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A Witter Affair to Remember

This is my first time writing a Dawson's Creek fan fiction. This story is set in current time, so the characters are the age they would be if the show was still running. It focuses on Gretchen Witter's return home to Capeside for the wedding of her brother (which brother is yet to be revealed) and inevitable reunion with Dawson Leery.

Pairings: Dawson / Gretchen; Pacey / Joey; Jack / Doug; Alexander / Lilly
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A Witter Returns To Capeside

Not since my father’s passing, and the subsequent the fight I had with my mother, had I returned to little seaside town that had been my childhood home, and I wondered if I had made the right decision. It had been too painful to consider returning before that day. There had been no reason, until that day, to return, but there I was stepping off the bus, fresh from Boston, with just an oversized duffle bag and the reason was my brother had finally convinced someone, after ten years together, to spend the rest of their life with him.

So it was time for me, the youngest of the Witter Sisters to swallow my pride and face my mother and the many other demons of my past that had kept me away so long. I took a long laboured breath, savouring that long forgotten sea breeze and with my duffle in tow, I took my first step forward in the direction of the cab that would take me to the Potter BnB.

It was as if time had stopped since 2001 when I flew the coop, taking that job in Boston and leaving the the love of my life behind. Well at least that's what it seemed in that quiet little place on the edge of what was once thought of as the 'wrong side' of the creek. Wooden pinwheels spun rapidly, fuelled by the soft breeze. I could hear a wooden chime sounding feintly on the porch above the steps.

As I climbed those steps, I was greeted by a tall, scowling teenage boy with coal black hair, mocha coloured skin and round, round garnet coloured eyes. “Oh, hey!” The scowl was gone, replaced by a broad welcoming smile. “Here let me help you with that.”

Instantly I liked the boy who was taking the duffle from my shoulder, but I was also surprised by how he had grown up, since I had seen him last. “Thanks… Alexander, isn't it?”

“Call me Alex,” he said. “And you would be Gretchen?” I nodded, surprised this kid, who was a mere toddler before I left Capeside, would remember who I was. “Uncle Pacey said you would be staying with us.”

“Speaking of my brother, is he around? Or your aunt Joey?” I asked.

Alex shook his head. “My aunt is over at the Icehouse in town and my uncle is with uncle Dougie. Wedding stuff.”

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “And how is the new Sheriff Witter?” I hadn't seen either of my brothers in years and the mention of my brother still made me shudder. Naturally, he had followed in dad's footsteps and rose through the ranks on the force. Just as expected he also had taken Mom's side during our fight. I had hoped raising a little girl with Jack McPhee would mellow him, but he remained as righteous as ever.

Alex shrugged, “Eh! He's the same.old Sheriff Dougie.” We both laughed. “Your room is this way.” He started towards a solid oak door, fumbling for the key.

“Wait! Don't I have check in first? Where's your Mom?” A shadow crossed his face, making me wonder if I should be worried about Joey's sister, Bessie.

He forced the smile back on his face. “You're family. Your stay is on us,” he said a little too quick. I couldn't help hearing a little waver in his voice. “I'll leave you to settle in.”

“Sure,” I said, but he had set my duffle down and was already out of sight, leaving me alone with my confusion. I unzipped my duffle and pulled the blue dress, I had brought to wear to the wedding, out rolling it out flat, before I hung it on one of the hangers in the closet. Next I set my toiletry pack on the dresser. It was then I heard Alex outside, his voice seemingly recovered from the mere mention of his mother, as welcomed another guest. I wondered how busy and who else I would be sharing the Potter's one bathroom with that weekend?

“Another familiar voice cut into my thoughts and I froze.” It was a voice I had not heard in many years, not since we went our separate ways. It shouldn't have been a surprise he had came back to Capeside for the wedding, but hearing his footsteps getting louder in the hall, had my heart thumping loud in my chest and my feet glued, paralysed, to the floor.

Now a big shot Hollywood director, Dawson Leery could've stayed anywhere in Capeside, at one of the fancy hotel chains in town or at the Leery House, so I wondered why he'd chosen the humble Potter BnB as his temporary residence that weekend.

“Gretchen Witter!” Dawson exclaimed, stopping in the doorway to poke his head into my room. Alex must've mentioned I was here, I thought, ruining any chance of laying low that weekend.

“Dawson!” I replied.

He smiled, stepping in to to give me a hug. “How long's it been?” His arms felt surprisingly comforting and warm, even after all the time that had passed. I could feel myself momentarily relaxing into hug.

“Too long,” I answered.

He pulled back from the hug to meet my eyes. “Wow! I must say you look as beautiful ever.”

I blushed, thanking him quickly, not sure how to take this compliment, but before I could stop myself I returned the sentiment, taking in the muscles visible under his sports jacket. We stood in silence, staring at each other, like a pair of awkward teenagers, both if us searching our minds for something to say.

“Boy this place doesn't change much, does it!” He finally exclaimed.

“I guess not,” I agreed. “Um…”

“So…” Dawson sighed as his eyes darted towards the door. “I better go settle in.”

“Sure.” I watched Dawson leave, part relieved, and the other part wanting him to turn around look at me like he used to and really see me the way he did in the wide eyed Dawson Leery way. Of course he didn't, and for the second time that day, I wondered if I had made the right decision, coming back to Capeside.
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Chapter 2
The Sound Of Sobs In The Night

I could hear sobbing down the hall that night as I lay in my bed, and ignoring my inner voice, telling me to ignore it, turn over and try to sleep, I threw the covers back and swung my legs around onto the floor as I sat up, planting my feet into a pair of complementary Potter BnB slippers. I combed my fingers through the tangled mess of hair on the back of my head before standing.

I padded my way down the hall, past Dawson's room, thankful his door was closed and acutely aware of the sound my feet made on the wooden floor.

On the other side of the hall was another door, and it was through this door that the sobs were coming from. As I peered in, I saw Alex sitting on the edge of his bed, staring at a framed photograph on the bedside table. The soft glow of a lamp revealed that the photograph was of a much younger Alex and Bessie. I watched him pick that photo up with one hand, and wipe away a tear with the other.

Sure that the boy would prefer to be by himself in that moment, I continued down the hall to the bathroom, where I washed my face, and fixed my hair a little, though unsure why. I squinted my eyes a little as I took in my reflection in the small.mirror above the sink, noting how it had aged, particularly so recently, especially the faint lines at the edge of my eyes. I wondered what Dawson had meant with that compliment earlier. Was he for real, or just being polite?

“Oh, sorry!” I jumped as Dawson's voice cut in to my thoughts. “I didn't know anyone was I here.

“It's ok, I was just leaving.” I said, rushing past him. “Bathroom is all yours.”

“Gretchen wait!” He called. I stopped. “Is something the matter?”

“No, why?” I answered.

“I can't help thinking that my being here is bothering you, somehow.” he said. “I can check out tomorrow and go stay at Mom's the rest of the weekend”

“No, there's no need for that.” I said, feeling more than a little embarrassed. What had come over me since Dawson arrived earlier? Surely I could put the past behind me, couldn't I? I was starting to wonder if it was residual guilt I was feeling about the way I had left Dawson all those years before. I didn't doubt for a second I had done the right thing to leave. We were headed, literally, in opposite directions and neither of us could've pursued our dreams and stayed together, and Dawson was so willing to abandon his dream to follow me while I pursued mine, but I wondered if I was a little cowardly, not sticking around at least to say goodbye. “Dawson, can we talk?”

“Sure.” He smiled. “I’ll come to your room when I finish up in here.”

I padded back down the hall, past Alex's room, where his light was now off, back to my room. I turned the lamp on, by my bedside, and sat on my bed, fiddling once again with my hair.

Minutes later, Dawson was standing at my door. I motioned for him to come in and he made a beeline for the chair at the desk near the window. He turned it around and sat, resting his arms across the back of it. “Funny, I did the same thing after Mitch died,” he whispered, glancing out the door towards Alex’s room.

“Dawson did I miss something? What's happened to Bessie?” I asked.

“Cancer,” Dawson answered. “Alex completely shut down after she died. Pacey and Joey are helping him with the BnB.”

“I have missed a lot! How did I not know any of this?” Don't answer that.” I added, suddenly full of regret, that I hadn't tried harder to stay in contact with my brother.

“Gretchen -,”
“Dawson, I-,”

We both laughed. “You first,” we both said at the same time. Dawson laughed again.

“Dawson, I wanted to say I'm sorry, you know, for the way I left things with us.”

“Its ancient history,” he replied.

“Yeah I know.” I paused. “It took me a long time to let you go, and seeing you today, I think I realised I haven't really, not yet.”

“Me too, but looking back, I understand it.” Dawson’s eyes misted over a little. “I needed to forge my own path. Hollywood was my dream as you know.”

“You have no idea, how proud I am of you,” I said, tearing up. “ And you know who else would be?”


“Mr Brooks.”

Dawson.chuckled. “Who knew that miserable old bastard would become my all time hero and friend.”

“Just think, if you hadn't crashed his boat, you might not have uncovered one of Hollywood's greatest treasures, right here in Capeside!” I said.

We both sat in silence for a minute thinking about Arthur Brooks, the man who reinvigorated Dawson's passion for film, during his senior year. That was the year Dawson revealed what he thought had been his secret little junior high crush on me by showing me a letter he had written but not originally given me. We both knew our age difference would be the thing that would eventually tear us apart, but the gravitational pull we felt towards each other was too strong and saw us defy logic.

We shared more memories, of Mr Brooks and then of the time we took the road trip, ending up stuck on the side of the road. How naive Dawson had been, and how turned on I felt by his innocent outlook on life. At eighteen, he had a boyish sense of wonder that drew me in, had me forgetting the pain of losing my baby months before, and ready to jump on a plane and fly out to LA with him. It was the feeling that I was robbing him of his last chance to keep that innocence that urged me to move on with my life, and the job offer in Boston, to me was a sign that it was the right thing to do, form Dawson.and for me.

It was only when I yawned that I realised we'd been sitting together, reminiscing for almost two hours. In another two hours the sun was due to rise and I knew a busy day was ahead for both of us.

“I guess we better get some sleep.” Dawson said, standing and stretching his arms out. He followed that with a yawn.

I crawled under the covers of my bed, feeling more at ease than I had all night and watched as Dawson headed to the door. “It's good to see you again.”

“You too.” He said. “Goodnight!” With that he was gone, back to his room, shutting my door behind him. I rolled towards the opposite wall and almost instantly was asleep.
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Chapter 3
Before Breakfast

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and buttermilk pancakes wafted into my room and woke me from my slumber. I quickly dressed and fixed my hair, contemplating but dismissing the urge to mess around with makeup. Dawson was already in the kitchen with Joey and Pacey, by the time I emerged.

My perpetually jovial brother was in a.groove flipping pancakes. There was already a large stack of them on a plate beside the stove. Joey was pouring fresh beans into the coffee maker ready to brew a second batch of coffee. As her arm was raised I noticed the bump where a baby Witter was almost formed. For the first time, I a long time I felt a wave of pure joy wash over me, brought on by the prospect of being an aunt again, only this time to my brother's first child.

“Hey Jo, let me take over here.” I offered.

“Thanks, but I can still make coffee,” she refused. Her voice softened from her usual determined tone. “Besides you’re a guest.”

“Behold a Potter with a sense of obligation to do it all on her own, without accepting help from anyone.” Dawson teased.

“Spoken like a man who knows me too well, Dawson,” Joey retorted.

“I'm also family, Joey, not a paying guest. Let me help out in some way, please?” I pleaded, shooting Dawson a quick smile.

“Hey big sis, if you're looking to be the first Witter ever to earn their keep here, by all means, you can take this stack to the dining room.” I took the plate from Pacey and started out of the kitchen.

In the dining room, Alex was setting the table. His eyes barely met mine as he shot me a quick greeting.

“Wow this looks great in here!” I exclaimed a little too enthusiastically.

“Thanks.” He muttered. “We aim to please here at the BnB.”

“I can't believe this is the first time I've stayed here. You guys have created a wonderful place.” I gushed.

“Yeah, when I was a kid Mom and Aunt Joey turned out home into what it is now.” Alex explained. “They always said it's what Grandma Lillian would've wanted, but never got to see.”
“Yeah my brother told me.” I said. “She would be proud of this place, I'm sure, and of you. Your Mom would be too.”

“Yeah…” He busied himself with opening a fresh pack of napkins and setting them down around the table at every place before placing the rest in the centre.

“It must be hard, not having your Mom.” I said.

“I don't wanna talk about it.” He said quickly.

“Sure, I get it. When my dad passed, it took me a while to comprehend he was gone. For ages I couldn't talk about him.” A wave of sadness washed over me as we continued setting the table in silence.

John Witter was a hard man, the hardest of all on Pacey and me. It almost destroyed Pacey growing up, but the day I left for college was the first time I'd ever him him utter the words “I'm proud of you,” in my direction. Naturally he expressed his bitter disappointment when I returned from college a year out from my graduation year to take the year off and sort my head out. He even went so far as to say how he thought I'd drop out sooner before wasting anymore of his hard earned money from years of policing the town.

Mom always went along with it. “Well someone's gotta serve the drinks and wait on tables,” she would say.

It was just like when she corrected Pacey when he talked about being a veterinarian. “Dog grooming groomer, Pace,” she'd say, stamping out any possibility of my brother aiming higher in life. “Someone has to be be the dog groomer.” Looking back, it was amazing that my brother finished his GED and was on the next boat out of Capeside, considering the two people he needed in his corner expected nothing more of him than to fail.

Our brother of course reveled in being the good son, the favourite of the Witter clan. The then Deputy Doug tormented and belittled Pacey every chance he got and growing up it took all the resistance I had not to slap the smugness right out of him. Pacey put it down to unhappiness that Dougie had to hide behind a hetero sexual facade.

Then when Doug finally came out Pacey became Dad's favourite. Dad never hid his disappointment ever with any of us and he was not about to start hiding the disappointment he felt about Doug, who he'd always seen as his shining star among the chaos that surrounded the rest of us Witters, from me abandoned college, and Pacey blowing all his money on Stepotek and everyone else's, including Dawson's.

When Pacey showed the truly determined character he was and solicited the money Dawson needed to finance his first Hollywood film through donations from local businesses, my Dad could not be prouder. Seeing Pacey's name in the credits of Dawson's remake of Creek Days filled my father with so much pride he conveniently forgot everything he originally said about Pacey being the family screw up.

Doug hated not being the favourite for the first time in his life, but he too came around to being a friend to Pacey, after Jack McPhee moved back to Capeside to teach English at the local high school and coach the Minutemen, and a friendship blossomed between them. I think somewhere along the way, losing Dad and both believing they had failed him, brought Pacey and Doug closer. I guess it made them both realise that they needed each other more that they ever thought. Doug had never felt more alone in dealing with his sexiality and Pacey's friendship with Dawson never fully recovered from the blow of Joey finally choosing between Pacey and Dawson.

I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice Alex had left the dining room.momentarily and was now returning, armed with condiments and with Dawson in tow. He took a place at the table and I took that as my cue to also sit.

“So how are you coping with being back?” I asked.

“I couldn't be happier to be here. They are so great together aren't they?” He said, staring back into the kitchen.

“They are.” I agreed. “You know despite everything with Bessie, they really look genuinely happy.”

“I never thought I would ever see Joey happy here in Capeside. She was always so intent on leaving here and seeing the world.” Dawson mused.

I nodded. “I guess Thomas Wolfe was wrong. You can go home again.” Another wave of nostalgia washed over me as I uttered those words. “So what are your plans this morning Dawson?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Well my little sister has been bugging me to come spend some time with her and of course I should see Gail too.” Dawson said.

I nodded. “Be sure to say hi to your Mom for me.”

“Why don't you come with me!” He suggested.

“I couldn't intrude.” I interjected.

“Believe me it wouldn't be an intrusion.” Dawson insisted.

Thinking there was nothing needed of me that morning until later, I agreed. “Sure, why not.”
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Chapter 4
A Glimpse of the Past

We stood on the porch and Dawson's face took on a faraway look as we started out at the creek. The water seemed to sparkle in the morning sun, as it stretched as far as the eye could see in both directions.

"Funny it seems smaller," I whispered, but Dawson seemed to faraway to hear me. "Dawson! Earth to Dawson!" I snapped my fingers in front of his eyes.

"What?" Dawson snapped back to reality. "Oh, sorry."

"Where were you?" I asked.

"Back," he answered.

"Back?" Now I was confused.


I looked over at where the cars were parked. A black BMW was parked to the side of the house, next to a red Viper. "So, shall we take yours, or borrow Pacey's?" I asked, eyeing what looked like a recently busted tail light, wondering if I really wanted to know how that happened.

"Neither," Dawson answered starting towards the dock.

That was when I saw the old wooden row boat tied to a post. "Dawson, are you crazy?"

"Why not? For old times' sake." When Dawson was determined, I knew there was nothing stopping him, not logic nor reason. It was that tenacity that made me fall for him in the first place.

He stepped into the boat and held his hand out to me.

"Permission to come about, Captain? I asked, allowing myself to succumb to Dawson's boyish sense of adventure yet again. I took his hand and stepped down in the boat, aware of its unsteady rocking under my feet.

"Permission granted." Dawson in fastened the rope, as I sat on the wooden seat, and in no time we were floating away. Dawson sat opposite me and took up the oars.

Suddenly I was fourteen years old again, sitting in that boat pretending we were Huck and Jim, with my eleven year old brother's best friend, who had secretly been crushing on me for the better part of junior high. Not that I was aware of that fact until I found the letter from eighteen year old Dawson years later. Now at 34 years old, Dawson still seemed like that same boy. Hollywood evidently had not changed him.

I pushed away the next thought that had snuck into my head, something i thought too incredible to consider.

"So, I watched The Creek a little while ago." I said.

"Oh, that old thing?" Dawson feigned nonchalance as he waved dismissively. "No really, what did you think?"

"Great, of course." I said.

We began rehashing the entire plot, until we began dissecting season 4, Senior Year, both realising the significance of that season, as Dawson's biopic turned TV teen soap.

"The Gretl scenes weird for me though." I said, referring to the character so clearly representing me.

"Yeah, sure I guess it would be… sorry." Dawson's expression turned to worry for a moment. "Just don't sue me, okay?"

"Are you kidding, Dawson?" I exclaimed. "I'm honoured I made the cut."

"Well you were the great love of my life… other than Joey of course." Dawson paused for a second realising the words that were slipping out of his mouth. "I mean… you know… before Joey, there was you, this romantic fantasy for me." he was faltering as he spoke, like he was suddenly possessed the nervous tongue tied pre-adolescent version of himself.

Neither of us could speak, so we rowed the rest of the way in silence, Dawson returning to that faraway place again, while I was fighting off the same thought that had plagued me the whole time we'd been in the boat. There was a familiar warmth in my heart and in my stomach was the flutter of butterflies emerging from cocoons, I hadn't felt in many years. I fought those off too. Surely after all this time, our past was firmly secured in the past.

As we neared the Leery's dock, Dawson's expression turned to sadness and I followed his gaze to the house next door to the Leery House. A 'SOLD' sign was tacked opposite the letterbox, to the old white picket fence, with peeling paint revealing the woodgrain.

"A terribly sad thing to happen," I said putting my hand on Dawson's shoulder. I remembered Pacey mentioning Jen's passing, which had left Baby Amy motherless. Jack and my brother were raising the child as their own.

Dawson nodded, and I realised he was suddenly too choked up to speak. "Dawson!" what I could only guess was sixteen year old Lilly Leery's voice cut into our mournful silence.

"Lilly!" Dawson cried, as he turned his gaze to the sandy haired girl running arms outstretched towards the dock.

Dawson leapt out of the boat, after barely remembering to tie it to the dock. In his excitement, he still held his hand out to me. I took it and climbed ashore.

As I watched Dawson and Lilly rush to each other and melt into a warm embrace, I marvelled at the reunion of what seemed like two freakishly close siblings and I missed my own brothers and close we once were. I wondered how had I drifted so far away from both of them and our sister Carrie, when Dawson as big a Hollywood big shot as he was still remained close to his kid sister. What were Doug's and Pacey's and Carrie's excuses? What was mine?

"Gretchen! Come, meet my sister, Lilly!" He beckoned to me and I happily obliged. "Lilly, this is Gretchen, Pacey's sister, and an old a friend of mine."

"Hi Lilly, I remember you. You were just a baby when I last saw you." I said.

"Hey," she barely acknowledged me before linking arms with her brother, and leading him towards the house. I tailed behind, a step, watching their animated conversation like a grand slam tennis match between the Williams Sisters.

"Dawson, I'm so glad you're here, Mom's driving me crazy! She's got all these rules now, since Alex and I, you know, got together." Lilly exclaimed.

"You and Alex? When did this happen?" Dawson exclaimed.

"Oh it's new, I'll tell you about it later when we can talk, in private," she added, glancing back at me. I paused mid step, aware that I was encroaching and realising that tagging along wasn't such a great idea. I slowed my steps, desperately searching my head for an excuse to bail. "Anyway Dawson, you've gotta talk to her, make her see reason!"

"Okay, I'll talk to her, but no promises," Dawson said, opening the door to the porch and then the main wooden door, as Lilly dropped Dawson's arm and stepped into the house.

"Mom, Dawson's here!" she called as she charged through the house to the kitchen.

It was then that I started to make up some excuse about needing to see if I was needed with any last minute wedding stuff.

It fell on deaf ears. "Nonsense! That can wait, didn't you want to see Gail?"

"Yeah I did, but we can catch up later at the wedding or something. You should spend some time with just your family Dawson." I started back towards the steps.

"Gretchen, wait!" Dawson exclaimed. I paused. "Stay. I want you to, please?"

"Sure, why not." I followed Dawson into the house.
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Hey how do I make this so it's viewable by chapter order?? It's currently chronological from Chapters 4-1.
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Hi Cre8iveFlare,

I think it would be easier for you and this forum if you just posted your fanfic on or another fanfic website, and then post a link in this thread: DC's Fanfic Thread #1 - We Love a Good Fiction.

That's usually how we post fanfics here.

Thank you.
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I look forward to reading this. It's a bit late for me right now, will perhaps tomorrow night.
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A Teenage Girl Thing

Chapter 5
A Teenage Girl Thing

“Dawson!” Gail was rushing through the hall, arms outstretched to greet us.”Please tell me you're not too old to give your mother a hug!”
“Never!” Dawson said, wrapping his mother into a hug. “How long's it been?” He asked.
“Seems like forever but still not as long as it's been since I saw this lovely face!” Gail said pulling back from Dawson and took a step towards me and seconds later was lightly throwing her arms around me in a warm hug.
“How are you Mrs Leery?” I quickly kissed the air by her cheek.
“Gail!” She corrected me, “Please I insist you call me Gail.” She began ushering us through to the living room.
I took a seat next to Dawson on the couch and immediately Lilly emerged and hurried into the room, and squeezing herself between us, forcing me to scooch down a bit.
“So Dawson, tell us about Spielberg. What's it like to work with him?” Lilly demanded.
“Lilly, give him a moment to settle would you!” Gail chastised. “She's been so excited to see her big brother.”
“Really it's okay Mom,” Dawson beamed at his kids sister and proceeded to talk about his latest gig, working as a First Assistant Director on Spielberg's most recent production. Gail was grinning from ear to ear as she watched Dawson's animated tales about his days on set in what was most certainly a dream come true for Dawson. A fleeting sadness crossed her face and I wondered if she was thinking of her late husband, Mitch. I couldn't help thinking Dawson's father would've been so proud of his success. Mitch had been a man who dared to dream and he encouraged his son to do the same, against some pretty incredible odds. In that moment I realised how proud I was of everything Dawson had achieved.
We all talked for a while, Dawson sharing stories about working with different actors in Hollywood, shedding a small tear for Robin Williams as Dawson talked about the film he had directed that Robin was a feature actor.
Then Gail asked me what I had been doing with myself and I cringed thinking of the job I had just walked out of after fifteen years.
“Well I'm sort of at a crossroads at the moment in my career so I'm making it as an opportunity to take a breath and reevaluate things.” I explained, hoping my glossed over version of my miserable situation would suffice.
“Oh, well I sure you'll figure it out. How long are you in Capeside?” Gail asked.
Well I've come back for the wedding mainly but I don't know, I thought maybe of sticking around Capeside awhile… nothing's concrete though,” I added.
“Of course.” Gail nodded. “ Well there's always a position at the Restaurant for you,” Gail said. “You always were one of my best cocktail waitress.”
“You know what's, Gail. I'll think about it.”
Then Lilly nudged Dawson, leaned over and whispered something in his ear.
“So Lilly,” Dawson said. “ You and Alexander huh? How did that all happen?”
Lilly blushed. “Prom,” Lilly answered. He asked me to go, you know as friends, but little did I know he had been crushing on me, like I was on him and we danced...he kissed me…” Lilly giggled, oblivious of Dawson's smile.
“Wow, history repeats itself, hwy Mom?” Dawson looked over at his mother whose face turned serious.
“Yes, well we've since removed the ladder in light of this new development and we are still finding common ground on this.” Gail explained.
“Meaning, mum's being totally unfair about it. I'm not aloud to go to the BnB anymore after dark and Alex can't stay over anymore.” Lilly wined. “It's like she's forgotten what it's like to be young and in love.”
“Well that's not entirely true,” Dawson interjected, referring to the countless number of times he'd found his parents in the kitchen carrying out the very act that Gail was clearly hoping to avoid happening between her daughter and Alex.
“Don't worry Lilly, our Dad did the same thing when I was your age. Do you remember Mom?”
Gail nodded “And I know he would do the same thing now too.”
“So unfair!” Lilly complained.
“Lilly,” I said. “Your Mom is just concerned that you and Alex might take certain steps in your relationship that neither are you are ready for.”
Lilly whipped her head around and glared at me. “I'm sorry, who are you?”
“Lilly!” Gail exclaimed. “Since when do you speak to guests in that tone?”
“Since they butt into stuff that doesn't concern them!”
“I was just trying to help!” I protested, wishing now that I hadn't said anything at all. “You're right Lilly, this has nothing to do with me. None of it should make any difference to me. It's your life.” I said, trying to keep my cool.
“It's okay, thank you Gretchen,” Gail said. “Lilly, you will apologise to Gretchen.”
“Fine! Sorry.” It was the most insincere apology if ever received, but I shrugged it off. “I’ve got homework to do. I'll be in my room.” Lilly stood up abruptly and glided towards the staircase. “Dawson come see my room, when you're done here.”
“I'll be up soon.” Dawson said and then Lilly was gone.
“Gretchen I am so sorry.” Gail said. “I don't know what's going on with her lately. Ever since this whole Alex thing she's been a nightmare.”
“Really, it's okay, Gail. It's a teenage girl thing I think” I reassured. “I'm sure I have my parents just as much attitude growing up.”
Dawson shook his head and chuckled. “Aw Mom, she's in love.” He said, in Lilly’s defence. “When we were that age, nothing could keep me and Joey away from each other, and then there was a certain overprotective Mother who suddenly set a curfew the night Gretchen and I went to a club with her friends.”
“Yes I remember. I think I learned a lot from raising you but I hate to say it, she might take after her big brother in a lot of ways, but Lilly is different to you in a lot of ways Dawson.” Gail said, giving no indication that she was anywhere close to budging on this one.
“Mom, I wish you luck.” Then changing the subject he exclaimed, “I see the Ryan house has new own owners.”
“It's so wonderful isn't it?” Gail said.
“What do you mean? Have you already met your new neighbour?” Dawson asked.
“Yes, as a matter of fact and so have you.” Dawson looked genuinely as confused as I was. “It's such a lovely thing, Andie did for Jack and Doug, and to think, Amy will get to grow up living in the same house her mother grew up in.”
“Andie bought the house, when do they move in?” Dawson asked.
“They're waiting until after the wedding, to completely move in but they're already moving some stuff over there.” Gail explained.
“I think Jen would've wanted that for her daughter,” Dawson mused, thinking about the girl that had stepped out of the cab and into his heart. Their romantic lives together had been short-lived both times, but Jen Lindley remained one of Dawson's best friends, right up until her tragic passing. Amy had been a baby and with Jen's Grandmother’s frail age and life expectancy uncertain, Amy was left with Jack to raise. Andie was Jack's sister, a neurologist living in Boston. Jack and Andie remained close and Andie, having not yet had a schools of her own, enjoyed being an aunt to Amy.
I wondered if she would make it to the wedding, given her busy work schedule.
“Well,” I said, breaking the heavy silence that had settled over us,” I guess I should go see if I'm needed for anything, with the wedding.”
“Oh! Should I come with you?” Dawson asked?
“No, stay. Catch up with your mom, and Lilly.” I said, standing up. “Gail it's been so good to see you.”
“You too Gretchen.” Gail said “Remember the offer still stands, you know with the job at the Restaurant.”
“I will definitely think about it. Thank you.” I said.
Dawson stood also. “At least let me walk you out.” I thought of no reason to refuse.
“I am sorry about what happened with Lilly.” He said once we were out on the porch.
“It's fine.” I said.
“Gretchen, I'm glad you came with me.” He said.
“Me too.” I said a little too quick.
“Are you okay?” Dawson asked.
“It's fine I've got some stuff on my mind that's all. Nothing for you to worry about.” I reassured him. “I'll see you back at the BnB after?”
“Sure.” He said. “It's a date.”
This is my latest chapter on here. I will continue to post the rest of I on I will post the link shortly.
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Originally Posted by ChristinaL80 (View Post)
Hi Cre8iveFlare,

I think it would be easier for you and this forum if you just posted your fanfic on or another fanfic website, and then post a link in this thread: DC's Fanfic Thread #1 - We Love a Good Fiction.

That's usually how we post fanfics here.

Thank you.
Someone in one of my groups suggested this forum would be suitable, but you're right, I think I will post the rest on
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Here is the link to the rest of the story on., as it builds. please also feel free to leave a review.
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Originally Posted by Cre8iveFlare (View Post)
Here is the link to the rest of the story on., as it builds. please also feel free to leave a review.
Thank you.

I love reading fanfic, too, so I will check it out.

I will put a link in the fanfic thread too. When you update, you can just post a link there.
DC's Fanfic Thread #1 - We Love a Good Fiction

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Story is up to chapter 8 now with just a few more before I draw it to a close. Please read, enjoy, and don't forget to leave a review.

Reposting the link here:
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Wow, you are committed to this story.

Just a reminder that we have a Fan Fiction Thread which is the best place to put these.
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