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everwoodfan52 04-17-2019 07:54 AM

OT5 Writing Corner Thread

Hello!! Welcome to the first Writing Corner Thread!!

In this thread it's all about writing Everwood Fan Fiction. All ideas are welcome! We'd love to read them!!!

Our Writers


Second Chances ~ Chapter 1

Second Chances ~ Chapter 2

Second Chances ~ Chapter 3

Second Chances ~ Chapter 4

Second Chances ~ Chapter 5

Auror 04-17-2019 08:20 AM

^ Outstanding creation, co-mod. Love it! Thanks! :hug:

fulfilledღ 04-17-2019 10:02 AM

So glad we have a writing corner for all of our talented Everwood fans :D

everwoodfan52 04-17-2019 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by fulfilledღ (Post 97165016)
So glad we have a writing corner for all of our talented Everwood fans :D

We definitely have a super talented fan in you, Patricia!! I hope more writers join you!

fulfilledღ 04-17-2019 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by everwoodfan52 (Post 97165051)
We definitely have a super talented fan in you, Patricia!! I hope more writers join you!

aww...that's so sweet!

did you want me to move chapers 1 and 2 to this thread?

everwoodfan52 04-17-2019 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by fulfilledღ (Post 97165203)
aww...that's so sweet!

did you want me to move chapers 1 and 2 to this thread?

If you'd like! That would be great!!

Auror 04-17-2019 11:48 AM

That would be great! :thumbs_up:

Auror 04-17-2019 11:49 AM

You guys...

Should be add titles to the OP? Like when Patricia brings her stuff over, she can title it how she wants and we can add it to the OP? That way we make a list and keep track. :)

fulfilledღ 04-17-2019 12:22 PM

Second Chances xx
[Posted: 04/17/19]

Chapter 1

“A guy stopped in asking for you.” Maddie, Amy’s coworker, spoke to her.
“Oh, was it Bright? I don’t think you two have met yet.”
“No, it definitely wasn’t Bright, I’ve met him before.”
“Well, I’m sure they will come back in.”
“I hope so, he was really cute.”
Amy smiled. “You said that about Bright, too.”
Maddie shrugged. “They’re both cute then.”
“Okay, whatever you say.” Amy rolled her eyes, smiling.
“I think he said his name was Ephram…Edward, something…”
Amy almost choked on her coffee. “Oh, Ephram, yeah, we went to County High together and dated for a couple of years. He is…or was friends with Bright. He must be visiting from New York.”
“I’m guessing you more than just dated?”
“Why would you say that?”
“When I mentioned his name, you choked on your coffee and started to blush.”
“I did not.” Amy felt herself get defensive.
“Yes, you did.”
“Okay, so I did.” Amy relented.
“What happened, why aren’t you two together now?”


Amy knocked on Ephram’s bedroom door. “Wow, you really are leaving.”
“Yeah, tomorrow morning.” Ephram was tossing more clothes into his suitcase. “Can you hand me my shaving kit?”
“Oh, yeah, here you go.” Amy sat in the middle of the bed, watching him. “What time do you leave in the morning.”
“About six, I have to be at the airport by seven.”
“Wow, so soon, feels like you should have another month.”
“Yeah, it did come really fast.”

The tension was starting to build in the room and neither could deny it.

“So, what are you going to do when you get back to New York?”
“I don’t know. I keep saying I’m leaving home to go to New York when I am going back home.”
“Yeah, you are.”

Ephram looked over at Amy. He always saw how she wore her emotions on her face. He handed her the envelope from his back pocket.

“Open that.”
“What is it?” She started to tear off the adhesive.
“I got it in the mail yesterday and I’d like you to open it for me.”
“Just like we were opening our SAT scores, I opened yours and you opened mine.”
“Something like that.”

Amy read the contents from the envelope and looked up at Ephram.

“Wait, why did you get me a ticket to New York.” Amy called out to Ephram as he walked back into his room from the bathroom.

Ephram placed the items he was holding in his suitcase and knelt down in front of Amy.

“I love you and I want you to come with me.”
“Wait, what? What would I do? I don’t have a job or a place to stay. You have that figured out already, I’d just be….there. I don’t know anything about New York. You've already had a life there.”
“We’d be together, building a life together…we can figure everything out when we get there.”
“Ephram, where is this all coming from? We haven’t talked about this or even planned any kind of future together.”
“Let’s plan it now and we can figure everything out on the plane. I have an apartment already fixed up, we can both live there. There’s a million things to do in New York, you’d get a job in a day, a week, max.”
“Why are you doing this Ephram?”
Ephram was silent for a moment. “Doing what?”
“Thinking that it’s so easy. That everything is going to work out.”
“It will work out. I want to spend every day with you in New York, every day.”
“Every day.”
Ephram smiled. “Yes, every day.”
Amy got up and started to slowly pace around the room. “You said everyday.”
“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”
“I was hoping you’d say the rest of your lives.”
“Everyday, rest of our lives, same thing.”
“No, it’s not, Ephram.”
“Amy, I love you, don’t you love us enough to take this journey with me?”

Amy did but she couldn’t find the words to say, so she stayed silent. That gave Ephram the answer he wasn’t looking for.

“So, this is it?” Ephram ran his fingers through his hair. “We’re done?”
“Ephram, we’ve been over for a year. The fact you want me to move in with you in a different state is just, i don’t know what it is.”
“It’s me making a gesture, me making a move.”
“A gesture? A gesture is kissing me when I least expect it or telling me that you just want to hang out with me for the night and watch crappy movies instead of hanging out with Bright. It’s not uprooting everything and moving across the country.”

Ephram thought about what Amy said about making a gesture and he laid a passionate kiss on her lips. Amy kissed him back, softly.

“When do you have to leave?”
“Not until six.”
“Good.” Amy kissed him back again.

A few hours later Ephram opened his eyes and looked over to the other side of the bed and found a note.


I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life. For that reason, I don’t think me going to New York with you is the answer. You make me feel like the most special girl in the world and I don’t want to ruin that. I feel that making such a HUGE STEP and move to New York together
would just absolutely rip us apart.

If you meet me at Sam’s in the morning I will know that you do not want to go to New York and
you want to give us another chance. If not, I will understand and wish you the best in your
new..or old life.

I will always love you and I hope you will always feel the same.



“I’m guessing he didn’t meet you at Sam’s?”
“Maddie, we were young and just not ready to take a big step. Now, yes, I’d move in with him in a heartbeat. But things are different now.”
“Well, you might get your chance.”
“It’s been too long, he probably just wants to catch up.”
“Yeah, the way he looked when he said your name, I’m not sure all he wants to do is catch up.”


“How’d the reunion go?” Bright picked up his daughter Katie from the crib, getting ready to feed her.
“It didn’t, Amy wasn’t there.” Ephram plopped down on the couch in the nursery.
“Wait, Amy is always there, she lives for that place.”
“Whoever I spoke to said she wasn’t there yet.”
“Who did you speak to.”
“Maddie…I think her name was?”
“Yeah, that’s her assistant, you can probably find Amy there this afternoon, she can’t be away all day.”
“You know, Bright, I’m not sure I want to see her.”

Bright was rocking Katie as she took her bottle.

“Why not? She is why you came back to Everwood, right?”
“You know Delia, my sister, is getting married. I come back for Delia’s wedding.” Ephram saw the look Bright was giving him. “And…maybe Amy.”
“Just ask Amy if she would be your date for the wedding, just as friends.”
“Remember the last wedding we all went to, when my dad and Nina got married?”
“No, in fact, Hannah and I left right after Hannah caught the bouquet. I went to find you and Amy, but you both seemed to disappeared.”
“Yeah, we kind of checked out sometime after the reception started.” Ephram had a nervous laugh.
“Where’d you go?” Ephram gave Bright the look. “Never mind, I don’t think I want to know.”
“Yeah, we weren’t dating and it still happened.”
“Dude, it’s been like almost ten years since you’ve seen each other. Things change.”
“I still love her Bright. That hasn’t changed and I don’t think it ever will. I don’t know if anything has changed for Amy, though.”
“Okay, I’m totally breaking the brother code in saying she’s still hung up on you.”
“Really?” Ephram turned to his friend, hopeful.
“Yeah, she even went ot New York a couple of years after you left. She saved up enough money to get an apartment and make a life there.”
“I never knew that.” Ephram could feel the air leave his body, he couldn’t breathe.
“She got there and said it was like this magical place that she could never compete with, or would need a lot more than a place to stay and some random job. Amy said something about making a grand gesture.”
Ephram chuckled. “Yeah, sounds familiar.”
“But don’t tell her I said that.”
“Mom’s the word.” Ephram hesitated and finally spoke. “Speaking of your mom…”
“Yeah, everybody’s good.. Ever since my mom’s cancer went into remission they’re taking lots of trips, traveling the world. Next year they’re planning on a Christmas trip to Tuscany, apparently it’s on my mom’s bucket list. I think it’s to get away from the Colorado snow.”
“I thought Mrs. Abbott always loved snow.”
“Yeah, until last year we got like thirty feet of snow.”
“Thirty inches?”
“Yeah, that sounds more accurate.”

“Hi boys.” Hannah came in carrying her and Bright’s other son, Ryan.
Ephram observed both Hannah and Bright. “I know you said you had twins, but seriously, seeing two babies makes it all the more real.”
“Yeah, tell me about it.” Bright smiled down at his daughter. “But everything becomes clear when you become a parent and especially two. It’s double everything, but it’s everything that you’ve always wanted.”
“And that’s all you’re ever going to get Bright.” Hannah had a big smile.
Bright waited for Hannah to leave the room. “She’s been hounding me to get a vasectomy.”
“Wow, she really doesn’t want any more kids.”
“We did, originally. But her carrying the twins, she was on bed rest for most of the pregnancy and was really sick. I can’t blame her for not wanting to go through that again.”
“What do you want?”
Bright smiled. “Whatever Hannah wants, it’s all up to her. I have the girl and I have the kids. We aren’t getting a dog, that decision we can agree on, so we’re perfect.”
“Look at you, the family man.”
“I feared turning in my dad, but now, I can’t imagine having any other life but this life.”
“Yeah.” Ephram took a deep breath, not letting his emotions get to him.
“Ephram, go find her.”
“What if she doesn’t want to see me?”
“She will want to see you, if not, just give her time.”
“Bright, it’s been ten years, a decade. A lifetime almost.”
“Please go, go find her. Because if you’re going to mope around town with that look on your face, the entire time you’re here, then I don’t know what to do with you.”
“I do not mope.”
“Yeah, you do.” Hannah came back into the room.
“See.” Bright gave him a look.
“Fine, I mope…a little.”

“You look great, honey.” Nina looked at Delia in her wedding gown side by side in the mirror. “Adam is going to faint when he sees you.”
“As long as he says ‘I do’. We’re all good”
“Yeah, we don’t want a groom down. But in hindsight, we will have two very credible doctors in the room.”

Delia sat down, looking at her shoes, very slowly undoing the straps.

“Something wrong, Delia?”
“No, everything’s perfect.” Delia looked at Nina for courage before speaking. “My Dress is great, the shoes are great, dad is trying on a tux for the eighth time to make sure it’s perfect. It’s all perfect.”

She looked at Nina again with glassy eyes.

“Then why do I get the feeling this is a moment for a Kleenex commercial.” Nina grabbed the tissue box for Delia to grab one.
“Me and my mom…we were looking at dresses while Ephram was picking out a tuxedo for one of dad’s events and we stood side by side as you did with me. She said,” Delia paused to fix her vision. “This is what it will be like when we stand side by side on your wedding day, just you wait” and now my wedding is here and she’s not.”
“Oh, Delia, I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about Julia. Do you need a minute.” Nina felt like she wanted to run towards the door.
“No, that’s not the reason why I’m crying.”
“Then, what is it?”
“There is no doubt that you’ve been there for me in every way my mom would’ve been. For a second, just a second, I thought ‘this is the moment I’ve been waiting for, this is perfect’. And I looked at you and in the back of my head I said with mom, and I had a picture of you. It’s like I forgot about my real mom for a second. Today its the one day I would need her the most and I forget about her. I feel like I’m forgetting her all the time.”
“Delia, I am honored that you thought of me as your mom. You were so young when your mom died, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to lean on someone else when you need her the most. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to know we have that connection. As time goes on, new memories replace the old ones. I’m glad I’m able to be apart of your new memories.”
“I’m really glad my dad married you.”
Nina smiled. “Yeah, me too.”

Andy opened knocked on the door as he came in.

“Everything okay in here?”
“Yeah, she’s great.” Nina diverted Andy’s attention by having his back face Delia. “Did the tux fit?”
“The tailor is running late and I am on my way there now. Just wanted to see if you ladies needed anything while I was out.”
“No, we are doing just fine.”
“Delia, honey, are you crying.”
“I was…” Delia sighed. “Thinking about mom.”
“Everything okay? If you need to talk…”
“No, Nina said exactly what I needed to hear.”
“Then everything turned out okay.”
“Yes, she’s great, Andy, just great. I’ve got it covered. You go, get fitted.” Nina kissed him quickly.

“Do I get the feeling that you are trying to get rid of me.”
“Well, um, yeah!” Nina patted him on the back. “So, get going, happy fitting.” Nina closed the door behind him. “Greatest doctor on the planet, worst man to keep on time.”

Andy stood in front of the mirror, trying on his second jacket. He looked beside him and smiled when seeing her.

“You look dashing Andy.”
“Yeah, I kind of do, don’t I.”
“Delia will be so honored to have you walk her down the aisle looking like that.”
“She looks just beautiful when I saw her this afternoon.”
“I know, I saw her dress. Nina picked our daughter out a good dress.”
“How do you know Nina picked it out?”
“I can feel things, moments in my children’s lives. I see both my children and the wonderful husband and father you have turned into for Nina and Ephram and Delia.”
“I had a lot of encouragement.”
“I can take some of the credit, but Nina has to take a lot of the credit too.”
“Nina is amazing. I think you’d like her.”
“You married a good woman.”
“Well, actually, I’m lucky to have done it twice.”
They stood there a few minutes, then Julia finally spoke. “Ephram is in trouble.”
“What do you mean?”

fulfilledღ 04-17-2019 12:23 PM

Second Chances xx
[Posted: 04/17/19]

Chapter 2

Andy looked around and he was the only one in the room. He then noticed Ephram came in, getting fit for his suit.

“Hey dad, you look like you’ve seen a ghost. Not talking to mom again are you?” Ephram had a grin on his face.
“Yeah, that would be something.”
“I cannot believe my little sister is getting married before I am. What kind of wicked idea is that?”

Julia’s words were pulsating in Andy’s brain, making his heart beat faster and faster.

“Ephram, I haven’t talked to you since you got in the other day. How is New York going?”
“Ah, it’s New York. Fast paced city. I’ve definitely become accustomed to Everwood and the slow pace of the everyday lifestyle.”
“Do you need money or…”
“No, everything’s great, it’s just a bit lonely sometimes.”
“I thought you had roommates. You sent me emails that you’ve been hanging out with your friends, you even have pictures.”
“Clubs and random drunk people aren’t friends. It’s just an illusion.”
Andy stopped fixing his tie and stood to face Ephram in the mirror. “Ephram, what’s going on. Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I have a great job…” Ephram stopped talking and looked at his father’s face in the mirror. “Wait, what’s going on, why do you look like you’re about to tell me bad news. I swear, you look like the way you did when telling me and Delia about mom.” Ephram started to panic. “Is Nina okay?”
“Yeah, everything is fine, everyone’s great. I just get this feeling you’re not telling me what’s really going on. I know we’ve had our troubles in the past, but I think we’ve gotten to a place now that we can talk openly about these things.”
“Did you know I asked Amy to go with me?”
Andy nodded his head. “To New York? No, I didn’t know that.”
“Yeah, the night before I left, we slept together.” Ephram started to pace around the room, placing his hands inside his pants pockets. “It was amazing. The next morning I woke up to this stupid letter telling me how amazing I was and that I need to figure a lot of things out before making such a huge life change. I mean what crap is that.” Ephram ripped his tie off the collar, feeling frustrated.
“Moving to an entire different state is a huge change Ephram. You should know that better than anyone.”
Ephram took Andy’s words into deep thought. “How did you know Everwood was the right move? I was, we all know what kind of a jerk I was and Delia was just a kid. How’d you know?”
“In a split second your mother was gone. I had two children who needed me more than ever and I had no idea who they really were as individuals. Your mom told me about this place called Everwood that her parents stopped by on a random trip. I knew that I would never get to hold your mother in my arms ever again. But with Everwood, maybe…just maybe, I could feel as though the town could wrap its arms around me and make me feel like I was home. And, it did.”
“What if you left for Everwood and felt something in New York calling you back?”
“If you want to come home, your room is always available and no judgements.”
“Yeah, you say that now. I made such a huge thing around town that I was moving back to New York, that it would be a let down to actually come back, seeing everyone’s faces. Almost embarrassing.”
“Who cares what they think. You do what you know is right in your heart.” Andy placed his hand over Ephram.
“No offense, but they were looking at me because of The Great Dr. Brown when we first moved to Everwood and now they will be looking at me, well, because of me.”
“Have you talked to Amy since you got back. What would she think about you moving back?”
“No, I kind of been avoiding her. I went to go see her at the the Pinecone, when I had the courage, but she wasn’t there. Since then, I’ve been steering clear of places she might be. With Everwood being a small town, it takes a lot to avoid someone.”
“What will you say when you see her, because, as Everwood is a small town, because it will happen.”
“Dad, how’d you know all of this? I mean this is something mom would ask or Nina, how’d you know?”
“Call it…a parent’s intuition.”
“Well, it’s kind of nice.” Ephram patted his dad on the back. “I’m going to go and change out this tie, doesn’t fit, I’ll be right back.”

Andy was taking off his jacket and he saw her in the mirror.

“What do you mean, Ephram is in trouble.”
“I know my son’s feelings. I just don’t know specifics, I can’t feel the details.”
“You can see me and I can see you.”
“You’re thinking of me, that’s how I come to you.”
“Have you come to Delia or Ephram? I know they must be thinking of you from time to time, especially today.”
“I popped in on Delia and she was having a heart to heart with Nina. I don’t think she needed me there.”
Andy turned around sharply, facing Julia. “She will always need you, no matter what. You are her mother.”
“Andy, she was seven when I died and now she’s getting married. Nina’s been there every step of the way, caring for her, loving her…as a mother would, as I would have.”
“She will never forget you Julia.”

“Never forget who?”
“Oh, that I will never forget this day that we can talk openly about anything. We’ve come a long way.”
“Yeah, we have.” Ephram smoothed out his suit. “How’s it look.”
“Dashing.” Andy was smiling as he placed his hands on Ephram’s shoulders.
“Dashing…hmm, funny, sounds like something mom would’ve say. Are you channelling her today, or something.”
“Seems that way, doesn’t it.”


Amy set her steaming cup of hot chocolate beside her computer and sat down. She began typing and heard a knock at her front door. “Ugh.” She had a deadline and was down to hours to finish and couldn’t handle anymore distractions.

“Ephram.” She was shocked to see him and even more shocked it was at her front door.
“For a small town you a hard woman to find and avoid at the same time.”
“Well, my place is kind of out of the way.” Amy looked the box Ephram’s holding. “What do you have there?”
“Oh, my dad wanted me to give you this. He thinks a visit between us is long over due so I am being his delivery guy.”
“Thank you. It’s the prescription I ordered, I didn’t expect it for another week.”
“Prescription? For what?” Ephram shut the door behind him and took off his jacket.
“It’s just a virus. I’ve been in and out of Andy’s office for random allergies and Andy prescribed me something to finally kick whatever virus I have. This should clear everything up, so the good doctor says.”
“You’re editor of The Pinecone?” Ephram read the headline framed on Amy’s wall.
“Yeah, it happened a few years ago. I did a lot of stories that surrounded the townspeople that created change got people to start reading The Pinecone and I guess I did a good job.” Amy sipped her hot chocolate. “What’s going on with you in New York.”
“I’m teaching at a local community center. The local art program got cut so it’s now all going through the community center.”
“Does that pay much?” Amy sighed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t ask, that’s none of my business.”
“No, I’m actually under contract by the county and it pays really well.”

Amy’s phone interrupted the silence and she replied to a text message.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a reminder from my boss to finish my article that was due sometime yester…last week…”
“You never miss deadlines. You were always the first one to be done.”
“I know, but this one, it’s just got me. I don’t have anything to write.”
“Amy Abbott doesn’t have something to say. What’s going on?”
Amy smiled, she missed his voice and his caring spirit. “Yeah, well, things can change I guess.”
“What do you have so far? Maybe I can help.”

Amy and Ephram talked about ideas for her article. They jotted down ideas together and everything felt the same way it did when they would study in the library at County High.

“Done! Wow, I didn’t think I would make this deadline. Thank you so much Ephram.” She went to hug him, but didn’t want to complicate things further.
“You can come back with me…to New York I mean.”
“What? Where did that come from?”
“I love you, Amy. I’ve never stopped loving you. Come to New York…be with me…we can be us again.”
She let go of his hands and backed away. “Ephram, it’s not so simple to just move to New York. You used to live there, it’s like going back home for you. For me, it’s different. It’s a different world, a different life entirely. Is that why you came back, was to get me to go back with you?”
“Well, Delia is getting married. Seeing you, feeling everything and realizing nothing had changed, I just thought…”
“How would it different then when you asked me to go with you a decade ago?” Amy started to pace around the room as she talked. “I’m from this small town where I literally know everyone and everyone has known me since my mom and dad bought me home form the hospital. Sometimes I don’t like it, but it’s what I’m used to, it’s my home. I cannot imagine living in a place where I don’t even know my neighbor. Where I don’t know the person at local restaurant. I like that everyone around town knows I have certain food allergies before I even start to order. I like those things.”
“What about trying new things, that’s what you said you wanted in high school.”
“That was high school Ephram. We’re passed that. This is real life.”
Ephram knew he had to say it and hesitated before he did. “I know you went to New York a couple of years after I moved there. Why didn’t you tell me, at least visit?”
“What? How do you know about that?” Amy could feel the tears welling up in her throat. She tucked the hair behind her ears to gain composure. 
“It doesn’t matter how I know, it proves that you still believe in us.”
“That was then, sure I believed things might’ve worked out, but things are so different now.”
“How are things different Amy? How are things so different that living in New York with me would be such a different life for you.”
“Think about it Ephram. You weren’t always this small town guy. You were once that New York guy who hated the idea of moving to Everwood, you repulsed it. It wasn’t until…”
“Until what?”
“Never mind.”
“We’re being honest here Amy, tell me. Until what?”
“Until Colin died and suddenly I was available.”
“That’s not fair.” Ephram raised his voice a little and took a minute to gather his thoughts. “Think what you want. You really want to know when Everwood started to become home for me?”
“Sure, why not, you’re probably going to tell me anyway, since we’re being ’so honest’?”
“The night I found out my mom cheated on my dad.”
“What?” She turned to face him and finally stopped pacing around the room. “Your mom wouldn’t do that. She loved your dad. I can tell by the way Andy talked about her, he loved her just as much as you said she loved him.”
“My dad was a different guy in New York. He was off saving other families more than he cared to save his own. My mom needed someone just like….I need…some…one.” Ephram was finally getting to tell Amy how he felt. “I didn’t just come back here to see my sister get married. I came back to find the only girl that mattered. The girl that means more to me than anything else in the entire world and I know she feels the same.”
Amy tucked her hair behind her ears. “She really, really wants to.”
“What’s stopping her?” Ephram starred into Amy’s eyes making her forget any words that would come to mind.

Ephram woke up to an empty bed and the candles still burning, illuminating the room. He got dressed quickly and found Amy in the kitchen pouring marshmallows into her hot chocolate. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and began to kiss her neck.

“I miss us like this.” Amy said in a whisper.

Ephram took her words as an invitation to turn her around and started to kiss her mouth. He lifted her onto the counter and Amy helped unbutton his shirt and pants. Amy wanted to scream his name from the rooftops whenever his lips touched her skin and never wanting this moment to end. Then they were on the couch as Ephram sweetly centered her. As he moved, she moved. Every kiss on her body sent waves through her skin. It was like their first time all over again. That’s the way it always was with them. It was like the first time, every time. Ephram always found new things to discover about Amy, emotionally and physically. Then it happened….


He stuck his tongue in her mouth and massaged hers with his.

“No, Ephram, please, stop…”
He did as she asked. “What, what’s wrong.”
“This, this…everything, it’s wrong.”

Amy pushed Ephram off of her and she quickly put her shirt and pajama shorts back on.

“Wait, what did I do?”
“Nothing….it’s perfect, you’re perfect.”
“Then…what happened.”
“You deserve so many things that New York has to offer and us, this, I’d be holding you back if you stay here.”
“Who says I’m staying here?”
“That’s who you are, Ephram. I don’t want to go to New York, but this is my dream. Writing, living small town, this is it. We have different dreams Ephram. If we continue…this….you’ll find a way to stay in Everwood with me, because that’s the kind of man you are. You belong in a big city.”
“The kind of man I am. Amy, you’re the reason I became the man that I am. You gave me hope when moving to Everwood. I never thought I’d be happy after my mom died. You made me whole again. I guess I can say my dad did too since you only talked to me because you thought my dad could save Colin’s life.”
“Don’t do that.”
“Don’t do what? Tell the truth? The truth is, it doesn’t matter how he we met or how we got together. It’s matters how much I love you and will do anything to be with you. Yeah, I am that kind of guy. If you asked me to move back to Everwood, hell yes, I’d say, hell yes, I’d move back to Everwood to be with you. The day that I left, it broke me that you weren’t there beside me. It broke me so much that I didn’t know what to say in any letter I wanted to write to you. My email has at least fifty drafts of me trying to write to you about my grand life in the big city. Truth is, I am miserable. The days I wasn’t working or filling my time with something, I looked at this.” Ephram showed Amy a photograph out of his wallet. It was a picture them on a random snow day in Everwood at a photo booth. “You looked so beautiful in your blue hat and scarf. I was in love with you that day and everyday before and everyday after. I will always love you, Amy.”
“Just tell me you love me.” Ephram felt he was pleading with her.
“I need time, Ephram.”
“Time for what? Look, Amy, I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but what we just shared together. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on here.”
“We are different people now Ephram.”
“Different people? Amy, we make love for hours and it’s amazing. We finished your article for the Pinecone like no times had ever been between us. You and I are connecting and now you’re telling me that we’re different people.”
“Yeah. Sex, it was always easy with us.”
“Amy, it’s always been more than sex and you know that.” Ephram couldn’t help but get emotional at Amy’s words. “What’s going on, what are you afraid of?”

Amy handed Ephram an envelope full of papers.

“Yeah, I did try to follow you, Ephram.” She grabbed her hot chocolate and took a sip to calm her nerves. “I applied to just about every journalism, writing or whatever job that I thought I would like and be good at in New York. Apparently, according to the big city, I only fit in a small town.”
Ephram scanned through the letters and looked at Amy, confused. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Come on Ephram, being rejected by half the writing companies in New York? I can take that rejection. But not you. I just kept thinking I’d show up unexpectedly and you would almost have forgotten I’d existed. ”
“Why do you think I would have rejected you?”
“You were living in New York for almost two years. I didn’t want to halt your entire life by coming up there and who knows what I would be able to do with myself when I got there. I got scared.”
“Why did you save all these, then?”
“I don’t know. To remind myself that I tried and didn’t succeed and maybe there is a reason why I’ve stayed in Everwood so long after you left. Like it was a reminder that I belonged here.”
“These are from like eight years ago. Things change, companies change and you’re an amazing writer. I’ve read most of these papers and magazines you applied to. You’re far better than anything that’s being published.” Ephram took her hands into his. “Amy, if one of these was a job offer, would you have moved to New York?”
“Yeah….there’s even a canceled lease agreement that I signed to get an apartment up there. I was so sure I would find a job in time enough to make the second month’s rent. I used all my savings for the first month. I didn’t want to seem like that girl who automatically thought she would have a place to stay and be in your world.”

Ephram walked over to the fireplace and tossed every single rejection letter from that envelope into the fire, he could hear Amy gasp.

“Ephram, why did you do that?” Amy had a slight panic in her voice.
“Helping you let go of the past.”
“But that doesn’t change anything. The past is still the past.”
“I didn’t tell you the third reason why I came back for my Delia’s wedding.”
“And what’s the third reason.” Amy raised her eyebrows.
“This.” He pulled her into a kiss and let his hands explore under her shirt.
“Wait, what does this mean?” Amy said while catching her breath.
“Either you move to New York with me in my cramped apartment…” Ephram kissed her lips. “Or, I move in here with you and we get to do this all the time.” He started to kiss her again.
Amy put down her hot…now cold cup of chocolate with melted marshmallows. She folded her arms. “What makes you think you can just move in here? I might get a roommate.” Amy tried to be matter of fact.
“Yeah, good luck with that. You don’t like roommates”

Amy squealed when Ephram lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Ephram, what are we doing?” She fell onto the bed, him straddling her waist.
“Making up for lost time.”

They both smiled before kissing and everything turned into a blur.

Everyone was falling over in laughter when fitting the bride’s maids dresses.

“I think I’ve ruined my makeup.” Delia wiped away her tears.
“You still look gorgeous!” Amy said while the tailor was zipping up her dress.
“So, when are you finally going to marry my brother?”
Amy wasn’t ready for that question. “Um, I didn’t know we were dating.”
“Really? You two is all this town can talk about.”
“There really is nothing to talk about. We’re just spending time together.”
“Really, is that why Ephram hasn’t come home in two days?” The other girls ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ at Nina’s comment.
“I can’t hear this, I’m going to go get some water.”

Delia went to talk to the tailor and Nina immediately scooted over closer to Amy.

“So, why is Ephram not coming home?”
“I don’t know why Ephram isn’t coming home. He can make his own decisions.”
“And if I were to drive by your apartment on my way home from the restaurant after closing, then I wouldn’t find Ephram’s car there.”
Amy sighed hard. “Okay, fine, he’s been staying at my apartment a few nights a week. We’re just catching up.”
Nina saw Amy blush talking about Ephram. “Yeah and that doesn’t involve making up for lost time?”
Amy smiled brightly. “Yeah, maybe.”
Nina took over for the tailor in fitting Amy’s dress and they both looked in the mirror. “Amy, what are you doing?”
“Um, standing here?”
“No, with Ephram. It’s obvious you two are spending a lot of nights together. I know I see Ephram at the restaurant wearing the same clothes as the day before.”
“I don’t know, I wish I did.”
“What do you want to happen?”
“I wish someone could tell me. I don’t know.”
“What do you want? Everwood or New York? Either way, Ephram’s not giving up.”
“And I don’t want him to.”
“Seems like you have your answer.”
Amy turned around, starting to hyperventilate. “Please tell me I’m not making the biggest mistake of my life. I kick myself every day thinking that I had the chance to go to New York with Ephram and I didn’t go and now it might be too late.”
Nina helped Amy dry her tears. “Amy, it’s never too late. Remember, I married a gay man.”
Amy laughed. “Yeah, I remember.”
“And then I found Andy. And I only found Andy because his wife died and mentioned a town called Everwood. I got what I wanted because someone else had to start over. Life is never easy, Amy, you know with your mom’s cancer disagnosis. Amy, this is your time. Ephram is here, he’s waiting for you to love him. So you made a mistake by not going with him, but that was ten years ago. What’s ten years compared to the next sixty years, or eighty years.”
“Thanks, I think I needed that.”

everwoodfan52 04-17-2019 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by Wilpen (Post 97165804)
You guys...

Should be add titles to the OP? Like when Patricia brings her stuff over, she can title it how she wants and we can add it to the OP? That way we make a list and keep track. :)

Yes, we should do that. Patricia, should I title it Second Chances?

The Crow 04-17-2019 01:23 PM

Cool thread. I never wrote any Everwood fanfiction, just a couple of BBT, a couple unfinished OC, and a bunch of Stargazer Roswell fics. If I ever get the writing bug again, I'll have to post something here.

fulfilledღ 04-17-2019 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by everwoodfan52 (Post 97166386)
Yes, we should do that. Patricia, should I title it Second Chances?

You can :shrug:

I was thiiiiiiking... to title it as...

OT5 Writing Corner Thread: Second Chances~Chapter 2 [Updated: 04/17/19]

something like that :shrug:

Whenever I or someone updates their story, they can post it in the welcome thread like we do when other threads are updated :)

everwoodfan52 04-17-2019 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by The Crow (Post 97166666)
Cool thread. I never wrote any Everwood fanfiction, just a couple of BBT, a couple unfinished OC, and a bunch of Stargazer Roswell fics. If I ever get the writing bug again, I'll have to post something here.

We would love that, Alan!!

everwoodfan52 04-17-2019 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by fulfilledღ (Post 97166694)
You can :shrug:

I was thiiiiiiking... to title it as...

OT5 Writing Corner Thread: Second Chances~Chapter 2 [Updated: 04/17/19]

something like that :shrug:

Whenever I or someone updates their story, they can post it in the welcome thread like we do when other threads are updated :)

Patricia, check the OP of this thread. I posted your chapters and included a link. Everytime you post a chapter we'll update it.

We'll do that for all other writers as well.

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