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BlackWhiteRose 07-20-2017 12:58 PM

Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne/Seth Green App. Thread #12: Because we love Oz for not saying much

This thread's for those of you who love the character Oz or Seth Green. So, no bashing. If you don't like him, clarify it somewhere else. Not here.
Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... it's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's...

!! Oz's Sweet J's !!

1.) Living Dead Girl (Liz)
2.) *~SpikesLilAngel~*(Marisa)
3.) sassy pie
4.) ~Judu~
5.) Wil (Ally)
6.) Babette's Little Gnome
7.) buffster&spikey
8.) shazaam
9.) starlightMint
10.) evyl?lint
11.) Timmy_09
12.) ??
13.) AnimalCrackers
14.) Crazy Gurl
15.) Kinika
16.) Lepeka
17.) blueNblackRosa
18.) GACT16
19.) bitca77
20.) Anyanka217
21.) Carrie the Drunken Slayer
22.) TweetyGurl
23.) xextremex
24.) Supertart.v1 (Emma)
25.) slayer*fiend
26.) DaWsonSReaLJoEy
27.) WillowTaraOz13
28.) LKB
29.) Rivulet027
30.) B/Slover
31.) Yoda-Mira
32.) Silvermoonie
33.) AndysGirl
34.) Katesarama
35.) Pop-Punk Culture Zombie
36.) ++Clara++
37.) Kat B
38.) MichaelVartanIsSexy
39.) Rainstorm18
40.) AlienPrincess47
41.) ~*coconut ice*~
42.) ~.~ Kristina ~.~
43.) Krissy
44.) Anla
45.) IluvRyan&Seth
46.) -Tina-
47.) Danielle2
48.) tru-calling4eva
49.) ~*SweetiePie*~
50.) WildAtHeart
51.) Spikes Angel
52.) Skydagger
53.) Parallax
54.) ashlety
55.) TulieMajulie7
56.) NikaDawson
56.) Courtz_BV
57.) tootyfnfrooty
58.) Nerenafan
59.) B.Chambers
60.) wistfuldreamer
61.) taysgurl
62.) bh11000
63.) BreanBamonFan
64.) roadtime
65.) eleonor
66.) Sparkleyღ
67.) pookiepookie
68.) L i N d $ @ y
69.) eternal◘fate
70.) sourburs
71.) Dairfan21
72.) atwoodsmariano

Previous Thread Titles
#1.) He's the essence of cool.
#2.) We feel like we're missing an arm or a leg, or worse a torso.
#3.) As Oz goes, so goes our nation.
#4.) He thinks, therefore we are.
#5.) We love the way he colors his hair!
#6.) He was cool enough to notice the girl in the eskimo suit.
#7.) Because admit it, We ALL want red highlights!
#8.) Living groupie-free nowadays. He's clean.
#9.) Because Um... arm.

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starryeyesxx 07-21-2017 09:49 AM

tftnt :D

BlackWhiteRose 07-25-2017 06:31 AM

You´re welcome :)

starryeyesxx 07-26-2017 11:10 AM

Time for some Oz pretties :D
indubitably, tosh

eternalfate 07-27-2017 08:04 PM

I loved that scene and man did I want more Oz/Buffy scenes after that. lol

Charmed Slayer Angel 07-29-2017 12:07 PM

It was always a shame that some of the best characters that could have interacted never really got all that much screen-time :no:

starryeyesxx 07-30-2017 07:11 AM

It is, I wish they could have mixed up the gang a little more, it was always great when you saw two characters who didn't get much time together (especially alone) interact :nod:

eternalfate 08-01-2017 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by Charmed Slayer Angel (Post 90981366)
It was always a shame that some of the best characters that could have interacted never really got all that much screen-time :no:

I know! it is one of those dynamic though where I didn't mind it UNTIL I actually saw them interact. lol

starryeyesxx 08-04-2017 08:31 AM

It would have been great to see Buffy/Oz more, plus I think that Xander/Oz & Giles/Oz dynamics would have been funny :lol:

rossfangirl86 08-08-2017 04:48 PM

^ Oh for sure! I just wanted more Oz in general though. :lol: He was a pretty cool character. I watched the episode last night where Oz had to find the Buffy rat, how awkward when he finally did.

Midnight Radio 08-10-2017 09:26 AM

Oz and Giles would have been an interesting combo. They were two of my favorite characters, even though they had different personalities; they were good men. :love:

BlackWhiteRose 08-11-2017 07:37 AM

Yeah Oz liked Giles´s music collection that was so cool!

Midnight Radio 08-11-2017 08:58 AM

^ :lol: Giles was a badass in his own day. :cool:

starryeyesxx 08-12-2017 08:57 AM

Definitely, I bet young!Giles & Oz would have gotten on pretty well :lol:

Not when Giles was dark though ;)

sourburst 09-07-2017 02:38 PM

please add me! the gifset in post ¢4 is the episode I've gotten to!

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