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ChristinaL80 05-16-2018 01:40 PM

JVDB/Dawson Leery #20: Congrats to the Happy Father of Baby #5!
Welcome to the Dawson Leery Appreciation Thread!

Dawson Leery, the romantic of Dawson's Creek, played by James van der beek, was the guy that every girl dreamed of, smart, funny, sweet, and handsome. And even though he got his heart broken many times and has been through so much, he never stopped beliving in his dream and his friends.

Romantic Dreamers

01. Brighter than Sunshine
02. Deb D
03. 80sBabygirl
04. goodbreakingbad
05. JVDBFan20
06. Cris
07. SethxMarissa
08. True Daisy lover
09. Free_Falling
10. katieandjames
11. wistfuldreamer
12. MirkwoodPrincess
13. Whichway2Capeside
14. Karen H.
15. brookiez69
16. Beatriz
17. Tes!
18. Dorkodancer147
19. Ellie Cameron
20. Shauna
21. jksoulmate
22. rockthecreek
23. Black mamba
24. SCOT81
25. CreekBee
26. ILoveGizzy
27. taubman
28. Courtz_BV
29. JenMixelle
30. ~Tini~
31. Madison612
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33. Pure.Magic
34. Mrs.Lachey
35. dcluv
36. Creative Christy
37. Natasja1982
38. MyLove
39. Pacenjen
40. Ankatje
41. rossfangirl86

James about Dawson:

"He has the rare fortune of knowing what he wants to do early in life. And like anyone I care about, I want to see him succeed and get his chance to do what he loves, just like this show has given us that same chance."

"Dawson's overactive imagination and idealism sometimes make him oblivious. He's prown to rejecting reality for a more romantic scenario. He's a bit of an innocent and is frequently off in his own little world." - James Van Der Beek

"Dawson reminds me of myself when I was fifteen" - James Van Der Beek

"Dawson is a tragically nice guy and so am I."

"Like Dawson, I wasn't cool."

Amongst the crew of Dawson's Creek James was known as the serious romantic of the group.

Dawson Quotes

Dawson: Get out of the gutter. No thing-a-ma-jig involved. It was just the sweetest, most romantic, Fourth of July fireworky, waves crashing on the shore, beyond any movie I could ever imagine kiss.

Dawson: Edge is fleeting, heart lasts forever.

Joey: Yes, you can. I mean, not just for me or my family's sake but for us. I'm telling you, Dawson. We won't survive this.

Dawson: That's a risk that I'm willing to take. Because I care about you more than I care about myself. And somebody has to do the right thing. If you can't, then I will.

Dawson:The first time I sleep with somebody I don't want it to be for just any reason. I want it to be for every reason.

Dawson: I wanted to tell a story about... something small, something personal, something I've been... tryin' to figure out for quite some time. I wanted to write about growing up... and why it's so hard. And... I wanted to write about falling in love and why it can't last, but at the same time, how it lasts forever

Other characters about Dawson

Joey:... I've always believed in you. I mean, you're the most extraordinary, talented person that I've ever met. I'm your biggest fan.

Joey: Well, you can't keep it a secret forever, Dawson.
Dawson: What's that?
Joey: How incredible you are.

Joey: You rule. You rock. You are a golden god. Now, accept it.


Pacey:... You take in stray dogs, Dawson. You help old women cross the street. You just say no. You are Jimmy Stewart


Jen: Listen. I... it's the least I can do for the guy who restores my faith in the opposite sex.

Jen:..I have tried, okay? I have tried to live my life just like you. I just don't have that sort of hope. But if everybody did people like you wouldn't be so special.


Mitch:..I've always taken pride in the fact that my son is someone his friends can turn to when they need him.

Mitch: Son or not, Dawson... you are one of my favorite people.

Gail: You have been a miracle this year, Dawson. My miracle. I'm not gonna let you forget that.

Grams: Dawson, you are just about the nicest young man I know. With the exception of Jack, of course...

Gretchen:The second you become aware of just how charming you are, you're going to use your powers for evil.

Gretchen: You have better judgment than anyone I know, Dawson. Probably better than anybody that Brooks knew. That's why he chose you. I don't think he saw how young you were and figured that you would be more likely to contribute to his end. I think he saw how old your heart is and he knew that whatever choice you made, would be the right one.

Mr. Brennan (about what Mitch thought about Dawson): He was proud, though. How do I know that, huh? Well, when I mentioned your name, his whole face just lit up. He said you were this brave kid, but he had no idea how you got to be that way. He said you had a romantic streak a mile long, and he said he was proud to know you.

Mr. Potter: I, uh, have to say that I'm really impressed with what you've done with your life, Dawson. I mean, I've known this kid since he was running around making movies with a video camera. It's really amazing to see how far he's come.

Audrey: How come your film geek looks like TOM CRUISE and the one who worships me looks like the kid who doesn't want to go to the dance in sixteen candles?

Audrey: That boy is a gem.

Natasha : You know, you're gonna make some girl's dreams come true someday, in a big way, which is why I have to stop this now before I break your heart and turn you into a bitter cynic.


Title Ideas

Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery: Because we miss him!

Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery :Cause he's a Creek God !

Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery : Cause he brought out Jealous Joey ! Our Favourite !

Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery : Cause He was there to pick up the pieces.

Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery : Cause we're suckers for the nice ones.

Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery : Because he grew up to be one of the good ones

Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery : He is one of those rare guys that can make a movie night seem like an event

Romantic Dreamer Dawson Leery : Because he is one of our favourite people

Dawson Leery/JVDB: 'cuz he's all grown up and now called Adam Reese.

Dawson Leery/JVDB: Dawson will always be a part of him.

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cyndie57 05-17-2018 08:21 AM

Tfnt :hug: love the title :love: it's so cute :melt:

ChristinaL80 05-17-2018 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by cyndie57 (Post 93941295)
Tfnt :hug: love the title :love: it's so cute :melt:

No problem. It is cute.:)

msstock87 05-26-2018 11:04 PM

Thanks for the new thread!

JJH85 05-26-2018 11:27 PM

Thanks for the new Thread.

Father's Day is in just a couple weeks and James will be doing Daddy duty to 5 kids. I can't believe he has 5 kids :love:

ChristinaL80 05-27-2018 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by JJH85 (Post 94031053)
Thanks for the new Thread.

Father's Day is in just a couple weeks and James will be doing Daddy duty to 5 kids. I can't believe he has 5 kids :love:

He will have a wonderful Father's Day. Lots to celebrate.:)

msstock87 06-03-2018 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by JJH85 (Post 94031053)
Thanks for the new Thread.

Father's Day is in just a couple weeks and James will be doing Daddy duty to 5 kids. I can't believe he has 5 kids :love:

He seems like he is a really good father!

JJH85 06-21-2018 07:43 PM

This is so cute.

ChristinaL80 06-22-2018 01:12 PM

Aww, that's sweet!:D

cyndie57 06-22-2018 08:23 PM

Awww adorable pic :melt: thanks for sharing :kiss:

msstock87 06-24-2018 10:12 PM

Aww cute!

ChristinaL80 07-12-2018 01:21 PM

James was on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan this morning, promoting his new show Pose on FX. It was a cute interview with him talking about raising 5 kids.

JJH85 07-13-2018 03:28 PM

OMG I am in love with this pic. Grams with Dawson - all kinds of feels :lol:

Capeside_girl 07-13-2018 03:43 PM

This is so sweet, have seen it on FB and had goosebumps :blush: I still love Grams :)

ChristinaL80 07-14-2018 02:52 PM

Oh so cute!:D

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