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Old 05-13-2006, 09:49 AM
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Episode Discussion #418: Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the Ride

Monday, May 15 9/8c

Just out of the hospital and wanting to start his life over, Reid (Justin Baldoni) asks Amy (Emily VanCamp) out on a date. Amy talks a very reluctant Hannah (Sarah Drew) into a double date with Amy's friend Nick (guest star Chris Egan, "Empire"), leaving Bright (Chris Pratt) to deal with his pain and jealousy. Delia (Vivien Cardone) panics when her Bat Mitzvah falls on the same day as the birthday party of the most popular girl at school. Nina (Stephanie Niznik) tries to deal with her confusing emotions over Andy (Treat Williams) and realizes she will have to make a decision when Jake (Scott Wolf) asks her to move to Los Angeles with him. Harold (Tom Amandes) points out to Rose (Merrilyn Gann) that they were so caught up in the adoption procedure they've been taking each other for granted. Debra Mooney also stars.

Natasha Billawala wrote the episode directed by Charlie Stratton.
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Old 05-13-2006, 07:22 PM
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Woo Hoo! So essited! Can't wait!

Truthfully, Reid and Amy out on a date doesn't bother me at all. I think Ephram and Reid are cool now and Ephram and Amy are in a good place in their relationship that this won't be some huge thing. I'm sure Reid just needs to kick back and have a stringless date, and have fun.

Not so excited about the mentioning of Delia back with the popular crowd. Thought she wasn't with them anymore? I like her heaps better when she's not with them...

Thank god Nina finally gets hit with this thing called common sense and realizes she needs to decide between Andy and Jake. Hopefully she'll choose the right guy and finally get her happy ending

And it sounds like Harold and Rose are gonna get some quality time together Aww!
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Old 05-14-2006, 07:24 AM
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The Amy/Reid date doesn't bother me at all, either. I have way too much confidence in E/A and how beautiful their relationship has been moving along to get bothered by this. In fact, I think Amy will be Reid's friend more than anything else and that will be most excellent because he certainly needs a friend right about now. Ephram stepped up to the plate, big time, in the past episode. I think Ephram and Amy are doing a sort of "tag team" situation and now it's Amy's turn to be there for Reid. That's very nice.

I'm going to be so happy once this Andy/Nina/Jake triangle eventually comes to a conclusion. I cannot stand triangles to begin with and this one has been so irritating. I just want it to end. Hopefully this episode will get that process started.
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Old 05-14-2006, 09:04 AM
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I won't see this episode [as with every new episode] until the week's Friday. So you have to wait for my opinion [if you want to] for a couple of days when it gets uploaded and I can download it on my PC.
About Amy and Reid, I don't think it will be anything spectacular, like you said, nothing to worry about. But at first I was a bit frightened when I heard this.
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Old 05-14-2006, 10:07 AM
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Old 05-14-2006, 01:36 PM
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I'm glad that the Nina/Jake/Andy triangle is about to end as well. I'm tired of the writers jerking us around. They need to just have her pick Andy like 99.9% of the fans want and get on with it. Then Jake can go back to LA and away from the shrew that Nina has become.
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Old 05-15-2006, 12:19 PM
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Damn Grey's Season finale is on tonight. I can't decided. I'll tape Everwood. It looks really good though.
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Old 05-15-2006, 05:04 PM
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I'm excited for this episode too. I not a diehard fan, so I don't ship all that much. So that means I don't mind the double date. I love Delia/Vivien so I'm glad she is on tonight.
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Old 05-15-2006, 07:23 PM
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Just finished watching the episode! Yes I managed to remember to watch it again this week! SCORE! My thoughts...

Reid- I was a little creeped out in the beginning at his upbeat mood, I wont lie. I did giggle a bit though at his joke at the bowling alley about his suicide attempt. Some may think that was inapropriate, but I think it's normal for some people to make jokes about a serious thing to try and lighten the mood, or make it 'okay' in some way. I'm glad though that he dropped the sharade and he and Amy had that talk. The mentioning of Colin was something I didn't expect! But I'm glad Amy was there for him and she was able to give him that amazing piece of advice and help him out. I really do enjoy their friendship and I am sad to see Reid go

Hannah- I'm sorry she's in pain, but the scene at the bowling alley where she exploded brought on a strong urge of annoyance towards her. The shread of support I had for her almost disintegrated then. I hated how she blew up and made it all about her. I'm sorry. It sucks to be cheated on and I know she's dealing with a lot, but I think being at the ultimate low where you try and end your life, and are now trying to recover from that ranks just a wee bit higher than her issues. She shoulda either flat out refused to go, or sucked it up for the night. Sulking makes almost all situations worse. Not that she's not entitled to it, but... The only time in the episode I actuially liked Hannah was when she and Bright were in the same room.

Hannah/Bright- Still feelin the pain for them big time.

Ephram- I loved his enterence!! He came pretty close to knocking Amy out with that door! Oh how I love Ephram...

Delia- WOOO! You go, girl! She made an awesome decision tonight. I am so proud of her for deciding to ditch the popular crowd and stick to her REAL friends. Unfortunately, most kids in that situation woulda invited the popular girl. I was so excited to see all these Delia scenes in tonight's episode! Missed her dearly!

Nina/Jake- Do you hear that? The sound of the train speeding up, swiftly coming closer and closer to that BRICK WALL also known as breakupsville? The look on Nina's face at the end of tonight's episode says it all. She's not gonna go. That and when she and Andy went to talk to that girl's mother together. No way. They are gonna get together and soon, I bet money on it! I also think Jake's lil speech about how the Brown's aren't her family is major foreshadowing. I was totally yelling at my TV at that point, saying, "They are more her family than you are!!" I mean the one thing that will suck when Jake leaves is that he and Sam are real close. And with the absence of Carl... Jake is the only father Sam has ever known. So that part will suck. Too bad the writers didn't spend a lil time also setting up a relationship between Andy and Sam. Even if Andy babysat for Nina more, or SOMETHING. That's the only bad I can see to come outta Jake's swift departure outta Everwood.

Ephram/Amy- Okay, not a whole lotta scenes between them. Mostly because Greg wasn't in the first half to three quarters of the episode, but the looks and smiles that were exchanged when hecame back were enough for me. I'm no longer worried about these two. They are another couple that will get together, that I am sure of. Plus they are featured together in scenes for next week's episode...

That guy and his wife and the baby- That was such a sad and depressing storyline! I can't even think about it, it's so sad! But i feel it deserves mentioning, so...
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Old 05-15-2006, 07:23 PM
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I just have a few comments:

I really didn’t like Hannah’s selfish and petulant outburst at the bowling alley at all. She did a have a point that Reid was in denial about what had happened to him, but that wasn’t the time or the time or the place to tell him that, and she especially didn’t have to cause a scene and embarrass him in a public place like that. As much as I’ve liked Hannah in the past, I didn’t like her “it’s all about me” behavior in this episode at all, and I thought she was channeling Joey Potter in this episode!

I also didn’t like Jake’s manipulative ways in this episode, essentially forcing Nina to stop helping Andy because of his selfish jealousy of the closeness between Andy and Nina. Whether Jake likes it or not, Nina is part of Andy’s family, and he has no right to interfere in their friendship. I thought Jake was a selfish and manipulative jerk for telling Nina that she wasn’t part of Andy’s family, and in this episode, he really did remind me of Tom Cruise! I was also disappointed that Nina gave in to Jake’s selfish demands, and I hope he goes off to California soon, alone.

The situation that Harold found himself in was absolutely heartbreaking, but it was wonderful that out of that tragic situation, he learned to further value Rose and the wonderful life that they have together, and it was so moving that he told Rose that they need to appreciate everything in their lives.

I was glad to see Reid go, because he was a pretty pointless character, but I thought that Amy gave him some really good advice, which drew on her experiences with losing Colin.

I was really happy that Delia refused to “un-invite” Britney to her party due to that “popular girl’s” demands, and I was happy to see the Delia that we all know and love return tonight.
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Old 05-15-2006, 07:29 PM
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Lots of yelling at my tv tonight.
I thought the double date was a nice idea to get feelings out, Hannah's and Reid's, even though Hannah's outburst was a tad selfish and inappropriate. I'm glad Amy was the one to help snap Reid out of it.
As far a Bright and Hannah, I'm torn on whether I want them to be friends. It seems like a smaller possibility that they'd be back together quickly if they work their way into a friendship like they used to have, but if they're out of each other's lives completely and they keep on avoiding each other, who knows when there will be anysteps forward.
I was definitely proud of Delia and let's see, what am I forgetting? Oh, Nina and Andy. *Sigh* I wish she'd just made up her own mind and followed through on her ultimate Bat Mitzvah plans with Andy. Hm, oh yes, Rose and Harold...hopefully things get back together and stay that way

Luke/Lorelai Logan/Rory Bright/Hannah Ephram/Amy
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Old 05-15-2006, 07:31 PM
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Just a few comments since I'm all depressed over Ausiello's rumour.

(1) The HATS!!! YES! The hats are back and Delia is back and oh man that rocked! It was all forced and rushed her realizing to get away from the popular crowd really only in one episode, but screw it, the return to the hats salvage everything.

(2) Yes, Hannah's blowout was so insenstive and mean and inappropriate, but it's been built so well to have her do it. They've had her be calm and never expressing her emotions for so long, and after Amy basically telling her to let it out and all this Bright stuff forcing these emotions out, this is what happens. She has been repressing thoughts like these for years and writing them in her diary and of course something like tonight is going to happen. I thought it was built rather brilliantly, although it was really insensitive and mean and inappropriate, but it made so much sense from the build. Not to say I really liked it or anything, especially her comments about Reid going to hell and all that crap, but the build made sense and I'll give 'em credit for that since so many shows can't even get that right.

(3) Gosh, this show really is coming full circle. They close up Amy/Ephram, give some more hints to Bright maturing, have Andy finish his journey after Julia, and you've pretty much given closure to everything. They keep giving us some kind of closure on all these storylines. Like tonight with Amy's depression storyline and last week with last season's Amy and Ephram ending and how Ephram needed her. They can still do so much more and give closure to those three important elements I listed above if they get a fifth season, but yeah...full circle for sure.

Just as a favour, there was a scene, or a bit of dialogue where Reid and Amy talked about Everwood and I forget everything about it with my horrible memory, but Reid was talking about how he's going to miss Everwood and Amy was saying something about how people get used to it or I don't know, but they talked about Everwood and to me it just felt like such a shout out for the situation we fans are in. So, if anyone remembers it or can look again, I would greatly appreciate it.
“[People] talk to me about these characters as if they’re real, and they’re not real, but they’ve become real...I really think, shows like this one, you have an attachment to them. They’re like friends you check in on."
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Old 05-15-2006, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by 'Tos
Just a few comments since I'm all depressed over Ausiello's rumour.

(1) The HATS!!! YES! The hats are back and Delia is back and oh man that rocked! It was all forced and rushed her realizing to get away from the popular crowd really only in one episode, but screw it, the return to the hats salvage everything.
Heck yes! i will totally second that! I cheered a great cheer when she pullled that baby out and tugged it upon her head! So exciting!

Reid was talking about how he's going to miss Everwood and Amy was saying something about how people get used to it or I don't know, but they talked about Everwood and to me it just felt like such a shout out for the situation we fans are in.
Ah yes... That I feel was major foreshadowing and I did not like what it foreshadowed one bit. It was cute as his character said it, how he has grown used to Everwood and wants to stay, but I don't like what it was hinting, so I won't say much more bout that...
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Old 05-15-2006, 11:25 PM
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Here's that conversation for you:

Reid: You know it's weird, to think that less than a year ago, I didn't even know what Everwood was.
Amy: Yeah, a lot of people say that.
Reid: Now that I do, it's like I can't even imagine my life without it. I'm really going to miss this place.
Amy: Stop, you're going to make me cry.
After rewatching that scene a couple of times, I think that sudden entrance by Ephram was a blooper. The way that Emily looked and seemed to nearly start laughing makes me think that even though I love her acting ability, that wasn't acting. Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, goodbye Reid - we'll miss your pretty body, but other than that, don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'm glad he made Amy think of Colin and everything she went through there.

As for Hannah, I have loved her character so much up until this point, because basically, she and I are the same person. But tonight, I wanted someone to slap her. She was so self-absorbed - first by saying that Reid was on his way to hell and then yelling at Amy in the bowling alley - I just felt like they wrote her completely wrong in this episode. Having your boyfriend cheat on you and breaking up with him sucks, but it's not quite attempted suicide. She was just so overdramatic and me-me-me in this episode. Ugh.

Stupid WB promos - we were told the Bright drunkenness was going to happen this week. I guess there wasn't a whole lot you could advertise about this episode - not a whole lot happened. Actually, I think that might be Everwood's greatest weakness and asset at the same time. We wrapped up the Abbott's adoption storyline and ended the Reid storyline, but those mean nothing to people who haven't been watching the show. (Well, not that Reid meant a whole lot to those of us who have been anyway.) Delia made a sweet decision and is back to wearing hats, but again, if you're not invested in her character, it was completely boring. I don't know if it's a marketing problem or a writing problem, but I'm going to be sad to see the show go if it does on Thursday. Hopefully, everything will be wrapped up nicely if the show has to end.
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Old 05-16-2006, 06:00 AM
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I found this episode undistinguished to say the least. In fact considering how few episodes there are left in either the season (optimistic) or the history of the show (pessimistic) it was an out and out disappointment.
It was immediately established in the (brilliant) Pilot that Everwood was a show revolving around a core of key relationships; those of Ephram/Andy, Ephram/Amy, Amy/Harold, and Harold/Andy. Ably supported by Irv, Edna, Rose, Nina, Bright, and Delia, these are the characters we fell in love with and the relationships that tweaked our heartstrings on a weekly basis. One would think that with the future of the show in doubt the powers-that-be would be betting the farm on the elements which drew us to the show in the first place. Apparently not. Instead we got Nina/Jake, Hannah/Bright, and Reid. And not a minute of the four core relationships. What a waste.
Among the very few highlights:
DELIA: I've loved her since Day 1. I never bought her as "popular", so I was as glad as anyone to see her show her true colors last night (although I do feel that last week's silent couch scene with Andy was just as strong an illustration of who she really is). Unlike some others though, I thought the hat thing struck an odd note. The hats were part of Delia the little girl. Her whole arc this season has been about her becoming a young woman. The hat certainly didn't dovetail well with her touching up her lip gloss and biking off hoping to meet a cute boy. Oh well, she's still irresistable.
ANDY: After being almost impossible to like last year, the guy has come full circle. He's in a pretty good place as a father and a very good place as a friend. I declare him offically redeemed in my eyes.
REID: The main "highlight" here is that he's gone, to be remembered only for his body, an ocean of self-pity, and being one of the few (only?) characters on Everwood to be shown smoking.
The rest:
AMY: I was greatly annoyed with her for most of the episode. She bullied Hannah into going with her to greet Reid upon his return on the basis that it was her duty as Reid's friend. When was Hannah ever Reid's friend? Has there been any friend-type interaction between them? She then ill-advisedly accepted a pity date with Reid and bullied Hannah into coming along, magically producing out of nowhere a ready-made date for her (can you say "contrived"?). I must say she redeemed herself in the end, though. Her conversation outside of the bowling alley with Reid was Amy at her most sensitive and caring. Nice to see her put aside the self-absorbtion for awhile.
JAKE: It's time for you to go, son. You tell Edna you're far too noble to ask Nina to choose between you and Everwood, then proceed to do just that. You also pressure her, out of sheer jealousy, to pull back from a friendship which means the world to her. I have news for you; she's not going with you. So long.
BRIGHT: I love the guy, but Chris cannot pull off the angst-ridden personna (perhaps some lessons from Greg would be in order).
HANNAH: This girl has obviously been taking lessons in self-absorbtion from Amy. Her rant was not only embarrassing, it was cruel. It actually made me have a moment of sympathy for Reid (did I just say that?). Knowing the propensity of Rina (et al) to try to qualify Hannah for sainthood, I can only guess last night's moment of imperfection will be used to set her up for some angelic act regarding Bright's accident.
NINA: Make up your mind! You're being unfair to both Jake and Andy. Worse, it's making you look silly.
HAROLD/ROSE: This has to be one of the most impressive marital relationships on television; and one of the most realistic. They have their ups and downs; they're not very much alike; sometimes they drive each other crazy. But their mutual love has never been in doubt. These two fine actors are a pleasure to watch. And does anyone doubt that they will (if the show continues) end up with the baby born last night?
With a couple of days to go before the official word comes out, the rumors of the show's imminent demise are strong. If that turns out to be the case, I, as a long-time fan, can only hope the remaining screen time is devoted almost exclusively to the characters who have proven since the beginning to be the most compelling. Please don't continue to waste precious time on those I don't care about. If you must go out, go out on a high note. Your loyal fans deserve it.
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