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Old 07-12-2006, 11:23 AM
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The Greenies (E/A) #31 Because they will never lose each other again


*The name Greenies comes from Al Green's song, Let's Stay Together that was mentioned in the pilot.*
Banner By Alexandra

Past thread titles:

"Because they're real" (Thread 7)
"Because they can always get more fries!" (Thread 8)
"Because she went to NY to be with him" (Thread 9)
"Let's stay together...all summer!" (Thread 10)
"Because no matter what happens, it's Amy" (Thread 11)
"Because he's the only one that can make her smile" (Thread 12)
"Because they're in love" (Thread 13)
"Because Infinity means them" (Thread 14)
"Because she wanted her first time to be with him" (Thread 15)
"Because what they have is True Love" (Thread 16)
"Because they can't just be friends" (Thread 17)
"Because we all know they are getting back together" (Thread 18)
"Because he DID see a forever!" (Thread 19)
"Because even from a distance E/A have the sparks!" (Thread 20)
[The six threads that are missing are due to the crash FF went through]
"Because They Were Meant To Be Since Day 1" (Thread 27)
"Because he's still her "person" (Thread 28)
"Because they're soulmates" (Thread 29)
"Because we knew it then and we know it now... they're it" (Thread 30)


1. Because no one really understood her and Ephram came along and he just got it somehow.
2. Because she hasn't been able to take her eyes off him all night.
3. Because She taught him how to ice skate.
4. Because he seemed to be the only one who could make her smile/laugh
5. Cause he's still looking out for her after everything
6. Because she likes his hair
7. Because she thought he was bold out there
8. Because Dream Amy never knew that comics could be so hot
9. Because their song is Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"
10. Because they have the perfect makeout song
11. Because he dreamed about her
12. Because she showed him a bird's eye view of Everwood
13. Because "where [he]come[s] from, girls like [her] don't breathe around guys like [him] without having some sort of secret agenda". She had one...but it didn't matter, because "she's falling in love with him"
14. She digs his "tragic, lonely thing [he's got going on]".
15. Because they are star-crossed lovers, like Romeo and Juliet.
16. ...and if they ever married they could unite their "houses".
17. Because she expected he wouldn't talk to her, so she brought a peace offering.
18. Because he came with her to Denver
19. Because she's sorry if she hurt his feelings
20. Because he found out he's in love with a girl who's in love with a guy in a coma
21. Because he loved her and could refuse her nothing
22. Because she wanted to know the "academic update" on his classes
23. Because she calls him "Hamlet"
24. Because he thinks that for the classic girl-next-door, she has a really warped mind
25. Because she tested out the nickname "Bubba" on him
26. Because according to Bright, Ephram's still getting cozy with his little sis (even though she's spoken for)
27. Because Andy wanted to know how it's going with the Abbott girl
28. Because she's right behind him
29. Because she gave him a ride
30. Because even Delia approves ("You're pretty!")
31. Because she just wanted to say hi
32. Because Delia knew he wanted Amy to be his girlfriend
33. Because she wanted to know if he was going to the thaw
34. Because she's meeting him there
35. Because she asked a future parolee to go with her
36. Because she keeps saying things that make him want to kiss her
37. Because she volunteered to help a clueless guy make thanskgiving special for his sister
38. Because she introduced him to the Milking Man
39. Because, not surprisingly, Ephram's least favorite thing about her is Bright
40. Because they went on the ferris wheel together alone
41. Because she said that Everwood now has its own "duck prince"
42. Because Wendell knows Ephram wants to get his picture up in Amy's locker
43. Because Wendell knows of Ephram's "doomed, albeit noble, romantic pursuit"
44. Because Ephram got his chance to impress Amy
45. Because he's played as long as she's danced
46. Because he said she was amazing
47. Because she asked what he was doing tonight
48. Because even Kayla could tell Amy has a thing for him
49. Because Ephram knows he wants to take a "Caribbean cruise" with Amy
50. Because Edna told Amy it's hard to care about someone when the whole world is telling you not to
51. Because Amy didn't go to Kayla's party
52. Because she thinks it's good that he scares her
53. Because she thinks he's funny, and weird, and a guy in her life she cares about
54. Because she couldn't help feeling sad when he refused to look at her in the hallway
55. Because they decided to stop the back and forth apologies and say that they're sorry forever
56. Because they both understand what it's like to have doctors for fathers
57. Because he told her to ask Colin to the dance- and he drove with her to Denver, too.
58. Because she thanked him for coming with her- it means a lot to her
59. Because she said he wasn't geeky at all
60. Because he lent her a comic book
61. Because he came clean about lying to her
62. Because he hasn't made anything for himself here except her
63. Because she's what makes Everwood home to him
64. Because she thinks it's cool of him to help
65. Because he composed a song for her
66. Because he encouraged Amy to convince the Harts to get Andy's help
67. Because she's the only person he cares about in the whole, stupid town
68. Because he told her if she wanted to talk, he'll be here
69. Because she called him from the hospital
70. Because she wanted to touch base with normal for a moment
71. Because he thinks she's amazing, and beautiful, and completely out of his league
72. Because she's holding up the line
73. Because he wanted to share a Twix with her
74. Because there should be a travel-sized Clue!
75. Because Ephram's considering a career in neurosurgery
76. Because he beat up those guys when they prank called Amy
77. Because they've been siting around waiting for some sort of miracle
78. Because she's shared more with him in the past few months than with anyone in her whole life
79. Because she left Colin at the Spring formal to help a poor defeated boy.
80. Because she was willing to fight with Colin just so that Ephram could feel better
81. Because Laynie dumped Ephram because he loved Amy.
82. Because NY as "pretty much" everything (except for Amy)
83. Because even Bright knows they're soulmates
84. Because if she ever needed him he'd be there and she knows that
85. Because she likes him now
86. Because he knows how to put her first
87. Because no matter what happens, it's Amy
88. Because they're already picking out wedding songs
89. Because they're in love
90. Because he can get through anything... with her by his side
91. Because she's the only one he loves
92. Because she wants to take care of him
93. Because she only wants the best for him
94. Because he can find plenty of ways to be her bitch (from Bright's quote after she got his box of bagels lol)

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Greenie Arts

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by Applebehrygrl23

by jkupc

louder than words : a ephram & amy image archive (it hasn't been updated in a long time but it has some great Ephramy pics)
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Old 07-12-2006, 11:33 AM
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Scene of the moment, "From ForEverwood":

EPHRAM : is it my turn yet ?(Amy nods) cool, 'cause I love you too. I knew it then, I know it now, I'll know it always. You're it, Amy. You're my one.

AMY : I am ?
EPHRAM : You always have been.

AMY : Wanna go for a ride ?
EPHRAM : In a second....

Old 07-12-2006, 11:41 AM
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Oh man, thanks so much for posting that Series Finale scene!!!! Wow, I have the urge to watch it again for about the millionth time now.

The thread looks spectacular. Thanks again, Alex!
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Old 07-12-2006, 11:44 AM
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New thread!

oh Alex, could you fix the broken links of the greenie arts over my name? Here are new links:

ETA: Wow, that's quite a lot of space. You can not put them all if you wish. Choose your favorite ones!
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Old 07-12-2006, 12:11 PM
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Yahaay My title idea was a little bit tweaked and now it may shine in all its glory
Beautiful screencaps I will not be tired repeating that I especially love the smile on our beautiful Amy when she says 'I am?' it's like she always knew that it's true just like Ephram and all she ever wanted was just given to her right at that moment. Her Ephram professing his love for her Our cuties - another yahaay for them
'You're right. It's my fault. I should take up football and cow tipping. Then your friends would like me and I'd be the most popular boy in the whole school!'
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Old 07-12-2006, 12:48 PM
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Awesome title suggestion, Amont...

Oh man, the "I am?" from Amy is amazing. One of my favorite parts of that scene. Emily delivers it so dead on perfect (she looks adorable as well). For the reasoning you listed, Amont, it makes perfect sense as to why Amy would utter that line as well... I love it.
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Old 07-12-2006, 12:57 PM
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Emily is so darn adorable in that scene! I love how she says "want to go for a ride?" too!
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Old 07-12-2006, 01:04 PM
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dawnie> I'll update your link later, no problem. I'm reptty busy right now but I will
Old 07-12-2006, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by dawnie@
Emily is so darn adorable in that scene! I love how she says "want to go for a ride?" too!
Oh I know! She's so adorable. Her voice is so incredibly cute, her expression is just beautiful, she looks so innocent, hopeful, filled with love... Emily displayed such amazing emotions through those words.. Amy was officially starting the beginning of forever with Ephram and you could see and feel this so very clearly.

Emily is just amazing, I could never express this enough even though I do my best to convey it any chance I get. Heh.
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Old 07-12-2006, 02:11 PM
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Wow, a new Greenie thread already? Where the heck have I been?! I knew it was coming closer and closer to new thread time, but... haha! Wow!

Guess time flies when your having fun, eh?

Love the new thread title
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Old 07-12-2006, 02:14 PM
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Eeeeeee!! New thread! Love the scene of the moment Alexandra. So prettyful! Lovely looking first posts by the way.
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Old 07-12-2006, 02:29 PM
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Yes, the caps for the "scene of the moment" are amazing! Thank you so much, Alex for capping and posting those! I'm so glad the 'scene of the moment' has continued on to new threads
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Old 07-12-2006, 06:28 PM
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I just love that scene. I especially love how Ephram had tears in his eyes when he told Amy those beautiful words. It's a scene that I have watched, and will watch, over and over again.
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Me too, Jerry.

Oh man, those tears were so beautiful...

And Ephram's voice as he's telling her that she's his one... So tender and moving...

That entire scene was perfection. Words can barely describe how much.
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Old 07-12-2006, 07:29 PM
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That scene was so amazing... Acting on both parts should be recognized for that scene most definately. That scene was one of those rare and precious TV moments that happen few and far between all the rest of the garbage airing now a days.
"It's you and me, together for always."
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