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Buffy Comics Discussion Thread #13

Originally Posted by comic fan (View Post)
Two reviews of Buffy # 16.

Buffy Season 10 Issue #16: Old Demons Part One Review

Buffy Season 10 Issue #16: Old Demons Part One Review

Posted by Kory Cerjak
June 17, 2015

Angel’s back and it’s almost like season two or three again.

Creative Staff:
Script: Christos Cage
Art: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt

What They Say:
“Old Demons Part One”

Just as Buffy and the gang were wading through their individual breakups and hookups, a new Big Bad named Archaeus came to light, and he’s someone they can’t fight alone. So, however awkward it may be—now that Buffy and Spike are officially an item—Buffy’s ex, Angel, has been called in to help.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
There’s an old kid in town and his name is Angel—née Angelus (sort of). Old flame and current flame finally meet face to face as they are, Buffy’s ex and Buffy’s boyfriend.

It didn’t turn out well—at least not at first. Spike’s afraid that Buffy’s going to go running back to Angel like she always does, but Buffy’s someone different now. She’s older and wiser now and she’s actively dating someone who’s been pining after her for five seasons. Former evil incarnate turned vampire with a soul—just like Angelus to Angel—and Buffy’s fallen for him.

And her line is very indicative of Buffy, how she’s always been. Spike’s own words echo, but it’s Buffy’s that resonate. Buffy is her own and she chooses who and what she wants to do. She always has, she always will.

It took fighting a Morituri Demon, a suicide mission demon that kills all it can before dying itself, to “shake off their rust.” Angel didn’t just come here to see Buffy again or even expecting what…usually happens…when the two meet back up. Angel has other stuff going on in Magic Town and Buffy has her hands full in San Francisco. Not to mention it wouldn’t really be good for either to start dating or having sex…

There are bigger and stronger things out there to deal with anyway. Archaeus exists and is threatening their existence and probably the humanity of too many people. Past differences and current loves aside, it’s time to get the Scooby Gang back together and fight together…or die together.

In Summary:
This issue was a lot of reinforcing what used to be. This is how Buffy was back in season three—rife with sexual tension, though now it’s of a different sort. And there’s a contrast here to what used to be. But things are different now. It’s been (presumably?) seven years since then and A LOT of things have changed since then—namely the restart of the universe and the rewriting of most of the rules of magic. The only important thing is that Archaeus gets defeated in the end, I guess…

Content Grade: B+

Comic Book Reviews for June 17, 2015 - IGN

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 #17

Written by Christos Gage | Drawn by Rebekah Isaacs

Buffy Season 10 has taken the opportunity to move the story and relationships along in good ways. Issue #16 specifically, though, just lives in the past. When the issue isn’t referencing one prior event, it’s referencing another. When it isn’t doing either of those things, it’s recreating past Buff/Spike/Angel triangle scenarios without having anything new to add. This story reads like the comic book version of a clip show, reminding of us where we are and where we have been for years, as the big showdown is approaching in future issues. Dialogue is clunky, with the same goal of referencing past issues and episodes. If you’re already caught up on Buffy, you can skip this issue entirely. -Levi

Final Score:

And keep discussing.
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I got my copy of Buffy # 16,Part I of "Old Demons." on Friday.

Overall I liked the issue.I of course enjoyed the B/A interaction and how it was handled.I also liked how the Angel/Buffy/Spike stuff was done.As well as the scenes with the other scoobies.Archaeus controlling portals raises the threat level beyond his impact on Angel and Spike so that at least gave a little more meat to the baddie.

Pretty satisfied with the first part of the crossover.
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Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #16 - Comic Book Resources

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #16

by Greg McElhatton, Reviewer

As "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10" rumbles on, the book has hit a logical point where a guest appearance by Angel can happen. With Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs as the former creative team on "Angel & Faith," the duo takes time to not only have a fun comic waiting for readers, but also follow up a tiny bit on the events of those issues.

The reborn Giles has been a major part of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10" for so long, it's easy to forget that the quest to bring him back took place in the original run of "Angel & Faith." As a result, we get some nice little touches, like Angel's regret on how it didn't work out quite as planned, and Giles' asking about Faith. At the same time, though, it doesn't distract from the bigger plots involving Archaeus or Buffy and Spike's relationship.

It's that relationship that, in many ways, dominates the book (even as they rally against Archaeus) and, so far, Gage takes it at a good pace. Getting the two of them back together is certainly going to upset some fans while delighting others, and I like that it doesn't feel like Gage is rushing into them being a couple once more. The little hesitant moments between them (as well as around Angel) feel natural. It also helps to distract from the fact that Archaeus still doesn't feel quite in "big bad" territory just yet; with some future encounters that might change but, for the moment, he hardly feels like the foe that our cast needs to worry about. With strong character interactions and dynamics, though, there's more than enough to compensate.

Isaacs's art and Dan Jackson's colors are pleasant as ever. Some of the little reaction shots here are especially strong, like Angel's wide-eyed stare when he sees Buffy and Spike holding hands; you can almost see the rest of his body rearing back in surprise. Similarly, his stony-faced "It's fine" at the bottom of the next page is sold as much by the cold look in his eyes as it is by Gage's dialogue. The demonic attack in the hallway is well-handled; Isaacs understands quite well how to handle motion in a medium that, at its core, is static and -- from Buffy whipping the scythe around to the poisonous bolts shooting out of the demon's tail -- the entire sequence feels fast-paced and furious.

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10" #16 is another solid installment from a series that performs well. Gage and Isaacs clearly aren't done with Angel's arrival as a bit of a turbulence for Buffy and Spike's new relationship and, considering how well previous relationship drama has been in this current series, we've got some fun times ahead. The "Season 10" issues are, once again, proving to be the most consistently good of the post-series "Buffy" comics to date. Keep up the good work, everyone.
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Joss will have at Dark Horse panel at SDCC15.

Comic-Con 2015: Dark Horse: An Afternoon with Joss Whedo...

Saturday, July 11 • 4:45pm - 5:30pm

Dark Horse: An Afternoon with Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon has rewarded fans the world over with some of the most compelling characters and plot lines in the history of comics, television, and movies. Here's your chance to find out what he has in store next, and get exclusive insights into Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, and much, much more.

Saturday July 11, 2015 4:45pm - 5:30pm
Hall H
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I got my copy of Angel & Faith # 16,Part I of,"Those Who Can't Teach,Teach Gym." on Friday.DIdn't have a chance to post some thoughts until now.

I thought this was a nice start to the arc.I like the idea of Faith and Fred in a team up.ALso think it's fun to see Faith go undercover as a teacher.

I think this will be a fun arc while Angel is away.

Megan Levens posted this from Buffy # 23.
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Preview pages for Buffy # 17.

Preview: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #17 - Comic Book Resources

EXCL. PREVIEW: Prepare for Battle in Gage & Isaacs' "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10" #17

Buffy devises a plan for defeating Archaeus in Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs' "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10" #17 from Dark Horse.

Tensions are on the rise as the gang goes in search of an ancient enemy—Archaeus. Split into teams, Angel and Xander are able to connect over themes of betrayal and love lost, while Buffy pushes Spike to keep his insecurities in check. But they quickly discover there are much more dangerous things to battle as they close in on the demon lord.

*Angel and Buffy crossover event!

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Will Conrad posted a image from a upcoming issue of Angel & Faith.
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Christos Gage video interview from SDCC15.

The Buffyvers talk starts at 2:44.

Nothing really spoilerly but still worth a watch.He also discusses his time on Law and Order SVU and his current work on the Daredevil TV series.

The Joss Whedon panel is today.


Live Blog: Joss Whedon takes on Comic-Con to talk Buffy, Firefly, and more

The Whedonverse lives on!

By Donna Dickens @MildlyAmused | Saturday, Jul 11, 2015

Whoo hoo! I am on the ground at San Diego Comic-Con! I'm headed to Hall H to cover all the news that's fit to print about Joss Whedon and his work with Dark Horse Comics! Check this space at 4:45PM PDT to follow along!

[2:42PM PDT]: Made it inside. Joss Whedon has pulled in a hell of a crowd!

[4:47PM PDT]: It begins. Scott Allie introduces Joss Whedon for his first one man show for Hall H! Obviously the crowd goes wild! Thunderous applause and cheers!

[4:50PM PDT]: “I asked for the big room. I’m a little angry.” Whedon quips as soon as he gets on stage. “I’m a little terrified but you guys are foxy.”

[4:52PM PDT]: Whedon is grateful to Dark Horse for being so brave and talented for taking existing properties that already exists, being faithful but inventive. That’s a real tightrope act. “I feel like 5 years ago a tornado ripped through my house and dropped me in the land of Marvel,” says Whedon. And he knew that the worlds he cared about were in good hands.

[4:55PM PDT]: Now that Whedon is out of the Marvel world, he has the freedom to think about what’s next. Once Ultron was done, it was time to look and say “What else is there?” There are many things he can’t tell us yet, but new ideas and new formats are on the horizon.

HOWEVER, he wanted to put his hand to a comic book once more. Joss Whedon’s TWIST is a six-issue comic next year. It’s about the most important moral question of our day: “Why isn’t there a Victorian female Batman?”

[4:56PM PDT]: Joss Whedon’s motto: “Continue to earn what you already have.” Active gratitude.

[4:58PM PDT]: He says of Ultron that it is the most personal and surreal blockbuster. “Everyone is so perfectly pleased with how I handled Natasha,” he jokes, self-deprecatingly to huge audience laughter.

“Comic-con: The cure for Twitter," Whedon says in response to the laughter.

[5:00PM PDT]: Q&A begins. The first question comes from a Woman of Color who is OVERWHELMED by talking to her idol, in near tears. About Zoe she says, “She made me believe we were still going to be out there, but that we would be strong and beautiful.” Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit.

[5:04PM PDT]: Next question is about Whedon’s favorite character is that he created. “My answer would change daily. But, I kind of feel how can say Buffy? She is the distilled essence of everything I am…not.”

[5:06PM PDT]: Question about if Whedon would bring a new cast back or original for “Firefly” in a perfect world. “We do not live in a perfect world. I know that because I do not have a flying car…and also my nose.” If he could he would put those nine people back on the ship and you wouldn’t need anyone else.

[5:09PM PDT]: Question about if the honeycomb pattern in “Cabin in the Woods” and the honeycomb pattern in “S.H.I.E.L.D.” are connected. “I think this is a thing that everyone can relate too, really. I love bees. I just want to put bees in my clothes and have ‘Bee Time.’ No? Just me. Okay.”

[5:16PM PDT]: Question about life, the universe, and everything and how Whedon’s writing reflects that. Audience bursts into laughter. Whedon says, “You think I’m not going to, but I’m going to answer that. The world is a random and terrifying place and spoiler alert, we die. We’re designed uniquely to understand that…Oh I can quote myself! — ‘A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.’

Memory is storytelling. We learn to forget and we learn distort and from the very beginning we’re learning to tell a story about ourselves. It’s a narrative. We all come in here to celebrate the shared experience of storytelling — give us strength, distract us — it can do anything.

That is how we live peacefully and with each other. We understand our story and each other’s stories.”

[5:19PM PDT]: Question about getting more Latino characters in the Whedonverse: Joss says, “I’ve been knocked a few times about my work when it comes to race representation and my response is ‘Yeah good call.’” Whedon continues that his focus has always been gender but yes the landscape of America and the world is more diverse than he has focused on and going forward he is cognizant of being better about that.

[5:24PM PDT]: Question about the best thing to do after you finish a project. Start something else. That way you can withstand the vagaries of fate from the project you just let into the world. “That or beer. Or work DURING beer.”


[5:27PM PDT]: Joss Whedon is the latest artist to receive the Icon Award! A standing ovation from the audience. WHEDON WHEDON WHEDON chant starts up as Whedon gets emotional. Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, and George Lucas are among previous recipients.

"This is the most beautiful murder weapon I've ever received. And just how beautifully the scratched out JJ Abrams' name is so sweet," says Whedon. "I am really grateful. Thank you."

SDCC: An Afternoon with Joss Whedon
"Buffy" and "Firefly" creator and "Avengers: Age of Ultron" director Joss Whedon holds forth for an hour at Comic-Con -- and may have a few surprises

Joss Whedon is a man who's become a genre, inspiring a dedicated fanbase through his creations "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," "Firefly," "Dollhouse," and "Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog," before directing the blockbuster "Avengers" and its sequel and filming "Much Ado About Nothing" with some friends. So what's next for the acclaimed creator? San Diego's Comic-Con International seems like a good place to find out. Dark Horse editor Scott Allie serves as moderator.

"In the last year we've said we want to bring more 'Serenity' comics out," Allie said, adding that an outline has been approved and Georges Jeanty is on board for art.

And with that, Whedon took the stage.

“I asked for the big room,” Whedon joked, referring to the 7000-seat auditorium.

“I don’t know if any of you saw, but I made another movie,” he said of “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” “Those are hard!”

He praised Dark Horse’s use of his licensed properties, saying it’s “a tightrope” to both stay true to existing characters and at the same time be inventive.

“I feel like five years ago, a tornado ripped up my house and dropped it in the land of Marvel,” he said., again praising Dark Horse for taking care of his own properties.

“Some other things have happened – I got very old since the last time I was here,” he said. “I thought, I don’t know, I should have some wisdom? But that didn’t go my way.” He spoke about his creative process and thinking about what he had to do next.

“I did kind of want to get back to something I love

He then announced “Joss Whedon’s Twist, “ a 6 issue series from Dark Horse that “deals with the most personal question that can be put to us, which is why isn’r there a Victorian female Batman.”

Returning to "Avengers," he joked, "Everybody's so pleased with how I handled Natasha, you're welcome." To hear fans' appreciation, then, he said, "Let me put it this way -- Comic-Con: The Cure for Twitter."

"I am grateful that something I needed to see more of in popular culture has been embraced," Whedon said. As to how it works with actors, he said, "You want Zoe, you hire Gina Torres."

Asked about his favorite character, Whedon said, “it changes daily,” but teased the fan that, “you failed to cry.” Finally, he answered, “how can I not say Buffy?”

“She’s everything that I am not, and everything I want to be around.”

Asked about “a perfect world” in which “Firefly” could continue, Whedon said, “We do not live in a perfect world – I know this because I do not have a flying car.” As to his plans, he just said, “You just put those nine people on a ship,” and anything could happen. “I don’t even need anybody else.”

On “Dr. Horrible 2,” Whedon said “you’re going to chase me with pitchforks if I always give you the same answer, which I’m going to do now.” But “everybody wants to do it, but everybody is extremely busy. “I talked to Neil [Patrick Harris] right after he did ‘Hedwig,’ and the first thing out of his mouth was, when are we going to do it?’”

“I’m unemployed, but nobody else is.”

Asked about self-censorship, Whedon said “yes,” he does. “You know going in with the format what you can get away with,” Whedon said. “You’re always thinking … and the things you could never get away with takes up half your time.”

“In the end, you just have to say ‘mewling quim’ and see if it slides!”

A fan asked about other characters “going Dark,” like Willow. “I myself am going dark, but you can’t tell because I’m so pasty.” He added that the character in “Twist” would be somewhat similar to Willow.

Next fan basically asked about the meaning of life. “You think I’m not going to, but I’m going to answer that,” he said. “The world is a terrifying and meaningless place, and then – spoiler alert! – we’re all gonna die.”

“But we’re built to transcend that,” he added, quoting himself that, “what makes a thing beautiful is that it doesn’t last.”

“From the very beginning, we’re telling a story about ourselves. I hope to be the hero, but mostly I’m the annoying sidekick, like Rosie O’Donnell in that Tarzan movie.”

“We come here to celebrate exactly that, storytelling and the strength that it gives us. … That is how we live peacefully, and with ourselves and with each other.”

Asked about including more Latinos, Whedon noted that "i have been knocked a few times for my record on race." His responses when confronted is "Yeah, good call," and said his focus has been on gender. But, he added, "My answer is 'soon.'"

A fan dressed as Lorne from "Angel" asked for stories about the late Andy Hallett who passed away in 2009. Whedon mentioned a karaoke session where Hallett went "full Patty Labelle," continuing to talk about the bonding process of performance and the revelation that "the real LA is much weirder than my show about LA. "He was a force of nature; he was much missed."

Asked about what advice he would have given his younger self working on "Buffy," he said, "Rogaine." He added that he would suggest greater discipline and said he'd likely "destroyed" production folks because of all the things he didn't know. "But I'm not big on regrets," and for the rest, "I wouldn't want to spoil myself."

The panel concluded with Comic-Con’s David Glanzer Glanzer said that , though he was first drawn to cons by the movies, Comic-Con represents the fact that, “you don’t have to love just one thing, and it’s clear Joss loves it all.” He presented Whedon with the annual Icon Award.

“Thanks, guys, -- that almost makes up for having to listen to someone talk about how great I am,” he joked. “I like how artfully you’ve scratched off J.J. Abrams.” Then, though, Whedon choked up. “I didn’t expect to be moved by this, but I am. I’m grateful. Thank you.”

Joss Whedon is creating a new comic book for Dark Horse

Comic Con 2015: Joss Whedon Announces New Comic For Next Year

SDCC: Joss Whedon Announces New Comic, Calls It His "Victorian, Female Batman"

The creator of "Buffy" and "Firefly" turns to the Victorian era with "Twist," his latest Dark Horse Comics project.

Stephen Gerding, Senior Editor

During his Dark Horse Comics spotlight panel at Comic-Con International, Joss Whedon announced his latest foray into creator-owned comics with "Twist."

Whedon described the six-issue series as the answer to "the most personal question that can be put to us, which is, why isn’t there a Victorian, female Batman?"

"Twist" art by Julian Totino Tedesco; logo by Nate Piekos

In the announcement released via Entertainment Weekly, the writer gets more specific about his steampunk-fueled superhero yarn. "It’s a Victorian thriller about a meek chambermaid who is fed to a dark horror -- but instead of dying, she returns, with knowledge, power, and rage she can neither deny nor control."

Check back with CBR News soon for more on Joss Whedon's "Twist" and other news from Comic-Con International.

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Nerd HQ 2015: A Conversation With Joss Whedon
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Thanks for sharing.
~My top ships: Brennan/Booth, Shamy, Penny/Leonard, Buffy/Angel, Willow/Tara, Valerie/David, Kelly/Dylan, Monica/Chandler, Ross/Rachel, Angela/Hodgins, Piper/Leo, Jessica/James~
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Another SDC15 interview with Christos Gage.

The first part of the interview is about Season 10 and the Angel/Buffy/Spike situation.He also talks about Ghost Anya.Discusses also if he will be doing a season 11.


Season 10 October 2015 Solicitations..

Angel & Faith Season 10 #19

Victor Gischler (W), Will Conrad (A), Michelle Madsen (C), Scott Fischer (Cover), and Mike Norton (Variant cover)

On sale Oct 7
FC, 32 pages

While Faith and Fred are still reeling from their unresolved encounter with Drusilla, Angel returns to Magic Town . . . and brings a Big Bad along with him!

“Victor Gischler, Will Conrad and Michelle Madsen are the right team to handle Angel & Faith.”—All-Comic
“Highly recommended.”—Unleash the Fanboy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #20

Christos Gage (W), Megan Levens (A), Dan Jackson (C), Steve Morris (Cover), and Rebekah Isaacs (Variant cover)

On sale Oct 21
FC, 32 pages

Called in for a supernatural-crimes case, Buffy and Spike discover an incubus demon is targeting women in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Xander and Giles work on an exorcism that stirs up some questions about Ghost Anya.

• Guest artist Megan Levens (Madame Frankenstein)!

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Angel & Faith will end five issues early this season.It was supposed to be 30 issues like Buffy but at Joss's SDCC panel,Scott Allie announced that Angel & Faith will now run 25 issues(like season 9) instead of 30.

It's at the 22 second m ark in the video.

Buffy will still run 30 issues.

Wenxina at Slayalive checked with Victor Gischler and confirmed it.

Spoilers Buffyverse Season 10 News Nexus - Page 23

Checked in with Victor Gischler about the matter and he confirmed that the run will be 25-issues. Apparently they "flirted" with the idea of a 30-issue run but it's been settled at 25 for a while now, but I guess they just never announced it. The ultimate decision was made to keep the book at 25-issues because they thought it would be "tighter and better."

Saw some speculation that this could free up Angel and Faith to appear in the final season 10 arc of Buffy.
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Another SDCC15 interview with Christos Gage about Season 10.

PopWrapped Talks Buffy Season 10 With Christos Gage

PopWrapped Talks Buffy Season 10 With Christos Gage

Well Buffy fans, we’re officially half way through the season and it has been full of romance, real life hardships, and one of the best seasons to date. Writer Christos Gage has received critic and fan acclaim for his writing talents on both Angel & Faith and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 10, and the writer, who is also writing the hit Daredevil series on Netflix, took time out of his busy schedule to answer all of my burning Buffy questions, from this season’s big bad, to Fray, Cordelia, Spuffy, and what’s to come in the second half of the series.

PW: Did you feel any pressure handling the romantic relationship between Buffy and Spike going into this season?

Christos Gage: Well I felt the same pressure I feel with getting all the characters right because they mean so much to so many people, and you don’t want to screw that up obviously. I didn’t feel any extra pressure more than anything else. I think it was Scott Allie who first proposed- ‘why don’t we think about Buffy and Spike having an actual healthy relationship that’s different from the one they had in season 6’ so we ran it by Joss at the summit and he liked the idea, so if he was OK with it then so was I. I thought it would make for some interesting stuff because Buffy is at its best when she’s tackling life stages we sort of all understand, but with a supernatural spin. So this season for me is when you first are on your own as an adult and nobody is telling you where to go or what to do, and you have to make all your own decisions and you basically have to grow up and succeed or fail on your own – and I think part of that is having more adult relationships. I think for both Buffy and Spike it’s an interesting challenge because at first its like, this is beyond infatuation, and I think it’s interesting to see them dealing with more adult emotions, and part of that is what happened in season 6. Even though he didn’t have a soul and was almost an entirely different person, and that’s another interesting thing to explore with the current Angel crossover were doing because I’ve always found it interesting that Spike with a soul is only a little different than Spike without a soul, and Angel without a soul is completely different than Angel without a soul.

PW: Speaking of Angel, will his presence in the Buffy title cause a rift between the three (Spike/Buffy/Angel?) There always seems to be some built up tension when they’re all together.

Christos Gage: I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think there will be a little tension, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, and it will affect them all but, one thing we didn’t want to do is just make it really cut and dry and make it to where they leave and are all mad at each other, it’s a little more nuanced than that and I think you’ll get to see that as it plays out.

PW: Something else I’ve been curious about since season 8, do you know if there are any plans to incorporate another Fray storyline? It seemed to set up so many stories for different characters.

Christos Gage: You know, I agree. Interestingly though, Fray is something that only Joss has ever written, and I don’t know if he’s declared that no one else can ever write it, but in my own mind it’s kind of like- even with the show- Joss masterminded the show but there were so many writers, Jane Espenson, Drew Goddard, Steve DeKnight all down the line so with Fray, unless or until Joss says ‘I want someone to other than me to write Fray’ I think Dark Horse is leaving it alone.

PW: With Buffy and Angel & Faith having different tones, what was it like transitioning from one to the other?

Christos Gage: Oh it’s a different vibe. Angel & Faith was always a two person lead even though Giles was an important character and there were supporting characters, but Buffy, even though it’s about Buffy, is much more of an ensemble. So there were just a few more characters to juggle which was challenging but fun also. Also tonally – Angel & Faith, when Joss came up with it, wanted London to very much be a character in the book and a certain moodiness and atmosphere that goes with that, and with the Buffy book I think it’s a little lighter in tone but can sometimes be very serious and dark, so it was fun! Obviously it’s in the same universe, but it’s different enough that I felt like – OK I’ve been doing Angel & Faith for two years and now it’s interesting to do something that’s still similar but different.

PW: Has there been a character that you’ve enjoyed writing for the most in the Buffy series?

Christos Gage: It varies; I mean one of the things I love is that they all have such distinct voices so it’s a lot of fun to go from one to the other. One of the things I always have a lot of fun with, even though they aren’t regular members, is bringing in really superficial characters like Harmony or the great aunts from Angel & Faith. Harmony is always so much fun, just because she’s so completely selfish [laughs] and she’s so selfish and just honest about it. She feels like she’s the center of the universe and its really fun to write someone like that.

PW: Its been nice to see some of these characters come back into the series like Harmony or Fred’s return which was a huge moment on Angel & Faith. One of the characters I’ve always felt had more stories to be told was Cordelia, do you think that there is any chance of a Cordelia reference or return?

Christos Gage: You know- It’s always possible! I mean, she did become a higher power of some kind, but at the same time it’s a bit like, until we feel like we have a compelling Cordelia story to tell it doesn’t seem like a good idea to bring her back, just to bring her back.

PW: Would it be safe to assume that Archaeus is the big bad of season 10?

Christos Gage: A lot of people wonder about who the big bad is this season and it’s a little bit different this time around. For me the big bad is more – I mean there are bad guys in it, and there are some that have not been revealed yet – but for me the big bad this season is really adulthood or life. So I wouldn’t expect there to be some moment like ‘OK, here is the master or someone like that’, its more about being an adult.

PW: Is there a certain arc coming up in BTVS in the second half of the season that you are particularly excited about, or feel could be a game-changer for this season?

Christos Gage: I think that the last couple arcs will be very interesting and challenging for our character because ever since the show ended all of the scoobies haven’t really been together, even in season 8 and 9 they were all scattered and they would come back together briefly but they wouldn’t stay together for a long time. Now they’re all together and one of the things that happens sometimes in adulthood is that the people you spent high school and or college with you drift apart from, so that’s one of the things I want to explore. Are these people necessarily going to stay as close as they were as they grow up and move in different directions? I think we’re going to be touching on that some more and its something everyone goes through, so I’m interested to see how people react to some of the things that come up.

Keep up with PopWrapped for more coverage and reviews of the Buffy series as well as Angel & Faith, and make sure to pick up copies of season 10 or the collections of the series from Dark Horse Comics to add to the growing Buffyverse!
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First advanced Buffy # 17 review.

Comic Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17 : Wicked Horror

Comic Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17

July 17, 2015By Nat Brehmer

This issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is, like the last, focused primarily on character interaction, which is a little strange considering that the last issue ended with everyone heading out to the big fight. Here, they’re looking for that fight for the bulk of the time until it really gets underway at the end. Part of the crossover event sees the gang split into two teams, where we get a lot of good relationship talk amongst the characters. Some of it is really neat because it centers on characters that have never really gotten the chance to interact before.

A scene between Dawn and Angel is pretty cool to see, in particular. They never interacted on the show but, retroactively, Dawn would have been a major part of the first three seasons where she must have had some kind of interaction with Angel that we never even got to see. It’s a complicated situation, but one that writer Christos Gage handles fairly delicately.

Willow and Angel, on sort of the opposite note, used to have an interesting—non-romantic—chemistry in the early seasons of the show that had all but disappeared by the end of his time on the show. So it’s just as nice to see a scene between them. She has some good advice, too, about how to deal with relationships with mortals considering she had just broken up with her immortal snake goddess girlfriend. It’s probably a little unfair to say Angel hasn’t changed much since he got his soul back, though. Yes, there are aspects of his character that will always be the same, but he developed so much on Angel just from the character he had been for three seasons of Buffy.

The most unexpected conversation, though, is the one between Xander and Angel. It really goes to show how much all of these characters have changed, even over the course of the comic series. These two guys hate each other, at least they have in the past. But now there’s an understanding between them. Xander’s had uncontrollable anger he’s trying to treat that gives him a sense of respect for Angel. And Angel now has to deal with Buffy dating probably the last person on Earth he’d like to see her with and that gives him an understanding of how Xander felt during the early years of the series.

But Xander doesn’t have to apologize to Angel for beating him up, especially considering that all of these characters have kicked the crap out of each other at some point or another. Angel had just killed Giles at that time. The mentor and father figure to the entire group. Even if Angel was under the influence of Twilight when he did it, he is still responsible for everything he did. Which, at least, he admits to.

There’s plenty of action in this issue as well, but it almost feels out of place. There’s no real relation between the fighting and the conversation, the way there usually is. Buffy, however, has some truly badass moments both in the fight sequences and in her interactions with the others–particularly Angel. It’s so refreshing to see her talk to him like this for once. And it builds us to the showdown with the demon Archaeus and the fight that I think everyone was probably expecting.

WICKED RATING: 6 Stars (6 / 10)
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Buffy #17 is already available through android’s app according to a report on Buffy forums.


Preview pages for Angel & Faith # 17

EXCL. PREVIEW: "Angel & Faith" #16 Brings the Heroes Together in Magic Town

Faith wasn't planning on rejoining Team Angel, but fate has other plans in Victor Gischler & Cliff Richards' "Angel & Faith" #12 from Dark Horse.

Though she’s returned to London, Faith isn’t planning to join up with Team Angel again. But circumstances will throw the Slayer and the vampire together when someone searching for Illyria brings his quest through Magic Town...



Second Buffy # 17 review.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #17 Review

The creative team have been spinning a very interesting yarn over the course of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, and since our favourite slayer hooked up with Spike, things have only gotten more enticing. Despite this, they’ve still managed to find some room for improvement, with the addition of Buffy’s former love, Angel, causing for some awkward, yet dramatic moments. Add to this their action packed quest to take down Archaeus and you get a comic that you won’t want to put down.

Having done an amazing job since taking over the franchise at the start of this series, Christos Gage continues to impress, with his work over these last few issues being some of his best to date. That continues as we enter the series’ seventeenth issue, with there being some great character depth and development throughout. Between the tension shared between Spike and Angel, the awkward situation Buffy is in, and the disheartenment that Angel feels given the way they last parted, there are a lot of emotions, all complementing one another. This is matched by fabulous drama, with the final moments being gripping to say the least.

Rebekah Isaacs also continues to impress with her fun, energetic art style, as though I’m still not impressed with our villain, Archaeus, she does a fantastic job on our main cast. She also manages to generate some wonderful energy through her layouts, as between the exciting action near the beginning and end, and the vivid scenery, there’s a dynamic tone that runs through this tale. Isaacs also manages to capture the various types of emotion that’s present in Gage’s script, with it adding great depth. This is all complimented wonderfully by Dan Jackson’s colours, with the bold colours adding a vibrant tempo.

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