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straws 09-22-2017 05:55 PM

Cordelia Chase/Charisma Carpenter Appreciation #61: "I know my purpose in this world and it includes the visions."

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Cordelia Chase truly was the Queen of Sunnydale High; beautiful, popular, rich and
a cheerleader, but there was always a lot more to her then met the eye. Often an
antagonist towards Buffy and her friends, she was portrayed as shallow and vain,
but as the audience slowly got to know her, it became clear that there could be
another female icon lurking beneath the surface after all.

After learning about vampires and demons, Cordelia more often than not found herself
helping Buffy and the scoobies in the fight against evil. Over time – even though
she would deny it – she slowly became one of them. She grew closer to Buffy,
Xander, Willow, Oz and Giles, even though it cost her her
rule over the high school.

After repeatedly being thrown into life and death situations together,
Cordelia and Xander grew attracted to each other and hte teenage hormones
soon turned into genuine feelings. This caused the pull between Cordelia’s
old life as ‘Queen C’ and her new life as a Scooby to reach its breaking point.
Desperate to win back the approval of her old friends, Cordelia broke up
with Xander and started hanging out with them again.

But she soon realized that she didn’t need their approval to still be a queen –
especially if she wasn’t being herself. Cordelia realized that real power comes
from not allowing other people to dictate the decisions that you make for
yourself – she declared that she could date whoever
the hell she wanted to date.
No matter how lame he is.

Between her budding romance with Xander and growing friendship with Buffy and Willow,
Cordelia grew more selfless and heroic as she continued to help fight against evil
and save innocent people. She spent hours researching along with Giles,
fought alongside Buffy (with whatever weapon she could find, spatulas included),
and helped protect whoever was in trouble. As she became more confident in
this role, it was obvious that she had always been destined for a lot more
than wealth and popularity.

However, Cordelia almost completely reverted to her old personality after a
devastating breakup with Xander. She distanced herself from the scoobies
as she started to move on – but whenever there was real trouble she was
right back there helping them again. As Buffy prepared for her showdown
with the mayor, Cordelia was there researching with the others
as they prepared for the final battle.

Cordelia dealt with other issues during her senior year of high school too,
as her parents lost all their money and she discovered that she wouldn’t be
able to afford to go to any of the colleges that had accepted her. She couldn’t
even afford a prom dress and had to get a part time job to try and
save enough for her dream dress in time.

When Xander discovered this, Cordelia was humiliated, but then very touched
when he bought her prom dress for her. Even though the future she had planned
had completely changed, she was able to have an amazing prom night and
finally found closure with Xander before she left Sunnydale after graduation.

straws 09-22-2017 05:55 PM

Cordelia moved to L.A. to follow her dreams of becoming a famous actress,
but it proved a lot more difficult than she had thought. Cordelia went through
months of rejection and slowly became more and more dejected as she
realized how alone she was. Fate intervened, however, when she ran in Angel
and he later rescued her from a vampire. Still pursuing her dreams of stardom,
Cordelia ‘temporarily’ joined forces with Angel and his new companion, Doyle,
in his quest for redemption.

Cordelia kept Angel on track as they helped the helpless and picked up
straight where she left off in Sunnydale as she continued to grow into a warrior.
She also developed romantic feelings for Doyle, despite her best efforts not too.
Even when she found out that he was part demon, she was willing to give
him a chance – but it just wasn’t to be. Doyle sacrificed himself to save
the lives of others, but his decision would set Cordelia on her path to
becoming a true champion.

When Doyle kissed Cordelia, he transferred his visions to her. Cordelia was
furious at first, but soon realized that she would always have a part of
Doyle with her. She was now Angel’s connection to the Powers That Be, as her
involvement in Angel’s redemption continued to develop. Wesley also joined
their team and the three of them became like family.

After Cordelia was infected by a demon and drove nearly insane with the visions,
she realized how much pain was out there and became determined to help
everyone that needed it. She quickly turned her attentions to Gunn, who clearly
needed the kind of help that could only come from their little group,
and it wasn’t long before he joined their team too.

Cordelia found herself at a crossroads when Angel, driven to despair
by Wolfram and Hart, fired her and the others. The three realized that their
purposes were not tied to Angel, and that they could continue to protect the
innocent without him. They banded together to reform Angel Investigations,
even though it was a tough time for them. Angel eventually came to his
senses and Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn slowly began to trust him again,
knowing what an asset he would be for their mission.

As Cordelia became more dedicated to her mission with Angel, she realized
that she would have to let go of her dreams of becoming an actress.
After one abusive director too many, Cordelia hit rock bottom and realized
that she would probably never get from acting the feeling that she craved.
Evidently, she belonged elsewhere…

When sucked into the hell dimension Pylea, Cordelia went from
slave to princess and when she realized that the priests ruling the land were evil,
she resolved to bring them down. Despite their threats and efforts to silence her,
she succeeded in ending their evil reign and set a lot of people free.
Making a difference like that proved to be just what Cordelia needed
after she had been beginning to question her place in the world.
After the liberation, however, Cordelia knew that she couldn’t stay
and took her newfound confidence and purpose back to L.A. with her.

Having saved Fred from Pylea, she quickly became one of the gang and the
bonds they all shared continued to grow deeper. Lorne joined forces
with them more and more often too, and when Angel had a son,
Connor, the group seemed tighter than ever.

straws 09-22-2017 05:56 PM

The visions continued to take a toll on Cordelia, but she felt like they had
become a part of her and had given her the purpose and reason she never had
before. Even when they were on the verge of killing her, Cordelia refused to
give them up – opting to become part demon instead. The effects were
unpredictable, she levitated and glowed white light – but she never feared
the change, she knew that she had to do whatever it took to fight evil at
Angel’s side.

When Groo came from Pylea to be with Cordelia, she jumped into a
relationship with him without a second thought – completely oblivious to Angel’s
growing feelings for her. After everything they had been through over the years,
Cordelia and Angel had come to share a mutual respect, trust and deep love –
a love that Cordelia hadn’t yet realized could be the romantic kind.

When two warriors meet on the field of battle and recognize their mutual fate.

The bond they shared became increasingly obvious to everyone but Cordelia,
and soon Groo explained it all to her as he accepted that her heart belonged
to another, and left town. Cordelia realized that she was in love with Angel
and immediately called him to come meet her.

Cordelia and Angel never met that night. Skip, Cordelia’s guide when she
had agreed to become part demon, intercepted Cordelia to tell her that she
had done more good with the power he had given her than anyone could have
known and she had become a higher being. Cordelia, heartbroken to never
get the chance to tell Angel how she felt, truly proved just how selfless and
courageous she had become as she accepted her fate and ascended to the
higher level where she thought she could do more good.

After a few months on the higher plain, Cordelia was suddenly dropped back
on Earth – but without her memories. She was confused and scared as she
learned about what her life had been like and became desperate for answers.
With a little magic, Cordelia’s memories were restored,
but things were not what they seemed…

After months of chaos for Angel and his friends, they soon realized that Cordelia
had been at the centre of all the devastation all along. The put together
all the pieces and stumbled upon the horrible truth, that since seemingly
getting her memories back, Cordelia had been possessed. They also had
to accept that there was nothing they could do to save her, and as the
demon’s plan unfolded, Cordelia was left in a vegetative state after
being used for so long.

When Angel seemed to need her the most, Cordelia got a vision that woke
her from her coma. She was shocked to find out that Angel had made a deal
with Wolfram & Hart and desperately tried to save Angel from himself as well
as the evil in her vision.

Cordelia reminded Angel of the champion he’s always been and the mission
that he has – but she also told him that she wouldn’t be there to see him
complete it. Having got him back on track, Cordelia tried to make
Angel understand that she had done her part and it was time
for her to move on.

Angel didn’t and couldn’t understand at first, but when he got the call telling
him that Cordelia had passed away and never had woken up from her coma,
he finally grasped what had happened. After what she had been put through
since descending from the higher plain, not to mention the years of suffering
before that, the Powers That Be knew it wasn’t Cordelia’s time quite yet –
and she was given one last chance to help the helpless, which, this time,
was Angel. She saved Angel, put him back on the path that she knew would
help a lot of people, but his was just one of the many lives she had had
an impact on. She had taken on every challenge ever thrown at her, had
suffered through the torturous visions and used them to save people
and grow into a hero. And she had done it all with a fierce style, witty
sense of humour and sharp tongue. She was a true champion.

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This OP is stunning. Kudos to the creators.

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Originally Posted by straws (Post 91593620)
This OP is stunning. Kudos to the creators.

Thank you, that was me :blush:

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