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Old 07-08-2020, 09:51 AM
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Pacey Witter/Joshua Jackson Appreciation #55: Josh, Congratulations On Becoming a New Daddy!

Welcome to the Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread

Everyone who posts here regularly gets assigned a Pacey. And CookieMonster (Cee) has made an art of each of our Paceys! So here they are!

First of all we have Lover Pacey! We have all agreed to share him so as not to cat fight each other over him!

CookieMonster (Carolyn) Officer Pacey

Touldengal (Shira) Chef Pacey

Myfirstlove (Farina) Dr.Pacey

hshapir2 (Sarah) Dancing Pacey

Murron (Agostina) Sailor Pacey

ILoveJosh (Romina) Rock N Roll Pacey

JoshandChristinaCursed (Patty) Businessman Pacey

TrueDaisyLover (Tiana) Student Pacey

Songofjoy (Care) Hawaiian Shirt Pacey

sailaway (Laurie) Party Pacey

starzscarme (Beth) Shirtless Pacey

All arts by CookieMonster

Pacey Videos
YouTube - All of Pacey's Scenes
YouTube - Our Paceys!
YouTube - Pacey- Don't Let me Get me

What We Love About Him
I love the way he moans at the end of a kiss.
I love how he's the underdog and wouldnt have him anyway.
I love I eyes
I love his sexy whishper, when he get's all close
I love Pacey because he respects the ladies
I love how he is sweet and friendly to everybody (not including teachers, well.. except for Tamara that is. Not the point here)
I love that he has humor
I love how he sat by the fire all night to watch Joey sleep.
I love how he helped the Potter girls with the B&B
I love him
I love his hero complex
I love his amazing intuition for all things womanly
I love he is great with kids
I love the innate kindness of his heart
I love how smart he is
I love that he always helps his friends
I love he is the faithful type
I love how devoted he is to the woman he loves
I love his sassiness
I love he doesn't follow the rules
I love he is a great cook
I love his sense of adventure
I love his hawaiian T-shirts
I love his smile
I love his butt
I love the scar on his cheek
I love every single thing about Pacey Witter!
I love when he looks out the window in That Was Then.
I love that he can cook (cause a guy who can cook is sexy
I love his sway that he does sometimes. You know... the one he did in The Dance as he walked towards Christy Livingstone.

Reasons Why We Love Him
becasue pacey had the jeep
because he remembered everything
because he thought it was right to do the wrong thing
because he has bigger biceps
because he was romantic
because he gives us butterflies
because he made us believe in "True Love"
because he wanted to be Pacey and bad
because he loved with all he had
because he stood up for those he loved
because he watched Joey sleep
because he could sail
because he could cook
because he called girls by their last Mcphee, Potter, Lindley
because he was friend to women.
because he sure could kiss
because we never doubted how great he was
because there was no show without pacey.
because he felt something and acted on it.
because he was intensely passionate
because he challenged the rest of the creekers
because he was adorable with in particular
because he was the best looking sea creature from the deep EVER.
because he would sacrifice himself for others
Because he made up a story for Joey
Because he's a hero
Because he brushes Joey's hair
Because he sang 'Wild Thing'.
Because he IS a wild thing
because he is a real man.....and what a man!!!
Because we can't keep our eyes off his butt.

100 Things We've Learned from Pacey Witter
100. Even though you are the sidekick, you will still get the girl in the end.
99. Even if you sleep with your teacher, don't expect to get A's
98. Even if a girl is free, and never dated your best friend before, you still have to check with said best friend before you ask her out.
97. You don't have to have a show named after you to be the star of it.
96. Snails are not into threesomes.
95. Even when you dont know the name of where you are "Dawson will know!"
94. Even though you are the screw up of the family you will still be successful
93. Your ex thinks so highly of you that she gives you her blessing to date her roommate
92. Fois Gras is fattened duck liver
91. Rissoto needs to be built up
90. Dr. Suess wrote: "Would you eat them in a box? Would you eat them with a fox?"
89. You need to read cosmo if you have three menstrually diverse sisters.
88. You can buy your own wall for a hundred dollars
87. That wet T-shirt contests should be for men too.
86. Even though you never went to a college class you can still run your own successful restaurant.
85. You borrow from family, you never steal.
84. It's entirely possible to remember everything when you love someone
83. Our parents are way more messed up than we are and it’s not worth our time or energy to go on despising them for it.
82. Not everyone likes chipped beef on toast
81. A Birthday curse can be broken by fireworks.
80. Sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing.
79. Never judge people
78. Even when he was a child at heart, he was the most adult person on the show.
77. You can wear a ugly Hawaiian shirt and never be pulled over by the fashion police
76. You can go through security without even having bags
75. You can do anything in a K-Mart.
74. You can dip kiss your ex who you haven't seen in years and leave her breathless
73. Discombobulate has five syllables.
72. You always tease the ones you love
71. Ever since they invented the Cartoon Network, there's no reason to get up early on Saturday morning.
70. If you tell the woman that you love that she's off the hook...She will tell you that she loves you.... and always has...and convince you that you knew it all along
69. To do what makes me happy, and leave it at that.
68. you can become a chef from just working at a restaurant for a few months
67. After you have sex with someone for the first time...don't tell them that it was nice!!
66. It's true, a man does look sexy in uniform.
65. If you console a girl at the end of a just might become more then just friends!!
64. You stuff the lemons into the chicken for flavoring
63. It's fine to say the word nice as long as your future girlfriend doesn't say it
62. "It's never too cold for Ice Cream"
61. Things happen for a reason
60. Don't try to pass your date off as your sister...or you will get the tongue kissing of your life!!
59. When your father is proud of you he gives a sweet Mustang!
58. Having the bigger biceps is going to get you the girl
57. If you want 5000 dollars you just have to enter a beauty contest.
56. Owning a boat is a real chick magnet.
55. Nothing is more American then bitter invective, rampant paranoia, and gas-guzzling caddies!
54. A man's real love is a TV named Bertha.
53. Jack likes to cuddle, and he's very loving.
52. Spanish is the foreign language of the people.
51. Remember those Duck movies? Those were classic!
50. After some research, he taught me who Harold Pinter is.
49. Always tie your boat up, otherwise it'll end up downstream, and you'll end up wading through cold water.
48. Nobody's first time should be captured on video.
47. Never frost your tips!
46. Why would you look back? The future's out there.
45. The Guggenhiem looks like a big artichoke.
44. The ultimate guy maneuver
43. He taught me that sauerkraut juice, honey, and a splash of Tabasco will help cure a hangover.
42. he taught me that he was the guy with the brown hair and the throbbing neck muscles
41. He taught me he could make a career out of loving a woman with all his heart
40. That time is no man's friend, and to get right with that and be happy, now.
39. He taught us not to fool around with any of our never works out as well as you might think!!
38. If you go to the boys locker room to relieve yourself, you will most likely get Saturday detention.
37. Don't spend a whole lotta time perusing K-Mart's condom selection, or you'll soon find yourself locked in, playing "Are You Really Happy?" with your Ex.
36. If a guy enters a beauty pagean, he's not going to be taken seriously
35. If you through a stripper party boys will come.
34. If you spit in your teachers face, you'll become a hero.
33. Teach a girl to drive a stick, and you'll get somewhere
32. Your true feelings for a girl will come out watching her sleep.
31. If you talk about your night out with the waitress, your ex will get all jealous and pretend to be on a sugar high
30. Do not -- under any circumstances -- wear Risky Business sunglasses, mentor the sassy kid from Jerry Maguire, or watch same movie on a continuous loop when you're depressed. Bad things happen.
29. Pacey's judgments are the best kind
28. Making out makes you forget you have a boat.
27. When your boyfriend flirts with his ex in front of you, she will start a fake catfight
26. A light that's turning red is like an invitation to hit the gas.
25. Always bring extra napkins, just do it, you'll find out why later!
24. I've learned from Pacey that sex is never innocent. And that it can be life-altering.
23. The wholesome and morally grounded are an endangered species.
22. Don't sneak into your dead schoolmates room with your girlfriend, or said schoolmates mom will think your trying to get laid.....oops I mean lucky
21. A female standing on the side of the road, even one with a perpetual scowl, has a better chance at flagging down a car than a guy.
20. Always bring snacks when you're going to go on a witch hunt
19. He taught me to always, "Remember Everything".
18. I learned that heroes are made, not born.
17. Once Pacey Witter got his own storyline, it all went up hill from there.
16. I learned you don't need fashion style with a smile like that.
15. If you made gay joke's about your brother for might have been right.
14. He's the best sex a woman on her forties and at any age can have.
13. Don't slow dance with someone else when you bring your potential love interest to a dance
12. Don't mix friends with business.
11. He taught me that even when his heart was bleeding, he was able to smile.
10. Never call someone oompa loompa it only hurts later on.
9. Radishes as a corsage? Perhaps not.
8. You should definitely bet on that "Potter Girl" getting out of Capeside...
7. You can sail around the ocean in a twenty foot boat.
6. Even though your ex-girlfriend brings a new boyfriend to a holiday party...
doesn't mean that "Truelove" isn't still lurking!!
5. If your heart is telling you that someone is not the one then listen, cause someone else will eventually come along and will be the ONE.
4. He taught me not to talk trash but to recycle
3. Always check the bathroom stalls when discussing your sex life about your teacher with your best friend.
2. Even though two people are right for eachother, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're right for eachother right now.
1. He taught me that even when you don't want to admit you love someone there will always be a 10 regresive seconds kiss to make you realise it all worth the while.

Pacey Lovers
1. Loulalla
2. Sxy_readr3 (Jenn)-The official Pacey dresser
3. Jenny_83-The official Pacey undresser
4. Katienap- The official Pacey gutter girl
5. Hshapir (Sarah)- The offical Pacey information finder
6. PJdorothy (Dorothy)
7. antisocial
8. FinallyPJ
9. True Daisy lover
10. Adrimar_Jackson
11. She Screams In Silence
12. Emily
13. Carrie
14. _virgo_
15. march27
16. Daisy
17. youvegotwings
18. Sweet_Honeycomb
19. lies and lullabies
20. Onetreehill1216
21. CookieMonster - the official Pacey booty finder
22. MissMi
23. Touldengal-the official Pacey smile finder
24. Myfirstlove-the official Blue Eyed Beauty finder
25. barbeegurl00
26. halz84
27. xjoyusx
28. ashleyt
29. Murron
30. Lindsey Mayer
31. xJibertyx
32. IloveJosh
33. McB
34. falling slowly
35. Ashes&Wine
36. naturellebella
37. ocfan27
38. magdzik2000
39. Jwhackers
40. Songofjoy
41. Ali
42. rupertmylove
43. starzscarme
44. Kate Summers
45. qtdramachickee72
46. TV Fan xx
47. jen4ever
48. sailaway
49. rainydays
50. Courtz_BV
51. Michelle
52. Elizabeth_88
53. stinebiene
54. Meluffy
55. ML4ever
56. Elyx
57. cupcake_86
58. truelovepacey
59. mrs.scott
60. allybubba
61. Lauriel5912
62. lisagslack14
63. Silver17
64. claudypritz
65. Cici287
66. jjandrd
67. clarkson_fan
68. heatherwitter
69. jopace1970
70. Natasja1982
71. meatwood
72. JoW
73. loveandsunshine
74. rainydreams
75. onegreatlove
76. triebi
77. Alexa
78. Seersha
79. Rachey1984
80. PaperGirl
81. Dk_Undeniable
82. McQueenFanGirl
83. angelface211
85 ankatje
86. Msstock87
87. ChristinaL80
88. Lorelai82
89. Freshgirlly908
90. pixiestyx
91. CharmedSlayerAngel
92. topherkraz78
93. JJH85
94. lessismore
95. eternalofate
96. Swift2Potter
97. flaminga
(Ask to be added! )

Previous Titles
Pacey J. Witter Appreciation Thread - can there not be one
Pacey J Witter Appreciation Thread 2 Because he had his own storyline...
[ thread 7 - was lost ]
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #9~because he has the bigger biceps.
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #17: Because he made Hawaiian shirts look hot!
Pacey J. Witter Appreciation Thread #18: Because he protects the ones he loves
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #20: Because Dr.Pacey knows how to make us feel GOOD
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #21:Because Chef Pacey and his food are yummylicious
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #23: Because we love all four of his cheeks!
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread#24:B/C we love his dimple, and everything else!
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #26:B/C we wanna spend the night in KMart with him
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #27:B/C We wanna do what makes us happy.......him.
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #29: Because we want to sail away with him!
Pacey J. Witter Appreciation Thread #30: Because he got his own storyline!
Pacey Witter Appreciation Thread #31: Because counting to ten has never been sexier!
Pacey J.Witter#34:We could go without coffee if it meant a morning waking up to Pacey
Pacey J.Witter#35: Because all he needs is a road map and remote control!
Josh Jackson/Pacey Witter #37: Because we love when he sings, we love when he smiles, and we love when he showers.
Josh Jackson/Pacey Witter #38 : Because he elicits swoons with a single smile
Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation #39: Because...HANDS!!!
Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation #40: Because blue may be his color, but we prefer our Pacey shirtless.
Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation #41: B/C No one, and we mean no one, better
Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter Appreciation #42:Because Pacey can teach us how to "drive stick" any time.
Josh Jackson/Pacey Witter #43: Pacey was always a "madcap genius just waiting to happen."
Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter #44: "Pacey Witter is the greatest character in television history. Ever. Period." - Josh
Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter #45 Because the general consensus is he's awesome!
Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter #48-brings quality to our screen

Future Titles

"What is Comic-Con all about? It celebrates heroes. Superman, Batman, Captain America... Pacey."
"Pacey-Con can't be contained within someone else's convention. He demands a convention of his own."
"In one word - perfect."

Welcome to the Pacey thread. All Pacey all the time.
We Love Pacey Witter, Yes We Do, He's For Us and Not For You!!
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Tftnt love the title
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I love the title too. Still waiting for that picture of his daughter though lol.
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Yeah, waiting for that pic as well.
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Nice video thanks for sharing
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Thanks for the new Thread
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Love the new thread!
Avi by Me
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Thanks for the new thread. Love the title.
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Glad you like it.
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My love for Josh Jackson knows no bounds
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I still applaud when Pacey spits in that prick's face.
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I found it interesting that some of the replies to the Tweet talked about neck porn. I found it interesting because I think Josh has the sexiest neck of anyone I've seen.
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My love for Josh Jackson knows no bounds
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Originally Posted by JJH85 (View Post)
Love it!
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