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Season 1 Ep 16

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 16
  • First Aired: 3/19/2002
  • Prod Code:
Keith takes matters into his own hands when he arranges a secret meeting with Carl. Elizabeth realizes who Alexis really is and immediately comes forward. Jack and Mason question her and then convince her to aid in his capture. The safe house is attacked, but Teri and Kim manage to escape. They are then separated by an unforeseen accident. 3:02 P.M.-3:05 P.M.: The strangler goes through Ellis' possessions after letting him cool on the men's room floor. He snatches a couple things from the
body while Jack continues to beg Ellis to pick up the phone. The strangler picks up the phone for him, and hangs it up. After an aborted attempt to call
back, Jack rings Agent Watson in CTU's New Orleans branch, and asks him to check on Ellis, whom he fears might be dead. Milo interrupts Jack with some
urgent news: he's gotten hold of surveillance photos and case files of all three assassins -- which he's already sent to Secret Service -- and one of them
is Victor Drazen's son. Elizabeth calls Alexis to say that Palmer changed his plans and she doesn't have to leave town today after all. Alexis says he'll
be back at the hotel by 4:30 P.M. Outside the safe house, a chain of CTU agents have been set up to look like construction and lawn care workers. One is
sitting in a truck, one's positioned in a crane bucket, and a third is mowing a neighbor's lawn. The one in the bucket communicates over a secret mike
with the other two and with Paulson and Breeher to confirm they can all hear each other.

3:05 P.M.-3:06 P.M.: A phone rings inside the house. Paulson goes to answer it, then knocks on Teri's door to tell her Jack is on the line. After Paulson
leaves, Jack says he couldn't help feeling that something was wrong from the last time they spoke. Teri has something she wants to tell Jack, but decides
it best to wait until the dust has settled.

3:06 P.M.-3:11 P.M.: Agent Pierce conducts a meeting at Palmer headquarters. The senator returns and asks Sherry what's going on. She tells him CTU sent
photos of the three men who are targeting him, which Pierce soon shows to everybody. First there's Jovan Myovic -- he's the fake FBI agent. Then there's
Mishko Suba. And finally Alexis Drazen. Seeing the photo of Alexis sends a shock through Elizabeth. It becomes readily apparent that she had no idea whom
she was sleeping with, as she breaks away from the group in a state of distress to compose herself in the other room. Palmer walks over to find out what's
wrong. With the camera rolling, Nina presses Kimberly for further info on Rick the fugitive. Though Kimberly states that she doesn't know where he is,
Nina suspects she does and tries to get her change her mind by playing psychological games about the bonds victims sometimes feel with their kidnappers.
Kimberly refuses to call Rick a kidnapper, and repeats that she doesn't know where he is. Teri comes in for her interview a little earlier than expected,
so Nina lets Kimberly off the hook and shuts off the camcorder, and Teri takes her place. Before Nina turns it back on, Teri lets her know that she doesn't
have to tiptoe around what happened, and she won't hold it against her for boinking Jack. Nina doesn't tiptoe around anything; instead she comes right
out with how she believes Kimberly is protecting Rick and withholding information, because she may have the hots for him. Teri feels Kimberly has told
her all she knows. When Nina questions why, Teri rudely replies that Kimberly is her daughter, whom she'd presume to know better. Palmer calls up Jack,
and relays to him that Elizabeth (whom he's in the room with) recognized Victor Drazen's son in one of the photos, because they've had contact. Jack nervously
asks what kind of contact. With some hesitation, Palmer replies "intimate." Jack needs to know if Elizabeth is a threat to security. Palmer feels she is,
but since she's shaken up and wants to help, Jack sends a helicopter over to bring her in for questioning. They're about to hang up when Palmer asks about
Ellis. Jack says he lost contact while they were in the middle of a phone call, and they both have to assume Ellis is dead until proven alive. After they
hang up, Jack calls Milo to get Chopper Command for him.

3:15 P.M.-3:20 P.M.: Rick's phone rings. After a mad search to find out where he put it amidst the pile of junk in his room, he answers. It's Kimberly,
who tells him that Nina is grilling her pretty hard. He angrily wants to know what she told Nina. She says she told the truth; that he helped them escape.
He sarcastically responds how that's really going to save him, then apologizes because he's "a little edgy." She thinks they'll spare him if he tells Nina
what happened. After she says she doesn't know how much longer she can cover for him, he asks if Nina can prove anything. She replies she doesn't think
so. He's on the verge of thinking about it when he changes the subject by saying she probably shouldn't have called there, at least for now. She asks when
a good time to call is, but he's too busy hanging up on her so she won't find out about his other girlfriend, who's just walked into his room. He then
gets rid of her too by pretending to be tired, but doesn't call Kimberly back. Nina is pressing on with Teri, trying to learn what she knows about Gaines.
But Teri's mind is elsewhere, so Nina says perhaps they should take another break. Teri tells her perhaps she should do her job, which Nina says isn't
that simple. The so-called tiptoeing comes to a grinding halt when Teri has out with it that "things tend to get complicated when you screw your boss."
After a mutual decision that this isn't working, Nina announces it's best she leave the safe house and let Paulson finish up. George Mason pays Jack a
surprise visit at CTU. Jack asks him why he's returned. Mason tells him he's in charge now. When Jack wonders what happened to Green, Mason says she got
sent back to District. Jack seems smugly pleased that Chappelle took away her playland, probably under the assumption that Mason will do a better job of
babysitting him. Mason cuts to the chase, and inquires about Victor Drazen's two sons. Jack fills him in on their revenge plot. Mason knows why they're
after Jack but not Palmer, so Jack also fills him in that Palmer was head of the subcommittee that authorized Operation Nightfall. Mason asks if Ellis
is checking on the missing file. Jack gives him the bad news, but says they've got another lead -- Elizabeth. He shows Mason Alexis' photo, and mentions
how the two lovebirds have arranged a meeting an hour from now. Mason wants to have Alexis arrested, but Jack has something else in mind; have Elizabeth
stage her date, and give CTU the upperhand for once. Mason thinks it's risky, but Jack convinces him it's too much of a golden opportunity to pass up.
After he learns Elizabeth will be there in ten minutes, Mason says he'd like to talk to her first before making the decision.

3:20 P.M.-3:23 P.M.: Keith walks into the room where Palmer is on the phone. Palmer cuts the call short, and Keith asks why he wanted to see him. Daddy
dearest tries to patch things up, but Keith claims there aren't any hard feelings. Palmer had some time to think about his son's statement that Ferragamo
was the only one there for him, and swears that's going to change. Well, obviously, since Ferragamo has been reduced to a pile of ashes. He tells Keith
he can't earn his trust overnight, but from now if he has any problems, he knows he can come to him first. Since he mentioned it, Keith asks if the police
found any new leads in Ferragamo's murder. Palmer replies they haven't called him yet, nor is he taking the initiative to call them. It looks like the
talk they just had five seconds ago is about to go the way of Teri's and Nina's tiptoeing, since Keith is disgusted with both his father's excuse about
the security breach and with the total lack of details he's given in regards to it. Keith angrily tells his father he doesn't just need him to talk to
him, he needs him to do the right thing. Palmer replies he will do the right thing... at the right time. Thus ends their father/son heart-to-heart. Jovan
Myovic is sitting in a parked car. He's on the phone with Andre Drazen, telling him that he found Bauer's wife and daughter, who were both moved to a safe
house. When he's asked how many men are guarding it, Myovic says he's handling the situation. He's already handled part of it, as he happens to be sitting
in the undercover agent's truck -- and the undercover agent happens to be resting in the seat next to him with a bullet in his head. Myovic stresses that
the women will be dead soon. Drazen tells him to call back the minute the job is done. Myovic gets out of the truck and walks right past the agent in the
crane bucket, who is also dead. Meanwhile, Teri and Kimberly are spooning in bed, unaware that their safe house is suddenly not so safe.

3:28 P.M.-3:31 P.M.: Jack calls Milo over with a problem: his terminal is locked and he can't get into his files. Surprised that Mason apparently told everyone
but him, Milo breaks it to Jack that his privileges were downgraded, so he's now on the same level as, well, Milo. Since Jack's head is about to explode,
Milo fixes it so that he can get into whatever he needs. He also attempts to offer some consolation by saying things will be back to normal by tomorrow.
Jack corrects Milo; Chappelle only granted him provisional status for the day, and as soon as Palmer leaves the state, he'll have to face charges. Milo
doesn't really know what to say, so he offers a half-hearted apology and goes to leave. Jack calls him back to ask if he's noticed anyone unusual accessing
these files. Milo says no, but then he hasn't been looking either. Jack tells him to start looking. Shocked, Milo asks if he thinks there's another mole
inside CTU. Presumably, that's what Jack thinks. In a rage, Keith -- whose father doesn't appear to be there for him -- threatens Carl over the phone that
he'll do what he said, as he has nothing left to lose. Carl, calmer than usual, suggests they should both meet at the Griffith Park Observatory to talk
about this. Keith says he'll be there in fifteen minutes. He slams the phone down, then finds out Nicole walked into the room in the middle of the call
and overheard most of the conversation. She asks her brother where he's going. He won't say, claiming he's trying to protect her. She reminds him what
happened the last time he tried to protect her. He finally admits that he's going to see Carl, because he needs to get something off his chest. He also
needs her to help him slip past the Secret Service guy who's been assigned to protect them. Initially, she doesn't want to, but after he asks her to prove
her trust, she agrees to.

3:31 P.M.-3:37 P.M.: Nicole goes over to the Secret Service guy to detract him from his job courtesy a stupid problem, buying Keith enough time to get out
of the hotel without being noticed. Together with Mason, Jack is counting up the many heirs to the Drazen throne. They know Alexis is here, they can assume
Andre is here, and if they also assume Ellis is dead, then potentially there's a third that's here. They both see Elizabeth has arrived with some backup
troops on hand. Jack greets her, and she tells him that Palmer said she'd be in good hands with him. Jack says she is entitled to have a lawyer present
if she chooses, and though they are questioning her, that doesn't in any way mean that they consider her a suspect. Elizabeth refuses the lawyer, professing
that she'll cooperate however she can. Mason leads her and Jack into an office, where Mason asks her how Alexis represented himself. She replies that he
told her he ran an importing company out of Berlin. She shows them a solid gold bracelet on her wrist, which he gave her on their third date, and which
she figures must have cost 10K since it's real. Much unlike Alexis. Jack asks when she met him; she says about a month ago in a bar in D.C. Mason isn't
happy with where she met him. She explains that working on Palmer's campaign for a year made her lonely. And apparently desperate, easy and loose too.
The small talk over, Jack asks Elizabeth if she'd be willing to keep her appointment with Alexis and plant a tracking device on him. A little taken back,
she says she doesn't want to see Alexis again. Jack's promises of safety don't do anything to quell her fears, so Mason decides to let the shaken-up woman
off the hook, and tells Jack to take a hike so he can finish debriefing her himself. But after thinking about it, Elizabeth opts to listen to Palmer. Since
it will help her boss, she says she'll do it. Mason tries to undermine Jack's lack of authority by attempting to talk her out of it, because he feels Palmer
is perfectly safe as is. She begs to differ, since as is, Alexis got to her... and who knows who else. The tables turned, Elizabeth now begs Mason to let
her do this, for she could never forgive herself if something happened to Palmer because she didn't help. Agent Paulson is showing police photos to Teri
and Kimberly, asking if they recognize anybody. After a few misses, he shows the mugshot of Elijah Stram -- better known as Eli. Seeing Eli's creepy mug
again stirs up some old, "forgotten" memories in both the women. Kimberly is the one who admits he was one of the guards; Teri is too out of it to say
anything. Agent Breeher looks out a window in the other room, and then radios one of the agents positioned outside to confirm they're still alright. He
gets no answer and doesn't get a chance to go check, since Myovic quietly slips into the room with a spear gun and nails him right in the side of his neck.

3:41 P.M.-3:47 P.M.: Paulson, spreader of all things warmth and compassion, continues his investigation, while Teri drifts off into another dimension. Kimberly
asks that he please take a break, because her mother is very tired. Paulson leaves, and Kimberly asks her if she's okay, but she doesn't answer. While
Paulson is in the kitchen getting himself a drink, he looks out the window and notices the lawn mower lying outside unattended. He calls the name of the
agent who was mowing the lawn to see if he's by any chance come into the house. There's no reply, and Paulson knows full well something has happened when
he looks out another window and sees the agents in the truck and crane bucket are not moving. He draws his gun, then tells Teri and Kimberly they have
to come with him now. So he sticks them in a spare bedroom, and has them lock the door. Myovic won't be able to find them there. While scoping out the
house, Paulson hears a noise from behind a closed door and orders whoever it is to come out now with his hands where he can see them. It's Myovic, who
begs him not to shoot, as he's coming out. He opens the door, drops his gun on the floor outside, and comes out with his hands up. Paulson tells him to
get down on the ground. Myovic is in the middle of doing that when another shooter -- who was previously identified in the photos as Mishko Suba -- sneaks
up behind Paulson and stabs him in the back. Myovic reclaims his gun. Teri and Kimberly have decided for themselves that Paulson is (or was) a moron, and
have left the bedroom for greener pastures -- the garage. They hurry into a car parked there, Teri grabs the convenient set of car keys hanging above the
dashboard, and they're off. Myovic, who was about to finish off Paulson, heard the car start, and runs through the house looking for the garage. He finds
it just as Teri and Kimberly are getting away, and fires a few missed rounds at their vehicle. Mishko dashes outside to help, and gets pumped full of lead
from behind. Paulson managed to stay alive long enough to take him out. Then Myovic turns around and takes him out. He races down the street, still firing
shots at Teri and Kimberly that don't connect, before getting in his own vehicle and speeding off after them. Jack tells Elizabeth's escorts that she's
ready to leave, then briefs her on how it's going to go down. The chopper is ready for them. He says she shouldn't feel nervous, because he'll be there
every step of the way. She's led out of CTU as Milo calls Jack over with some breaking developments. The people he called found Ellis' body in a men's
room in the French Quarter. After composing himself, Jack asks if there's any leads yet. Milo says no. Jack tells him to keep him posted. With briefcase
in hand, Jack is on his way to meet Elizabeth in the chopper when who should he bump into but Nina. He's not pleased that, after specifically telling her
to stay with Teri and Kimberly to make them feel safe, she left anyway. She tells him that there was no need for her to be there, as she left them in Paulson's
and Breeher's good hands. Paulson's and Breeher's good, cold, dead hands. And the extra security team is in place. That place being the light at the end
of the tunnel. And Teri and Kimberly are perfectly safe. Why, they're playing leapfrog down the road at 100mph while being chased by an armed assassin
as they speak. After a treacherous game of cat-and-mouse, Teri tries to lose Myovic by taking a detour off the main road onto a winding dirt road situated
next to a cliff. She parks the car so it can't be seen, and the plan seems to work as Myovic continues on down the main road. After checking to confirm
Kimberly is okay, Teri tells her to wait right there for a minute so she can get out of the car and give the writers an easy way to break them up again.
Teri gets out and walks far away from the car to make sure the coast is clear (because, after all, when one is being followed by an assassin driving around
with a gun, it's easier to get away from them if you drop any unnecessary baggage -- like your car and your daughter -- first). While she's waiting inside,
Kimberly learns a little too late that her mother parked a bit too close to the edge of the unstable cliff. And since Teri is so far away from the car,
there's not much she can do to prevent it from going right over the edge when the dirt beneath it gives way. Nor can Kimberly get out in time before it
starts its journey down to the depths below, where it summarily explodes in a blaze of fire and smoke. Teri did manage to make it back in time to see the
big explosion. Right before she faints.

3:52 P.M.-3:55 P.M.: At the observatory, a belligerent Keith demands the truth about Ferragamo from Carl. Carl tries to prevent the kid from causing a scene
by lying to him. After Keith calms down, he admits the same thing to Carl that he did to his father; Ferragamo was the only one there for him. Feigning
sympathy, Carl tells Keith that Ferragamo was also the one who betrayed his confidence and went to Maureen Kingsley. He also thinks passing Lyle Gibson's
death off as an accident is going to be a hard sell considering the circumstances under which it happened. Keith gets Carl to drop the concerned citizen
act by hitting him where he counts -- he's involved in two cover-ups now, and the people who fund Palmer's campaign aren't going to be happy about either
one of them and will probably see to it that Carl is the fall guy. Why, they might even do to him what he did to Ferragamo. Carl threatens Keith that somebody
just happened to leave some subtle evidence in Ferragamo's office that leads directly to him, and though the fire marshalls haven't found it yet, it'll
be pretty easy to point it out to them. Carl gloats that's why his father backed off, and now that's why he'll back off. Then Carl backs off, and walks
away. It turns out Keith was a little sharper than he seems on the surface, since he was tape recording the entire conversation. Or maybe he isn't, since
he pulls the tape recorder out of his pocket right there in the observatory, and plays the tape back with other people around. Teri regains consciousness
and gets up off the ground. In a daze, she walks back towards the main road.

3:55 P.M.-4:00 P.M.: Myovic seems to give up looking for the women at the exact moment Teri is making herself an easy target by wandering aimlessly along
the main road. Another car comes by while she's standing in the middle of it. The car pulls over, and a woman inside asks if she's okay. Teri doesn't answer,
so the woman instead asks what her name is. Teri thinks about it, then says she doesn't remember. The concerned driver tells her she'll give her a ride.
Teri thanks her, and gets in the car at the same time Jack and Nina get in the chopper. Meanwhile, from somewhere halfway between the explosion and the
cliff, a battered and bruised Kimberly picks herself up and climbs back to the dirt road. She calls out for her mother. Tick, tick, tick...
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Ep 17 Season 1

4:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. .Season: 1 Episode: 17 First Aired: 3/26/2002
Teri is struck with amnesia and must turn to an old friend for help.

Kim goes to Rick's house in hopes of finding a lead.

Jack sets Elizabeth up for a sting against Alexis, but she pulls a fast one at the last second. Read full recap »

4:02 P.M.-4:05 P.M.: Teri, now suffering from amnesia, is in the car with a woman she doesn't know. They're on their way to the hospital. The woman notices
her wedding band, but Teri says she has no memory of her husband. Jack and company arrive at the hotel to set up for the sting operation to catch Alexis

4:05 P.M.-4:08 P.M.: Teri recognizes a restaurant as she and the woman drive past it. Upon entering, she decides to wait for the manager in an effort to
remember who she is. The kind stranger leaves her a phone number and ten dollars for cab fare, and asks her to pay her back when she's able.

4:08 P.M.-4:10 P.M.: Palmer is concerned for Elizabeth's safety in the sting. He tells Jack that he has known her father since before she was born. Jack
does everything he can to reassure Palmer that he will be able to protect her. Palmer tells him that if anything goes wrong, he's going to hold him personally

4:14 P.M.-4:16 P.M.: Kimberly makes her way to a pay phone and calls CTU to tell them about the dead agents at the safe house. Tony takes the call, but
can't transfer her to Nina or Jack because they're preparing for the Drazen sting. Not knowing who to trust, Kimberly hangs up.

4:16 P.M.-4:19 P.M.: Tony reports the loss of their agents. Mason orders him not to tell Jack what's going on, because the emotional response will cloud
his judgement. Jack asks Nina why she left the debriefing, but before she answers, she gets called away.

4:19 P.M.-4:23 P.M.: Kimberly calls Rick in a panic, begging for his help. When he refuses, she tells him that she will tell the police everything unless
he helps her. Rick's girlfriend asks him who was on the phone. He doesn't answer. Keith gives his father the tape he made of Carl that explains the plot
to kill Ferragamo and frame him. However, it's not clear what Palmer plans to do with the newly acquired evidence.

4:27 P.M.-4:32 P.M.: Alexis calls his brother to inform him that Palmer is staying in LA after all. Andre is suspicious, and orders him to kill Elizabeth
after he gets the schedule. Jack briefs Elizabeth on how to plant the tracker on Alexis. Back at the restaurant, Teri meets the manager. He identifies
her right away, and tells her that she used to come into the restaurant all the time with a Dr. Parslow. The manager happens to know the hospital he works
at, and goes to give him a call.

4:32 P.M.-4:35 P.M.: Nina tells Jack that Teri knows that she was the woman that Jack had the affair with.

4:39 P.M.-4:50 P.M.: Alexis arrives at the hotel, and enters the room. Jack instantly notices on the monitor that the wallet where he wants the tracker
placed is either in Alexis' jacket or in his pants. They relay the message to a very nervous Elizabeth. Elizabeth tries to place the bug in the wallet,
but she drops it on the floor. She quickly finds it and puts it back in her pocket. She has another chance to plant the bug, and this time, everything
goes smoothly. After Alexis returns, he announces he loves her. Jack calls her to give her the exit message, but she doesn't take it. Instead, she begins
telling Alexis that she loves him as well. Then she picks up a knife. Jack realizes what is going on and storms the room, but not before she turns around
and stabs Alexis.

4:54 P.M.-4:57 P.M.: Kimberly arrives at Rick's door, and is met by the girl we have seen thus far at Rick's house.

4:57 P.M.-4:58 P.M.: Dr. Parslow comes to the restaurant. Teri doesn't seem to recognize him.

4:58 P.M.-5:00 P.M.: Senator Palmer is furious with Jack, and blames him for the stabbing. Alexis' phone rings, and Jack answers it. The man on the other
end tells Jack to meet him. Tick, tick, tick...


Michael S. Chernuchin

Stephen Hopkins

Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers)
Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer)
Elisha Cuthbert (Kimberly Bauer)
Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer)
Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer)
Recurring Role:
Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida)
Navi Rawat (Melanie)
Glenn Morshower (Agent Aaron Pierce)
Misha Collins (Alexis Drazen)
Daniel Bess (Rick)
Xander Berkeley (George Mason)
Vicellous Shannon (Keith Palmer)
Zeljko Ivanek (Andre Drazen)

Guest Star:
Andre Canty (Henry Martin)
Pauley Perrette (Tanya)
Kara Zediker (Elizabeth Nash)
Vincent Angel (Dr. Phil Parslow)
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Ep 18 Season 1

5:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M..Season 1 Episode: 18 First Aired: 4/2/2002
Palmer and Sherry clash over the handling of the evidence against Carl.

Kim finds herself in a sticky situation with Dan's brother.

Jack poses as Alexis and meets with a stranger who has vital information, but an agent with a grudge from Jack's past picks a bad time to get even.

Teri and Dr. Phil return to the Bauer home, putting themselves in further danger. Read full recap »

5:02 P.M.-5:05 P.M.: Jack announces to his team that Alexis had planned to go straight from his date to a business meeting, where he'd be making a payoff.
Meaning somewhere in the hotel room is money, which Jack needs them to find. Palmer demands that Elizabeth be let off the hook, and stomps his feet when
Jack responds that he doesn't recall asking her to give Alexis an emergency appendectomy with a letter opener. After his temper subsides, Palmer realizes
Jack is just trying to protect him, and agrees to back off and let him do his job. Nina and a few other agents quickly find the money -- in bearer bonds.
She hands them to Jack, then wonders how he plans to magically transform himself into Alexis. After all, it's not like he's Jonathan. Since he doesn't
really know either, she tells him she's going with him to coordinate backup. Mason asks Tony if he's found any leads on Teri and Kimberly. He hasn't. He
has, though, managed to conclude that Paulson and Breeher were probably killed trying to protect them. It certainly is a shame Robert died before he and
Tony could set up Ellis & Almeida, America's foremost detective agency. Tony isn't thrilled when Mason tells him not to breathe a word of this to Jack
should he call and ask. Kimberly and Rick are busy tearing apart Dan's books, much to the consternation of Melanie, who questions what they're looking
for (yet doesn't question when Dan learned how to read). They both tell her that they hope Dan has Gaines' number, which could help Kimberly track down
her mother. When Melanie laughs about what they're going to do if and when they find Gaines' number, Kimberly replies that she'll take it to the police.
Which is _so_ not cool with Melanie. Not cool with Rick either, since Kimberly previously told him she didn't trust the police. Melanie shakes her head,
offers some parting words of wisdom about how Dan will be on the warpath when he finds out they went through his stuff, and then departs. Kimberly asks
Rick why he didn't tell her about Dan. He says she'd freak. As would Dan's brother, Frank, who is on his way over. He begs Kimberly to keep her mouth shut
when Frank gets here, clearly unaware of the girl's limitations.

5:05 P.M.-5:12 P.M.: Dr. Parslow refreshes what passes for Teri's memory about her husband, Jack, and her daughter, Kimberly. He tells her that she and
Jack separated about six months ago. That's when the two of them met. When Teri asks him who he is, Parslow replies that he's a "friend" -- which has a
much nicer ring to it than "rebound guy." He claims he wanted to be more, but the whole time Jack and Nina were boinking, Teri couldn't bear to be without
her husband. Parslow doesn't know why she decided to go back -- Kimberly perhaps -- but he does know that she asked him never to call her at home. Teri
says she can't remember any of this. (Perhaps when Parslow gets done filling her in about her family, he can take a minute to explain what amnesia is.)
Since he told her he was a doctor, she gets confused when he says he needs to take her to a hospital to get looked at. He's actually a surgeon, though,
not a neurologist, which he feels she needs. She snaps at him that she doesn't want to go to a hospital. Why she doesn't know, but it can be concluded
that her subconscious memory is functioning better than her conscious one. Ignoring what he said a few seconds ago, he then asks if he can examine her
here then. That she agrees to. Nothing like being examined by a person who not ten seconds ago told you flat out they weren't qualified to examine you.
Palmer plays back Keith's mix tape for the benefit of Sherry and Mike, the latter of whom asks him what he thinks he's got. After Palmer states the obvious,
Mike tells him that the tape isn't evidence. Palmer couldn't care less about Mike's bad legal advice, and reveals his intention to put the tape in the
hands of the media. Sherry butts in to say that today can either be about winning the election or about starting a political scandal, but it can't be about
both. Much like the Palmers' marriage can either be about rising to the top of the ladder or about sharing a intimate relationship, but not about both.
Sherry orders him to destroy the tape, else she bring his entire Democratic party down with him. Palmer has no intention of destroying the tape, figuring
that it will be much worse for the Democrats if someone else brings it to light first. And even if no one does and they do destroy the tape -- hell, they're
Democrats. Sherry turns to Mike, who advises that the tape would not only be very easy to shelve without anyone bringing it to light, but would be the
sweetest piece of blackmail a United States president could ever hope to have against the most powerful people in the country. While Jack is on his way
out the door with Nina, he calls Tony, because he needs to speak to Mason. Jack asks if he's spoken to Teri and Kimberly, but Tony says he hasn't. Jack
wants the phone number of the safe house so he can call there himself. Tony goes to get Mason to handle this dilemma. Believing what Mason's doing is wrong,
Tony begs him to tell Jack the truth. Mason refuses. When Jack's job is done; that's when he'll tell him. After he gets on the line, Jack explains what
he and Nina are about to do, which is no easier for Mason to take than it was for Nina. Jack requests additional backup to be there within 15 minutes.
He manages to convince Mason that waiting for Alexis to pull through -- if he pulls through -- is futile, and this is their best chance of bringing the
bad guys down. Before he hangs up, Jack asks Mason to put Tony back on the phone so he can give him the safe house number. Tony's earnest chat didn't sink
in; Mason tells Jack that Paulson recently told him Teri and Kimberly were sleeping. So Jack instead asks that he have them call him back when they wake
up. Off the phone, Jack tells Nina that Mason is in their camp.

5:16 P.M.-5:19 P.M.: While the two of them are on the road, Jack asks Nina what Teri said in the safe house. Nina tells him she didn't say much -- at least
not after Teri figured it out that the two of them were bunkbuddies. So she bailed on the debriefing and handed it over to Paulson. Jack doesn't hold Nina
to blame, because he feels he should have told Teri. Believing Teri really wants to patch things up with him, Nina recommends he call her right now. Since
he already explored that venue, he asks her to call Paulson instead. But her call won't go through. Jack assumes it's the area and asks her to call back
when they get to the California Plaza, where the meeting is to take place. Tony goes to Mason's office to request some additional men to help find Teri
and Kimberly. Mason changes the subject, and offends Tony by asking him if he thinks Jack and Nina still have feelings for each other. Tony's in the middle
of walking away when Mason calls him back to remind him that he's busting his hump without any resources because Nina decided to take a joyride with her
former fling. Their discussion erupts into a shouting match when Tony tells Mason to stay out of his personal business. Mason replies that he's finding
too much personal business, and Nina -- who's with Jack, who's with Tony, who covers for whomever breaks protocol -- is the cause of all of it. Though
he surely agrees on some level, Tony doesn't admit it.

5:19 P.M.-5:22 P.M.: Keith goes to see his father, who had him called in. Before he gives the tape to the District Attorney, Palmer wants him to understand
that the people he's up against will turn the tables around to Lyle Gibson. And from then on, in the media, on television, and wherever he goes, Keith
will be known as a murderer. So Palmer asks that he think about it before making his decision. But Keith has already thought about it. He tells his father
that when said he wasn't there for him, it wasn't true. Palmer responds that it is somewhat true. But he's here for him now. While he's being chauffeured,
Andre Drazen calls Myovic to see if he's heard from Alexis, whom he says is meeting Morgan in 20 minutes. Myovic is in a bit of a snit over not being able
to find the women, and doesn't have time to help Andre find his brother. When asked where he plans to look for them, Myovic says he's going to the Bauer's

5:22 P.M.-5:25 P.M.: Melanie has enough of Kimberly's whining, and demands that Rick get her out of the house before Frank arrives, because they have things
to do. What these things are Rick has no idea and Melanie won't say. Kimberly doesn't want to hang around where she isn't welcome, so she's about to leave
when Rick stops her. He then tells Melanie that he and Kimberly just need to talk for a minute. The mere presence of Kimberly has obviously rubbed off
-- Melanie slams him right on his gunshot wound, then storms out of the room. Kimberly tells Rick she plans to go to a "safe park" that her parents christened
in the event of an earthquake. Maybe her mother's waiting for her there. Rick thinks she should go home instead, but Kimberly has sprouted a brain sometime
in the past hour and correctly figures the terrorists know where she lives. They may get lost and turn around should she happen to be walking aimlessly
along the main road that leads to her house. But they know where she lives all the same. Kimberly needs to hitch a ride to the park, but since the car
she saw out front is Melanie's, and Melanie'd probably do a lot more than hit and storm out of rooms if she were to find out it was taken, Rick gives her
some money to catch another cab. When he says he can't come because he has to continue laying low, she reiterates how she thinks he should turn himself
in. He adds that he's on probation, and doesn't have any strikes left. She tells him she wishes they had met at some other time and place. He feels likewise.
They decide to pick the most inappropriate of times and places to share an intimate liplock. Luckily, Frank barges in, thereby breaking it up. The hoodlum
asks Rick how things went last night. Noticing his black eye, Frank doesn't exactly buy Rick's reply that it went fine. He then heads off to look for Dan.
Sensing it's about to get ugly, Rick tells Kimberly to get going, but Frank impedes her progress. He wants his cut of his money, and refuses to let the
strange blonde girl go until Dan comes back with it. Rick and Kimberly are frightened, though probably not as frightened as he who realizes Melanie is
the voice of reason in that house.

5:30 P.M.-5:32 P.M.: On the plaza escalator, Nina explains the gameplan to Jack in regards to where their teams are stationed. Mason calls Jack with a bit
of bad news: Teddy Hanlin is in charge of his backup. As Teddy Hanlin is someone Jack doesn't want to work with, he flies off the handle. Mason apologizes,
claiming that Division assigned him, and asks that he avoid a confrontation. Once they get off the phone, Jack tells Nina who they're working with. She
remembers Teddy Hanlin as the former partner of one Seth Campbell, and is just as fazed about Teddy's assignment as Jack is. Jack attempts to call the
safe house again, but still fails to get through. Teddy Hanlin in the flesh is waiting at the top of the escalator for them, giving Jack no chance to redial
the number. After trying his best to antagonize Jack with a sarcastic greeting, Teddy quips what good connections he must have to screw up as many times
as he did today and not get spanked afterwards. Jack ignores the needling, as he goes over the gameplan that Nina just went over with him. Looking quite
the loose cannon, Teddy says he hopes he doesn't have bad aim and "accidentally" shoot one of his own. Jack gives Teddy a stern warning, but stops short
of spanking him. Tony enters Mason's office, in a better mood than before, to say that Rampart just called. They relayed that a woman matching Teri's description
was spotted walking around Griffith Park, near the safe house. Tony already sent an Agent Williams over to check on that.

5:32 P.M.-5:36 P.M.: Dr. Parslow gives Teri a once-over and arrives at the keen diagnosis that somebody may have roughed her up. Teri wonders if she hit
her head and that's why she has amnesia. When Parslow asks if she has any other pain, she indicates her abdomen. He tells her he believes her amnesia is
disassociative, which can happen when a person suffers severe emotional trauma and/or severely awful writing. He tries to get her to change her mind about
the hospital. She acts like she's Raymond Babbitt and he just asked her to fly Delta. Sherry is on the phone in jubilant spirits; Palmer won New York.
After giving her other party the brush-off and finding out from Patty that David is attending to business elsewhere for a few minutes, Sherry sneaks into
a room with a wall safe. She enters the combination, retrieves an envelope addressed to the District Attorney, and quickly hides it behind her back when
she's interrupted by Patty. Patty came in to tell her that the person she just cut off has called back. Sherry rudely gives her the brush-off too. Once
Patty has left, Sherry opens the envelope, pulls out Keith's tape, and closes the safe without it.

5:41 P.M.-5:45 P.M.: Sherry is still sitting in the safe room when Palmer returns. He goes straight to the safe, and she tells him she knows that he and
Keith had a talk. He thinks she should talk to Keith as well, since he needs both their support. Considering Keith an adult -- and why not, he'll probably
be tried as one -- she doesn't plan on it. Palmer opens the safe, and sees his envelope is missing. He turns to Sherry, giving her the look of death. She
doesn't have any problems getting it off her chest that she destroyed the tape. After she serves up a self-righteous lecture, Palmer tells her that it
breaks his heart that he was right about her. He then pulls the real tape out of his pocket. Sherry wipes the egg off her face long enough to say she'll
do whatever it takes to protect her family. Or just her son anyway -- she doesn't really seem to care much about what happens to her husband. She asks
him if that makes her a bad person. Rather than answer, he walks away from her like she's got the plague, and orders Mike to schedule a press conference
now. One would think Mike would by now know what to expect from the flighty senator, but his shock and surprise in light of the fact that Palmer has one
coming up in a few hours would attest otherwise.

5:45 P.M.-5:48 P.M.: Jack puts his ear mike in, packs his prop briefcase, and confirms that Nina can hear him. He asks her and Teddy where they're positioned.
Teddy tells Jack to change his position, because he's blocking his view. When Jack takes a few steps back as requested, Teddy tells him he's got a perfect
shot now. Little does Jack know that Teddy just asked him to step into his view. Hardly the proponent of bygones being bygones, Teddy passes an astute
observation on Jack, the great humanitarian, pulling out a chair for an old woman. Nina attempts to stifle him while they're working, but Teddy would much
rather let Jack know about Seth Campbell's wife, Judy, who hung herself. She didn't even leave a note, he continues, because she probably figured it was
obvious, what, with her husband in prison, his pension gone, and their four kids to feed. Much better to kill herself and let them starve to death on their
own. And all because Jack ratted him out for stealing dirty money. Jack follows Nina's lead in trying to get Teddy to stop talking without the aid of Quaker
granola bars, but they'd likely have an easier time shutting Kimberly up. Jack offers to sit down with him and tell him his side of the story sometime
when it's convenient. But Teddy's calling the shots here. Literally -- he is the one with the rifle. Nina rings Mason and asks him to stop Teddy's chatter.
Mason has Tony put him through to Teddy's line. He then blasts the chronic complainer for picking the wrong time to throw down the gauntlet. Mason asks
Jack if he's okay, which he claims to be. The question is: is Teddy okay?

5:53 P.M.-5:54 P.M.: Myovic is sneaking around outside the Bauer's house. He's about to break in when he spots their alarm system. Before he thinks up a
plan to get around it (if he can, since finding women wandering aimlessly down main roads is apparently too daunting a task for him), Agent Williams shows
up. Myovic ducks behind a tree out of Williams' line of sight and, with trusty binoculars in hand, peeps at the agent's U.S. government license plate.
Williams checks something outside the house, then cluelessly walks straight towards the tree that the armed Myovic has hid behind. They'll soon have some
company, considering that Dr. Parslow is driving Teri home.

5:54 P.M.-6:00 P.M.: Frank tells either a friend or an accomplice over the phone that Dan will come home soon, because he knows they need the money by 7:00.
It's unclear why Kimberly and Rick are plopped down on the couch like sitting ducks while Frank is on the phone, though it is assumed that Kimberly and
Rick must secretely enjoy being sitting ducks. Kimberly quietly asks Rick what happens when Dumb and Dumber figure out that Dan no longer possesses the
ability to come home. Rick says he's not about to tell them. Kimberly feels he should, as they're liable to deduce this one all on their own. Maybe not
today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon. And until someone brings home drugs. Not understanding why Rick is such a bum, Kimberly stands up and uses the same
tone on him that Teri used on her when she was whining about the pregnancy. Since he's confused as to what she's on about, Kimberly explains to him that
he has so much going for him; he's smart, he's good-looking, he's funny. He may be a dopehead, but, hey, so might she. Frankly, she'd have to be one --
how else could she find Rick smart and funny? She wants to bring him over to the right side of the tracks, far away from the criminals he hangs out with...
because he isn't one, of course. If he did, he could turn his life around like her foster-home friend Todd. He got a scholarship to Stanford, you know.
Rick admits she's right, but smack in the middle of a drug deal about to go bad isn't exactly the time to deal with it. Frenching your new girlfriend in
the vicinity of your unstable old girlfriend -- yeah, that's fine. But not this. She presses him to tell Frank the truth. Now. Her advice prompts him to
ask Frank, now unoccupied, what deal he's been referring to. Frank replies that he's taking the 20 grand Dan "made" last night, using it to buy some 'E,'
then reselling what they get for 50 grand to some idiots (relatively speaking) from Redondo. Even with a not-so-thinly-veiled comment from the Bauer gallery
about Dan possibly not showing up, Frank can't connect the dots. They'd have to be made out of LSD for that to happen. A trio of annoying kids running
around the plaza with squirt rifles tries Jack's patience, who orders someone on the team to get them the hell out of there. Before Teddy can show the
precious angels that water is no match for lead, Nina has another agent get rid of the brats. And just in time for the grand arrival of Morgan, the man
in the red baseball cap. Jack calls out to his future broker with a "Hey," then motions for the guy to sit down at a table with him and his briefcase.
After asking if he's talking to Alexis (always ask first when you're a terrorist), a perturbed Morgan wonders why Jack -- who spent an entire summer in
Kosovo, yet can't even be bothered to attempt a fake a Serbian accent -- wants to do this outside the restaurant, instead of inside like he was told. Jack
tells him there's a cop inside. So Morgan sits down and asks for the money. But first, Jack would like him to go over what he's supposed to do for him.
Instead of blowing Jack's head off right then and there, Morgan figures that amnesia must be in the air or something, and reveals how he'll be shutting
off the power on grid 26, double G at 7:20, then turning the lights back on at 7:25. Speaking of lights, the one above Morgan's attic somehow manages to
turn on -- he notices that the supposed Serbian sounds strangely just like an ugly American. Granted, Jack had to say 36 words before he noticed, but...
The realization that he's being set up causes the sharp little red-capped terrorist to make a mad dash out of the plaza. Jack chases Morgan through a crowd
of people, as Teddy announces that he's got him in his line of fire. (It's assumed the "him" means Morgan, but with Teddy, one never can be sure.) Jack
tells Teddy to put his rifle away, because Morgan isn't a threat, he's a twit. But Teddy's itchy trigger is waiting to go off, no matter what Jack says,
and it's connected to his itchy mouth trigger, which feels the need to announce over the mikes that he'll just be winging the guy to slow him down. Jack
orders Teddy not to shoot, but Teddy treats the order like Jack treats most of his. He shoots. He scores. Morgan gets winged. Morgan crashes right through
a glass bannister. Morgan lands on the concrete pavement several feet below. Game over. Nina yells at the screaming crowd to stay back, at the same time
Jack curses out Teddy. Meanwhile, Palmer hands the tape over to someone, telling them to take care of it, as Nina announces to all the other agents involved
that the suspect is down. Dr. Parslow and Teri arrive at her house. In the bushes, Myovic lies in wait for them. On the ground next to him lies Williams'
body. Tick, tick, tick...


Maurice Hurley

Fred Keller

Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers)
Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer)
Elisha Cuthbert (Kimberly Bauer)
Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer)
Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer)
Recurring Role:
Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida)
Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer)
Navi Rawat (Melanie)
Tanya Wright (Patty Brooks)
Jude Ciccolella (Mike Novick)
Daniel Bess (Rick)
Xander Berkeley (George Mason)
Vicellous Shannon (Keith Palmer)
Zeljko Ivanek (Andre Drazen)
Guest Star:
David Franco (Morgan)
Kirk Baltz (Teddy Hanlin)
Henri Lubatti (Jovan Myovic)
Vincent Angel (Dr. Phil Parslow)
Edoardo Ballerini (Frank)
DBZ Goku
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6-7pm Season 1 Ep 19

6:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M..Season:1 Episode: 19 First Aired: 4/9/2002

Jack and Mason investigate the area where the power was to be turned off. Nina tries to warn Jack about his family's disappearance, but Mason hampers her efforts.

Teri explores her home in hopes of regaining her memory as Drazen's man closes in for the kill.

Kim finds herself in the middle of a botched drug deal, while Palmer breaks the story about Keith to the press.

6:02 PM - 6:10 PM
Teri and Phil arrive at the Bauer home. As Teri looks for the spare key, Jovan takes aim, but he can't get a clear shot. They go inside, setting off the security alarm. Teri can't remember the password when the security company calls, so they tell her they will be sending someone out right away.

At the mall, the man Jack met with is carried away in a body bag. Nina reports to Jack that she has learned his name and that he worked for Pacific Electric in Saugus. Jack tells Nina to go back to CTU and figure out where the power was supposed to be turned off.

The security people arrive at the Bauer home and turn off the alarm. Teri is at a loss to explain why she can't remember her password, but the officers see photos of her with Jack and Kim and conclude that she does, in deed, live there. One officer tells Teri that he's going to check all of the contacts around the house, which will take about 15 minutes. The others leave, as Jovan watches from the bushes.

Mason arrives at the mall and blasts Jack for a mounting body count wherever he goes. He then goes to speak to Teddy, as Jack's cell phone rings. Its Palmer, who has gotten a hold of the Drazen file. It only contains an address, which just happens to be located in Saugus. Jack thanks Palmer and then calls Tony, telling him to check on the specifics of the address. He then heads for his car as Mason catches up with him. Jack tells George that he's heading for Saugus to check out the address, and George decides to tag along.

Back at Rick's, Frank frets that he can't find Dan and the money. He tries to call him, but fails to reach him, so he tosses his cell phone across the room and storms into another room. Kim starts to leave, but Melanie stops her, claiming that Kim will go to the cops. Kim says she doesn't care about their drug deal, but only wants to find her mom. Melanie doesn't buy it, thinking that Kim came for Rick. Melanie says no one leaves until Dan gets back. "He's not coming back," Kim blurts out, just as Frank walks back into the room. Frank pulls a gun on her and sits her on the couch, while Rick tries to explain about Gaines killing Dan. Frank smashes a lamp in anger, and asks Rick where their money is now. Rick says they never got paid. Frank doesn't take this well, since the dealers are on their way over now with the stuff.

6:14 PM - 6:23 PM
The Palmers are trying to share some quality time over dinner, but Sherry sees to it that the tranquility is short-lived. She starts in on David about what he plans to say to the press. She then blasts Keith for getting them all into this mess in the first place. David defends the family, saying no one did anything wrong, so they have nothing to hide. Sherry disagrees, saying David isn't paying attention to the larger picture…the one that has the White House in it. Eventually, Nicole starts to flip out and has a panic attack. Sherry yells for a doctor as David carries Nicole to a couch. Nicole bursts into sobs, telling her dad how sorry she is.

Nina arrives back at CTU and calls Jack. She tells him that the address shows up as a wildlife preserve in Saugus. Jack asks her to pull some satellite maps on the area and send them to him. Jack hangs up and George asks him about his connection with the Drazens. George figures out that this whole day boils down to revenge by the Drazens on Jack and Palmer for Operation Nightfall. Jack apologizes to George for shooting him last night. Jack says he feels a lot better now that he knows his family is safe. George doesn't answer.

At the Bauer home, Teri sits in Kim's room and examines her things, while Phil watches. Teri asks why she and Jack split up, and Phil says that they grew apart when Jack returned from some unknown assignment. Phil says that she and Jack got back together because they didn't want to lose the family. Teri tells Phil that she feels safe with him.

At Rick's, Kim tries to persuade Rick that they should get out of there. Rick won't go, because he knows Frank is a psycho and its too dangerous to cross him. Kim tries to sneak out, but runs into some of Frank's buddies who are just showing up with more guns. Frank says that since they don't have the money, they're going to rip off the dealers.

6:27 PM - 6:34 PM
In the Palmer suite, a doctor checks out Nicole and says she's okay. David tells her that its important that they all act as a family right now. He tells Sherry that he needs her more than ever, but she merely compliments him on his tie. Maybe she's fantasizing about hanging him with it.

At the Bauer home, Teri looks through her appointment book and sees Phil's name. She says she can't remember him, but she remembers air hockey. Phil tells her that she is an interior designer, just as the doorbell rings. Chris, a friend of Phil's, enters, and Phil explains that he's there to help protect her. Teri sees that Chris is wearing a gun and it upsets her, so Phil tells him to wait outside.

Outside, Jovan speaks to Andre on his cell phone. He tells Andre that he's at the Bauer home and will kill Teri as soon as he takes care of some interference. Jovan asks about Alexis, but Andre says he still hasn't heard from him and that they should assume he is dead. Andre tells him to call when he's finished the job and hangs up. Jovan watches Chris from behind a bush.

Palmer greets the press and begins his conference. He comes clean about Carl and the group of his backers, and how he had no knowledge of their cover-up of Keith's actions. He tells the press core that he's coming clean for the sake of his family. Keith and Nicole watch him on TV and smile. Carl and his buddies are also watching, but they aren't as impressed with Palmer's candor. "I'll take care of it," Carl says menacingly. Another man tells him that its too late for that.

6:38 PM - 6:42 PM
Palmer continues his speech, telling the press that he will stick by his son, and that his daughter is a rape victim and not a source. He reiterates that he had no knowledge of what his backers were doing.

At CTU, Nina confronts Tony when she learns that the safehouse was hit. Tony tells her that he was under orders from Mason not to say anything to her or Jack. Tony assures Nina that they are looking for Kim and Teri, but she's not satisfied. Nina says Jack has the right to know about his family and storms off to call him.

6:43 PM - 6:47 PM
George's phone rings and Nina blasts him for not telling Jack about his family. George smoothes over the conversation by pretending to talk about something else, then he hangs up on Nina. Nina tries to call Jack's cell, but George pretends that his battery is dying and borrows Jack's phone, tying up the line so Nina can't reach him. They finally reach their destination and pull up to a fence. They get out and head toward some trees. They come upon a power transformer and Jack reasons that it can't be a wildlife preserve, since there is no water around.

At Rick's place, Frank and his buddies get set up as the dealers arrive. They enter and ask about Rick and Kim, but Frank brushes them off and gets down to the deal. The dealer asks about the money and Frank tosses a bag on the couch. The Dealer goes to look it over, when Frank's buddies pop out of hiding with drawn guns. The two dealers draw their guns, resulting in a standoff. Finally, the two dealers drop their weapons and sit on the couch. Frank slams Rick on his wounded shoulder with his gun. "That's for not keeping my brother alive," he says.

6:51 PM - 7:00 PM
At CTU, Tony finds Nina checking the hospitals in case they've picked up Teri and Kim. Tony assures Nina that he's doing all he can. "Are you," Nina says and walks away.

At Rick's, Frank takes the drugs and points a gun at the dealer. At first he acts as if he's going to shoot him, but then he only breaks the guy's nose and tells him to get out. The dealer hesitates and then tells Frank that he has the right to remain silent. BUSTED! Cops bust in and gunfire erupts, killing one of Frank's pals, as the rest are taken into custody, including Kim.

Palmer wraps up his press conference by asking the public to forgive him, as he's not the first elected official to make a mistake. He walks off and he and Keith share a father-son moment together.

At the Bauer home, Teri looks at pictures of Phil's family. The kettle starts to whistle in the kitchen and Phil goes to get the tea. Chris comes in and asks to use the bathroom. Jovan comes in right behind him and shoots Chris in the head. Phil walks back in with the tea tray and Jovan shoots him in the arm, sending both tea and doctor crashing to the floor. Jovan stands over Teri, who is now terrified. "Tell me where your daughter is and I'll make it as painless as possible, I promise," he says. "I…don't…know," Teri gasps. Jovan goes to shoot her, but Tony appears behind him and shoots him twice in the head. He tells Teri to step away, but Teri can't move. She suddenly gets her memory back and remembers about Kim and the car accident.

David hugs his daughter as Sherry looks on in disgust.

In Saugus, Jack and George watch as the sun goes down and a helicopter approaches. "Someone knows we're here," Jack says. Tick, tick, tick…

Michael LoceffJoel Surnow

Fred Keller

Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers)
Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer)
Elisha Cuthbert (Kimberly Bauer)
Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer)
Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer)
Recurring Role:
Zeljko Ivanek (Andre Drazen)
Vicellous Shannon (Keith Palmer)
Xander Berkeley (George Mason)
Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida)
Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer)
Navi Rawat (Melanie)
Megalyn Echikunwoke (Nicole Palmer)
Zach Grenier (Carl Webb)
Daniel Bess (Rick)

Guest Star:
Mariah Pasos (Sam's Partner)
Jenn McCullough (Elaine)
Lew Dauber (Jorgensen)
Jason Matthew Smith (Chris)
Noel Guglielmi (Craig)
Randy J. Goodwin (Security Guard)
Darin Heames (Krugman)
Kirk Baltz (Teddy Hanlin)
Vincent Angel (Dr. Phil Parslow)
Henri Lubatti (Jovan Myovic)
Edoardo Ballerini (Frank
DBZ Goku
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Ep 20 Season 1

7:00 P.M.-8:00 P.M.Season: 1 Episode: 20 First Aired: 4/16/2002
Kim lands in jail when the cops don't believe her story.

Jack stumbles onto a secret detention center. He arrives just in time to bluff Andre and his men out of freeing a prisoner who is being transferred in. Jack confronts the prisoner and discovers that he knows him from the past. Before Jack can learn any more, Andre and his soldiers make another run on the prison.

:02 P.M.-7:08 P.M.: As the sun goes down, Jack and Mason continue to scope out the wildlife reserve, to no avail. Mason thinks they're wasting their time,
but Jack knows Alexis wouldn't have paid Alan Morgan to shut off the power if the area were clear. Mason receives a phone call, and hears that Alexis just
got out of surgery. He tells Jack they should be there when he wakes up, rather than on the hunt for a red herring. Jack says he wants to continue looking
until 7:20, at which point Mason can send a car to pick him up. Not wanting to argue, Mason leaves Jack there, gets in his car, and leaves the scene. Tony
helps a sobbing Teri and a wounded Dr. Parslow outside to his car. When Teri won't stop crying about Kimberly dying in the explosion, Tony says Kimberly
got out alive and called him. Rather than having the intended effect of making her happy, the news that her daughter isn't dead after all instead returns
Teri to her neurotic, terminally-irritated state. Tony puts Dr. Parslow in his car, and orders Teri, who's busy yammering on about something or other,
to get in there with him. He starts the car and proceeds to head back to CTU, while Teri tends to Dr. Parslow in the backseat. Tony calls Nina at CTU to
tell her that he found Teri at her house, killed a person who was sent to kill her, and is bringing along an injured friend of hers for the ride. Nina
asks him how far away he is. He says 20, 30 minutes. She then tells him to take Parslow to the clinic, where she'll have someone be waiting for him, but
recommends he bring Teri to CTU instead. This way, it'll be easier to have terrorists finish Parslow off easily, while keeping Teri alive. Tony okays that.
Krugman asks his fellow officers lock Rick, Kimberly and Melanie down in the police station. Kimberly begs for a phone call, because she needs to talk
to someone. Krugman brushes her off, and Melanie tells the cop not to listen to Kimberly, whom she lovingly calls a bitch, because she lies. Krugman tells
the children they'll get their phone calls after they're put through. Then he grabs Melanie's arm, and orders her to come with him. "You're mine," he says.
Melanie is probably lucky she's not in one of those women-in-prison exploitation movies, else that comment would be a good indication that this is the
part where Krugman takes her back to the showers and has a little handcuff-panky with her. Some other officers cuff Rick and Kimberly to the bench they've
been instructed to sit on. After the officers walk out of hearing range, Rick tips Kimberly off that they'll ask her about Frank and the deal. Since Kimberly
doesn't know anything about Frank and the deal (other than Frank is bad, and so went the deal), Rick advises her to tell them that. Why he advises her
to do this after Melanie already gave the coppers the helpful suggestion that she lies is unknown. Kimberly thinks she should tell them what she does know,
meaning everything that happened her today. She decides to do this simultaneously with her decision that she can't trust anybody, suggesting that she is
more mixed-up than a bag of trail mix. Rick asks her flat out if she trusts him. After scoffing at where her trust in him has gotten her, she says she
does, aware that he is trying to help her. Though he doesn't feel the safe house incident has any relevance to this, he promises he will back up whatever
she tells them. She warns him that he'll get in trouble. Perhaps remembering what Father Bauer told him earlier, he says then so be it. Melanie taken care
of, Krugman comes over. It's Kimberly's turn.

7:08 P.M.-7:13 P.M.: Palmer goes to visit Nicole, who's resting on her bed, to see how she's feeling. She tells him she's relieved actually, because keeping
this secret was harder than she thought. He breaks it to her gently that the worst is yet to come, but they'll get through it if they stick together. And
if ever there were a Palmer family credo, it's "Let's Stick Together." They share a hug, during which time Sherry walks into the room, looking quite the
Stepford Wife. Palmer asks Nicole if she could give him and her mother a few minutes alone. She gets up, gives Sherry a kiss, and walks out. Sherry apologizes
to Palmer for interrupting his "celebration." When he wonders why she didn't take part in it, she tells him she wasn't in the mood to celebrate his election
concession. He feels she's being hasty in her poll predictions. In disbelief, she asks if he really thinks the public wants a president who acts like a
guest on Ricki Lake and airs his dirty laundry on national television. Of course they don't, silly, that's why Bob Dole was president from 1996-2000. Since
honesty is the best policy in Palmer's mind, and Mike told him he still a shot, he really believes he does. Sherry reminds him that it's Mike's job is
kiss his ass. It's her job to nag him to death. Or something like that. After Palmer tears down Sherry's human qualifications, she snipes back how in 13
minutes, he tore down what it took them 25 years to build. We can assume she's not talking about a happy, healthy home there. Receiving nothing more than
the cold shoulder from him, Sherry stands up, heads into the bathroom, and tells him she hopes his conscience will be there for him when this is all over.
Palmer throws her off guard when he questions whether she means the campaign or the marriage. Why pick and choose? Jack scopes out the reserve with flashlight
in hand. He spots something in the distance, and goes over to investigate. What he manages to find are a danger sign and an inviting set of steps that
lead underground. Meanwhile, from a covert camouflage tent, Andre Drazen receives a phone call tip-off from a Harris of Alpha-One that Jack found the place
and went below. After confirming that it was definitely Jack, Andre wonders what he's doing here. Harris doesn't know -- at least not anything more than
the fact that Jack wasn't invited to the party. Jack descends the stairs, but further progress is impeded by a sealed-shut concrete door. Also, by the
strobe alarm that's set off. And the two armed men who shoot him with their tasers when the door opens. And by his loss of consciousness. Thankfully the
two men drag Jack's body inside the compound, so at least he's everywhere he wanted to be.

7:16 P.M.-7:22 P.M.: Jack wakes up in a prison cell, rolls out of a cot, and crawls over to the toilet to toss his cookies. After freshening up, his cell
door opens and another man walks in. Jack tries to explain who he is, but the man has already checked up on him. He tells Jack he knows who he is, returns
his gun and badge, and introduces himself as DeSalvo, Department of Defense. When Jack comments that wherever he is, it's obvious it was intended to be
kept secret, DeSalvo notes that he seems to have had no trouble finding it. He tells Jack they're in a Class Three Detention Center, and asks what he's
doing snooping around. Jack explains to him about the assassination attempt on Palmer. Not good enough for DeSalvo. So Jack elaborates how Alan Morgan
was bribed to shut off the power here at 7:20. By the look on DeSalvo's face at the mere mention of that time, Jack knows something's going to happen here
then. But since DeSalvo doesn't seem eager to tell him what, Jack takes on a threatening tone as he fills DeSalvo in on how many more people the Drazens
can kill unless they are stopped. DeSalvo says a prisoner is being flown in by chopper at that time. Who's being flown in, though, he has no idea, since
it's classified information even to him, and the prisoner is randomly moved every few weeks. He asks Jack what the Drazens want with the prisoner. Since
neither of them know who the prisoner is, Jack can only surmise that they want to kill him or set him free. Not like there's a third option. Whatever they're
going to do, that only leaves them a few minutes. Five according to Jack, but his watch must be slow. He tells DeSalvo to call for backup. DeSalvo thinks
Jack is mad; backup can't get there in five minutes. Jack says call anyway. You never know. People have been known to get from their house to work in just
three minutes. Jack's reasoning for this is that if he's wrong, he'll take the heat. And if he's right, DeSalvo will get to be the hero when everybody
in the building is saved. After a bit of pleading, DeSalvo throws in the towel, and makes the call. Jack thanks him, and asks how many personnel are on
staff. Three guards, a maintenance man, two technicians. If they could revolt at Attica, just think what they could do at this place. Subtly hinting that
DeSalvo might just be a wee bit understaffed, Jack ponders if they could recruit the janitor and the techies to blow the bad guys away. DeSalvo tells him,
no, they're not trained for that. If they need them to kick some Serb butt, it'll have to be with a johnny mop and a power cord. Jack tells DeSalvo to
have them stand by anyway. "To do what," DeSalvo asks. To, I don't know, maybe make the place look like a prison? DeSalvo heads off to tackle the request,
seemingly offended that Jack didn't find the lovely day spa he runs more menacing. Back to the Drazen's secret spy camouflage tent, Andre announces to
his accomplices that they've got three minutes. Harris, the man from Alpha-One who phoned earlier, worries how Andre still hasn't heard from Alexis, who
was supposed to verify his meeting with Morgan. Andre says if there was a problem, Alexis would have called. Unless he's dead. And then he probably wouldn't.
Andre notices how anxious Harris is, and wonders since when does a professional like him get anxious. Harris replies since first Plan A and now Plan B
(and he ain't just talkin' Plan A Recycled either) have both derailed -- that's when. While preparing his weapon, Andre tells him there's nothing wrong
with Plan B. If that were true, Harris says, Jack wouldn't be here. Andre blows his comment off, instructing him to get his men ready. It's time. A group
of camouflaged commandos stealthfully position themselves outside, while inside, Jack teaches his impromptu commandos how to handle a semi-automatic weapon.
No, no, not like a plunger, like a squeegee! DeSalvo checks to make sure all his men are good. They say they are. Jack gives the go-ahead for everybody
to head out. Harris and the rest of the team of camouflaged commandos parked outside on the ground ready their weapons, while Drazen breaks out his binoculars.
The helicopter arrives, right on time. Lights that adorn the prison compound's staircase are turned on. Jack orders DeSalvo to tell his men to stand in
front of the lights so they will be visible. Andre states that they've got 45 seconds. Harris counts how many men they're contending with. Eight, including
Jack. As Andre told him there would only be three guards, this does not compute. A panicked Harris realizes that there are additional men stationed because
they were expecting them. Andre tells him not to worry about it as they'll be disoriented when the power is shut off and the area is pitch black. Harris
has clearly thought things through more than Andre has, since he understands the power might not be shut off. The helicopter lands, and Jack barks the
order for the team he threw together to go. They race over, as Andre begins the countdown from 10 to 0. Nothing happens, obviously, when he gets to 0.
DeSalvo's men claim the prisoner -- whose face is obscured by a hood -- and lead him back to the compound. Andre wants to go in anyway, but clear-headed
Harris tells him not to, as there's more men than they anticipated and the lights are still on. Andre plans to ditch Harris and have the rest of the team
carry out his plan anyway, but Harris reminds him that the men are his, and they'll be obeying his orders, not crazy "Let's rush into brightly-lit detention
facilities with eight entire armed men" Harris. Andre has no choice but to comply. Harris orders the team to stand down, for the plans have changed. Jack
and DeSalvo's team safely bring the prisoner inside. The lights shut off. The helicopter departs.

7:27 P.M.-7:34 P.M.: Krugman is sitting at a table in a holding cell. Kimberly is escorted inside. He tells her to sit down. She tells him her father is
Jack Bauer, hoping to impress him by name dropping disliked agents no one has ever heard of. The name understandably not ringing a bell with Krugman, Kimberly
sits down at the table, and elaborates that he works for the Los Angeles Counter Terrorists Unit. So maybe you could, like, call, and find out that my
daddy is under investigation for trying to shoot the president, then let me go, OK? But Krugman hasn't heard of CTU, which is probably miles and miles
away from the nearest donut shop, and stops her from trying to write the number down. What he wants, he says, is information on Frank Allerd. More specifically,
information on Frank Allerd's plans to buy and distribute a thousand hits of ecstasy. She tells him she doesn't know Frank, having only met him for the
first time a couple hours ago. Melanie need not be present to say what Kimberly is doing right now in Krugman's mind. When both the truth and the name-dropping
fail, shoot for the history-dropping. And shoot Kimberly does, boasting about the assassination attempt on David Palmer. When she asks him how curious
he is that she knows about it, he tells her not very, what, since it's been splattered all over the news for the past 12 hours. Cut down a notch, an embarrassed
Kimberly said she didn't know, since she's been kidnapped all day by the same people who tried to off Palmer. Yeah, no, assassination attempts on potential
presidents are never considered newsworthy, Kimberly. They hide them from the public like Watergate and hope they won't leak. Perhaps Rick should have
advised Kimberly to tell the opposite of the truth, since the truth about what happened to her today is making her look like quite the little storyteller
to Krugman. After she gets done relishing her fantasies about assassination attempts and CTU poppas and safe houses galore, a smirking Krugman alerts her
to the fact that her friend already told him that she has an active imagination. Melanie isn't her friend, Kimberly corrects him, she holds a grudge because
she thinks she's after Rick. Boy, it's just one tall tale after another with this kid, isn't it? Krugman has decidedly had his fill of Willie Whopper,
stands up, and tells her he's sticking her back in the holding cell. Maybe she can impress her cellmate, Bertha, with who her daddy is. She picks up the
phone number she wrote down on a piece of number, and demands that he call it, tell whomever answers that he's got Jack Bauer's daughter, and see what
they have to say about that. Krugman takes the paper from her, and leads her out. Underground, Jack pulls DeSalvo aside, warning him that just because
Drazen and his people haven't attacked yet doesn't mean the night isn't young. DeSalvo begins to wonder, much like Krugman, if Jack isn't making all this
up. Jack begs DeSalvo to trust him that the Drazens are working on their contigency plan. He knows what they do. And it's what he believes in. DeSalvo
tells him he requested backup, and there's not much else he can do. Jack says he can do one thing -- he can let him talk to the prisoner. DeSalvo flatly
refuses, as he's under explicit orders and he can't even speak to the prisoner himself. Tensions escalate, Jack throws up his usual, "But Senator Palmer
will die!" plea, it fails, DeSalvo tells he's welcome to go over his head. Needing to process his new arrival, DeSalvo begins to leaves. Jack calls out
a request to use his phone.

7:34 P.M.-7:38 P.M.: Mike pays a visit to Palmer, who asks him if it's really as bad as Sherry figures. Mike turns on the news for Palmer so he can see
for himself that it's being reported that not only are the current polls holding steady, but in some states, they're actually increasing. An America's
Choice poll reveals that 60% of the people who voted don't care one way or the other how screwed up the entire Palmer clan is. Whereas 18% felt that it
made them less likely to want to vote for him. The report is a weight off Palmer's back, and makes a believer out of the usually incredulous Mike. One
of the aides walks in to tell Palmer that Jack Bauer is on the phone with something urgent. Palmer asks Jack about Alexis, and is told that he's just coming
out of surgery. But that's not why he called, of course; Jack needs him to go over DeSalvo's head. He gives Palmer everything he needs to know about the
place and about DeSalvo. Palmer says he'll do what he can. Jack was snopping around the compound's hallways during the course of the conversation, and
notices a set of wires running along the ceiling. He follows them, and winds up in an observation room filled with monitors. Jack pushes buttons until
he gets one of the monitors to show the cell they've taken the prisoner to. But the man's back is turned, and he won't turn around. Jack is caught red-handed
by DeSalvo, who blasts him at the top of his lungs. Yeah, whatever, replies Jack, who isn't about to let DeSalvo and his crackerjack team of custodial
supervisors stop him from viewing the monitors. The prisoner finally turns around, giving Jack a perfect view of his face. A perfect view of Jack's terrified
face is then given. It's impossible, he tells DeSalvo. The prisoner is Victor Drazen. Whom he killed two years ago.

7:43 P.M.-7:46 P.M.: DeSalvo wants some quid pro quo out of Jack if he's going to risk his job and possibly go to jail for him. With the provision that
this is classified information, Jack tells all about Operation Nightfall, explaining his connection to Victor Drazen in the process. Jack's statement that
he'll lose any leverage he has of keeping his family alive should Victor be broken out of jail prompts DeSalvo to say he'll make another call. This isn't
good enough or fast enough for Jack. He wants Victor moved, he wants Victor moved now, and he wants whoever's present to move him. Sensing Jack's total
gratitude, DeSalvo repeats that he'll make another call. Andre decides to forget about Alexis, planning to take matters into his own hands in regards to
cutting the power. When Harris questions why when Alexis hasn't contacted them, Andre tells him they should assume he's dead. Using a laptop with a map
of the detention compound, Andre comes up with Plan C -- he's found a substation that houses the electricity for the center, so let's blow this joint,
Mr. P! Harris sternly tells him that the idea was not to attract attention. Andre corrects him; the idea was to get his father out of prison. Nina is unnerved
to see Mason walking back into CTU without Jack. She asks him why he didn't return with him. All Mason can tell her is that Jack's a stubborn guy. He also
says that Alexis came to, but won't talk. So he cut off his morphine supply. That'll make him talk. Or cry. Nina realizes he still hasn't told Jack that
Teri and Kimberly are still missing, and angrily questions why not. Mason returns the note, proclaiming that last he checked he didn't have to explain
himself to his subordinates. He makes it perfectly clear that he won't be telling Jack until Palmer is safe and sound. Palmer, who by the way, will probably
be the next president.

7:46 P.M.-7:49 P.M.: There's a party at Palmer headquarters, and though everybody's invited, Palmer himself isn't actually taking part in it. Sherry goes
to see him in his room, hoping he'll come out and join the festivities. When she realizes something is wrong, she closes the door and asks him what it
is. After dancing around the subject a bit, he tells her that she's a confident enough woman to know what she wants... and he isn't confident enough that
she wants him. She dismisses his charge as nonsense. He says he doesn't think she could have done what she did -- lie to him for years and years -- without
pulling away emotionally. Now that she's lied to him, he can't trust her. And if he can't trust her, well, then he can't love her either. The remark brings
out a hatred and disdain that the audience hasn't seen in Sherry in, well, five minutes. She chides him that while he may no longer love her, he will never
leave her. She then demands he get out there and greet all his party guests that were nice enough to show up and fake enthusiasm and spend every day of
the past year of their lives to help put "us" in office. When he questions her use of pronoun, she tells him that's right -- when he's being sworn into
office, guess which woman is going to be standing right by his side. Sherry Palmer: wife, mother, stalker.

7:54 P.M.-7:55 P.M.: Krugman takes Kimberly through a worldwind tour of the group holding cells. First stop: the catcalls of a hundred sex-starved male
inmates hungry for some fine blonde tresses. Krugman drops her off in a cell filled with women who make Melanie look like Mother Teresa.

7:55 P.M.-8:00 P.M.: Jack and DeSalvo are comparing thinks, with Jack concluding that somebody somewhere at some point surmised that Victor Drazen was more
valuable alive than dead, yet wanted him and the rest of the people from his mission to believe he was dead. And since you can't technically have killed
someone who is alive, Operation Nightfall was designed not to work. DeSalvo receives a very brief phone call. Jack expectantly asks if they've got permission
to move Victor. DeSalvo tells him, no, that request is still being processed. What Jack got is permission to interrogate Victor. Until 8:00 anyway. With
DeSalvo monitoring his every move on the monitors, Jack enters Victor's cell and introduces himself to the elder Drazen. He then asks that Victor pardon
his surprise, since much like those climber kids who wrote that "Over the Edge" book, he saw him die. Jack acknowledges that no one could have survived
being blown up like that, then explains that intelligence told him and his men that the building was empty when Victor entered. Jack had no intention of
killing Victor's family, now he'd appreciate it if Victor would have no intention of killing his family. He begs Victor to uphold his wish, since he's
already lost his wife and his daughter, and would just end up losing his two sons as well. If he hasn't already lost one of them... The angry Victor states
that his sons are soldiers. Jack tells him they're not very good ones, since he killed their 7:20 rescue plan, and has called in backup to kill them should
they try again. He knows they will, so he orders Victor to call them off. After Victor rolls his eyes and chuckles, Jack bolts from his chair, and uses
the same tactful manner that got him so very much with Alberta Green, Ryan Chappelle, Frank Simes, Alan Hayes, Lauren Proctor, Sgt. Newmans, and Ted Cofell.
He screams like a maniac that Victor better call his sons off, or they'll die. Ah, no bees with honey for this guy. DeSalvo enters, and instead of throwing
Jack out the same way he was when he interrogated Penticoff like this, he merely announces that he's gotten the okay to move Victor. Jack exchanges some
murderous glances with the old man before he whispers to DeSalvo whether there is a secret way out that's not on the schematic. DeSalvo tells him there
is, so Jack asks that his men go out armed like before. He then orders, nay, shouts very, very loudly, for Victor to get up. As he's being led out, DeSalvo
has what passes for his staff arm themselves. Meanwhile, Teri and Tony see Dr. Parslow into the clinic, at the same time the Palmers are exchanging some
Jack Bauer-Victor Drazen looks of their own. Victor's transport out of the center comes to an abrupt halt when the lights in the compound are suddenly
shut off. Jack pushes Victor against the wall, as DeSalvo's guys, armed with flashlights, radio in the problem. With great satisfaction, Victor tells Jack,
"They are here." Tick, tick, tick...
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Season: 1 Episode: 21

8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.21.Season: 1 Episode: 21 First Aired: 4/23/2002

Palmer is relieved when it seems that he has dominated in the California polls in spite of his crisis.

Jack becomes locked in a stalemate with the Drazens. They manage to turn the tables and take Jack as a hostage as they escape.

Kim is finally released from jail, but her freedom is all too brief when she is again abducted by terrorists.

8:02 P.M.-8:03 P.M.: The polls close in California. A television reporter announces that Palmer appears to have swept the state, as well as all others that
held the Super Tuesday primary. In the company of himself, Palmer soaks up every last drop of the news, no doubt waiting for the right moment to let the
bragging begin. Kimberly, meanwhile, is biding her time in the women's group holding cell. An estrogen-challenged black officer brings Melanie around,
and drops her off so Kimberly can have a familiar face to keep her company. Melanie walks right over to Kimberly, and tells her she's in her seat. Kimberly
says fine, gets up, and sits elsewhere. Melanie then walks over to Kimberly's new seat to tell her that too is her seat. With daggers in her eyes, Kimberly
gets up again and goes to stand by the bars, where she has to contend with a mental patient hopeful who uses her presence to float like a bee and sting
like a butterfly.

8:03 P.M.-8:08 P.M.: Palmer has rejoined the party. He receives a hearty congratulations and toast from Mike for sweeping all 11 states. And to think he
did it all by not listening to a single word his chief-of-staff had to say. But that's not all -- FOX News took a poll, and 83% of the population approve
of the way he handled the Ferragamo crisis. An elated Palmer says that is great, because if FOX News took the poll, then it's agreed it's as fair and balanced
as he is. Changing the subject, he asks Mike if they've heard from Frank Ames or his angry mob. Mike figures they're all laying low, but advises him not
to get cocky. After all that has happened in the last twenty hours and with all that is known about David Palmer, one can't help but think that suggestion
will be heeded as closely as every other one Mike has ever offered. Palmer stops the party to tell the crowd of people that he has to make a speech soon.
And that even though there are a lot more primaries left to deal with, and a lot of rednecks left to win over, he intends to make the speech sound like
a victory speech. The entire crowd cheers wildly -- including Mike, who might have possibly contracted amnesia recently, as this conflicts wildly with
advice he gave Palmer, oh, a minute ago. Palmer continues about how although this has been a difficult day for all involved, he's confident that, just
like they said in the America's Choice polls, being honest was the right thing to do, and he's sure everything will work out for everybody in the end.
He then proceeds to pile on the horn-blowing that he simply could not hold inside him any longer. Over at CTU, Mason preps Nina to handle Division's request
in reassessing the threat, which he presumes is minimal now that Alexis is out of commission. Jack calls asking to speak to Nina, but Mason takes the call
for her. Jack gets Mason up to date on where he is and whose acquaintance he's made and whose acquaintance he's about to make. Mason doesn't have any time
to ponder how Victor Drazen was brought back from the dead, since Jack needs him to send in a field unit now. He doesn't have any time to ponder that either,
but ponder he does before telling Jack that he'll call Division about it. Jack chastises Mason, making it clear that Andre and company aren't going to
sit around and play cards while they wait for the request to go through the proper channels. He leaves Mason with an ultimatum before hanging up. Mason
decides to comply, and orders an assistant to dispatch the field unit, which he'll clear later, and get in touch with Chappelle immediately. When Nina
worriedly wants to know if Jack is alright, Mason sidesteps the question and derides her for wasting her life on a married man (that would be Jack) and
subsequently fooling around with Tony on the rebound. Mason says it in the guise of being a friend, but he walks away from Nina without ever answering
her question. Her attempt to follow him down and beat the truth out of him never comes to pass, as Mr. Rebound in the flesh returns to CTU with Teri. Nina
thanks God out loud that Teri is okay, though this is probably just a formality since she says it with all the conviction of a lobotomized Al Gore. Teri
asks if they've gotten any word on Kimberly. When she hears they haven't, Teri then asks about Jack. Nina lies, and tells her that he doesn't know about
what happened at the safe house because they can't get a hold of him. Teri demands to speak to Jack, but Nina defers to Mason's judgement on the matter.
To help CTU and Jack -- or just to waste time -- Nina requests that Teri join her and Tony in the conference room to go all over she knows, even though
she already did that with Tony on the way over in the car... and there really hasn't been any evidence that she knows something. Teri stops complaining
long enough to say she'll redo the interview, but only if they agree to keep her up to date on Jack and Kimberly. Nina promises she will -- a promise that's
certainly as good as coal.

8:08 P.M.-8:10 P.M.: DeSalvo attempts to contact his men that were stationed outside, but the lack of responses from their end suggests they are no longer
among the living. Jack tells DeSalvo they've got to get out of there this instant, so DeSalvo points him to the exit. At gunpoint, Jack orders Victor to
open the door and step out into the middle of the hall. DeSalvo tries to get some answers out of Victor in regards to both of their men, but Victor keeps
a tight lip. Jack repeats that they need to get out of the hallway because they're too exposed. His words ring prophetic when Andre and the others blast
a hole right through the wall. Jack, DeSalvo, Victor and the couple of guys with them are forced to make a hasty retreat back into the prison.

8:14 P.M.-8:17 P.M.: Mason continues to try to get through to Chappelle, but he's busy. Teri pays him a surprise visit during the time she was supposed
to be debriefed to say that since Nina and Tony won't tell her anything about Kimberly, she hopes he will. Mason says he knows no more than Nina but he's
sure she's safe. Teri doesn't believe him. He clarifies by stating that since Myovic asked where Kimberly was, they're looking for her too. Mason stresses
that Jack means a lot to CTU and he won't rest easy until Kimberly is found. Nina calls Mason, who makes the call private so Teri can't hear what's being
said. She asks him that the unit will be on site in about 15 minutes, and they want to know who's in charge: them or DOD. Mason tells Nina to call back
when they are on site before hanging up. Teri asks if that was about Jack, but all Mason will say is that when they hear from Jack, they'll let her know.
In the meantime, he's going to have his assistant Rebecca look after her. She thanks for him kindness, and leaves. He pays her back by calling up Rebecca
to tell her to keep Teri out of his face.

8:17 P.M.-8:19 P.M.: Palmer goes to see Patty, who's been typing up some changes he requested on his speech. As he looks over her work, she congratulates
him on winning all 11 primaries before noticing that he seems distant. She asks him if he's okay. He says he is; he's just had a ^long day.^ He then asks
her to move the second paragraph -- about party unity -- to the end, as a closing statement. He's about to leave when she stops him, because she has something
important that she's been wanting to share with him in private. That being how much she admires him for doing the unthinkable in standing by his principles.
Palmer is so choked up by her announcement that one of history's firsts happens -- he almost doesn't know what to say. So he smiles and heads off, while
she goes back to the drawing board, all the while grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

8:19 P.M.-8:24 P.M.: The field unit approaches the site. Mason calls one of the men, Barnes, to find out where they are. Barnes tells him that it looks
like the door was blown in. Mason asks if the hostiles are inside. Barnes reckons they must be, since there's no activity outside. But then if they're
outside and dead, there wouldn't likely be any activity. Barnes says they're preparing to go inside. Jack, DeSalvo, Victor and the rest of the crew try
to find a safe haven in near-pitch blackness, but they're surprised by one of the Drazen's men who opens fire on them. While somebody from Jack's team
orders the others to take cover (which they do), Andre calls out for his father (and his father calls out for him). With his gun planted on Victor's back,
Jack walks backwards towards the wall. Andre's guys shine their spotlights on Victor. Andre orders Jack to let his father go, while Jack is ordering Andre
and the others to drop their weapons. Neither side complies. To sweeten the pot, Andre's men corner Jack, and Andre himself steps forward to show Jack
that he's taken DeSalvo as his hostage. And if Jack doesn't let Victor go, he'll kill DeSalvo. DeSalvo shouts out for Jack not to let Victor go. Jack instead
just continues to drone on for the terrorists drop their weapons. Reaching a stalemate, Andre offers up his best impression of The Count to help Jack change
his mind. Hearing those frightening ^one^ and ^two^ numbers puts such a fear into Jack that he instantly drops his weapon, puts his hands high up in the
air, and lets them reclaim Victor. Andre then expresses his gratitude by blowing DeSalvo to smithereens. What a great time for Jack to pick to be a wuss.
Maybe if he'd tried it earlier, not only would DeSalvo still be alive, but Cofell and Gaines would be too. The reunited father and son hug and kiss each
other, leaving new hostage Jack no doubt wondering why he bothered to even try to save a guy he just met an hour ago. Their embrace over and done with,
Victor suddenly remembers how their prisoner yelled at him, and grabs the gun being held by one of his son's teammates to help Jack go join his friend.
Of course, something comes up that stops him -- in this case, Harris telling him that there's at least a dozen well-armed hostiles outside the main entrance.
Victor orders him to collapse the corridor immediately, and for the two guys who were holding Jack prisoner to take him, as they may need him for bargaining.
They all retreat back towards the prison, so that Harris can plant a detonator on top of the ceiling lights, thus blasting the only way out. His fear turning
to smugness, Jack tells them that was a mistake -- now they're trapped. As is he. Victor says he'll see about that. Meanwhile, Kimberly is witness to a
violent fight over a cigarette when the resident bad black girl thinks another inmate is holding out on her. To teach the cig hog some manners, the bad
black girl has her posse kick the crap out of the little liar. Seeing Kimberly cower in the corner of the cell, Melanie confidently strides over and sits
down next to her to cheer her up with some good-natured tom-foolery the likes of, ^When we get out of here, maybe I'll mess you up just like that.^ Kimberly
asks Melanie what her problem is. Melanie tells her she's her problem. Kimberly reminds Melanie that the only reason she's in her with her is because she
told the cops she was part of the deal. Melanie smirks, saying she was a part of the deal. In disbelief, Kimberly wonders how she could have known about
the deal when it's proven time and time again she doesn't know anything about anything. Melanie stands up in a huff, revealing the first real reason she
hates blondie -- because she came over to Rick's house uninvited. Since she's mad at Rick, whom she dubs a loser, Melanie doesn't come right out and admit
it. Instead, she laughs at Kimberly, who doesn't think he's a loser, for defending him when he kidnapped her and almost got her killed. Melanie then reveals
the second real reason she hates blondie -- she's her daddy's little girl, who gets everything handed to her. Having had enough of Miss White Trash USA
to last a lifetime, Kimberly stands up as well to show Melanie she too can be a bad ass. If Strawberry Shortcake were a bad ass, that is. And, yelling
at the top of her lungs so the entire cell-full of people can get a piece of her, Kimberly proceeds to fill a suddenly speechless Melanie in on how her
day went. Just then who should show up but the biggest baddest blackest ass of them all -- none other than the prison guard from before. She runs her flashlight
across the bars as a signal for Kimberly ^Motormouth^ Bauer to sit down and shut up. Strangely, no one else in the room applauds the guard's noble actions.

8:28 P.M.-8:31 P.M.: Harris takes a blowtorch to a wall in hopes of creating a new exit. One of Andre's troopers keeps a rifle pointed at Jack while Victor
uses the opportunity to scold their prisoner for thinking he's a monster because he wants revenge on the Bauer clan. Jack tells Victor he was a monster
long before he met him. The way he treated that cute little moose and squirrel was just beastly. Victor scolds him about that as well, since Jack's background
knowledge on him was amassed by reading biased reports and magazines. Yes, as the spittle flies out of Victor's mouth like a rabid dog, it becomes instantly
clear that what Jack read was propaganda -- there couldn't possibly be a kinder, gentler man on earth. Jack asks Victor when his suffering ends. After
he's killed him and Palmer, their families, and anybody else who was mean to him on the playground. That is when, says Victor. Jack tells him he's insane,
living a psychotic fantasy. Victor has the man with the rifle take it and ram Jack in the stomach. Is that a psychotic fantasy too? Not according to the
insane Victor, who yells out that the fantasy is just about to become reality. Andre walks over with phone in hand. He's got a phone call for Victor. Mason
is on the other end. When Victor learns he's from CTU, he asks if he's the one he'll be negotiating with. Mason replies that they don't do that, but he
is willing to listen to his concerns. Victor tells Dr. Mason that his main concern is Jack Bauer. He then asks if they ever want to see him alive again.
Mason's doubt that Jack still is alive leads Victor to hand the phone over so Mason can talk to his buddy. Jack skips the small talk, and goes straight
to the letting Mason know how many men he's counted and how heavily they're armed. Victor snatches the phone away and signals for a second henchman to
kick Jack to keep him quiet. Mason tells Victor he'll be speaking to his superiors, then he'll get back to him.

8:31 P.M.-8:34 P.M.: Mason breaks the bad news to Nina and Tony. He has Tony fetch the stats on the field unit at his desk, but keeps Nina with him so she
can print out a layout of the facility. Nina asks how Jack sounded over his phone. ^Alive^ is all Mason can muster. He warns her that he's going to be
a long, drawn-out process. She sighs, saying she knows the drill. He adds that she must know then that it may not turn out as they'd like. He offers to
take her off and put somebody else on the job who's less emotionally-involved. She isn't amused with his offer. Mason leaves her presence and goes to see
Tony again to find out if he's managed to get hold of Chappelle yet. He's frustrated that Tony hasn't. Kimberly and Melanie continue to sit and stare at
the walls of their cell. Some of their cellmates pass the kutchie from the left hand side. The sassy black girl with the posse is the one caught with her
hand in the doobie jar when the heavyset female guard returns to make her rounds. Does she A) flush it down the toilet? B) hide it behind her bench? C)
snuff it out under her shoe? No, the answer is D) get up, go over to Melanie and demand that she take it. When, for probably the first time in her life,
Melanie refuses drugs, Queen Lareefer throws the joint in her lap. Melanie jumps up and brushes it off so as not to ignite herself, but her activity only
helps call attention to the guard that somebody was smoking pot. Since the angry guard wants to know who the culprit is, Melanie's new friend decides to
rat her out. Melanie is now ordered to pick the joint that wasn't hers off the floor and bring it to the guard. After doing so, Melanie swears that it
wasn't her, but after confirming that it is marijuana, the guard tells Melanie that she's coming with her. Kimberly decides to do something nice for Melanie
-- now that she's all confident and everything, she blurts out that Melanie is telling the truth. Although the black guard is angry, that ain't nothin'
compared to how mad Kimberly's announcement makes the sassy black girl who had the joint. She warns blondie not to make a liar out of her. Kimberly snaps
back that there's no need, she already is. Sassy gets up, runs over to Kimberly -- who boldly stands up herself, since, hey, it worked on Melanie -- and
with one blow, knocks her right to the ground. The little toker then goes crazy, flailing her arms around wildly, during which time Melanie and the guards
restrain her. While being led out of the cell in handcuffs, sassy promises Kimberly that she'll get her back. Later. Thinking it best not to let Kimberly
experience some alone time with her in the showers, Melanie has her own change of heart -- she calls out to the guard to tell her that she wants to speak
to Krugman about what happened today. She has some new insight to give. The guard takes her out as well.

8:34 P.M.-8:35 P.M.: The two of them now alone, Jack asks Victor about the lookalike of his who went into the building before they blew it up. Victor reveals
his tricks of the trade -- it's all done with mirrors, my son. Jack tells him that since he was using a body double, that means he knew he was a target.
And since he let that target get near his family, he himself put his family in danger. Why, you could almost say he blew up his own family. Victor responds
that they were supposed to be away on a trip that day, but, unbeknownst to him, came back one day earlier than expected. He agrees, though, that he should
have been more careful. Once he's got the saddened and nostalgic Victor right where he wants him, Jack kicks him in the leg, steals his weapon away from
him, and prepares to make his getaway. The great CTU master gets all of two feet before Andre comes up behind him and gives him a taste of his own medicine.
He helps his father regain his footing and makes sure he's alright. Since Jack is preoccupied with lying on the ground in pain to attempt another escape,
Victor shows him what a nerve he hit by stating that he's had to accept responsibility for the death of his family for two years. Now today Jack will have
to accept responsibility too. He then tells his son to make sure Jack does not die. That's Andre's cue to kick Jack when he's down.

8:40 P.M.-8:43 P.M.: Patty brings the revised revised speech to Palmer to see if now it's to his liking. He tells her it's much better now. Palmer's aide,
Elaine, enters the room they're both in to let the senator know that Mike's ready for him downstairs whenever he's ready. He asks Patty if she made a copy
for the teleprompter. She didn't, so he makes that Elaine's next task. Now that they're along again, Patty asks Palmer if he minds if she works in the
room with him. He doesn't. So she sits down, but further work out of her doesn't seem to be forthcoming. What lurks beneath the longing, desirous stares
of the meek campaign manager? Passion? Admiration? Threesomeation? Does anybody really care? She apologizes to him because this day has gone so spectactular
wrong for him. He tells her not to feel bad for him, feel bad for Keith and Nicole. They're the ones who've been suffering. They're the ones who've had
to listen to him give twelve speeches today alone about honesty and integrity and humanity. She tells him he worries about other people too much, takes
care of other people too much. So who takes care of him? Who'll take care of him... on those cold, desolate nights when Sherry is out galavating with the
White House staff. Who'll take care of him when Keith and Nicole fly the coop and the bedroom grows cold? Who'll take care of him under his desk where
no one else can see? He stresses that he's fine and doesn't need taking care of. She chooses to take care of his back with a sensuous, impromptu back massage.
Palmer admits that her careesing touch on his tense back does feel good. Though he may need someone to take care of him, he no longer needs someone to
take him a clue, since it finally dawns on him what her hands want. Before she manages to caress the shirt off his back, he puts an abrupt halt to the
massage, repeats that he is fine, and offers his thanks as a cue for her to skedaddle. On her way out, she tells him that she's off to go handle tomorrow's
briefs. No doubt she'll spend the entire time dreaming of handling the briefs in his pants.

8:43 P.M.-8:45 P.M.: Chappelle finally returns Mason's call. Mason's attempt to lay a guilt trip on him for taking a half hour to call back are overshadowed
by the guilt trip Chappelle lays on him for getting torn a new one by DOD and the Pentagon. Mason's made a bit of a mess in their eyes. But Chappelle thinks
he's managed to clean it up. Mason doesn't even know what mess he's talking about, though, so Chappelle elaborates that he should have kept Jack on a tighter
leash. Mason says he doesn't like Jack either, but at least he gets results. Or kidnapped, as the case were. He tells Chappelle he should be grateful to
Jack for not allowing Victor to escape, thus sparing all of CTU great shame and embarrassment. Chappelle laughs the comment off. How could Victor escape
when he wasn't technically even a prisoner? But, no, Mason had to go bring a field unit in and now everybody's involved and the cops will get wind of it
and the media will have the sixth biggest story of the day. An infuriated Chappelle hands Mason down an order -- end this, and end it within the next few
minutes. Mason asks what about Jack? Chappelle says who cares about Jack; nobody told him to go out there. Chappelle hangs up with an ultimatum: do it,
or he'll find somebody else to. Mason reluctantly calls Nina in and lets her be the second to know that he's ordering a full assault on the field unit
in a few minutes. They'll soon be making their final preparations. He apologizes, leaving Nina crushed.

8:45 P.M.-8:48 P.M.: Tony calls Teri, who's been kept waiting in the examination room, to say they've found Kimberly. Yeah, she's fine. She just got arrested,
but they're bringing her over now. Relieved and elated that her baby girl might now have a prison record, Teri asks if she can speak to her. Tony says
he'll put Kimberly through as soon as that's an option. Nina walks in to sully Teri's good news with the bad. Ten seconds of being happy and Teri's right
back to crying again. Though they were at odds before and Teri might even remember it, Nina holds her, reassuring that Jack can get through anything. The
sappy music kicks in as Nina excuses herself from the room, leaving Teri weeping uncontrollably over the news that Kimberly is alive. Just as the CTU field
unit are about to launch their full-on assault on the detention center, one of them asks Mason what to do about Jack. Mason has no advice on that, his
only order to make sure they get Victor. Nina, privy to the conversation, looks understandably displeased. The unit blasts their way inside the center
via dynamite charges, and the men proceed forward.

8:53 P.M.-8:55 P.M.: Kimberly contends with the evil stares of one of sassy's friends. Krugman rushes over to the holding cell to tell Kimberly they're
releasing her. He didn't get through to Jack, but he did speak with somebody else at CTU. At the same time he lets her out, the female guard leads Melanie
back in. Krugman tells Kimberly that Melanie admitted she lied the first time she spoke with him. Since Melanie's looking quite the grump frump, Kimberly
doesn't bother to thank her or wish her a fond farewell. Krugman, on the other hand, has done an about face from the boorish skeptic Kimberly first came
to know. Now he laughs with her about what a busy day she's had, and cheers her up with the news that he spoke with Teri, who's waiting for her at CTU.
He offers to drive her there himself, presumably to atone for being a jerk before. Palmer and Mike get ready to leave headquarters so Palmer can give his
speech. Mike recommends for one night he smile and forget about his troubles. Palmer says he can't; his troubles are just beginning. Mike explains to him
that in the White House the office comes first and your home life comes second. So he recommends that he find something to help him pull through, whether
it be his wife... or somebody else. Palmer makes like he'll think about it. They both head out.

8:55 P.M.-9:00 P.M.: The CTU field unit storm the hallway and find the bodies of DeSalvo and one of his unidentified men, but don't find any hostiles. One
of the guys, Drake, radios this information to Mason, along with the team's progress. Drake says that the entire staff is dead, but Victor and Jack are
gone. He then unearths a tunnel that the Drazens must have created. Mason orders Drake and team to check it out. Good thing Drake looks before he leaps,
since the tunnel was rigged with laser mines that would have blasted the unit to pieces had he listened to Mason. Mason asks Drake if he can disarm it.
Drake thinks he can, but it'll take about a half hour. Will it be too late by then? Affirmative on that, Houston, as Victor, Andre, Jack and the others
have successfully made it back outside where their getaway vehicle awaits. Time to dump the excess baggage. Andre knocks Jack to the ground, leaving Victor
the honors of offing him. He consoles Jack that Teri and Kimberly will soon be joining him. In a last-ditch effort to spare his hide, Jack tells Victor
that if they don't kill him, Alexis will soon be joining them. But Alexis is dead, snarls Victor. Victor refuses to believe Jack when he says Alexis is
alive and CTU has him -- until Jack reveals key details about the ill-fated meeting he had with Elizabeth that he couldn't possibly know about unless he
were telling the truth. Because it's simply not possible for both Jack to have listened to their conversation and for Alexis to have died afterwards. As
he picks him up off the ground, Victor gets a bit testy with Jack for trying to butter him up with the promise of leading him to Alexis. But in the end
he and Andre decide to bring Jack with them again, this time as their map. Krugman's partner is driving him and Kimberly over to CTU. Kimberly asks to
borrow Krugman's cell phone so she can call her mother and let her know she's okay. Teri and Kimberly each express relief that neither of them was recaptured,
in the best display of knocking on wood seen all day long. Teri asks how Mommy's perfect angel managed to wind up in prison. Kimberly says she'll tell
her all about it when she gets there in a few minutes. Then she returns the phone to Krugman, who apologizes to her for not believing her story at first.
Acting uncharacteristically human, Kimberly manages to crack a smile at him, musing that if she hadn't lived it she probably wouldn't believe it herself.
Other things that are sure to provoke disbelief -- a van smashing headfirst into the side of their police vehicle, knocking out Krugman's partner; armed
terrorists rushing out of another van and shooting Krugman; Kimberly getting kidnapped yet again. Tick, tick, tick...
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Season: 1 Episode: 22

Season: 1 Episode: 22 First Aired: 5/7/2002

The Drazens contact Mason and offer to trade Jack for Alexis. Mason is reluctant, but Palmer pressures him to go ahead with the deal.

Nina and Tony try to distract Teri when they learn of Kim's abduction.

Palmer is tempted by a member of his staff.

9:02 PM - 9:11 PM
Kim is thrown into the back of a car by her captors. They tie and gag her, then speed away.

Palmer and Sherry take the stage at his political rally. Palmer begins to speak to his supporters, thanking them for sticking by him during the rough campaign. Sherry looks happy to be at his side, as Patty smiles in the audience.

The Drazens are riding in a van with Jack. They force him to call Nina at CTU and patch them through to the hospital where Alexis is being treated. Victor talks to Alexis, and Alexis tells him that he got in trouble with a woman. Victor promises him that they will be together again soon. He then talks to Mason and tells him that he's willing to trade Jack's life for that of his son. Mason dodges by saying he doesn't have the authority to make the trade. Victor tells Mason that he's useless and that he should contact his superiors. He says he'll call back in 15 minutes and hangs up. Andre puts a hood over Jack's face.

Back at Palmer headquarters, Palmer continues to crow about the fact that he has the party nomination in hand. Sherry goes to talk to Patty and casually drops the hint that she and David need a few days apart, so she's not going to Dallas with him.

Mason tells Nina that Chappelle has refused to allow them to go through with the trade for Jack, since that would be a embarrassing admission that the government lost Drazen. Their plan is to let him return quietly to his country and pick him up later. Nina is angry that they are willing to sacrifice Jack's life, but Mason reminds her that they are all expendable. Nina goes into the conference room and talks to Teri, telling her that Jack has been taken hostage. Teri breaks down at the news.

9:15 PM - 9:21 PM
The Drazens take Jack into an underground hideout, full of high-tech machinery. They are greeted by an elderly man and his daughter, who promise to take good care of them. The Drazens eat while Jack is held in an alcove.

At CTU, Teri barges into Mason's office and demands that he not let Jack die. Mason tells her that Jack can survive because he has special training. Teri snaps at Mason to stop patronizing her, so Mason bluntly informs her that Division won't allow him to go through with the trade. Teri angrily leaves his office and buttonholes Nina. Teri tells her that they have to figure out a way to save Jack. Nina tells her that she knows of someone who can help them.

At the Palmer camp, the victory celebration is under way. Palmer is schmoozing with his guests when he is told that he has a phone call. Its Nina, who brings Palmer up to speed on Jack's capture by the Drazens, and the refusal of the DOD to trade Jack for Alexis. Palmer asks who is in charge and Nina tells him about Mason. Nina knows Mason is politically ambitious, and Palmer may be able to exploit that fact. He promises Nina that he'll make a few calls.

At CTU, Tony learns that Kim has been kidnapped. Just as his secretary tells him, Teri walks up and asks about her daughter. Nina sends Teri back to the conference room and Tony tells her about Kim. He asks Nina if she's going to tell Teri about the kidnapping, but Nina doesn't answer.

9:26 PM - 9:28 PM
Mason takes a call from Palmer, who orders him to go through with the trade for Jack. Mason protests that he doesn't have the authority. Palmer tells him to disobey orders. That will result in Mason being reprimanded and demoted. Once Palmer is elected, he promises Mason that he'll get a high-level position in D.C., bypassing five years of middle management. Mason worries that Palmer may not be elected, but Palmer tells him that it's a done deal now that he's won the primary.

At the Drazen lair, the Drazens continue to eat while Jack watches. Andre tells Victor that he's worried about transportation out of the country. The girl starts to clear away their plates, when Jack grabs a dinner knife, stabs one of Andre's henchmen and holds the knife to the girl's throat. The men pull their guns on Jack and he orders them to drop their weapons or he'll slit her throat. Everyone drops their guns, except Victor. Jack orders him to drop his weapon. He hesitates, then shoots the girl. "How could you do it," Jack yells as he is restrained and slugged a few times. Victor angrily tells Andre to call CTU again. Andre tells his men to keep the girl's father out of their way.

9:29 PM - 9:34 PM
Tony enters Mason's office, just as Andre calls. Mason tells Andre that they will make the switch on their terms. "That's an interesting dream," Andre says. He orders Mason to bring Alexis to a certain location in 30 minutes, where the trade will happen. Tony traces the location and Mason tells him to have the place surrounded when the trade goes down. Mason leaves to go get Alexis from the hospital.

At the Palmer party, David continues to Celebrate Good Times, all right! Actually, he's having a private cell phone conversation, when Sherry corners him and tells him to get back to work. She tells him that he should get over his weakness when this is all over. Palmer tells her to stop talking down to him. They break up their loving chat and Palmer runs into Patty. They start discussing PR control for the Keith crisis and Patty tells him that she has prepared some statements for the press. Palmer says he'd like to see them, and they agree to meet upstairs in a suite in five minutes. Woo hoo!

Back at the evil Drazen lair, the girl's father finds her body and begins to cry over her. Victor tries to convince him that Jack murdered her, but the father doesn't buy it. "You killed my daughter," he screams at Victor. Victor draws his gun and kills the father. Just then, two henchmen bring Kim into the room, still tied and gagged. Jack sees her and cries out, but Andre knocks him unconscious and orders his men to drag him outside. He then orders the rest of his crew to get the place cleaned up, as he and his father leave.

9:38 PM - 9:47 PM
Teri finds Nina and asks her about Jack. Nina tells her that the deal will go through. When Teri asks about Kim, Nina ducks her question. Teri asks for the cop's phone number so she can talk to Kim, but Nina says she doesn't know it. Teri thanks Nina for being so helpful to her through the crisis. Ha ha. Nina goes to talk with Tony and says she couldn't bring herself to tell Teri about Kim.

In the Drazen van, Jack begs Victor to spare his daughter. He warns them that if they start killing innocents, they'll never make it out of the country. Andre pulls his gun and tells Jack that his best tactic is to be quiet and let his father rest.

Palmer and Patty are going over the press statements, when Palmer decides to pop some champagne. He asks Patty if she has a boyfriend, but Patty says that the campaign is her life. She starts massaging Palmer's shoulders and being flirtatious. Palmer starts to kiss her, but then stops and says they should go back downstairs for some more face time.

The Drazens pull up to an abandoned oil field and drag Jack out of the van. They handcuff him to a metal pole, and Andre tells him that a sniper will be aiming at his head while they leave. If the trade goes through, they'll let him go. Jack asks about his daughter and Andre says that he'll hear from them when the deal is over. Andre leaves Jack a scrambled cell phone and leaves.

9:51 PM - 9:53 PM
Palmer and Patty are back at the party. They're so excited, and they just can't hide it! Sherry introduces David to some AIDS researchers. David talks to them and delivers the best line of the hour; "so…what is it that the government can do for you that its not doing already?" Meanwhile, Sherry pulls Patty aside and asks her how things went upstairs. Patty says they went just fine. Sherry tells Patty that she needs her to be with David for the good of his campaign. Patty tells Sherry that she's not comfortable deceiving David, but Sherry convinces her that its all right. Sherry then rips off Patty's maraschino cherry from her drink, and walks away, proving that Sherry is a true politician at heart.

9:54 PM - 10:00 PM
Mason and Alexis arrive at a parking garage in an ambulance. Mason gets out and some of Andre's henchmen approach with a doctor as Alexis is wheeled outside. The henchman calls Andre and reports that Alexis is alive, but badly wounded. Mason asks about Jack and the henchman says that they'll call with jack's location as soon as they are safely away. Mason pulls his gun and questions the guy's English abilities, since the trade means that both sides should get something out of the deal. The henchman informs Mason that they have Kim again, so all bets are off. Mason backs down and lets the men go with Alexis. He then calls Nina and tells her that Alexis had been delivered, along with their tracking device.

The van carrying Alexis pulls over and the henchman scans Alexis' body. He finds the tracker and destroys it. Nina reports that they've found the tracker.

At the oil field, the unseen sniper shoots away Jack's handcuffs. Jack's cell phone rings. Its Andre, who tells him that there's a car parked nearby with a key taped to the sun visor. Andre tells Jack to get in and drive, while waiting for further instructions. Jack runs to the car, jumps in and drives away. Tick, tick, tick…

Michael LoceffJoel Surnow

Paul Shapiro

Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers)
Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer)
Elisha Cuthbert (Kimberly Bauer)
Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer)
Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer)
Recurring Role:
Dennis Hopper (Victor Drazen)
Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida)
Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer)
Tanya Wright (Patty Brooks)
Misha Collins (Alexis Drazen)
Xander Berkeley (George Mason)
Zeljko Ivanek (Andre Drazen)

Guest Star:
Endre Hules (Serge)
Christian Hastings (Harris)
Eugene Lazarev (Nikola)
Christina Moore (Dana)
Juliette Dudnik (Mila)
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Season: 1 Episode: 23

10:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M..Season: 1 Episode: 23 First Aired: 5/14/2002

The Drazens threaten to kill Kim unless Jack pays Palmer a visit. Jack complies and is able to save Palmer's life once again. Jack then agrees to trade his life for Kim's since the Drazens believe Palmer is dead.

Kim manages to escape from the Drazens and swims to safety.

Teri tells Jack about her unexpected good news.

A second mole is revealed inside CTU.

10:02 P.M.-10:09 P.M.: Jack calls into CTU and tells them he is fine, but needs to delay his job responsibilities to help find Kimberly. Mason and Nina
realize that the only reason Jack would be set free is if the Drazens were going to try to get him to kill Palmer again. Mason calls the secret service
to tip them off and to prevent Jack from getting to Palmer. Palmer gives Patty his room key, and tells him to meet him in 20 minutes. Victor and Andre
Drazen reunite with Alexis, but he dies moments later from internal bleeding.

10:14 P.M.-10:17 P.M.: Patty tells Sherry that Palmer has given her his room key and told her to meet him. Sherry tells Patty to report back to her after
she sleeps with him. Tony discovers that the plans to the detention facility where Drazen is held had been tampered with. Nina orders him to find out who
has had access to them in the last month. She believes there may be a second dirty agent.

10:17 P.M.-10:20 P.M.: Nina tells Teri that Jack has been freed, but he is not yet ready to return to CTU. She also finally tells Teri that the Drazens
have Kimberly. Jack calls Senator Palmer and tells him the Drazens want $200 million of his assets that were frozen when Victor was captured. Palmer agrees
to let Jack past security once he arrives. Patty makes her way to the room where Palmer asked her to meet him. Once there, he fires her for collaborating
with his wife. Tony discovers that Mason had accessed the plans to the detention facility. Nina tells him to find a way to shut down his network access.

10:24 P.M.-10:28 P.M.: David confronts Sherry, and tells her he fired Patty.

10:28 P.M.-10:32 P.M.: Jack arrives at the hotel, and asks Palmer to transfer the money. Palmer insists that even if he wanted to, he couldn't, as the money
was long spent. The phone rings, and Palmer agrees to help Jack by keeping him on the line. As Palmer begins to speak, Jack realizes how he was sent to
kill him -- the phone is a bomb. Jack throws the phone through the window and pulls Palmer down just as it explodes. The Drazens smile, as they believe
their job finally complete.

10:37 P.M.-10:39 P.M.: Jack quickly jumps to action to search the rubble for clues. Sherry runs into the room to check on her husband. Palmer tells the
secret service to report that they don't know whether he survived. Jack tells Sherry that the world has to believe her husband was killed in the attack.
Sherry is furious. He orders her down the stairs to collect the children.

10:39 P.M.-10:46 P.M.: Mason realizes his network access is down. He rushes down the stairs, and orders Tony to find out when Palmer leaves for Dallas.
Nina tells Tony to restore his access but to redirect everything to her, so she can monitor him. Moments later, Mason rushes down the stairs to order the
monitors turned on. The news has just broken that Palmer is dead. Andre calls Jack, and tells him to meet them for a trade -- him for his daughter. He
warns Jack that if he tries to involve CTU, they'll know. Jack calls Nina and tells her he's going to get Kimberly, but won't say where he is going. Nina
hands the phone to Teri. Jack tells his wife he's on his way to pick up Kimberly. Teri knows something might be wrong, and takes the opportunity to tell
him that she is pregnant.

10:51 P.M.-10:54 P.M.: Andre tells Kimberly why they are holding her. He says how Jack set off a bomb that killed his sister. Mason calls Nina and Tony
into his office, and tells them that Palmer is still alive. He orders them not to say anything, then asks if Jack has called in. Nina lies and says no.

10:54 P.M.-11:00 P.M.: Kimberly makes a daring escape, showing she has the Bauer family brains after all. After throwing a can of hot coffee on the guard,
she makes it to the door and gets safely outside. Andre corners her on the edge of the pier, but Kimberly jumps into the water. Jack races to the pier
in order to trade his life for Kimberly's. She manages to get her hands untied, and swims under the dock. Andre's phone rings. A woman on the other end
identifies herself as Yelena. She tells him Palmer is not dead. Yelena is Nina. Tick, tick, tick..


Howard Gordon Robert Cochran
Paul Shapiro

Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers)
Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer)
Elisha Cuthbert (Kimberly Bauer)
Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer)
Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer)
Recurring Role:
Dennis Hopper (Victor Drazen)
Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida)
Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer)
Tanya Wright (Patty Brooks)
Misha Collins (Alexis Drazen)
Xander Berkeley (George Mason)
Zeljko Ivanek (Andre Drazen)

Guest Star:
Emile Williams (Secret Service Agent)
Yvette Fernandez (Reporter)
Josip Kuchan (Serbian Doctor)
Paul Webster (Agent Ron)
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Season finale Season 1 #24

11:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M..Season: 1Episode: 24 First Aired: 5/21/2002Prod Code:

Palmer has had enough of Sherry's power plays and has a final showdown with her in the hotel ballroom. Nina knows that the Drazens have no leverage without Kim, so she calls Jack and tells him that Kim's body was found floating in the harbor. Jack is crushed by grief and then he flies into a rage. He rushes the Drazens and a bloody shoot-out ensues. Nina's cover is blown and she makes a final dash for safety, leaving a bloody trail behind her. Jack is able to apprehend her before she can escape, but he is stunned to learn that he didn't arrive soon enough.

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11:02 P.M.-11:07 P.M.: As Jack races to trade his life for that of his daughter's, Kimberly manages to find her way out of the freezing water. Kimberly
makes her way over the fence and is able to flag down a truck. Sherry is pissed off at her husband for continuing the charade that he is dead. He tells
her that he will not blow his cover until he knows Kimberly is safe. Mason gets a call from the highway patrol, who say they have found Kimberly. Kimberly
tells Mason that the Drazens are at the pier. Mason orders two tactical teams.

11:07 P.M.-11:12 P.M.: Jack arrives at the pier. Andre calls him on the phone, demanding to know where he is. Jack asks to speak with Kimberly, but Andre
refuses to put her on, which clues in Jack that they don't have her anymore. Jack phones CTU, and tells Nina that someone within CTU has tipped off the
Drazens that Palmer is still alive. Someone blabs to the press that Palmer is alive. Palmer violently confronts Sherry.

11:17 P.M.-11:20 P.M.: Nina makes another call to the Drazens to let them know Kimberly is now safe. Victor tells Nina to phone Jack and tell him that Kimberly
was found floating dead in the water, in hopes it would enrage him enough to come after the Drazens. Nina makes the call. Jack drops the phone and cries
on the dock at the loss of his daughter. Moments later, he returns to his car to rearm.

11:20 P.M.-11:23 P.M.: Jack hot wires a van and drives it through the front of the warehouse. He then goes after Drazen. Victor and Andre attempt to flee
to the boat. In a wild round of gunfire, Andre is shot. A round hits Jack in the side and he falls on the dock in front of Victor. Victor has a perfect shot at Jack, but as he goes to make it, he discovers he is out of rounds.
He drops his gun and gives himself up. Jack struggles to his feet and stares Victor down for a moment before emptying his weapon into him. Victor's body falls back into the water and Jack continues to fire his empty pistol in rage. Moments later, Jack drops to his knees as a helicopter hovers overhead.

11:28 P.M.-11:31 P.M.: Palmer is forced to make a statement to the media regarding the earlier report of his death. Mike asks Sherry to meet Palmer in the
ballroom. He warns her that she should use the opportunity to try to patch things up before they get any more out of hand.

11:31 P.M.-11:37 P.M.: Mason gets the call from the tactical team that Jack went in on his own, and eliminated seven men, including the Drazens. The news
confuses Teri, who decides to track down Nina to get answers as to what Jack had been involved with. Nina realizes her cover is now blown. She enters a
room and guns down a maintenance worker. Teri finds her talking on a cell phone in German. When Nina sees her there, she tells Teri it was the Frankfurt
division. Teri asks what's going on with Jack. Nina says that everything is fine and the Drazens are dead. Nina's phone rings again. Teri notices the body
in the corner. She tries to run, but Nina catches her before she can get out of the room. Jack contacts the harbormaster, and asks to claim Kimberly's
body. He's relieved and surprised to learn that Kimberly is in fact alive. Jack gets in his car, and calls Mason to inform him that Nina is a traitor.

11:42 P.M.-11:43 P.M.: Jack calls back CTU, and asks them to pull the security footage of the room where Jamie committed suicide. The tapes were erased.
They try to pull up the digital backups.

11:43 P.M.-11:48 P.M.: Sherry meets her husband in the ballroom. He tells her she has lost touch with what it's like to be a wife. He tells her he never
wants to see her again, and asks for a divorce, because she isn't fit to be First Lady. CTU Security calls Jack after finding the footage he requested.
They patch it through to his car. Jack forwards the video to Mason who then locks down the building.

11:53 P.M.-12:00 Midnight: Nina leaves Teri locked up, and then rushes to escape. Jack stops her before she can get out. He slams her up against a car and puts his gun to her head. He tells her that his wife and daughter almost died because of her. Jack is talked out of killing Nina and she is taken into custody. She
tells Jack that she was just doing her job and she didn't work for the Drazens. Jack goes inside and hugs Kim, grateful she's alive. When he goes in search of Terri, he finds a downed guard and rushes down the corridor, checking every room for his wife. He finds her tied to
a chair with two gunshot wounds in her stomach. He unties her. Collapsing against the wall, he clutches her limp body in his arms and cries. Tick, tick, tick...
edit/addSee all Cast & Crew for this episode »CAST AND CREW
Howard GordonRobert CochranMichael LoceffJoel Surnow
Stephen Hopkins
Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers)
Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer)
Elisha Cuthbert (Kimberly Bauer)
Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer)
Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer)
Recurring Role:
Dennis Hopper (Victor Drazen)
Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida)
Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer)
Karina Arroyave (Jamey Farrell)
Jude Ciccolella (Mike Novick)
Xander Berkeley (George Mason)
Zeljko Ivanek (Andre Drazen)

Guest Star:
Jane Yamamoto (Field Reporter)
Endre Hules (Serge)
Tico Wells (Karris)
Reynaldo Gallegos (Sergeant Devlin)
Terrell Tilford (Paul Wilson)

Goof: There is a huge goof when Jack is attempting to get proof of Nina's deception. According to the tech that Jack calls, the video surveillance of the room where Jamie had been killed had been erased by Nina, but she didn't know about the digital backup which is the proof Jack showed to Mason.

The problem is that when Jamie was discovered as a traitor spying for Gaines (7:00am-8:00am), Tony and Nina put her in that room specifically because it didn't have any surveillance as they didn't want Gaines to see that they had Jamie in custody.

»Goof: (Continuity) Kim throws hot coffee on the face of a Drazen's assassin. 10 or 15 minutes later the same guy appears again shooting Jack Bauer with no signs of burn on his face.
»As Jack is firing at the Drazens on the pier, the visored head of a man (no doubt the show's ballistics advisor) is visible just over his shoulder. It's probably far more noticeable on the DVD release than it was during broadcast, but this guy is REALLY visible!
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Start of Season 1 Mandy and her lesbian lover,Bridget, have met up after the plane has exploded and she parachuted out into the dessert

Kim Murphy as Bridget and Mia Kirshner as Mandy

Mandy now done with her lover moves on sad
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Here goes a thread back from the dead and of course Mandy pictures gets posted.
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Saw a site about Jack bauer's evil woman etc. Photos,screen shots of start of S-1 figured would be a good thing to post.
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Would you say she was the most evil woman? for me no way but....yeah. probably she can be the 2nd or 3rd.
"I could go either way. Good or evil. Kinda freaky.
I am gonna miss that new power though. It was so fun.”
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LookWhat I dug up a video clip but more important (2) Trailers for Season 1

45 Sec I think that is short enough Tia, original Fox Promo

This one is about 2 min 30 sec fan made but great memories
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I never saw that promo of the first episode, I like it.
"I could go either way. Good or evil. Kinda freaky.
I am gonna miss that new power though. It was so fun.”
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