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The Maria 01-30-2004 09:25 PM

Episode Discussion- Ep 213- "Forget Me Not"

Episode #213- Forget Me Not
Airs Monday, Feb. 2, 2004,9 EST/8C

Caught up in her first fight with Tommy (Paul Wasilewski), Amy's (Emily Van Camp) reconciliation with her father (Tom Amandes) goes awry when she forgets his birthday dinner. Madison (Sarah Lancaster) lies to Ephram (Gregory Smith) about liking a love song he wrote, which leads to a fight when she refuses to show the song to her band. Nina finally confronts Andy (Treat Williams) about neglecting their friendship to spend time with Linda (Marcia Cross).
John Beasley, Vivien Cardone, Debra Mooney, and Chris Pratt also star. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Patrick Sean Smith

Please note: I put this up early because I'm going to be away for a couple of days.


EphramIsHot 01-31-2004 06:57 PM

Yay, we get to see Nina!

MissCongeniality 01-31-2004 09:53 PM

This is what sweeps are all about...I'm glad Nina's back!

Terpsichore 02-01-2004 10:51 AM

Yay! Nina's back. Finally. After being neglected for like 6 episodes. *lol*

EphramIsHot 02-02-2004 04:52 PM


Originally posted by MissCongeniality:
<STRONG>This is what sweeps are all about...I'm glad Nina's back!</STRONG>
I've heard it's Sweeps week.... what is sweeps, exactly?

MissCongeniality 02-02-2004 09:54 PM

Well, I'm guessing "sweeps" is a period when shows have their ratings watched closely, and whether or not the ratings are good during that time determines whether or not the show returns for the next season. There are sweeps periods for November and February, and I think May too for finales.

Tonight's show was good. I thought that it would be about Tommy's shady ways, but of course, the promos were misleading. I'm glad he and Amy worked through their little problem, even though I'm sure the stolen PDA is the beginning of real trouble for them.
I love, love, love Ephram and Madison together (Jailbait 4 life), but I'm glad they're able to survive time away from each other. I enjoyed Ephram and Amy's time spent together for their project. At least they're friends again...
Andy really did desert Nina and I'm glad she called him on it. It really sucks that Sam got into the car accident. Hopefully, Nina won't go MIA again.

I don't even want to comment on how action-packed next week's episode looks...I'll go ramble in the Jailbait thread [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img]

Creative Christy 02-02-2004 10:43 PM

To start with here's my reposting of comments about Ephram and Amy:

I'm so glad that we had like 3 EA scenes! It was long overdue. Now, we know why they didn't talk much before. Ephram wasn't there for her but it didn't really seem like she was there for him either so I guess it goes both ways. I was so happy they got put as a team for the extra credit project in Spanish. This made them spend time with each other and talk! I loved the smile they gave each other in the opening scene even though it was only like 5 seconds and the hug at the end was sweet! But did you see next weeks promo? They both have sex with their bf/gf. I was shaking my head no. I'm like "No, that's not supposed to happen next." I don't like that at all. It's like "Hey, I only know you for a month but lets go at it like rabbits!" That's nuts. How bout EA have sex and cheat on their bf/gf. Now that would be awesome!

Andy/Nina-So glad they had scenes together. I would really like these two to be together cause I think they got more chemistry than Andy and Linda. They are great friends though so I'm glad they reconciled!

Andy/Linda-Don't really care to tell ya the truth but I totally liked that Linda could understand the Nina situation.

Amy/Tommy-Well, I don't like how he went off on her when she was trying to do something nice. How did they make up so quickly?

Ephram/Madison-Madison should have been honest about Ephram's song. I would have been because I thought writing her a love song was really sweet even if it sucked. Plus Ephram (Gregory) is hot, how could you not want that? And again like A/T, how did they make up so quickly? The writers can't keep doing this with E/M and A/T, they gotta break up sometime. Well, I really only saw this cause I'm a Greenie.

Dr.Abbot and family-Nice to see he tried to enjoy his birthday and I appreciated his talk with Nina about Andy. I liked that Amy wrote him a nice note in the birthday card at the end of the episode. That apology was much needed.


Houston 02-03-2004 09:09 AM

Another good episode.

I think I will start this with Nina.

Finally she is back and Iliked how TPTB just did not sweep it under the rug that a regular cast memeber has not been around for lord knows how many episodes. We the audience are not stupid and we certainly noticed that she was seriously MIA. But the fact that there was a reason for it shows you just how thoughout the direction of the show is. TPTB do not do anything without a reason. This was to show Andy that he has seriously been a delinquit friend to Nina and she had every reason to be pissed at him. I feel so bad for Nina. She has her hands full with Sam.

Ephram/Amy- Greg and Emily work so well together and I have seriously missed their friendship wich the lack thereof was also addressed in this episode. Amy was right(yes that came from me who routinely admonishes her behavior), its like Ephram switched from Amy to Bright and basically just dropped out of her life. However, with that said, I do not fault Ephram for that. He needed to get on with his life and find someone new who could return his feelings and be there for him. He needed to think about himself. The E/A relationship is very one sided with Ephram doing the giving and Amy the recieving. I think that from their current relationships with Madison and Tommy, they will learn how to balance their own relationship to where they are more equal. Anyways, so happy to see how uncomfortable they are at talking about each others love lives. That is a sign. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Amy/Tommy- At first I was all for this (first 2 episodes), but over the past few episodes I began to see a disturbing pattern. Once again, Amy is making her entire existence revolve around a boy. She did it with Colin which I always thought was unhealty and she is beginning to do it with Tommy. Not to mention that I cannot shake my bad feeling about Tommy. And there were signs in this episode that Tommy might not be so good for Amy. His totally going off on her though he explained it away was a tad psycho. Then we have Ephram who witnessed Tommy outside with Madison's band members smoking (I have no clue if it was cigarettes or weed). Then poor Ephram learns that Tommy lied to Amy about where he was that afternoon. I think all to soon, Amy will begin to realise that she did not make a wise choice. I actually felt for Amy in this episode to an extent. Though I still beleive that she is in the wrong, I think maybe she is beginning to realise that to a certain extent. But her missing her father's B-Day over Tommy had me seeing red. [img]smilies/furious.gif[/img]

Ephram/Madison- There is no way this relationship will work. I don't think that Madison can really get over the age difference though I see that she is trying. Plus I don't think Amy is really out of the picture. Especially now that it seems her and Ephram have renewed their friendship.

Bright- Good lord this kid keeps getting better and better. I was touched that he would include Amy's name on the gift to Dr. A because he knew how much Dr. A wanted Amy there.

Andy/Linda- I am ready for these two to break up.

Dr. A- I felt so bad for him. He really does love Amy. But he cannot continue to have her rule his life.

Edited to talk about the promo. Godd lord what was that. Have to definately tune in for next weeks show. [img]smilies/eek.gif[/img]

[ 02-03-2004: Message edited Houston ]

SpySyd 02-03-2004 10:26 AM

Everwood's back!!! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] I LOVED this ep!

The reasons:

-Andy/Harold:I missed them!The actors are so good and work so well together.I'm very glad Harold was the one telling Andy about Nina.

-THE GREENIES!!!How GREAT was that kitchen scene?!!!It was a very healthy fight which they both needed.I missed them so much!They really need to work things out coz they're just too damn good together.

-Harold/Amy:How emotional was that scene with Harold reading Amy's letter?Made me cry...just beautiful.They're gonna work things out,that's for sure...they just need some time.

As for the rest...

-Amy/Tommy&Ephram/Madison:Well...I guess the end is near.It's always been obvious Madison wasn't the right one for Ephram and now,it seems like Tommy will be soon out of the picture...I sense bad stuff coming up...

-Andy/Nina:Awww...I love their friendship.Period.

-Bright,Bright, Bright....what are we going to do with him?I love him with Ephram but he seriously needs to stop acting like a child with his sister...

My fav line was Ephram's "GPS tracking system" one to Amy.How funny was that?Hee,I love the banter between those two.

ETA:At last, Colin was mentionned!I was starting to think the writers had totally forgotten about him and the reason why Amy's world fell apart at the beginning of this season.

[ 02-03-2004: Message edited SpySyd ]

The Maria 02-03-2004 11:21 AM

I think the title of this ep was very fitting. I'm glad the writers got back to basics with reintroducing the original friendships, and i'm also glad that they explained why things have been so strained. I think those aspects will only get better.

speaking of which- We got another hug for the greenies! although i'm suprised they didn't mention The Promise. that dissapointed me a bit. t hen again i guess ephram wouldn't admit to amy that it hurt.

I'm glad Linda pushed andy to get back his friendship with Nina and didn't play the b*tchy girlfriend. The abotts both seemed to get it actually.

Amy missing harolds birthday was horrible but i think the letter was a nice way of trying to apologize for everything while it hurt to do it in person, hopefully she'll apologize in person soon.

As for next weeks ep-i'll post my opinions when i get there however i think it's too soon for both couples to have sex it's only been a month, screw the fact it's illegal for ephram and madison...something tells me not all parties will go through with it.


j.m. 02-03-2004 02:59 PM

Wow, what a great episode. I think the last three episodes have been some of the finest they have put together. To me, the sign of a good episode is if I want to watch it again before the easyview on Sunday. I actually watched this one again last night to get all the subtle stuff.

I was glad to see Nina again, you never realized what a powerful character she was until she returned. It was good to see her and Dr. Brown's reconciliation.

Finally we see Amy and Ephraim on-screen together again. All three of their scenes were excellent. The chemistry between these two leaves the Ephraim/Madison and Amy/Tommy looking pretty weak. I am really looking forward to seeing these two start to grow together. The scene in the mexican restaurant was very well done. I thought it was the strongest scene of the episode (which is saying something because I thought last night was an episode full of great scenes). It was good to see that even with all the problems between them, Amy acknowledges that she can depend on Ephraim. Good stuff.

Bright is still a great character, I really liked how he handled the birthday party. Even though he is mad at Amy he is still protecting her and watching out for his folks. He needs more screen time. I also like how we see his and Ephraim's relationship growing.

I thought it was a great technique they used to show us that Tommy is lying to Amy. It was subtle and yet very powerful, I was also impressed when we see the look on Ephraim's face when he realizes that she's being lied to. That, imo, is well-done TV. I am curious to see where this all goes. I'm glad we're almost done with Madison and Tommy. Next week looks interesting, I'm really hoping both sides don't go through with it, it would seem to be out of character for both Amy and Ephraim. We'll see....

RORYJESS16 02-03-2004 04:49 PM

What a great episode!

It was so great, especially the Ephram & Amy scenes. Those are always the best.

Nina- Finally she's back! Its good to know she didn't fall off the edge of the Earth! I'm glad the writers had an explanation for why she wasn't there. They made their point very well, keeping her out of 6 episodes may have done the trick. But they BETTER NOT do that again!

Andy/Linda- They're okay but I just don't like this couple too much. They don't have that special flame that Andy and Nina do. I'm also waiting for them to break up.

Ephram/Madison- The writers enjoy torturing us with this relationship don't they? I know we have some shippers of this couple out there but they just don't connect for me. Madison is Ephram's second choice and she continues to show only a small bit of interest in Ephram.

Amy/Tommy-I like this couple better than Madison/Ephram but I still see no sparks here either. The scene where they showed Tommy doing drugs (or whatever it was) was a sign that the relationship can only go downhill from here. Lying to Amy really made me mad, I wonder if Ephram will tell Amy or leave it alone..?

Ephram/Amy- Gosh the chemistry is soooo there that I think a blind man could see it. The hug, the smiles, the argument, just get together already! They both have feelings for each other and I'm hoping we get to see it happen. Looks like Eph/Mad/Amy/Tommy will all break up with each other at around the same time. I hope so, anyways, because the scenes between them were complete giveaways.

Next Week- Wow. I really don't think these couples are ready to have sex. Not because I'm a Greenie but because 1 month is definitely not enough time to already take that step. Amy didn't even have sex w/ Colin and now she is considering Tommy? I doubt Madison and Ephram will happen because she never seems to be satisfied with him. Next week looks great though! Can't wait to see what happens!

The WB has a Sweeps article with all this month on what to expect, Everwood looks so good that it scares me.

EphramIsHot 02-04-2004 05:28 PM

Wow last night's episode was really good! I'm not gonna go into huge detail (don't have time) but I will just say that I loved it. Greenie forever! But what was up with Madison? I'm sorry, hun, but you're just not being loyal to the boy. Get a life!

Next Week: Oh. My. God. What is the WB doing??? Sure, I like Ephram/Madison and Amy/Tommy and Andy/Linda as much as the next person, but hello? You've only known each other a month, and Ephram and Amy are all "Hey, I like you, you like me, let's lose our virginity!" (Hey that rhymes! Off topic, though...) I liked the point RORYJESS16 made: Amy never had sex with Colin, and she'd known him much, much longer than Tommy. And Ephram, can't you see that Madison just doesn't seem as into it as you? I'm sorry, but I just have a problem with it. Not that I'm against sex before marriage, but still. If this is the way Everwood is going, I'll be very disappointed. But hopefully the WB is misleading us with their promos (as they seem to be so fond in doing) and they don't have sex. Madison and Tommy are fairly mature, so maybe they'll reconsider.

All in all: good episode last week, not so good one coming up!

Cruel Irony 02-06-2004 10:14 PM

Andy should definently dump Linda and take Nina!

Or is she still married?


I was just ecstatic that Nina was there. How many episodes was she "missing" for? [img]smilies/mad.gif[/img]

They better not just have her gone for a couple of episodes again. [img]smilies/mad.gif[/img]

I want my Nina!

[ 02-06-2004: Message edited MARIAROCKS000 ]

MissCongeniality 02-07-2004 01:08 PM

I think Nina had been missing since "Blind Faith"...Wow, that is a lot of episodes.

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