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Old 05-17-2018, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by eternalfate (View Post)
Completely agree and I know that people will say that Willow's season 3 vampire doppelganger being attracted to girl was foreshadowing to Willow... which as you mentioned was not true since Vamp!Willow main love was a man in Xander.

No one fault that the writers didn't know how to write it perfectly.

I agree with you.
Willow was very much in love with Oz and it took her a very long time to get over him. She cried when he left and was depressed for a few months. She even lashed out at one time for no one understanding her pain. And I think that's why Tara came in at the first time because Tara did listen to her feelings and they connected through their witch craft.

URG! I never knew about that commentary. I really dislike hearing that.

Despite what Angel was about to say in Doppelgangland about your vamp side not being far away from your human self, I still think there was a huge difference between Vamp!Willow's preference for girls She hated Oz and the "white hats", whereas the real Willow adored him.

I still don't think that people would be labeling Willow as a lesbian, if they hadn't introduced Kennedy for her in Season 7. Willow never had any sexual problems in her relationship with Oz. Plus, her last conversation with Oz was clearly foreshadowing a romantic future for them that was still possible.


That's what my issue definitely was that Willow labeled herself as a lesbian and had no attraction to men at all anymore.
Bisexual route would have been way better for me.

I don't see the magic addiction with Oz around as well.

It's as if they purposefully avoided the bisexual route in the end, to try and make the audiences forget about Seth.

The magic addiction seemed to be tied to when Willow saved Tara's mind from Glory's thrall, so I definitely think a lot of the unhealthy behavior with it in Season 6 related to how much she had exerted herself in her attempts to save Tara's life and that's why I always hated how Tara turned against Willow in Season 6. It just seemed really ungrateful.

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Old 05-20-2018, 01:10 PM
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Aww, that pic is adorable

.....too bad it wasn't in the actual scene
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