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Old 06-30-2018, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexa (View Post)

This was an intense episode.

Delia's little crush on bright was the cutest! Poor guy going through all that during a storm!

Nina giving Andy the smackdown on his parenting was A+. GO NINA! I love how honest she is.

The Andy/Jacob fight was really hard to watch and frustrating too because I don't think that Andy took his wife for granted. He wasn't home as often as he could have been but it was clear how much love they had for one another and Jacob was sticking his nose where it didnt belong imo.

The Ephram/Andy moment at the end was sweet. I loved Andy telling Ephram he didnt want him to go and deep down I think thats all Ephram really wanted to hear from him anyways.

Then seeing Harold worrying over Bright right after was so adorable I just love Harold's relationships with his kids and it makes me wonder why Edna and Harold arent getting along? I cant remember if she explained why already or not?

Amy going to Ephram and ranting and apologizing is so awesome because it always nice to see her reaching out to Ephram and not the other way around. Her calling him different was definitely a good thing, even if he didnt completely realize it. When he told her he was staying and Amy was so excited, that was really cute.

"I bet New York had everything."
"Just about."
Couldn’t agree more with your every word.

ETA: Regarding Harold and Edna... we find out later on it was due to, in Harold’s mind, her being absent and gone a lot.
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