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eternalfate 02-28-2013 08:45 PM

Jack/Kim #5: You are the love of my life and I am so proud of you."
Hey guys! Welcome to the :love:Jack Bauer/Kim Bauer:love: Appreciation Thread!

Jack/Kim Fans:
1. goodbreakingbad (Anji)
2. groovyk1 (Kelly)
3. _virgo_ (Aroa)
4. CTUgal21 (Shauna)
5. onetreehill1216 (Kayla)
6. chandlerbingfan
7. piscesgirl389
8. Liz01 (Liz)
9. GracesAngel (Sam)
10. aabf
11. Michelle Dessler
13. Terri01
14.Brenda Corinthos

Reasons why we love Jack/Kim:
1. Because they are truly the best father/daughter relationship ever!
2. Because he would do anything for her, and even that's an understatement!
3. Because she can take him down in a game of chess.
4. Because she was glad he had moved back in and so was he.
5. Because he found her and saved her.
6. Because she knows he's truly a good man.
7. Because when he thought Drazen had killed her, he shot him down.
8. Because he wasn't going to let anyone hurt her again.
9. Because he had to visit her.
10. Because Teri's death wasn't his fault and she let him know that, though she needed some time to deal.
11. Because his love for her prevented him from pulling the triger.
12. Because as soon as he found out about the bomb, the first thing he did was call her to make sure she was safe.
13. Because he wanted to talk to her when there was still time.
14. Because she looks up to him.
15. Because she means more to him than anything in the whole world.
16. Because he would always be with her.
17. Because she was sorry for the way she'd treated him.
18. Because he told her she had nothing to be sorry for.
19. Because he wanted her to go on and live her life.
20. Because she couldn't stand the thought of losing him.
21. Because she's proud of him.
22. Because she was going to take care of him.
23. Because the sound of her voice saved him.
24. Because she found it hard to keep things from him.
25. Because he's glad she can tell him anything.
26. Becaus she went out and found herself a man just like her father.
27. Because when she saw he was in danger she lost it.
28. Because he gave her a job in CTU to keep her safe.
29. Because he wasn't going to risk losing her again.
30. Because he didn't want to worry her.
31. Because he finally took down Nina when she was going to shoot Kim.
32. Because he didn't want her going out into the field.
33. Because she stood up to him.
34. Because she has "Bauer Blood" and is not afraid to show it!
35. Because when he saw something was wrong, he wasted no time saving her.
36. Because he's proud of her.
37. Because he knows any decisions she makes with her life will be the right ones.
38. Because she's proud to be his daughter.
39. Because when he had to literally give up everything, she was the most important.
40. Because he didn't want to have to disappear on her again.
41. Because he didn't want her to find out he was alive the wrong way.
42. Because their reunion was so bittersweet.
43. Because she didn't have to say anything.
44. Because the most painful thing he's ever had to go through was having to walk away from her, even more-so than losing Teri.
45. Because she is literally the most important person/thing is his entire life - she's his whole world.
46. Because he needed her to know he was sorry.
47. Because when she told him she had to go, he asked her to stay.
48. Because after she thought he had died, her life spiraled downward without him being there.
49. Because she was happy he was alive.
50. Because she is the only person who has ever truly accepted him for everything he is.
51. Because she is his reason for being.
52. Because she is the one person he puts above anyone and anything, at anytime!
53. Because they will make things right...they just have to.
54. Because she's missed him so much!
55. Because she's totally gonna save him this time around!

Jack/Kim Soundtrack:
The Reason-Hoobastank
Because of You-Kelly Clarkson

Jack/Kim Quotes:
Jack: It's all over, baby. No one's going to hurt you now. I promise. I love you so much!
Kim: I love you.

Jack: Honey, anything that ever happened between us, it was never your fault. I love you just the way you are. I don't ever want you to change. Do you understand that? I love you more than anything in the world. Honey, I want you to live your life. I want you to be happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for you. I want you to try to grow up, and be the kind of person that would have made your mom proud. Okay? Promise me that.
Kim: I promise.
Jack: Honey, I’ve got to start focusing on what I’m doing up here. I’m running out of time. Okay? So, I’m going to have to say goodbye. I love you more than anything in the world. And, I will always be with you. Okay? Remember that.
Kim: I’m proud of you. And, I love you.
Jack: I love you too, sweetheart.

Kim: I’m glad you’re okay.
Jack: Me too.
Kim: When I thought you were gone I...just miss you dad. I miss you so much.
Jack: I miss you too, sweetheart.
Kim: Dad?
Jack: Yeah?
Kim: Love you.
Jack: I love you too, baby.

Jack: I love you.
Kim: I love you too. Dad, I’m going to take care of you.
[Kim kisses Jack on the forehead and he smiles.]

Jack: My wife died because of this job. I almost lost Kim too. I’m not going to let that happen again. I will do everything I have to, to protect her. Do you understand me? Everything!

Jack: The most painful thing that I've ever been through was having to walk away from you, even more painful than losing your mother. But, it was the only way to make sure that you would be safe.

Future Title Suggestions:

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Almeida's Army 03-03-2013 08:17 AM

Tftnt! :)

eternalfate 03-06-2013 09:59 AM

No Problemo! this was my favorite quote from their whole relationship.

Almeida's Army 03-06-2013 03:07 PM

It is a great quote

eternalfate 03-06-2013 04:32 PM

It sure was, and I always believed it to be true, even when I didn't like Kim. I think with all the hell Jack goes through, Kim is basically at times the only thing that keeps him going on. I think if he ever loss her..... let's just say, I wouldn't want to be around Jack Bauer.

Almeida's Army 03-06-2013 05:28 PM

Nor me :lol: He's scary enough as it is!

eternalfate 03-07-2013 04:51 PM

You think he'd become more scary?:lol: the extreme scary.:eek:

Almeida's Army 03-07-2013 05:25 PM

Yup! :lol: Terrifying...

eternalfate 03-08-2013 01:37 AM

It would be, because it would officially mean Jack has no one.:eek: Well he has Chloe as a friend, but your family is gone. You loves are gone, wife and now finally to end it... your daughter... probably his granddaughter would keep him going?

Almeida's Army 03-13-2013 03:49 PM

Unless she dies too? In many ways I think if his Granddaughter died, I think that would effect him more than if Kim died...

eternalfate 03-13-2013 07:47 PM

Wow really?:eek: I can definitely see the logic behind that, I really do not know. I just on some level believe Kim is one of the reasons he's actually stayed sane as long as he have through all the loss, he had the love of his life, his daughter Kim. Even when they were distance, Kim is the main person he cares about but yes he did grow close to the Granddaughter as well... I still think if he lose Kim....

Almeida's Army 03-16-2013 12:46 PM

Yeah but if he lost Kim, he's still have his granddaughter. If he lost his granddaughter for anything to do with his job, Kim would never forgive him so he'd lose both...

eternalfate 03-16-2013 05:24 PM

I don't think his granddaughter would be in that situation to get involved. Like if Jack loss his granddaughther it'll hurt him to the extreme... but as always he'll still have Kim, even if she doesn't forgive him.... or put blame on him. He'll still have her.

I just think Kim is what kept him so strong, I can see the logic of the Teri death effecting him.

Almeida's Army 03-16-2013 08:12 PM

Of course she could be that situation- hostage situation from an old enemy of Jacks, kidnap Kim and Teri, Jack tries to rescue them, they kill Teri in front of both Jack and Kim before CTU arrive... That, in my mind, is worst case scenario for Jack.

eternalfate 03-16-2013 08:56 PM

Of course that's bad... I guess we are just both going to have different perspectives on it. I think him losing Kim, would make him lose his mind. You thing him losing Teri... we are both most likely right... so it's nothing more to say about that.:lol:

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