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Old 10-04-2005, 08:02 AM
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Everwood Episode Discussion #402: The Next Step

The Next Step

fresh Thursday, Oct 6 9/8c

Andy (Treat Williams) learns that Ephram (Gregory Smith) has no intention of moving back home, while Bright (Chris Pratt) invites Ephram to move in with him and Reid (Justin Baldoni). Meanwhile, Hannah (Sarah Drew) begins to worry about the long term possibilities for her relationship with Bright after he shares his "three dates and out" policy; Harold (Tom Amandes) suspects Andy is up to something after he frequently goes missing from the office; Nina (Stephanie Niznik) and Jake (Scott Wolf) have the grand opening for their new restaurant, Sam's; and Ephram and Amy (Emily VanCamp) finally confront the unspoken fate of their relationship.

Debra Mooney and Vivien Cardone also star. Anna Fricke wrote the episode directed by Perry Lang.
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Old 10-04-2005, 12:44 PM
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This episode look sooo good! It looks like it will have a good combo of comedy and drama. yay!
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Old 10-04-2005, 04:30 PM
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#2 is up! Thanks for starting the thread, co-mod.

Yeah, according to this description, this episode looks to be very interesting and quite good.

I can't wait until showtime.
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Old 10-06-2005, 06:59 PM
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I have loads to say about this episode, but I'm going to wait to post my comments until tomorrow. Most of my thoughts are jumbled all together at the moment so I will come back with more organized thoughts later on.
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Old 10-06-2005, 07:48 PM
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This episode, from what I saw, was great!

Andy/Ephram- Gload to see things are slowly being worked out. They were gettin along and then bam! Ephram was walking out. Then they were all talking again and not yelling, etc. Very touching. I think that's what made me sad the most; the disollution of that relationship. So I'm so extremely glad to see it slowly inching it's way back to life

Ephram/Amy- I mised the first 20 mins, so if there were any Greenie moments in the beginning -which I'm sure there were- I missed them But the ones that I did catch... WOW! So powerful and emotional. I can literally feel them pining for one another, and the pain between them. Kudos to the writers; they did a great job with this! I love what Amy said abuot how they were never really friends. So true and so just... right on! Ephram messe dup big time, and whileas I want nothing more than to see them reunite, he needs to pay for that (in a sense).
Note: I think the next Greenie thread title should be "Because they were never really friends"

Delia/Ephram- Can I just say.... I love these two more than words!!! They are so cute together! I love Ephram in big brother mode and I love how Delia wants to hang with her big brother. All of it. I just love it!

Andy/Nina- I like how they've seemed to be -even if just a lil- past the awkwardness that Andy's speech and kiss started between them. I mis scenes between them! Although I really wish they'd hurry up and just get back together!

Bright/Ephram- There so needs to be more scenes between thse two! They are like.. thee most funniest best friends ever! I love when Bright slams the fridge and says "ti to get up" or whawtver he said to Ephram and Ephram just sorta sits up. So funny. Glad Ephram made the decision to move in, although with what's his name living there, I forsee future awkwardness. I think they should kick the other dude out and have it just be Ephram and Bright. Then the fun would realllly begin ;-)

Bright/Hannah- There is not a couple out there more cute! I lvoe seeing their relationship grow a ill more each and every episode, and it's so cute and funny how they are going thru the beginning stages in a relationship that they are facing. Go Hannah for being able to stay calm and explain things like 'censoring yourself' to Bright. Poor Hannah though, thinking he'd dump her. I loved when he said he wanted "80 more dates" with her. He may be naieve and 'duuuhhh' at times, but he certaintly has his wicked sweet moments

Harold/Andy- These two are SO the "Odd Couple". Oh man! I love how Harold was acting all 'girlie' and avioding Andy after Andy told him what he was really doing. I look back at how they first got along up to now. I'm really glad they're good friends now.
ETA: sweetheartin reminded me of Harold's "ogre" comment towards Andy.

Jake- Still sketchy bout him. I did, however, love that scene where he answers the door and that he now apparentally "talks to himself a lot since he's moved in". :lol"!

Well... I think that's about it. I loved the episode. It was great. And I'm so glad to see new episodes. Episodes like these just remind me of why I love this show. I may be speaking too soon, but it seems Rina has learned a bit over the summer hiatus
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Old 10-06-2005, 08:35 PM
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^^ Great post.

I absolutely love Andy & Harold's scenes together. I thought it was touching that Harold assumed/worried that Andy was bored with the small town doctor thing and was going to leave to do his "city" surgeries. It really showed how close they are now.
When Harold called him an "ogre" ... Priceless.

I really love awkward scenes, so the Ephramy parts were great. "What are you over me?" "Did you meet someone?" SOOOOO emotional. Ephram tearing up = me crying.

Bright is hysterical!! I want to be roommates with him. He was eating cereal from a measuring cup!! LOL!!

And of course, the Andy/Ephram scenes. Those are always brilliant. Giving the check back was too cute Thank god they are kind of okay now, for Delia's sake especially.

Edit: And whoa. I just had to make a shallow comment on Reid's body. THAT was distracting!!!
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Old 10-06-2005, 09:48 PM
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Woah indeed...Reid's body was HOT.

Bright and Hannah- I just love those two. They keep getting better every episode. I loved how insecure she was, and loved how he thought she was blowing him off. That 80 dates comment was so freaking cute!

Amy and Ephram Those two have so much angst and emotion in their scenes. They break my heart.

Ephram and Andy rocked. Loved how he gave the check back. I'm glad to see that they are slowly mending their relationship.

Bright cracks me up I cant wait for him and Ephram to become roommates. Love their friendship.

Next week's looks interesting. So I guess Reid isn't really gay? Who knows..the WB always has misleading ads.
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Old 10-06-2005, 09:57 PM
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Whiny Ephraim is back. Yipppee. It's amazing how he just deflates everyone and everything around him. The trip to europe did little good.

An idea. Ephraim goes back to Europe. Andy can move back to NY and the Abbots can adopt Delia. Might be tough on Delia in the beginning but will probably be better for her in the long run. Just keep her away from Bright. He has a thing for siblings.
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Old 10-06-2005, 10:30 PM
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I really liked the episode too. I'm so happy Ephram is back. I kind of missed Irv's voiceovers though.

I could watch an entire show composed of only Ephram/Delia. Seriously, I love that he pulled her out of school to have lunch, and he was still hanging out with her that night. What a big bro. Of course, she's right that she'll flunk if it keeps up, but it's sweet.

Harold/Andy- very nice. I like that Andy is getting back into surgery slowly, and how he equated his talent with Ephram's piano playing. What's with us not seeing what's going on between Harold and Rose though? She has cancer, yet we haven't gotten to see them together and dealing with it this season.

Loved the Edna/Ephram beginning to tonight's episode. We don't get to see them interact much, so it was a nice change. Ephram/Bright was awesome as usual. As was Hannah/Bright, who are just too damn cute together.

Amy/Ephram- it was good. I liked how they showed Amy more grown up, getting a job and accepting what happened between the two of them. Ephram needs to mature some more, but he's getting there. I knew he wouldn't keep that check from his father. The Brown family drama continues, but it's always nice to see.

And yes, Reid looks damn good without a shirt on.
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Old 10-06-2005, 10:45 PM
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I LOVED tonights epi

I knew that Ephram would give the check back too, and while I know he needed money, I thought the check for a dinner thing was a weird deal...
I'm glad they showed how Andy/Ephram's fights affect Delia, it was good to see her perspective
B/H - cute as always (80 more dates )
Reid was definitly hot and it should be interesting to see how Amy reacts to him after she sees him kiss that girl...

Here is the preview for next week, courtesy of Jim (Jet1945)!

4.03 Put on a Happy Face
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I've never felt so in love before
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Old 10-07-2005, 05:48 AM
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Okay, back with my thoughts. Warning: Very long..

I really liked this episode as a whole. The Ephram/Amy and Ephram/Delia interaction is what carried it for me. This episode brought me back to season 1 in such a wonderful way. The outstanding integration of drama/comedy was appropriately in its perfect formula. The E/A pining, yearning, chemistry, the Harold/Andy banter, the Ephram/Delia interaction, the Andy/Ephram tension and fighting, it was all there.

Edna/Ephram: Loved the opening scene with them. As they walk on and see Harold/Amy approaching, I love how Edna instantly asks Ephram if he's talked with Amy yet.

Edna to Ephram: Well, what are you waiting for, God to push you over there, or should I do it? Edna at her finest.

Ephram/Amy: I LOVE the awkwardness between them in the first scene. They were awkward in EVERY scene in fact. But, this first scene really set the stage.. As Harold greets Ephram, the expression on Amy's face said it all. She was overcome with emotion, nervously staring off in the distance. Then, Harold smartly finds an excuse to leave so E/A can talk..

I thought it was really interesting how both Edna and Harold instinctively "knew" that it was important for E/A to interact. That was great stuff.

As I predicted, Amy was going to pull back from Ephram, "protect her heart" is the best way to put it. They talked, Ephram cracked a joke, to sort of "break the tension" and they both smile at each other as the eye contact is still dead on even through the tension. Amy then finds a quick excuse about Rose waiting in the car, as Ephram cracks another joke about "restraining orders" which makes Amy nervously smile again, as she tells him good-bye. She leaves and Ephram watches her go.

It was immediate from this first scene that E/A are NOT over each other in the least. It was immediate that Amy was pulling back and it was immediate that Ephram noticed she was pulling back. The chemistry was so.. I don't even think I have words to describe how amazing Greg/Emily's chemistry is on screen as E/A. It's just.. The best. I know I love a pairing whenever the minute they hit the screen together, I am instantly captivated. Honestly, I feel like it's the 4th of July with E/A. Sparks and fireworks, everywhere.

Bright/Ephram: How much do I love these two? So cute. I just marvel over how far these two have come. I just love their friendship so much. I'm so glad that they are living together. Perfect.

Andy/Harold: The bantering/bickering of season 1 is back. It's a beautiful thing. Harold freaking out and wondering where Andy was spending his time was classic. Classic Harold to stress over Andy over one thing or another. Hee. And Harold's reaction to finding out Andy was doing surgeries was all about awesome. Again, I love how far these two have come. They have a real and deep friendship, even through all the banter. I love it.

Ephram/Delia: So cute! He pulls her out of school I love how much they missed each other. Aww. Adorable. I love how they both recognized just how much they missed each other and just how much they want to see each other regularly again. Did I mention how much a love this bro/sis pairing? So cute. I love how they are getting back to their season 1 ways of outwardly showing their feelings for each other and spending quality time together. Perfect.

Whenever they are having lunch and Delia calls out Amy's name, hello, here comes the E/A tension again! Heh. You feel Amy instantly overcome with emotion as Ephram attempts to start a convo with her, using his joking and witty personality to sort of "win her over" but again, Amy pulls back, walks away, as Ephram's eyes instantly follow her. That was such a constant pattern going on for Ephram in fact. He consistently watched Amy walk away.. He kept looking at her every chance he got. I loved it. I love how Delia notices something is up with E/A. She gets it..

Nina and her new place: I thought it was so funny how the townies could not smoothly convert to anything new and modern. The best. I loved Nina's speech to all of them. I love Nina's "take charge" attitude. You can clearly see all the reasons as to why Andy has fallen in love with Nina.

Andy/Nina: I loved how they have decided to go back into friendship mode and be there for each other again, even though they are only putting their romantic feelings for each other "on hold" for the time being.

Do I sense a parallel between Andy/Nina and Ephram/Amy? I do, indeed.

Andy/Ephram: I love how it was shown that they certainly were not close to just forgetting everything that has gone on between them. I almost choked on my coke whenever Andy asked Ephram if his rebellious attitude is about Madison to which Delia is instantly wondering what that meant. Then, it was glossed over and not revisited. Something tells me that this is foreshadowing of Delia finding out the truth about Madisongate sometime in the near future.

Back to Andy/Ephram.. I love how they finally came to a place where they could begin to try and get things back on track in their relationship. It is more than obvious that Andy/Ephram have a ways to go, and that's all right. They found a nice starting place in this episode.

I also loved how Andy made things right with Delia and apologized for coming down on her when he shouldn't have. It shows that Andy is attempting with all that's in him to be a good father again to both Ephram and Delia. It's just so great to see Andy full of life again and not constantly feeling like he is about to crack as he was in season 3 all due to Madisongate. Thankfully, that is all over with now and we are able to see the real Andy Brown again.

I just love the bright light that now appears within Andy. He has hope and promise back... Hope that he can become the very best father for Ephram and Delia. His spunk is back, his witty personality is back. I love it. I love so much that Madisongate is becoming a thing of the past. The dark clouds are very much quickly passing. What a relief.

The last E/A scene: First off, this scene is the very reason why I love this pairing so much. The chemistry is so intense and so grabbing, again, I cannot fully describe how much it moves me. This was the best scene of the entire episode. It "completed" this episode. As the episode moved along, you were "waiting" for this episode, in fact.

It happened and it was everything you could ask for..

I know I sound like a broken record, but the chemistry between Greg/Emily is so damn good, I merely shake my head in complete satisfaction as I attempt to explain just how much.. Greg/Emily are magical on the screen together as E/A. So magical, you have to personally witness it to fully see what perfection they create together.

Ephram walks in, Amy goes back to her nervous mode, tries to pull back from him again by saying they were closing, to which Ephram immediately responds by asking her what he should be doing.. You see the love between them so clearly.

The tension was so thick.. Amy finally opening up and telling Ephram how hard it was for her all summer long, and Ephram's instant reply.. "Now you're over me?" You could feel the desperation in his voice whenever he asks her that.

I love how Amy smiles and says that she isn't over him, but that she cannot keep crying over him. Man, that was such a touching moment.

I just love how Amy says his name, "Ephram." That, in itself, is moving to me. It brought me back to season 1. Honestly, the way she says his name spells out the love that she has for him. Her voice sort of cracks.. *sigh*

And then comes the extreme desperation in Ephram's voice as it probably took everything out of him to ask this burning question to Amy that has probably haunted him all summer long:

"Did you meet someone else?"

To which Amy replies that she hasn't.

Okay, this was the 100% proof that these two are still deeply, hopelessly in love with each other. The way that Ephram painfully asks Amy if she met someone else speaks volumes as to what Ephram is feeling.. His love for Amy is greater now than it has ever been. That much is so obvious. And, well, Amy's love for Ephram has not lessened in any way. It has only increased.

In fact, the love they have for each other has increased to such a high voltage.. True love at its finest is the best way to describe what E/A have for each other.

The legendary eye contact between them was intense as ever. Honestly, it's like their eyes are magnets or something. Their eyes are so powerfully connected and attracted to each other. Blows me away.

The "we were never friends" comment by Amy was as fitting as can be. She wasn't saying, which I predicted, that they were never friends in the literal sense. Her response was beautiful and it summed things up so nicely..

Amy: Cuz we were never friends, not really.. I mean, do you remember a time when there wasn't something hanging over us, something I wanted to say, but didn't, something you wanted to say, but couldn't.

So very true!

The intense eyes contact continues between them..

Amy: You just had to come back, didn't you?

Awww. Oh man, how moving was that whenever Amy delivered that line to him? I nearly died right then and there as she uttered that line..

Damn, my eyes were filled with tears. Good Lord. And then, seeing Ephram in his car, watching her through the window. That was the moment when my tears left my eyes and slowly went down my cheeks, as I grabbed for the kleenex.

Ephram's eyes as he is looking at her says it all. He is still so very much in love with her. THEY are still so much in love with each other.

Regarding next week's episode.. In my mind, Amy can "crush" on Reid all she wants. In fact, she can do this all season long for all I care. The key word is "crush" and looking up what crush means, signifies exactly what a crush is. It's not deep, it's superficial, oh it can be a powerful thing, but again, it's not deep and true. It is what it is.

Amy only has room in her heart for her true, deep, real feelings. And that's reserved for Ephram. Only Ephram, indeed.

So, she can crush all she wants on Reid, because I know it's not the real deal. It's merely only buying time for E/A to get to a place where they can rightfully be where they truly want to be. With each other..

Regarding Reid, yeah, he has a nice body, that much is obvious. But, I'm all about Ephram and Bright. They are seriously ten times more appealling to me than Reid.
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Old 10-07-2005, 06:02 AM
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Last night's episode was pretty good.

Bright and Hannah were all kinds of cute. It is going to be fun to watch their relationship grow.

Amy and Ephram's scenes were heartwrenching. They love each other so much, but there is just so much angst between them.

I thought Jake's speech at the ribbon cutting was cute.

I am glad that Ephram gave the check back to Andy.
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Old 10-07-2005, 06:09 AM
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I loved all of Everwood last night. From Harold and his dominos to Amy/Ephram and then sweet Bright saying he wanted 8 more dates Poor Jake at the door, I was so hard at him. Takes a while to get used to having a teen in the house. Then the best were the Ephram/Delia bonding. I miss those 2 having sweet bro/sis moments. And poor Nina, everybody complaining to her, she did exactly what I would have done TELL EVERYONE TO SHUT UP!

This was my fav in awhile, Everwood is back
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Old 10-07-2005, 07:54 AM
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Michelle- WOWZAS! I thought MY post was on the long side! LOL! But I always love reading your thoughts on a topic so..

JoshnKatie#1: I loved that part too, when Nina told them to try the food or shut up. I love her "take charge" moments and how she isn't afraid of standing up on a chair and broadcasting her frusteration. Right noww the image of an 8 mons pregnant Nina from s1 comers to mind. And Andy asking, "Do you really think that's a good idea" "What do you knwo about being pregnant? I thought so. Now help me up" Nope. This is one gal who has sero problem standing on a chair and telling it how it is

On another note... I apologize I can't think of his name, but the guy who is now cutting clips for us... should there maybe be a thread for media clips? Or should he maybe post the links to whaetever episode hes clipping from on that specific episode discussion thread??
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Old 10-07-2005, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by AppleBehryGrl23
Michelle- WOWZAS! I thought MY post was on the long side! LOL! But I always love reading your thoughts on a topic so..
LOL Ashley. Yeah, I am known for my novels. I can't help it, I get on a roll and I'm off.

should there maybe be a thread for media clips? Or should he maybe post the links to whaetever episode hes clipping from on that specific episode discussion thread??
Good question. I'll think about it.. I like your suggestion regarding a specific thread. I think that'll be the way to go.
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