLEY: How did you know we had Angelus?
LILAH: Big magic, taking a champion's soul. Makes ripples. I still know some people that like ripples. That was your idea—to bring him? Great minds...
WESLEY: Aren't foolish enough to release him.
LILAH: I wasn't.
WESLEY: So the crowbar...?
LILAH: I had to make him believe I was desperate.
WESLEY: Not much of a stretch, really, is it? And you always wanted Angelus.
LILAH: No, Wolfram and Hart did, but it doesn't matter anymore. I just—I just want my life back. All my pretty things. I'm selfish that way. That's why we wouldn't have worked out.
WESLEY: (softly) There are many reasons we wouldn't have worked out, Lilah.
(she looks away, Wes looks around the area and sees a book and picks it up)
WESLEY: Rhinehardt's Compendium.
LILAH: I need to find a way to make it pay.
WESLEY: I already checked. There's nothing in here that even remotely... (notices a passage) describes... (finds an illustration of the Beast) him. It's identical to my copy except for this passage. How is that possible?
LILAH: It's not a local copy. Pulled some favors, got it on the pan-dimensional black market.
WESLEY: But still—should be the exact same text. Unless...
LILAH: Unless, what?
WESLEY: Well, we'd have to check more books from other dimensions, but what if there were other references to the Beast at one time that had somehow been removed. What would something that powerful need to hide?

LILAH: It's just like being at work, except suits by Liberace.
LORNE: Wesley, would you please warn this walking infection that I haven't forgotten how she poked my head open like a Capri-Sun. And while my love for humanity allows me to tolerate her presence, if need be I will smack her down! Be a doll. Thanks.
WESLEY: With all the excitement, I thought you would have escaped by now.
LILAH: Well, I would have, but, um, (looks at watch) it's Thursday, which means that everyone who should be in the weekly briefing is, um, dead.
WESLEY: So you have nowhere else to go?
LILAH: Just waiting to prove that your Powers That Be are all hat and no cattle. And if they do pull it through, well then braid my hair, and call me Pollyanna. (smiles) The upside of being in it for yourself, Wes—you always end up on the winning team.
FRED: (uncomfortable) Wesley... Cordy had a question.


Salvage 4x13
(Angelus finds Lilah's body)
ANGELUS: Huh. Well. That's no fun.
(cut to Wes and Gunn, searching for Lilah)
WESLEY: Lilah!
(spots Angelus, feeding off Lilah's neck wound)
ANGELUS: Oh, geez, fellas—this isn't what it looks like. A little too tart for me, anyway. You know what I mean, Wes? Catch ya later.
(runs away)
(Wesley prepares to sever Lilah's head. She starts talking to him in his head, something like the dead people in Six Feet Under do)
LILAH: Why so glum? It is kinda what you wanted, isn't it? I mean, deep down. Me out of the picture—utterly, finally. You can't get outer than this. It makes your life simpler, doesn't it? Cleaner?
WESLEY: I didn't want this.
LILAH: Come on, what are you worried about, Wesley? You hated yourself for being with me. Or maybe you just hated yourself for loving being with me. (laughs) Hey, semantics. In any case, we both knew, sooner or later, it would come to a messy end. For one of us, anyway. So ease up on that furrowed brow. You're free now. No longer encumbered with the secret shame of our relationship.
WESLEY: It wasn't a relationship.
LILAH: There's a signed dollar bill in your wallet I think proves different. You knew how I felt.
WESLEY: You don't feel.
LILAH: The only true thing I ever—
WESLEY: You didn't love me. You couldn't.
LILAH: We'll never know now, will we?
LILAH: I know what it is. The reason you're having such a hard time with this. Why you're taking so long to—you know... (makes a creaking noise as she gestures across her throat with her hand) The awful truth: you couldn't save me. And this is the exclamation point.
WESLEY: Saved you from the Beast, for all the good it did.
LILAH: (smiles) Wesley, you know that's not what I'm talking about. You couldn't save me from me.
WESLEY: Is that what you thought?
LILAH: Me? (laughs) Lover, I'm not even here. I'm just a figment in your devilishly handsome head. So, clearly, it's what you thought. For all your supposed darkness, edge of the razor mystique, there was always a small part of you that thought you could pull me back from the brink of my evil, evil ways. Help me find redemption.
WESLEY: Redemption?
LILAH: Angel's influence, I suppose. The whole not giving up on someone, no matter how far he—or she—has fallen. Oh, well. Too late for me. Let's just get it over with. That body's not gonna dismember itself, you know.
WESLEY: (lifts the battle-axe) I'm sorry, Lilah.
LILAH: Oh, Wes, we don't have that word in our vocabulary. Not people like you and—
(Wesley swings the axe. )


Home 4x22
(Wesley sneaks into W&H's record room, starts rifling through files)
LILAH: I was wondering how long it'd take you to get here.
WESLEY: How'd I do?
LILAH: A little slower than I would have thought... but then you always did like to take your time. So you finally made it. Got behind the facade, and here it is, every dirty, little scheme. Every secret, all that evil, great and small. Just imagine what you could accomplish with that kind of information.
WESLEY: You wanted me to see this. You knew I'd—
LILAH: Die Hard your way up here? Come on, Wes. Who knows you better than me?
WESLEY: Perhaps you don't know me as well as you think.
(he goes back to the files)
LILAH: What are you doing, Wesley?
(he takes a piece of paper out of the files)
WESLEY: Standard perpetuity clause.
LILAH: You broke in here for my contract?
WESLEY: I'm here to release you from it.
LILAH: Wesley.
WESLEY: You've suffered enough.
(he lights the paper on fire)
WESLEY: I want you to find some peace.
LILAH: Gallant to the end...but I knew what I signed up for.
WESLEY: It's done.
LILAH: Look in the drawer.
(Wesley opens the drawer, takes out a paper from the same file)
LILAH: Flames wouldn't be eternal if they actually consumed anything. But it means something that you tried.

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Thanks for the new thread.
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I think we were on the last thread for over 7 years!
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^ Seems so many of the previous thread has been on that thread way too long.
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I know, but I'm glad that's changing now
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I do like how I appreciate them so much more during my re-watch.
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There are a lot of layers in their relationship, I think it's the kind of thing that you need to rewatch & analyze more to really understand it, instead of just taking it at face value
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^ I agree and it does seem they truly fell strongly for each other.
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I liked their dynamic a lot!! And they both had their issues so it was nice seeing them dealing with them and/or each other while they were together
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Me too, I think that he was really changing her, & he was truly falling for her, even if neither of them wanted to admit it

If she had lived longer, they might have had a real shot...
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Could have happend with them yes. But too bad she got eliminated.
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^ I know, it would've been interesting to see what could've happened if she stayed around longer.
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Yeah, there were obviously real feelings there & they weren't just going to go away
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Don't go lying Wes.
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"You have to cherish things in a different way when you know the clock is ticking, you are under pressure."
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He was trying so hard to put all his walls up... but then they ended up sleeping together for months
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