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♥true_crime_beauty64♥ 03-22-2017 04:38 PM

>Scourage of Europe< Angelus Appreciation Thread|#24: Because he makes evil look sexy.
:drool: Welcome the Angelus Appreciation Thread :drool:
Banner Made By Mari Boreanaz

:star: No bashing of the character of Angelus or David Boreanaz. If you don't like him, start an unappreciation thread. :star: Do post droolworthy pics :drool:

:star: The 100 Reasons Why We Love Angelus :star:
Put Together By Val

1) He's as hot as hell.
2) No one looks that damn good in leather pants
3) He is the bad guy all the good girls want.
4) Because he was the Scourge of Europe
5) Because of the "passion".
6) Because he feels just fine (Innocence)
7) Because he?ll be around. (Innocence)
8) Because yeah baby, he?s back. (Innocence)
9) Because if you make him feel like a human being, it is not the kind of thing he?ll just forgive. (Innocence)
10) Because its not like he?s never had sex before (Innocence)
11) Because WRONG, he IS Angel (Innocence)
12) Because girls who are cute and helpless are really a turn on. (Innocence)
13) Because if his girlfriend shows up he?s gonna give her a kiss. (Innocence)
14) Because if he would have known Buffy would have gave it up so quickly he wouldn?t have ?pretended? to love her. (Innocence)
15) Because she can?t do it, she can?t kill him. (Innocence)
16) Because he always knows what ?speaks? to a girl?s heart. (B,B,B)
17) Because on Valentines Day, he nailed a puppy to a.. *skip it* (B,B,B)
18) Because he really did drive Dru crazy. (B,B,B)
19) Because ?Passion its lies in all of us sleeping, waiting and though unwanted, unbidden it will stir open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us... Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have?? (Passion)
20) Because when he?s evil, killing Buffy is all he thinks about. (Passion)
21) Because maybe next time he?ll bring Spike with him, might be handy to have him around if he needs a really good parking space. (Passion)
22) Because he tries to kill Joyce. (Passion)
23) Because what can he say? He?s a knowledge seeker (Passion)
24) Because you know what he hates most about the Orb of Thesulah. That shotty gypsy craftsmanship. (Passion)
25) Because he never ceases to be amazed about how much the world has changed. (Passion)
26) Because he?s been there, done that, and d骟 vu just isn?t what it used to be. (Passion)
27) Because it?s just his lucky day! (Passion)
28) He gets to kill 2 birds with one stone and teacher makes three. [img]smilies/evil_laugh.gif[/img] (Passion)
29) Because he needs to work up an appetite first. (Passion)
30) Because ?Sorry, Jenny, this is where you get off.? (Passion)
31) Because he never gets tired of killing people. (Passion)
32) Because passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief. (Passion)
33) Because he?s insane! Leaving gag gifts in Buffy?s friends beds. (Passion)
34) Because, ?Don?t worry, Roller boy he has got everything under control!? (Passion)
35) Because, ?Jeez. Whatever happened to Wooden Stakes?? (Passion)
36) Because Giles has had his fun. Its time for Angelus's fun. (Passion)
37) It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank... Without passion, we'd be truly dead. (Passion)
38) Because just let him kill one more. (Killed By Death)
39) Because Buffy being off her game isn't taking the fun out of fighting her (Killed By Death)
40) Because "Uh-oh. This does *not* look good for our heroine." (Killed By Death)
41) Because he?s pretty much family. (Killed By Death)
42) Because he decides to walk into Buffy's room, does Xander think for one microsecond that he could stop him? (Killed By Death)
43) Because he rolls with the punches. (IOHEFY)
44) Because he loves to see Spike smile. (IOHEFY)
45) Because he likes the plan where Dru sleeps naked. [img]smilies/eyebrows.gif[/img] (IOHEFY)
46) Because Spike and Dru can always use an extra pair of hands. (IOHEFY)
47) Because there's a funny thing about WAPS.. I mean WASPS. (Outtake)(IOHEFY)
48) Because ?Gosh, Buff. That's really pathetic.?
49) Because he was the one that was frigene violated by love. (IOHEFY)
50) Because he needs a vile kill to wipe love out of his system. (IOHEFY)
51) Because he is sure Spike could be hell on wheels.(IOHEFY)
52) Because Cameron?s lucky, it just so happens he?s recruiting. (Go Fish)
53) Because he doesn't like steroids in the blood he drinks. (Go Fish)
54) Because it will all be over soon. (Becoming Part 1)
55) Because we all want to be good at first but. The world doesn't work that way. (Becoming Part 1)
56) Because God is watching Dru. (Becoming Part 1)
57) Because soon it won?t whisper, it?ll scream. (Becoming Part 1)
58) Because what happened to Miss Calendar was his fault. (Becoming Part 1)
59) Because Dru- Save him some. [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] (Becoming Part 1)
60) Because he?s about to make history end. (Becoming Part 1)
61) ?Everything that I am, everything that I have done, has led me here.? (Becoming Part 1)
62) Because he?ll have his Armageddon. He?s swears! (Becoming Part 1)
63) Because he didn't come there to fight! [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] (Becoming Part 1)
64) Because is it him or is Buffy?s heart just not in this? (Becoming Part 1)
65) Because it was never about Buffy and she falls for it every SINGLE time. (Becoming Part 1)
66) Because he really wants to torture Giles. (Becoming Part 2)
67) Because he has a passion for destruction. And he could end the world.(Becoming Part 2)
68) Because tell him when it hurts *evil grin* (Becoming Part 2)
69) Because he?s fed up and he is gonna use the chainsaw. (Becoming Part 2)
70) Because ?Keep out of it SitNsPiN! (Becoming Part 2)
71) Because he doesn't have time for Buffy! (Becoming Part 2)
72) Because does she really think she can tell them? (Becoming Part 2)
73) Because they?re going to hell and he?s gonna save Buffy a seat. (Becoming Part 2)
74) Because, he got Buffy with no weapons, no friends and no hope. (Becoming Part 2)
75) Because, Daniel be of good cheer, it?s Christmas! (Amends)
76) Because he never properly thanked Buffy for sending him to hell. (Enemies)
77) Because he?s not a one slayer kind of guy. (Enemies)
78) Because everyone is so sorry, but he?s finally happy. (Eternity)
79) Because remind him to get the name of her dealer ? before he kills her.?
80) Because he going to put Rebecca?s head on a stick for proof that he killed a famous person. (Eternity)
81) Because they always mistake him for the character he plays. They *never* see the real him. (Eternity)
82) Because ?Tell you what, I?ll torture you for a few unbelievably long hours and then you can tell me if this is the lifestyle for you. It?s up to you.?
83) Because his name *is* Angelus. (Eternity)
84) Because he?s been to hell but *that* (Cordy?s acting) was so much worse. (Eternity)
85) Because we need more Angelus!
86) Because no one looks as good as him in leather pants.
87) Because even DB loves playing Angelus.
88) Because he is one of the most famous vampires of all time.
89) Because he is one of the hottest vampires of all time.
90) Because he almost got the world sucked into hell
91) Because we dig him when he goes physcho.
92) Because we love him when he?s bad.
93) Because he wrecked havoc on Buffy?s friends.
94) Because he is a bad ass
95) Because if looks could kill he?d be dust
96) Because he?s ?been around?
97) Because he?s wicked.
98) Because he?s incredibly hot
99) Because we need more reasons! More Angelus Please!
100) Because we [img]smilies/love.gif[/img] Angelus!

Leather Lovers List
Banner Made By Gem

1) Davidschick
2) Nicole D.
3) Buffster14 (Val)
4) Yoda Mira(Mira)
5) Kittie321(Kittie)
6) ~Gem~(Gem)
7) Morningsmile (Mo)
8) Living Dead Girl (Liz)
9) TobywastheKiller(Toby)
10) Dusk1984
11) LOVE everybody
12) Candy*4eva (Candy)
13) Crazy Gurl (Kristy)
14) duck_shoot
15) Hybrid-Angel
16) Miranda Leigh (Miranda)
17) SasyGirl
18) Immortal CandyGirl(Leah)
19) AnimalCrackers (Jesse)
20) gunn/Heather(Heather)
21) rachem_chul
22) kcatlin
23) T'Lynn
24) WingZer0
25) Jer][choGirl
26) Chicka Dee
27) Walloo
28) carrieanne77
29) TheAngelsChild
30) nandiniravi
31) ?~*Strawberry*~?
32) Spooky Spice
33) starlightMint
34) Buffy&Angel4eva (Sara)
35) maxzhot
36) ??
37) ~*coconut ice*~
38) lucy_67851
39) Angel's Buffster
40) LivingDeadDoll
41) MichaelVartanIsSexy
42) Kat B
43) Tori100186
44) ~AIR~
45) *Megs*
46) Andalusia
47) Shadowboxer
48) AngelBuffyKatieSimonfan
49) *Lethe's Bramble*
50) Danielle2
51) *JaQuE*
52) Karbear3916
53) silver_lined_cloud
54) spikefan777
55) Mari Boreanaz
56) jopace1970
57) Spikes Angel
58) CTUgal21
59) Berengaria
60) Angel2005
61) McAwesome
62) roguebailey
63) Coolielove
64) AC love
65) eiluvial
66) BonesOCD
67) Lysee
68) tootyfnfrooty
69) Nerenafan
70) I_Love_JennaJameson
71) MelBelle2
72) Calgaryfan2006
73) fresley4ever
74) CrystalDawn25
75) Renée_xoxo
76) Lemariz
77) DevotedBangel
78) BrathanSupporter
79) then you must kiss me
80) the_aprilpie
81) BrucasBangelBrylan
82) deathly_smirk
83) BlackWhiteRose
84) TV_Fanatic90
85) straws
86) sourburst
87) Permanent 99

*Whoever said being bit by a vampire hurts should be shot!
*Angelus! We wanna have your babies!
*Because hes not a lost cause?
*Because he knows we want 'it'.
*Who needs a dream man when we have Angelus.
*Your worse nightmare, our favorite wet dream. (I especially love that one but it may be a little too spicy)
*Again, what's so scary about the Scourge of Europe?
*The Scourge of Europe can 'Scourge' us anytime!
*We have a very HIGH tolerance for pain thanks to Angelus.
* Yes, Master.


#17 *Fangs, leather, and blood. Sounds romantic.
#16 3 words we have to describe him - Lust, Passion & Bondage.
#15 Attack of the Concubines!
#14 We'd kiss his vampire ass!
#13 He loves it when we bite back.
#12 He brings a WHOLE new meaning to the phrase "bite me!"
#11 Bite me, baybee! We want marked too!
#10 Bite me, Suck me dry, Just don't stop the dirty talk!
#09 Leather Pants...nuff said!
#08 Yeah, baby. He's back!
#07 Because his fangs make us yelp in excitement!!
#06 Angelus you sexy thang!
#05 Because he's dark and dangerous
#04 Because we love him when he's bad
#03 Because not everyone is good. Not everyone has a soul
#02 Because hes the bad guy all the good girls want
#01 Unknown

Charmed Slayer Angel 03-22-2017 06:01 PM

Thanks for the new thread :)

♥true_crime_beauty64♥ 03-27-2017 02:07 PM

You're welcome.

BlackWhiteRose 03-29-2017 10:40 AM

TFTNT! Cool title!

♥true_crime_beauty64♥ 03-29-2017 11:32 AM

Thank you. :) I found it to be fitting.
where are these mangoes?

starryeyesxx 03-29-2017 01:58 PM

tftnt :D

Great gifset :thud:

Charmed Slayer Angel 04-02-2017 09:26 AM

Fantastic gifs :thud:

BlackWhiteRose 04-02-2017 10:09 AM

Love them.

starryeyesxx 04-02-2017 03:04 PM

David always looks like he's having fun when he's playing Angelus :lol:

eternalfate 04-04-2017 03:40 PM

Great gifset.:thud:

starryeyesxx 04-05-2017 11:50 AM
18th century Angelus side-eye

carnivore incarnate

Not his best wig :lol:

TV_Fanatic90 04-13-2017 09:44 PM

Hi, can I be added please?

straws 04-14-2017 02:20 PM

Add me too please :wiggle:


18th century Angelus side-eye

straws 04-14-2017 02:21 PM

Add me too please :wiggle:


18th century Angelus side-eye

starryeyesxx 04-15-2017 08:20 AM

You guys might have to pm Mary (thread starter) to be added here, she hasn't been around for a few days :)

& welcome to the thread :wave:

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