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Welcome to the Guardian Angels Thread

Guardian ♥ Angels
"We'll Find Each Other, We Always Find Each Other"

1. YellowMustang Girl (Carol)
2. IfITellUIllHav2KillU
3. -Andie-
4. Wildfire Girl (Karen)
5. TreeHillRaven3
6. Dricks
7. mandine (Anna)
8. Chynna Princess
9. plushie232
10. rachel_19
11. McDreamy
12. cbmcgee15
13. gabby089
14. *Soccer Diva* (Paula)
15. PiCkLeS4dAwSoN (Anji)
16. windswept butterfly (Allie)
17. Jay_10
18. ami_07
19. Wildecatt
20. paintedxlie
21. .:Crzychick:.
22. ThUyN19 (Ngan)
23. AivliS
24. FlyingHigh25
25. Scare Queen
26. MartyBC
27. SethxMarissa (Sonia)
28. L i N d $ @ y
29. angelface211
30. - Minttu -
31. ~Courtney~
32. behrlyawake (Tiffany)
33. neko_chan
34. *Fleur*
35. genki
36. Berkie
37. ChiltonYale
38. SassMouth (Caitlin)
39. Lessie
40. Fleni
41. ryanforever (Elodie)
42. MJordan23 (Pat)
43. Jenndeve
44. lafcia (Nika)
45. *~World on Fire~* (Booey)
47. La Ti Da
48. Buckeye4life
49. joeil90
50. Departure
51. Louisiana
52. Spacekiddet32
53. Joella
54. Elliz
55. globe2912
56. Claire&CharlieFan4eva
57. Roswell 10/2/00 (Erin)
58. Dreamer4ever (Jennifer)
59. Roswool (Carolyn)
60. zassou
61. craziprodigy
62. Bluephoenix70
63. americanpsycho21 (AJ)
64. exXotica
65. Dalz
66. Shipperaholic
67. Mrs.Almeida
68. aliasunused (Jo)
69. FelicityBenKissesx
70. BigB
71. OneSongKatie
72. Tes!
73. Whordy (Kirsty)
74. Zamboni_47
75. OTH_Leyton_4eva
76. Noraabs
77. CTUgal21
78. daritah
79. obxbmj
80. bobbins34
81. Glamour_pixie
82. AmandaB
83. vball2003_1999 (Danielle)
84. Bell3_r@inboW
85. qtdramachickee72 (Cass)
86. Tugi
87. Bones+Booth4ever
88. meli5
89. Dorkodancer147
90. dancer150
91. Cathangel
92. Bambi_
93. Carlie06
94. xelanoops
95. Addison Montgomery
96. BethanyBee
97. leyton3ilay
98. Ania R.
99. *forever* (Phyllis)
100. x-Jenzy-x
101. LoVe-Story
102. niam
103. SergeantPepper
104. Fading Letters (Isi)
105. laurendbs (Lauren)
106. ~Jules~
107. Leneoth
108. SwettyMa
109. JLarah (Joana)
110. Laurababora
111. *Mrs.Dusick*
112. germanJavaJunkie (Jule)
113. Big Head want Dolly
114. Julien Suncrisbe
115. *kaat*
116. CJG18
117. Denise
118. how2savealife
119. Oceanic Aly
120. WalaBridget
121. nililah
122. semmaxoship
123. Let The Ball Drop
124. ale-la-pazza1 (Alessia)
125. Ali Marie
126. brazilian_fan
127. SmilinStar
128. NBalways
129. calliebear32
130. kissmesweet
131. I_Wish_I_Were_Kerry
132. numbnuts
133. Freckles87
134. Pey_23 (Paula)
135. courtneybangelcakes
136. SBristow
137. colorful_dust (Natasha)
138. gizzie_fan
139. NateBlairlover
140. marian16rox
141. locketlove
142. B.Chambers
143. Jess.S
144. MTVVJ08
145. makry
146. crazyshipper83
147. TummyKisses (Marie)
148. BLCS
149. Tears of an Angel
150. Undercover
151. lost lullaby
152. naturellebella
153. ColdLinoleum
154. in.rainbows
155. Lostbeth
156. ~Amore~
157. BrucasBangelBrylan
158. JaSam4Life
159. ifonlyx33
160. Lexipedia

If you want to be added, just ask on the thread

The Moments

Because he recruits her as a double agent (1.1)

Because even Weiss can see Vaughn cares for Sydney (1.2)
Vaughn nervously sitting at desk, fidgeting with a coin. Sydney is on a mission.
Weiss: Any word from her yet?
V: No, I don’t expect to hear anything from her till she gets back.
W: Your girlfriends’ name is Alice.
V: Will you shut up.
W: I’m just checking.
V: Get out of my office.

Because Sydney demands Vaughn become her handler again. (1.3)
Lambert: Who the hell do you think you're talking to?
Sydney: I know exactly who I'm talking to. Tell Devlin if Agent Vaughn isn't on the either end of this earpiece when I turn it on, the C.I.A. gets nothing.

Because Vaughn is her guardian angel… (1.3)

Sydney: Who am I talking to?
Vaughn: Your invisible friend.
S: Good. Where are you?
V: Satellite relay station back in LA, watching you from a 200-mile orbit.
S: (Looking at the sky) My guardian angel.

Because of the car wash scene (1.7)
At car wash
S: You sure you’re okay?
V: Yeah. I just –
S: Did you have a fight with your wife?
V: My what?
S: Your wife
V: What wife? I have no wife.
S: No? There was a picture in your office – you and that woman. I thought you were married.
V: She and I are not remotely – you thought I was married this whole time?
S: I guess so. What’s the big deal?
V: Nothing.

V: Why’d you ask me if I’d had a fight with my girlfriend?
S: I don’t know. Did you?
V: Huge.
S: (grins)

Because Sydney has Vaughn’s number. (1.4)

VAUGHN: (To Sydney) Okay, listen to me. There's something you need to know. When you first walked into my office with that stupid Bozo hair, I thought you were crazy. I thought you might actually be a crazy person. But I watched you, and I read your statement, and I've seen... I've seen how you think, I've seen how you work, I've seen how you are in this job. In this job, you see darkness. You see the worst in people and though the jobs are different and the missions change, and the enemies have a thousand names, the one crucial thing, the one real responsibility you have is to not let your rage, and your resentment, and your disgust, darken you. When you're at your absolute lowest, at your most depressed, just remember that you can always... you know. You got my number.

Because even Jack sees the tensions between them 1.07

Vaughn: Sydney's life is worth the risk!
Jack: Not to Sydney! Taking them down is what gets her up in the morning. Or... did you think it was those meetings she has with you?

Because he bought her a Christmas present 1.10

Vaughn: (embarrassed) I don't know. I was in this store, you know, um... this little antique place.
Sydney: (big smile) What were you doing in an antique store?
Vaughn: I don't know. (laughs nervously) Whatever. Um, look, if you don't like it just... don't tell me.

Because Vaughn wants to go to a hockey game with her 1.14

Vaughn: Yeah. Last week, when you talked about quitting SD-6--
Sydney: I was being naive.
Vaughn: No, but, um, what you said about wanting to go to a hockey game... wanting me to be part of your life... I, uh, I think I wasn't clear about something. (pause) That it would be nice to be in public with you, to actually get to look at you. Grab a pizza or go to a hockey game. I-I just... I wasn't clear that I would really like that, too.

Because Vaughn wants to break into the Vatican with her 1.16

Sydney: We'd have to leave tonight. You in?
Vaughn: (shy smile) Yeah. I'll break into the Vatican with you.

Because he believes in her … and he’ll throw her in his trunk 1.17

Sydney: You didn't think about it. Not once. The possibility that Rambaldi could be right about me.
Vaughn: No. I didn't.
Sydney: Why not?
Vaughn: Because I believe in you. Do you think I'd just throw anyone in my trunk?

Because Vaughn is about a mile across “that” line. 1.21

Weiss: I don't want your thanks. I want it to stop.
Vaughn: Look, Sydney's my responsibility . . .
Weiss: Mike, I'm not going to trivialize your relationship with her by calling it a crush . .
Vaughn: A crush?
Weiss: But whatever it is, it's starting to affect me and if that sounds selfish to you, I was hoping to retire fully vested. I know you genuinely care for her. I do, too. But there is a line that we have been sworn not to cross. We're about a mile past that.
Vaughn: I don't know how to be Sydney's handler without making it personal.
Weiss: Figure out a way.

Because he knows all her favorite spots and tracks her down 1.22

Sydney: Hi. How did you find me?
Vaughn: You told me a couple of months ago that when you feel the need to disappear, you go to the observatory. But the observatory was closed. And then I remembered you said the pier calms you down. But you weren't there. And you weren't at the bluffs and the palisades, either.
Sydney: You didn't really go to all those places.
Vaughn: Yeah, I did. And then I remembered you liked the train station, too. Normal people going to their normal jobs.
Sydney: I can't believe you remember that.

Because he is her ally, never question that.

V: Good. Listen, as far as your mother's concerned, it's ridiculous for you to worry about me. I mean, I'm fine. What she did to my father, I can handle. But when I heard what your father did, coming to see you like that, I realized how insane it must be for him, having your mother back in his life. Which only concerned me because that means he's not making it any easier for you. So before you leave for Moscow I just wanted to say that you might feel alone in all this, like you don't have an ally. (pause) I'm your ally. Never question that.

Because he held her while she cried

Because his watched stopped the day they met 2.8

Vaughn: This watch belonged to my father. It's broken now, but it used to keep perfect time. And when he gave it to me, he said, "You could set your heart by this watch." It stopped October 1st: the day we met. (Sydney is about to respond when her pager goes off, then Vaughn's goes off as well. They look to see who it is.) Kendall.
Sydney: Me too.

[FONT=Georgia]Because he gives her tickets to play mini golf so that he can watch her and Will and Francie play (2.9)

SYDNEY: Any word on the flower?
VAUGHN: Preliminary analysis indicates that it's anywhere from four to six hundred years old. (Syd gives him a look)
VAUGHN: Like I said, preliminary.
(He smiles at her and gives her something.)
SYDNEY: What's this?
(She looks at the mini golf tickets he's given her. Great smile.)
Sydney, Will and Francie all play mini golf together. Sydney's jogging around, having fun. Vaughn watches from nearby, smiling. Sydney laughs and takes another shot. Vaughn leaves.

Because he watches her sleep

S: Hi.
V: Hey.
S: Did you close your eyes at all?
V: On and off. You talk in your sleep.
S: No! What did I say?
V: "Don't frost the pie!" It seemed really important.

Because she was there for him through his sickness

Because Syd admits to Francie that she has a crush on a guy at work.(2.11)

(At Francie's restaurant, Syd and Fracie stitting there, drinking a cup of coffee and talking)
SYDNEY: I have a crush on a guy from work.
FRANCIE: Really? Who is he?
SYDNEY: Someone in my department. We've worked together for about a year now.
FRANCIE: You're kidding me. What's his name?
SYDNEY: Michael. And he's... I don't know how to describe him. He's smart... and he's funny. He's so cute.
FRANCIE: Hot cute, not goofy cute?
SYDNEY: Hot cute.

Because they actually go to dinner together (2.12)

Vaughn: The nearest Alliance cell is in Zurich. The CIA tracks SD-6 security section. There haven't been any signals, no movement.
Sydney: You're serious.
Vaughn: We've been to restaurants and sat near each other. We've met in parks and convenience stores, and all of them in LA where we are much more likely to be seen. Look, two things -- one, I think it's not that great a risk and two, I am hungry. I'm starving. I mean, we're going to be together anyway, why can't we be eating? Aren't you hungry?
Sydney: Yeah, I'm hungry. (Pauses) Let's do it.

Continued ...♥

"And even though everything's changed, some things don't.
I'm not gonna lose you twice."

Credit: leyton1000

Because he cannot sleep at night thinking about her (2.13)

Sydney: What?
Vaughn: I think you know what.
Sydney: I need you to tell me.
Vaughn: You need me to tell you what? That when you're on operations, I can't sleep at night. That when we're in debrief I have to force myself to remember what the hell we're supposed to be reviewing. When all I want to do is kiss you.

Because of their first kiss (2.13)

Because he broke up with Alice (2.14)
Sydney: About last night ...
Vaughn: Is this going to be about Alice?
Sydney: I know it's complicated ...
Vaughn: We're not together anymore.
Sydney: Since when?
Vaughn: Since this morning. The truth is, we've been over for a long time.

Because he loves her place

V: Nice place.
S: I'm gonna get a new couch.
V: Yeah?
S: Well, I don't know...
V: So this is where you live.
S: This is where I live.
V: I love it.

Because dinner can wait so that they can make love for the first time (2.14)

Vaughn: You're so beautiful.
Sydney: Dinner's ready.
Vaughn: You do have an oven. You know, we can reheat.

Because they wake up in bed together (2.15)

SYDNEY: Vaughn?
VAUGHN: How come you never call me Michael?
SYDNEY: I do sometimes. Vaughn?
SYDNEY: I'm graduating today.
VAUGHN: What? When the hell did you have time to take a class this year?
SYDNEY: I wasn't even going to go to the ceremony but... And I've been lying here remembering why I never gave school up and why I killed myself writing papers instead of... I don't know, accepting that I'd be an agent forever.
VAUGHN: You're going to quit the CIA, aren't you?

Because they are cute and hot

Because she never had anyone to disappoint, until him.

S:I never had anyone to disappoint. That's different now. I'm sorry.

Because she offers him the middle drawer. (2.19)

Sydney: Vaughn. I mean, okay. The backpack is getting a little ridiculous.
Vaughn: What do you mean?
Sydney: (she points to her bureau) The middle drawer. It's yours.

Because they finally got to play hockey

Because he wants to take her to Santa Barbara (2.22)

(Hockey rink. Sydney and Vaughn.)
Sydney: I'm just so relieved for him, it's like I can breathe again.
Vaughn: You know where it's fun to breathe? Santa Barbara. You ever been?
Sydney: Yeah, I love it. The zoo, that giraffe with the crooked neck.
Vaughn: No, I mean, the beach, the Biltmore, the food. La Superica -- you ever been there?
Sydney: No.
Vaughn: Okay, we're going this weekend.
Sydney: Yeah, come on, as if we can go. There'll be some emergency, some--
(A cell rings.)

Because he held her when she was lost.

Because he was so in love with her, it nearly killed him.

S: On the off chance that your hesitation is out of some courtesy to can forget about it. I...I mean... I can handle you being there. Don't worry about me.
V: The other day you said I gave up on us because I didn't have faith; that somehow you didn't mean enough to me.
S: When I said that, I was...
V: No, let me finish. After you died, I used to talk to you were still around. Literally, out loud, whole conversations about...nothing (Vaughn looks lost in memory as he speaks): the weather...Should I get a new car? Should I have another drink?... Then one started answering. I mean, I could hear you in my you were right next to me, Sydney. And although rationally I knew I was a guy who...stayed up nights drinking...talking to his dead girlfriend... Still, I couldn't stop. So, before you tell me you can handle me coming back to the CIA, there are two things you need to know: that I was so in love with you...that it nearly killed me. And second...that I don't regret moving on with my life.

Because she lost something she had that she loved that it kills her that she doesn't have it anymore ~ Vaughn (3.3)

Because Vaughn, when he’s in the hospital, dreams of Sydney kissing him. (3.5)

Because when Vaughn wakes up in the hospital he is dreaming of Sydney (3.5)

Because some things don’t change. (3.7)

Sydney: If the NSC wants to find me, they will. Look, I was someone else for two years, Vaughn - someone I don't even remember. What am I supposed to do now? Spend the rest of my life in hiding?
Vaughn: Between that and a lobotomy, there isn't a choice!
Sydney:. I can't keep running forever.
Vaughn: I'll do everything I can to make sure you won't have to.
Sydney: Vaughn, why are you doing this? My life is already a disaster . . . now yours is, too.
Vaughn: What happened between us - everything. The way it is . . . isn't anyone's fault, Sydney. And even though everything's changed, some things don't. I'm not gonna lose you twice.

Because Vaughn helps Sydney escape the country despite risking his life and despite his wife having turned Sydney in (3.7)

Because Marshall even knows it's love (3.7)

Marshall to Vaughn: "I give you the codes, you're gonna bust [Sydney] out, aren't you? Kick some NSC booty. Can I just say 'LOVE' "

Because they kiss…even if Syd thinks it’s a dream (3.9)

Sydney: I can't help it, I just miss you. I do.
Vaughn: You know we can't do this.
Sydney: Give me a break, it's a dream - we can do whatever we want. At least, I can. They kiss.

Because Vaughn will kill for her (3.10)

Vaughn: If you betray her, I swear to you no matter what it costs me, I will kill you.
Sloane: No need to worry, Agent Vaughn. I love her too.

Because Vaughn admits there’s only one person in his life (3.12)

S: It's okay.
V: We're not going to make it out of here. There's something I need you to know.
S: Vaughn...
S: It's okay.
V: In my life, there is only one person.
S: Don't do this.
S: It's okay.
V: Look at me.
S: Vaughn...
S: It's okay.
V: The only reason I pushed you away...
S: Please...
S: It's okay.
V: The only reason, I didn't know how to be around you.
S: They're coming.
S: It's okay.
V: Sydney...
S: I know. I know. (whispering) We'll find each other. We always find each other.

Because Vaughn is her soulmate (3.13)

Because Sydney still has feelings for Vaughn (3.13)

Sydney: Every day I wish I could go back in time, but I can't. And as much as I... as much as I still have feelings for you, I won't be the other woman - not ever.
Vaughn: I know.

Because Syndey remembers the anniversary of Vaughn’s father’s death and Lauren doesn’t. (3.14)

Sydney: Yesterday was the day, wasn't it? The anniversary of your father's death?
Vaughn: How could you remember that?
Sydney: I remember what missing him does to you.

Because he dropped the gun (3.14)

Because the man she loves is on that plane (3.15)

Because Vaughn is sleeping on Weiss's couch (3.17)

Because Vaughn offers to destroy the disks/keys if they are a danger to Sydney (3.17)

Because he asks if she wants to get a cup of coffee when they get home (3.17)

Because Lauren won't be his wife for long (3.19)

Because he is worried about her -- "The Passenger and the Chosen One shall battle. Neither shall survive." (3.20)

Because all he can think about is her (3.21)

Vaughn: Whatever Lauren did to me, I want you to know I take full responsibility for what's happened. I messed up, and if you can't get past that, I understand. But will you try?
Sydney: I don't know.
Vaughn: Will you at least think about it? Because it's all I can think about.
Sydney: Yeah. I will think about it.

Because Vaughn saved her from being consumed by her hatred of Sloane, and she wants to save him from his hatred of Lauren (3.21)

Because he loves Sydney more (3.22)

Vaughn: I said don't say her name!
Lauren: Sydney came back and I lost you--
Vaughn: I hate you, but I love Sydney more. That's the only reason you're not dying tonight.

Because he escapes from the hospital to warn Sydney (3.22)

Because he came for her (3.22)

Because Vaughn wants to come in (4.01)

Vaughn: Can I come in?
Sydney: If you come in, we both know what’s gonna happen…and I don’t want that—to jump right back in where we were…before everything…to pretend that those years didn’t happen.
Vaughn: Well, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?
Sydney: But they did.

Because Vaughn saves Sydney’s life by pulling her back into the train (4.01)

Because Vaughn and Sydney once again consummate their love (4.01)

Because Sydney confides in Vaughn when she learns her father murdered her mother (4.03)

Because Vaughn wishes her luck on a mission (4.02)

Sydney carefully removes the grate and sets it aside. Just as she's about to go down the shaft, Vaughn says:

Vaughn: Hey. Good luck.

Syd gives him a small smile.

Sydney: Thanks.

Because she feeds Vaughn pizza and vegetables at her birthday party for Weiss (4.03)

Because he is like her conscious (4.03)

Vaughn uses some weird laser mic to communicate with Sydney, who has made her way to a balcony.
Vaughn: Shotgun to Phoenix, how do you read?
Sydney: This is so weird. It sounds like you're right next to me. You can hear me?
Vaughn: No.
Sydney: That's good. It's like talking to my conscience.
Vaughn: It is, a little bit, isn't it?

Because Sydney has faith that Vaughn can turn Kiera (4.04)

Beause Sydney tells Vaughn he should spend the night (4.04)

Sydney: When we get back...maybe you should spend the night.

Because they are not boring (4.05)

Sydney: What, did they expect us to do, just drop and go at it on the floor?!
Vaughn: If one more person calls us boring...
Sydney (insulted): He didn't call us boring, he called us cold... (insecure) Who thinks we're boring?

Because of Vaughn’s proposal story (4.05)

Phil: How'd he pop the question?
Sydney (fumbling): He...took me to...
Vaughn (cutting in): Santa Barbara, actually.
He gives Sydney a half smile, which she returns. We can tell they are both thinking of the trip they were supposed to go on three years ago.
Vaughn: I had this whole romantic weekend planned. Presidential Suite at the Biltmore, candlelit dinner on the cliffs overlooking the ocean... So we went into town, and she wouldn't stop talking about the zoo. So, we went to the zoo. Figured I'd get it over with. And then I saw how happy it made her. It made me forget about all my stupid plans. And here we had this personal chef making this unbelievable meal at the hotel, and... (pauses) I proposed on one knee in sawdust in front of a giraffe with a crooked neck.
Vaughn gives Sydney this very intense look and she stares back at him, clearly enthralled by his story.

Continued ...♥

"I was so in love with you nearly killed me."

Credit: ale-la-pazza1

Because they were supposed to go to Santa Barbara (4.05)

Sydney: The story you told at the dealership...
Vaughn nods. Sydney slides a hand down Vaughn's cheek and he leans in to drop a kiss on Syd's neck.
Sydney: We were supposed to go to Santa Barbara three years ago...and we never made it.
Vaughn shakes his head as if to say "No, but..."
Vaughn (in soft, loving voice): Karen and Dave did.
Syd and Vaughn stare lovingly at each other for a long moment and smiling before kissing passionately again.

Because they make love in the shower (4.05)

Because they have operational control of the airplane and decide to have dinner in Paris (4.05)

Because Sydney helps Vaughn decipher the code in his father’s journal (4.12)

Because Vaughn talks to Sydney on her cell phone as she walks to the getaway car (4.13)

Because Vaughn and Sydney danced in the train station despite Vaughn hating to dance(4.13)

Vaughn: “I’ll take you dancing.”
Sydney: “You hate to dance.”

Sydney trapped in coffin.
Vaughn: “Marshall is on his way. We’ll be dancing in no time.’
Sydney: “If my feet touch the ground….”

Sydney: “I need to go wait at the train station; there’s someone I need to see.”

Because Vaughn tells Sydney her loves her (4.14)

Because after waking up from a bad dream, she's the first thing he sees (4.14)

Because after all that time he STILL has a drawer at her place (4.14)

Because he proposed, and she said yes.

V: Syd, come here. I had it all planned out.
S: What?
V: I was gonna take you to the beach, Santa Barbara. We’d go out for a walk, maybe when the sun was setting. But now we’re here, and I don’t know what we’re jumping into. And I may never get another chance to do this again. Sometimes I wake up before you do, and I watch you sleep. And I’m overwhelmed because. . .you’re so amazing. And I don’t know why I’m lucky enough to have you in my life, but you’re here with me. (Sydney nods) And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you trying to make you as happy as you make me.
S: My God, Vaughn.
V: Sydney Bristow, will you marry me?
S: We’re gonna make it out of here.
V: Is that a yes?
S: Ask me on the beach.

S: Just in case, yes.
V: Yeah?
S: Yeah, I want to marry you. (Vaughn puts the ring on her finger.) It’s perfect. So are you.

Season five to be continued ... ♥

Title suggestions:
Because she turned around, and there he was, as he always has been. - Hinting towards the finale after Irina just died and Vaughn came in.
Because he wanted to come with her. He always did. - The finale, he insisted on going with her to the mountain.
Because she was all he ever wanted and he got his wish.
Because he was all she ever needed, no exceptions.
Lost in your lovin' arms, that's where I want to be.
I promise to be truer than true, dreaming every night with arms around you.
I promise to love and to cherish you, with every inch of my soul.
It's all so clear to me now, you're all I have.
Because I'm never gonna fall in love again.
I only need the compass that you gave me to guide me on.
I think the finish line's a good place we could start.
I know we'll make it anywhere, away from here

The Soundtrack

1. "All My Life" by Rosie Thomas
2. "Angel" by Sarah Maclachlan
3. "Freedom" by David Gray
4. "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" by Coldplay
5. "I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow
6. "Slumber My Darling" by Alison Krauss
7. "So Are You To Me" by eastmountainsouth
8. "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
9. "A Light on a Hill" by Margot and the Nuclear So-Sos
10. "The Last Night on Earth" by Delta Goodrem
11. "The Story" by Brandi Carlisle

Story Art : Wordsflow at Livejournal
Liz for Appreciation Banner
Courtney for Organization
All Sydney/Vaughn fans for Reasons

Because in the end they were found ♥

Leslie Knope: “There are no consequences to my actions any more!
No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me.
I’m like a white, male US Senator.”

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Gosh, 10 years ago!
Nanda | youtube&tumblr
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No problem

Thank You for the video
Leslie Knope: “There are no consequences to my actions any more!
No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me.
I’m like a white, male US Senator.”

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OCTOBER 1ST!! S/V forever and always.
"Blair… Say life is giving you signs, and you’re ignoring them
because you’re afraid of the thing they’re signaling you to do.
But then you think, what if these signs are here for a reason
and ignoring them just makes me a coward?"
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Can i be added?
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Thanks for the new thread.
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No problem

Originally Posted by JaSam4Life (View Post)
Can i be added?
Of course Welcome to the thread, JaSam4Life

OCTOBER 1ST!! S/V forever and always.
Well said
Leslie Knope: “There are no consequences to my actions any more!
No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me.
I’m like a white, male US Senator.”

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Love the OP!! so many great moments. They're amazing! And ten years ago, wow I wonder if they're celebrating somewhere in the land of fictional couples with little Isabelle and Jack
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I bet it took some time to get this together
And ten years ago, wow I wonder if they're celebrating somewhere in the land of fictional couples with little Isabelle and Jack
Probably If Syd's not on a mission somewhere that is
Leslie Knope: “There are no consequences to my actions any more!
No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me.
I’m like a white, male US Senator.”

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haha yeah maybe vaughn could go with her. hey maybe thats how they can celebrate, by doing the thing that brought them together in the first place they can leave the kids with uncle dixon
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Sounds perfect to me

- So what did you do for your anniversary?
- You know the usual: spying, guns, terrorists, explosions, wigs, ... anything else I missed, sweety?
- Car chase, hun.

Dixon will be delighted for sure
Leslie Knope: “There are no consequences to my actions any more!
No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me.
I’m like a white, male US Senator.”

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Yes that's exactly the way two spys should spend their annaversary, it's totally normal
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Definitely And the kids don't bat an eyelid either :

Your parents went to a restaurant? Pah - my parents infiltrated a terrorist cell - oh, and now that I told you that they'll have to silence you - my bad
Leslie Knope: “There are no consequences to my actions any more!
No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me.
I’m like a white, male US Senator.”

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aww this scene was so adorable! He got her to laugh with his lame joke!

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Hehe, nice gif

It's quite a feat that he managed to make her laugh even though her mum was about to get executed
Leslie Knope: “There are no consequences to my actions any more!
No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me.
I’m like a white, male US Senator.”

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