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Old 06-08-2006, 12:01 AM
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Anti-PJ Thread #35: Dawsons? Insecurities? Whatever. Pacey brought her napkins!

Credit to Eatyourgreens (Chris)

Hey there, you've reached the Anti-PJ Thread #34: Yeah, we don't care enough to give them a title...
If you don't like Pacey and Joey at all, if you were bored every time they started to fight and made amends at 8:55 pm, here's the place for you my friend!
But if you love them and think they were meant to be, you're more than welcome in PJ thread. I'm sure they will treat you right.
Since this is a place to kinda bash Pacey and Joey (with some sweetness!); don't post things like "I luv PJ, Dawson s*cks!" – It’s pointless, kinda old and does nothing to improve our mood!! Remember too:
- no character bashing outside the context of PJ, the couple
- no actor bashing
- no fics

Do you hate PJ? Check any of the following:
#1- When you see a turkey sub you laugh to yourself...even though everyone around you thinks you're nuts.
#2 - You watch Promicide over and over again, laughing the whole time.
#3 - The sight of boats makes you think of turkey sandwiches, and you comment that to your parents, and they have no idea what you're talking about, because they've never seen Dawson's Creek ever.
#4 - When somebody says 'I have a headache' you feel inclined to comment 'So... does that headache make you feel *alive*?'
#5 - Every time you see PJ on screen you start throwing things at the TV and screaming, unless it is Promicide or Love Bites.
#6 - When you watch the finale you mute the parts with PJ and turn it off after the wonderful "you and me always" scene with DJ.
#7 - In 2000, every Wednesday night at 8h55 pm, you got used to turn off your TV
#8 - You never thought you could hate a boat, yeah, a damn boat!!
#9 - When the words "I feel like I'm nothing" sounds like music to your ears...
#10 - When you waste your precious time making anti-PJ icons, parodies and conversations on the couch, just for the sick pleasure of making fun of them
#11 - When you want to yell at your gym teacher when she said pace yourself, Pace yourself b/c it makes you of when Joey used to call Pacey that all the time.
#12 - You get a little nervous anytime a guy offers to carry your bags for you
#13 - You insist on getting your own napkins at the movies
#14 - You don't read Hans Christian Anderson. Ever.
#15 - You never call pyjamas PJs
#16 - You play your own shots at mini-golf
#17 - When someone says 'I remember everything' or 'you make me feel alive' you have a strange and sudden desire to stab them in the eye
#18 - Smoochies and nookie are in no way cute or sweet terminologies.
#19 - You liked Aunt Gwen
#20 - You politely decline whenever anyone offers you a pop-tart or chocolate heart
#21 - You will never rent the movie Little Mermaid again.
#22 - Titanic is one of your fave movies b/c of the sinking boat and PJ boat sank Ha!
#23 - ‘Little Mermaid’ has no longer a special place in your heart
#24 - You’re so glad to avoid, at all costs, annoying baby voices with your boyfriend or girlfriend, because let’s face it: it sucks and it’s ridiculous! Get a decent voice!
#25 - When you thought that, at first, you wouldn’t feel it, like Joey, you realize that you feel something. Actually, it was a huge, monumental desire... of puking. That’s the reaction!
#26 - When you realize you prefer to tape the episodes of s4, just to fast forward, which by the way, was your savior for great part of s4 and some of s6. About s3? ‘Stop’ button was my best friend! XD
#27 - When you see that in all exaggerated cute scenes between Joey and Pacey, their voices suddenly became Charlie Brown’s teacher’s. Remember her? Blablablabla...well, sometimes Woodstock came too!
#28 - Lame, pathetic, stupid, fake and all its versions in another languages were current words used by you in seasons 3 and 4.
#29 - When a person gives you a chocolate heart after making love, say "I give you my virginity and all I get is a chocolate heart!"
#30 - You have never eaten spaghetti since 2003 and if you have caved in and eaten some you made sure you never threw at piece at anyone.
#31 - You believe that words and phrases such as 'banter', 'butterflies', and ‘true love' have been sullied and you use them with discretion.
#32 - You wish that Gail and Bessie had tag-teamed and taken out PJ in the kitchen.
#33 - Despite the reduction in the overall quality and premise of the show you found yourself enjoying season 5.
#34 - You find yourself losing patience much more quickly with someone's ongoing pity party.
#35 - When a guy offers you a pop-tart and you want to scream in despair.
#36 - When you see a couple fighting and automatically link them to PJ.
#37 - When you know that a Pacey-Joey kind of relationship is definitely what you would never want for yourself. Well, I have a spine and want to keep it, thank you very much.
#38 - When you know you would never have sex if a guy brought you napkins.
#39 - When you know that the first time can be awkward, but crying after that? It's a perfect sign it wasn't good at all!
#40 - You only watch PJ scenes when you need a good laugh, if you even watch them at all...
#41 - When you swear to yourself that you will never step foot inside a K-mart for the rest of your life unless you absolutely have to, like if your out of Napkins and pop tarts.

"Twu Wuv" Rules (courtesy of the guys at Project Soulmates and here at the anti-PJ thread)
#1. Always keep napkins handy.
#2. "I don't feel it" is a declaration of "Twu Wuv".
#3. Pacey banging any other chick but Joey is Pacey's attempt to get over Joey.
#4. D/J. Are. So. OVER! No, really. They are. Even though what they have goes beyond friendship, and is FOREVER, it's over. Like, for sure. Right?
#5. "Twu Wuv" can only be obtained by sneaking around peoples' (ie. best friend's) backs.
#6. You must insult each other on a daily basis and make up promptly at 8:50 p.m.
#7. You must argue for hours before you consummate "Twu Wuv".
#8. After you consummate "Twu Wuv", you must promptly lie about said consummation ever happening.
#9. Dawson is EVIL! He does not want "Twu Wuv" to thrive. He must be destroyed at all costs!
#10. You only run to your "Twu Wuv" after someone else who really loves you sends you to them.
#11. Even when closure has been seen by all, it is still hard for some delusional people to grasp it as being over. (ie. "Love Bites")
#12. In honor of "Twu Wuv", you must wait at least 3 weeks after breaking up before you kiss a soulmate.
#13. "Twu Wuv" makes you feel like nothing.
#14. You must stay with your "Twu Wuv" for a year, even when it's obvious they are making you miserable.
#15. In order to achieve "Twu Wuv" one half must belittle what one's soulmate means to them while the other suffers from selective amnesia.
#16. After consummating "Twu Wuv", your "Twu Wuv" must refer to themselves as the Neil Armstrong of the bunch.
#17. Remember that "Twu Wuvvers" bang each others' roommates/best friends while they're there (in spite of having not gotten over each other).
#18. When said roommate is not there, like, when she's, say, DEALING WITH A SEVERE EMOTIONAL PROBLEM IN REHAB, that's when you go back to sneaking with your "Twu Wuvver" behind her back.
#19. After hanging up the phone with "Twu Wuvver", when her soulmate swings by cuz he trusts you as a good friend, feel free not to say a word about your sneaking around, and instead take his money and invest it stupidly.
#20. After consummating "Twu Wuv" it is customary to feel like peeling off one's skin!!
#21. After running off with ones "Twu Wuv" for the summer, the first thing you think of when you return is when you will see your soulmate again!!
#22. Even when everything is perfect, being with your "Twu Wuv" doesn't feel right!
#23. It is customary to break up with one's "Twu Wuv" at fancy high school dance-type things.
#24. It is customary to kiss one's "Twu Wuv" when she either has feelings for someone else or she is on the rebound.
#25. A true sign of "Twu Wuv" is acting as though you never ever actually dated your "Twu Wuv".
#26. Before consummating your "Twu Wuv", you must talk to someone else to help make the decision for you.
#27. You must not consummate "Twu Wuv" because you truly want to; but because you feel threatened that if you don't, your "Twu Wuv" will sleep with someone else (ie. a girl in a hot tub).
#28. Your "Twu Wuv" must pressure you into consummating "Twu Wuv", because it's nine months and counting.
#29. When you're in "Twu Wuv", chocolate hearts is a great exchange for one's virginity.
#30. One must refer to their first time with their "Twu Wuv" as "nice". Yeah, you read correctly. Just "nice".
#31. When there is a serious problem that should be discussed with your "Twu Wuv"(ie. a pregnancy scare, or if you have been arrested), it is imperative that you never tell your "Twu Wuv" about said problem.
#32. Kissing someone to get out of a sexual relationship with someone else is an obvious sign of "Twu Wuv".
#33. To sustain "Twu Wuv", you must always bring up the name of your "Twu Wuv's" ex-lover whenever your relationship hits a wall.
#34. One will never achieve the big "O" with their "Twu Wuv".
#35. After consummating "Twu Wuv" one must proceed to chomp loudly on chips while asking their "Twu Wuvver" how they did in the sack.
#36. To hide one's feelings for ones "Twu Wuv" it is normal to enter into a sex pact with your "Twu Wuv's" soulmate's ex-girlfriend!!
#37. When your "Twu Wuv's" soulmate comes to rescue you from your boat, aptly titled "Twu Wuv", it is a good idea to refuse his help when he's there to save your life and just consider going down with the freakin' boat.
#38. When an ex-lover saves the life of your "Twu Wuv", don't even bother to thank them or even offer to help work off the debt of damages accumulated in saving said "Twu Wuv's" life.
#39. "Twu Wuv" is calling the one you "wuv" a dumbass.
#40. "Twu Wuv" is buying a wall. Flowers and candy are overrated.
#41. "Twu Wuv" is going after someone's soulmate even though you told them you wouldn't.
#42. "Twu Wuv" is being mauled along the side of the road.
#43. Running to the airport with your "Twu Wuv" to profess your love for others is a sign of "Twu Wuv".
#44. "Twu Wuv" is leaving behind your soulmate on the dock beside his house weeping after his parents' wedding to go on a three month boat trip with said "Twu Wuv", whom you THINK you may love, but you are not completely sure.
#45. A sure sign of "Twu Wuv" is remembering everything one minute and nothing the next.
#46. Dating your "Twu Wuv's" roommate is a sign of "Twu Wuv".
#47. When you are clearly in "wuv" with your "Twu Wuv", you make a move to kiss your soulmate.
#48. Having an affair with a married woman is a sign of "Twu Wuv".
#49. If your "Twu Wuv" attack-kisses you on a dance floor, to get out of an affair with a married woman, it is a sign of "Twu Wuv".
#50. When you're in "Twu Wuv", it is perfectly fine to have a spaghetti fight with your "Twu Wuv" when a close friend is dying. Screw the fact that it's completely insensitive!
#51. You must completely rewrite history so that a reunion with your "Twu Wuv" is possible.
#52. Kissing on a couch for two seconds means that you will be with your "Twu Wuv" forever, even though NOTHING is actually said (i.e. any sign of commitment) to back that up.
#53. Telling your "Twu Wuv" over and over that they're nothing more than friends to you really means that you "wuv" them romantically.
#54. Having only romantic flashbacks of the soulmates in the 100th episode was only to show that one half of the soulmates was really running from their "Twu Wuv" all the time.
#55. Sending your "Twu Wuv" to your roommate and not giving a rat's ass about it really means that you still want to be with your "Twu Wuv".
#56. Giving your best friend advice not to be with their soulmate while hitting on best friend's soulmate is a sign of "Twu Wuv".
#57. Making love to your soulmate 3 times in a row and being happy about it is a clear sign of missing being miserable with your "Twu Wuv".
#58. Hardly noticing that your "Twu Wuv" exists in season 1 and 2 really means you were running from your "Twu Wuv".
#59. "Twu Wuv" means getting locked up all night inside K-mart because one's "Twu Wuv" needed to buy condoms--to hook up with the chick sitting next to him at a party.
#60. It is "Twu Wuv" heaven to find oneself locked in a K-mart with ones "Twu Wuv", a place where we can find endless chips to chomp and napkins are a plenty. Ah, romance in a K-mart, who needs roses, cafe lattes or daisies?
#61. Carrying on an affair with your married employee while waiting for your "Twu Wuv" to dump her fiancé-to-be is a sure sign of "Twu Wuv".
#62. Telling your "Twu Wuv" you will meet him at his house late at night, then standing him up the minute another guy shows up to play "hide the salami" is unmistakeably "Twu Wuv".
#63. "Twu Wuv" means mauling your nearly engaged ex-girlfriend on the dance floor in order to get back at your married and soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend/ employee.
#64. "Twu Wuv" means going from one relationship to the next, over and over again.
#65. "Twu Wuv" means replacing one person on your couch for another in a matter of days.
#66. "Twu Wuv" is when after years of not seeing your "Twu Wuv", instead of spending some time alone with him to catch up, you go to sleep over at your soulmate's.
#67. "Twu Wuv" is when your "Twu Wuvver's" mother doesn't even know your name.
#68. "Twu Wuv" is when you call your "Twu Wuv" an idiot.
#69. "Twu Wuv" is when you're happy when your "Twu Wuv's" dreams don't come true.
#70. It is indeed "Twu Wuv" when you leave your "Twu Wuv" to be with someone else
#71. It's "Twu Wuv" when you tell your "Twu Wuv" that you love him while in the same sentence tell him that you still and always will love your soulmate.
#72. You can only be happy with your "Twu Wuv" when your friends, family, and your "Twu Wuv's" soulmate are not around.
#73. "Twu Wuv" is when you hide from your "Twu Wuvver" anything to do with your soulmate i.e. Presents, sex talks, peer recs, school projects....
#74. "Twu Wuv" is when everyone seems to be better off without the two of you around.
#75. Sex with your "wuvver" is guaranteed so long as you carry her napkins and bags for nine months first and oh it helps if you're also good at mini-golf.
#76. "Twu Wuv" is when you rent a wall for your "twu wuvver" to paint and then before they do, you deface it with a visual eyesore that is an ultimatum to your "twu wuvver".
#77. "Twu Wuv" is when you can't decide whether your "wuvver" is an asinine, immature child, or an arrogant infantile boyfriend.
#78. To be in "wuv" you must have such poor self-esteem that you constantly pick random fights with your "wuvver" to feel better about yourself.
#79. If #78 doesn't work constantly compare yourself and compete with your "wuvver's" soulmate.
#80. It's "Twu Wuv" when your "wuvver" comes up as the last person to contact in case of an emergency.
#81. "Twu Wuv" was just a damn boat - and it sank!
#82. If you're in "wuv" you will have two big problems: no money and lots of boredom. Yes, boredom despite all the smoochies.
#83. In "Twu Wuv" "kidding around" is code for having a fight.
#84. You must tell your "wuvver" about the 'nothings' but you keep secret the 'somethings.'
#85. Your "wuvver" knows the tone of your voice when you're about to start one of your frequent nasty conversations.
#86. After doing it call your "wuvver" 'woman' offer her a pop-tart, and interrogate her over your performance in the sack till she breaks down and cries.
#87. You do not touch your "Twu Wuv" after sex.
#88. Next time you have sex with your "wuvver" bring your thesaurus for the post-game wrap up. It's the best way to avoid a fight.
#89. In addition to #88 ask for a car after sex. Because did you know? Prizes are involved.
#90. “Twu Wuv” can also be defined as a shallow, insipid, cloying, sickly sweet, puddle of smoochies continually plagued by insecurity, comparisons, jealousy, selfishness and endless ramblings filled with self-pity; all occasionally interrupted by spaghetti throwing, napkin holding, window wiping, chip munching, milk guzzling and bedtime reading.
#91. It's "Twu Wuv" when you refer to your "twu wuv" and her soulmate as Romeo and Juliet and say that they deserve their chance.
#92. "Twu wuv" is when you practically beat up your "twu wuvver" on the side of the road after he mauls you with his chip stuffing hole.
#93. When hugging your "Twu Wuv" feelings of nausea often are immediately triggered. This is because 'feeling alive' can also be loosely translated as 'feeling sick' (the morning-after sex face also confirms this). When this occurs avert your head away from the shoulder of your "wuvver" so that you don't cover him in puke. You cannot always be sure that he's carrying napkins. Remember, napkins are generally reserved for greasy movie hands.
#94. To achieve "Twu Wuv”, CRY ME A FREAKIN RIVER.
#95. You should never take romantic advice from a guy who has spent his evening trying to get three snails to sleep with each other. If it's "Twu Wuv" you'll date him.
#96. It's "Twu Wuv" when you can't give a reason for your "wuvver" to stay but you can ask your soulmate to stay.
#97. When you're in "wuv" you are scared of that part of your "wuvver" that will always belong to her soulmate. That part of her heart that will always want her first time to be with him.
#98. Decribe sex with your "wuvver" as 'nice'. Describe a kiss with your soulmate as 'one of those moments where you check your status as a mere mortal and achieve, however briefly, true greatness'.
#99. Remember that when your "wuvver" uses the phrase 'the whole world', she is actually always referring to Dawson, her soulmate.
#100. Tell your "Twu Wuv" that her soulmate is her past, present, and future.
#101. When you're in "wuv" always remember to wear your "happy mask."
#102. When your "wuvver" touches you, flinch and keep eating.
#103. Dawson is "Twu Wuv's" personal kryptonite.
#104. Being in "wuv" makes you feel like you are really simply your "wuvver's" little charity project.
#105. It's “Twu Wuv” when you tell your “wuvver” every part of you loves him and then the next day tell your soulmate he will always have a piece of your heart.
#106. “Twu Wuv “is not applicable to just a couple. More accurately it is a term for a threesome. Dawson is always part of “Twu Wuv” because “wuvvers” can't function without him. He is central to their world. He is a constant benchmark for comparisons (for both parties). The “Twu Wuv” story begins and ends with him. Always.
#107. “Twu Wuv” is when you accuse your “wuvver” of wanting to sleep with her soulmate and not you.
#108. “Twu Wuv” is when you tell your “wuvver” you want to try life on your own for awhile and then hook up with another girl all summer.
#109. Don’t offer your “Twu Wuv” your hotel room so that she doesn’t have to sleep outside. Rather leave her there and go and have sex with her roommate.
#110. When you’re in “Twu Wuv” act like you couldn’t care less about your “wuvver’s” recent mugging. Instead keep flirting with your “wuv’s” roommate.
#111. Drag your “wuvver” along to a party and pass her off as your sister so you can crack onto the girl next to you. That's "Twu Wuv" people.
#112. It’s “Twu Wuv” when you set your friend up with your “wuvver” because you only love him in the simplest way.
#113. You’re “wuvver” isn’t choosy about the location for your first time. He just wants to do you.
#114. From the beginning to the end of “Twu Wuv”, you must get punched for making moves on other women - women who aren’t your “Twu Wuvver.”
#115. It is customary to tell your “Twu Wuv” after having 'the time of your life' that your “Twu Wuvver” is starting to get on your nerves.
#116. “Twu Wuv” is when you tell your “wuvver” you’re going to break their face if they break your roommate’s heart (who cares about yours right?).
#117. Threatening your "twu wuv" numerous times over the years, including 'slit throats', 'deer ticks', and a 'screwdriver to the temple', is a clear sign of "twu wuv".
#118. Twu Wuv is when you let go of you twu wuv's hand right when you see your soulmate.
#119. Twu Wuv is when you won't remember your twu wuv from the new year but only her roommate who you were sleeping with.
#120. Never get involved with a monster from beneath the sea, no matter how charming. "Twu Wuv" is... just not gonna work.

The Ballad Of Pacey and Joey

Joeeeey, for so long I wanted to be your soulmate
But you’ve alreeeeady had one, it’s hiiiim, Daaawson Leeery (damn Dawson Leery)
You told me:
(Joey's cute annoying voice) Don’t worry sweetie, he’s a part of my past
But it’s a damn lieeee
I was the one who prevented your greasy hands, (greaaaasy hands) <=- backvocals
I was the one who gave you chocolate hearts (chocolate chocolate) ^^
I ripped your dress, I gave you dead flowers, but you didn’t care and I wanted you to care...(I would add a remix here, with him yelling I wanted you to care)
I was your little Neil Armstrong but you don't love me and don't want me!!
Don't know what to do!! So I do the simplest's all the fault of Dawson!!!! ohh yeahh!
Insecurity! (insecurity) Jealousy! (jealousy) and Self-Pity (pity, pity)
All these emotions make me feel aliiiiiivvvvvveeeeeeee yeah heah
I was the one who prevented your greasy hands, (greaaaasy hands) <=- backvocals
I was the one who gave you chocolate hearts (chocolate chocolate) ^^
I ripped your dress, I gave you dead flowers, but you didn’t care and I wanted you to care...(I would add a remix here, with him yelling I wanted you to care)
I bought you a wall, yeeaah a wall
A little mound of bricks for you to paint on (paint on)
Then I destroyed the wall, yeah that wall
With my big red ultimatum (ultimatum)
Ooops, I did it again, stuffed up time and time again.
Now I’ve gone and done it
You can’t paint there anymore
Must simply run and stuff my face with chips and drink milk from the carton
(Yeah, straight from the carton)
I was the one who prevented your greasy hands, (greaaaasy hands) <=- backvocals
I was the one who gave you chocolate hearts (chocolate chocolate) ^^
I ripped your dress, I gave you dead flowers, but you didn’t care and I wanted you to care...Yeah I wanted you to care {Joey: You can go to hell} But I wanted you to care {Joey: I said you can go to hell} Hey I wanted you to care... (fade)

Capeside Pain
I'm coming, I'm coming home to you
With a bag full of chips
Can't wait to get home to you
and drink a carton of milk

I really never thought about my dreams
Counted only on you to feel free
Actually I had a boat years ago
And yeah, it sank indeed

Sick me, sick me... siiiick me oh yeah
Nothing sickens me like you do
Nothing sickens me like you do

And when somebody touches you
Well, there’s no better time to flinch than that
And when somebody tries to smooch you
Well, a turkey sub is better than that

Sick me, sick me... siiiick me oh yeah
Nothing sickens me like you do
Nothing sickens me like you do

And when at the prom, you yelled at me
I thought "No, not again"
And then I just lost my spine
Nothing more than the Capeside Pain

Nothing more than the Capeside Pain
Nothing sickens me like you do
Feels like nothing or don't feel it at all
Nothing sickens me like you do
Our love just sank like that boat
Nothing sickens me like you do
Throwing pasta isn't a sign of love
Nothing sickens me like you do

Feels Like Hell
Something in your eyes make me wanna puke to your face
Makes me wanna puke to your face in the boat
There's something in your voice makes my brain blow out
Hope this torture ends, the rest of my life

If you knew how disaster my life has been
And how long I've been so miserable
And if you knew how I wanted someone unlike you
And don’t ruin my life the way you've done

It feels like hell to me, it feels like hell to me
It feels like you’re dragging me in a world where I don’t wanna go
It feels like hell to me, it feels like hell to me
It feels like you’re dragging me in a world where I don’t belong

A volcano eruptions, a storm comes up,
And an earthquake shock
But I'll survive, 'cause I don’t have you anymore
And I can see, there is still hope for me

Well, if you knew how much you drive me crazy
And how long I've waited to come to an end
And if you knew how unhappy you are making me
I never thought that I'd hate anyone so much

It feels like hell to me, it feels like hell to me
It feels like you’re dragging me in a world where I don’t wanna come
It feels like hell to me, it feels like hell to me
It feels like you’re dragging me in a world where I don’t belong

Limerick by Deb
There once was a couple named PJ
Who never had anything real to say
They lied and they fought
Ate more than talked
And never had a real lay.

Conversations on the Couch
(or Everyday with P and J)
(or Moments when you feel like nothing or you feel nothing at all)

Joey: Pacey what do you want for dinner.
Pacey: A bag of chips would be fine.
Joey: Pacey would you like something to drink?
Pacey: Just hand me the milk carton.
Joey: Were going to a fancy social event tonight.
Pacey: Just hand me my khaki pants.

Joey: I just got off the phone with Dawson and we were talking about this one time...
Pacey: Is this how it's always going to be? Always talking about you and Dawson. God Joey you make me feel like nothing. When do I get to be your soulmate?

Pacey: Do you want to make love tonight? Joey: I'm sorry but you didn't bring me napkins when we were eating dinner.

Joey: I'm home, Pace can you help me bring in my bags?
Pacey: I'm watching my soaps, and I gotta see how J.T. talks his way out of this one 'cause Colleen was about to kill him.

Pacey: Jo, I've been wanting to ask you this for months...Will you marry me?
Joey: I'm sorry Pace, I just don't feel it anymore.

Pacey: Damn it, I burned the risotto. Do you know who's responsible for this?
Joey: Pacey, I won't start this nasty conversation again... it's the third time this week you say it's Dawson's fault. First you fell from the couch, second you cut your finger and now the risotto???
Pacey: But it is his fault! He's here... telling me I'm not good enough... you know Joey, I'm a man who hates himself so much that... I... Joey? Joey? Are you sleeping?

Joey: Ugh, that was the worst day at the work, Pacey, I mean, my boss said to me: 'your project is really wonderful, but we need some changes'. What am I going to do??
Pacey: Oh... THAT's your problem? You know Potter, I have several bills to pay to keep the restaurant and who gives a damn for me, the black sheep, the clown of Capeside, because you know, I'm a man who hates himself so much, that...
(Pacey's voice now transforms into Charlie Brown's teacher...remember her? "blablabla... blabla...")
Joey (thinking): oh dear Lord, not again...

Joey: Pacey I just got a letter from Dawson. He just met a new girl. He says they connect in a way that he only thought I could connect with him.
Pacey: [Stands up from the couch]
Joey; Where are you going?
Pacey: Well, I never thought this would happen, but I gotta go. They could break up soon! Maybe he'd ask me to look after her, and then...I could steal her.

Joey: (re: The Creek) That was perfect.
Pacey: (moodily) You think it's more perfect than me!
Joey (thinking) Oh god, he's going into another one of his self-loathing speeches.
Pacey: I know even though I own my own restaurant and have a girl who looks strangely like Katie Holmes, my life sucks so much.
Joey (thinking) God, I wish I'd picked Dawson.

Pacey: You just don't want to admit the obvious! You LOVE him!!
Joey: I do not. Why are you saying this again? I don't wanna see you now, time to go.
Pacey: No, no... look at your watch, it's almost 8:55pm. Remember what we do at that particular time?
Joey: Well, since in my clock it's still 8:54pm, you can go to the hell

Pacey: So how was I last night?
Joey: You were nice, but I've had better.
Pacey: You mean Dawson?
Joey: Well since you did bring it up...
Pacey: I'm so tired of having to compete with Dawson, I'm never going to win am I?
Joey: Gosh Pacey I'm not a damn trophy.

Pacey: Hey Jo, I thought that maybe we could drop life here for awhile and go on vacation together....ya know that big boat I bought last summer.
Joey: Let me call Dawson first.
Pacey: For what?
Joey: Duh Pace. I have to get permission.

Joey: Hey Pace what are you watching on TV?
Pacey: There's this really HOT 40year old woman.
Joey: (whispers) I should've known.
Pacey: What's that suppose to mean?
Joey: It means Pace, you're still Pacey Witter Friend to Older Women.

Pacey: You're not jealous? It's weird to meet everyone again and...
Joey: What are you talking about? Why would I be jealous of that blonde with Dawson? I mean, it's not my fault that I dropped all wine in her dress and if she was offended that I called her swallow...
Pacey: Actually I was talking about Audrey and I...
Joey: oh were there too, right?

Joey: Look Pace, I know you're hurt because of my behavior towards Dawson's new girlfriend, but she's a bi... well, you have to believe me, Dawson and I, we...we're in the past, he makes me feel like I'm 15 and...
Pacey: Joey?
Joey: What sweetie?
Pacey: What do you think about new excuses? Because these ones you used years ago and I ended up yelling at you in our Prom, so...
Joey: okay, fair enough, the point is... the point is... I chose you because you brought me napk...wait, I already used that too... *thinking* *thinking* *thinking* can I try later?

Joey: Look Pacey, now that we're together, could you please stop writing in my blank canvas? I really want to paint on them... are you listening to me? Get your face out of this bag of chips!

Pacey: Are you mad at me?
Joey: Yeah, I am... you have to stop with those comparisons, you're not going anywhere with these.
Pacey: Ok, but now that you mentioned, right now, are you more angry with me than you were with Dawson?
Joey: Pacey...shut up!

Pacey and Joey are on the couch, after a twu wuv moment. Dawson's show is on TV.
Joey: Wow, that was perfect!
Pacey: Oh yeah, I know... a mind-blowing, transcendent moment
Joey: Dawson really knows how to tell our story
Pacey: Whaat? I thought you were talking about our know... private moment
Joey: Oh, that? Well, it was nice... Pacey? You're a little purple...Paceyyy? Are you okay? Are you having an attack?

Pacey: So Jo, how do I look?
Joey: (long gaze at him with that tilted head and half-closed eye look she used to give Pacey) Ah, nice. You look nice Pace.
Pacey: Nice?
Joey: Yes.
Pacey: Just nice, huh?
Joey: What's wrong with nice?
Pacey: Nothing wrong with nice. Nothing wrong with great, either. Hell, there's nothing particularly offensive about mind blowing or transcendent.
Joey: Sorry, Pace, I left my thesaurus at home. I didn't know I was going to get yelled at for my vocabulary.
Pacey: Oh, I'm not too worried about your vocabulary.
Joey: What are you worried about?
Pacey: Jo I just really want to know what you think of me. I mean have I still got it?
Joey: Got what?
Pacey: You know. The roguish good looks...
Joey: Well...Pace. You could cut back on all those chips and turkey subs.
Pacey: What?!
Joey: And that milk you keep guzzling from the carton? Here's a tip, try low-fat.
Pacey: Huh? but I'm hot and girls love me....
Joey: And those chocolate hearts that appear after sex....try sharing them once in awhile instead of stuffing your own face with them.
Pacey: I don't understand...
Joey: And you know, I've said I think your "wuv" handles are cute, but really nah, not so much.
Pacey: What are you saying?
Joey: I know you keep wearing all those oversized jackets like in you did when we were dating in high-school to hide the weight but it's really not working. And you know, for someone with such a low sense of self-worth, you are starting to get a big head. Pacey: A big head? Nooooooooo! Dawson's the one with a big head. I mean, look at his forehead. Jo, gimme a break.
Joey: Hah! Forget forehead. Have you looked in the mirror and seen how full your WHOLE face is? Sorry Pace, you have to accept that Dawson really is a Leo. You on the other hand...well that's just say that that sea creature mask might be an improvement for awhile.
(long pause)
Pacey: Jo?
Joey: Yeah Pace?
Pacey: Ya know, now that I think about it your first answer was fine. Nice was good. I mean there's nothing wrong with nice now is there?
Joey: See when it comes to you and me Pacey, nice really is the safest response whenever you consider the alternatives.

Pacey: (chuckles to himself)
Joey: What are you laughing at?
Pacey: Oh, I was just remembering how we used to call Dawson Oompa Loompa when we were kids.
Joey: I don't remember calling him that.
Pacey: No, well, you didn't.
Joey: The Oompa Loompas are from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right?
Pacey: Yeah
Joey: (laughs)
Pacey: Yeah, was a good one wasn't it.
Joey: No, I'm not laughing at that.
Pacey: What then?
Joey: It's nothing really.
Pacey: Come on Jo.
Joey: Well you remember Augustus that little kid in the movie who kept eating everything?
Pacey: Yeah (slowly)
Joey: Well, umm he used to remind me of you Pace. (pause) Still kinda does actually.
Pacey: Are you kidding?!
Joey: Look what you're eating right now. Let's see:
turkey sub, check
chips, check
pizza, check
chocolate hearts, check
pop-tart, check
milk, check
Pacey: But, Jo, that's kinda harsh!!
Joey: Shhh sweetie. Don't talk with your mouth full. You're making a mess.
Pacey: You got a napkin?
Joey: For you, always.

Pacey: Okay, that was reeeally good, wasn't it?
Joey looks a little bit uncomfortable, and then a smile comes to her face. She catches a book under the couch, opens and starts to look quickly. She takes a deep breath, turns to Pacey with her melty-wax smile.
Joey: It was incredible, unbelievable, unimaginable, unthinkable; extraordinary, phenomenal, rare, sensational, spectacular; singular, uncommon, unique, unusual, unwonted; conspicuous, notable, noticeable, outstanding, remarkable; impressive, striking; animating, energizing, enlightening, enlivening, exciting, galvanizing and....entertaining!
Pacey: What? Entertaining???
Joey: Pacey, I said all these...
Pacey: Entertaining????
Joey: For the love of God, Pacey, I just read the entire thesaurus and you still aren't satisfied?

Pacey: Joey, remember the other day, when you're trying to say the reasons you chose me?
Joey (uncomfortable, melty wax-face coming): Yeeahh...
Pacey: And?
Joey: You know Pace... I was thinking... what about some "Little Mermaid" reading or some "throw me spaghetti" game, huh? They would make me feel sooo aliiive...

Pacey: You know Jo, sometimes when I’m with you, I get thirsty for milk.
Joey: Really? I feel the same way!
Pacey: Really?
Joey: Yea! Except I put rum and some tequila in my milk, especially after our "mind-blowing" morning afters. *nods*
Pacey: Hey! You used the thesaurus I got you for your birthday.

Pacey: Hey Joey! Why are you laughing at? Who was on the phone?
Joey: Ha, ha, ah…it was Dawson. I called him to talk about a scene from last episode and then we had this amazing mind-blowing conversation. Three hours! Wow!
Pacey: So are you saying that your conversation was mind-blowing? Words with him are mind-blowing???
(He’s a little bit purple)
Joey (noticing she messed up): But sweetieee, c'mere. Look, Dawson and I, we're just childhood friends and...
Pacey: not working!
Joey: He never inspired me...
Pacey (angrier): NOT. WORKING!
Joey (runs to the kitchen): I'll bring some spaghetti...!

Joey: come on Pacey Dawson's show's going to be on soon. Last week's episode was epitomised every paragon there is. Really perfect.
Pacey: (coming in) what did you just say?
Joey: Last week's episode was perfect?
Pacey: no, no you used big words! They were in the thesaurus I gave you weren't they?
Joey: I, uh...
Pacey: How many times do I need to tell you that you can't use words like that about anything associated with Dawson? Especially from the thesaurus I gave you! It makes me feel bad!
Joey: (running out of the room) napkins, pop tarts, spaghetti...

Joey: (reading an e-mail) Aww
Pacey: what? (He walks over to her)
Joey: I just got this E-mail from Dawson. I was complaining about something and he knew just what to say to make me feel better. He knows me better then anyon-
Pacey: hey! He had his turrrrn. Joeeeeeeeeeey It's my turn to know you better remember? My turn started 2 weeeeeeeeks ago!

Joey: Pacey, I think we should spend some time in Capeside, you know?
Pacey: Really? To do what?
Joey: Well, to do what we used to do when we lived there... remember the old times?
Pacey: Joey, we can do this here. What do you want to do first? Talk about Dawson or fight and make up at 8:55pm?

Joey: Pacey, could you shove over? Actually just stand up for a minute.
Pacey: (standing) what’s wrong?
Joey: It's just not comfortable. The sofa cushions are sitting all funny...hang on. No wonder. Look at the stuff that's fallen back here.
Pacey: Oh yeah, pop-tart (grabs it and starts to eat)
Joey: Ooh, that's so gross.
Pacey: Hang on there's an old packet of chips here as well.
Joey: Yuck, a melted chocolate heart...a crushed milk carton...some golf balls...and one of your condoms of hope.
Pacey: wonder if it stills works...
Joey: Oh and here's what has been the real problem...I wondered where these had gotten to.
Pacey: What? What's down there?
Joey: It's your sense of self-worth...oh, and my spine.
Pacey: Well, now that we've recovered those two items...
Joey: Yeah, umm see ya. I guess twu wuv has sunk well and truly this time.

Pacey: Joey, you’re the first one to make me feel like that, you know?
Joey: Oh really? What about Tamara?
Pacey: Yeah, but what I’m saying is that Tamara didn’t challenge me the way you do. You were the first to...
Joey: Umm...Andie seemed to challenge you, right?
Pacey: Yeah, er...well...
Joey: It seems I wasn’t the first in anything. Why did I do first, Pacey?
Pacey (thinking to himself): Should I say she was the first one who made me feel like nothing?

Pacey: Jo, all these years I’ve been loving you. Ten years…
Joey: Ten years? You hated me back then, Pacey
Pacey: Yeah, oh, no… I didn’t hate you Joey, I’ve had these feelings…
Joey: You said you didn’t have interest in my life Pacey! Plus: you were infatuated by Tamara!
Pacey: Ok, so I think I’ve been loving you for nine years?
Joey: You’ve dated Andie for a year!
Pacey: All right, all right… eight…
Joey: If you consider the time I made you feel like nothing…
Pacey: All right, all right… six…
Joey: When you dated Audrey and all those women…
Pacey: Well, in my defence, I have to tell that I’ve never brought napkins for them or let them win in mini-golf!
Joey: You’re not getting anything tonight, Pacey… give up!
Pacey (thinking): What? Man, this used to work…

Joey: Hi Sweetie. I'm home; I'm glad that this day is over!! It was so hard; I have to tell you something. Today my boss...
Pacey (angry): Wait, Wait! You can't do this again!
Joey: Can't do what??
Pacey: My soulmate and I we're having this special moment. Don’t ruin it! (Looks down at his turkey sandwich) Babe I’m going to eat you now but please never forget that I love you I always have!! You and me always!! (Starts to cry) Joeeeeyyyy!!!!
Joey (thinking): Oh no not again (runs out for some napkins)

Pacey: Joey I can't believe you did this....
Joey: Pace...I....
Pacey: It was bad enough my real true love cheated on me and I didn't forgive her and then when my twu wuv dumped me at a school dance I decided to forgive her for unexplainable reasons, but this Jo, this is unforgivable.
Joey: Pace...let me...wait a minute, it isn't 8:55 I don't have to apologize for something I didn't do, what the hell are you talking about?
Pacey: You ATE my turkey sub!

The Original Final Moments of True Love (Liz and Nic)
Joey: I think I'm in love with you and your sub.
Pacey: You think or you know...?
Joey: I know. I've known it since the moment you gave me a bite out of your sub and maybe even before that, when you first talked about turkey subs. And as delicious as it is, I don't want to deny it anymore Pacey. I don't want to run from it and I don't want to let it run from me.
Pacey: So what are we going to do here Jo?
Joey: I want to come with you and your sub.
Pacey: What? Are you crazy? No one shares my sub!
Joey: Well Stupid said I have to stop standing still, I have to move forward and that means sharing your sub.
*Paul Stupid squees in the background*
Pacey: What about Bessie and the B & B? They need you.
Joey: Not as much as I need your sub Pacey. And oh yeah I need you too.
*He smiles at her, she smiles back, looks at the sub with hungry eyes, she begins to climb aboard when Pacey stops her*
Pacey: Uh uh!
Joey: Permission to share your sub and come aboard?
Pacey: Permission granted.
*The boat sails off, Stupid squeeling in the background and we fade out to a sillouette of a turkey sub.*

PS making "True Love" into Joey's boat (a.k.a. contrived pile of crap)
PS: *drooling over a picture of a sailboat*
Other writers: Paul what is wrong with you?
PS: I had this great idea...wheeeeee...
Other writers look at him strangely, afraid to ask: What idea?
PS: Looook. *he shows them the picture*
Other writers: Uh yeah.
PS: True Love!
Other writers look at each other in confusion: Okay....
PS: I was once in love with my boat...oooooooooooooooooooooo....we should name Pacey's boat that.
Other writers: We already did that....
PS: Oh yeah...the boat for Joey....
Other writers: No Andie....
PS waves hand in dismissal: It's for Joey now. *spins around in chair* wheeeeee!

Pacey's Proposal (Deb)
Pacey: (mumbling cause his mouth is full of chips) So, umm Jo. It's been 9 months and counting since we hooked up on Jen's deathbed.
Joey: (slowly) yeah...
Pacey: Well, I was wondering if we should get hitched. What do you think of my idea?
Joey: Umm, it's ahhh nice I guess.
Pacey: Nice huh? Just nice?
Joey: Well Pacey, I didn't know I was going to get attacked on my word choice. I thought the thesaurus was just for sex, not marriage proposals.
Pacey: Just think about it ok...
Joey: You know I will need to call Dawson first.
Pacey: Yeah, sure.
Joey: It’s just that I feel that I need him to release me in these kind of issues.
* some hours later after a long and emotional talk to Dawson who wasn't the heck sure why Joey was ringing so at the end said good-bye not good-night (well, it was a morning call) which Joey now interprets as permission to go ahead with Pacey*
Pacey: So Jo, now you've got Dawson's permission, will you um, marry me? (Holds out a brown paper bag.)
Joey: Oh, Pace. You've bought the ring already!?
Pacey: Erm, well you know what I think of diamonds on you Joey. They're too tasteful, elegant and sophisticated. You're a simple kind of gal so…(Opens bag with a flourish) pop-tart?
Joey: Wow, how umm, nice?!
*howl of rage and tears from Pacey who turns away and starts eating a turkey-sub*
*scene fades*

[b]Reasons why Joey will only ever be Pacey’s Twu Wuv because a turkey sub is Pacey’s true love and soulmate:
- A turkey has a spine
- A sandwich KEEPS you alive (much more real than any 'feeling alive')
- Joey used to simply say 'Bite Me'. With a turkey sub you can!!!
- Every part of the turkey sub is yours. Dawson doesn't even get the mayo
- It doesn't take nine months to decide you're ready for a turkey sub
- A turkey sub will always provide you with a reason to stay.
- A turkey sub is delectable, delicious, divine, heavenly, luscious, scrumptious... never 'nice'.
- All the meats fit together nicely
- They have more sparks together than Pacey and Joey
- They are delicious and yummy, Pacey and Joey, NOT!
- A turkey sub is always completed unlike the wall Pacey brought for Joey
- The Sandwich has no Soulmate it's completely yours!!
- With the Sandwich there's no Love Triangle (or yes it could be with the Milk)
- Then you have your own little charity project! (You can help the sandwich when you eat it)
- A turkey has no soulmate and smallish feet
- He wouldn't have to worry about any back talking with the sandwich!
- A sandwich doesn't need to ask anybodies permission to be his.
- A turkey sub is happy to stay in Capeside for the rest of its shelf life
- A turkey sandwich doesn't care if your tear a hole in its dress(ing)
- A turkey sub never has to be jealous over another sub (say a roast beef).
- A turkey sub brings its own napkin
- You don't need to impress a turkey sub at mini-golf
- A turkey sub has the decency to leave you once and for all if it makes you feel sick
- You don't need pop tarts or chocolate hearts after you've had a turkey sub

Comparisons between DJ and PJ
Pacey:Could you ever love me like that?
Joey:Like what?
Pacey:Like a soulmate.
Joey: Pacey, please don't make me do this.

Joey: I love Dawson.He's my soulmate.
Pacey:Ask me to stay
Joey:I can't do it, Pacey. I can't give you a reason to stay.

Joey: Dawson....I want you to stay.
Dawson:It's because from that day forward, I realized that you hadn't been my friend for... maybe quite some time, 'cause the second you made us competitors—
Pacey:That I made us competitors? No. No. Now--now you're rewriting history, Dawson.

Pacey:How can a guy compete when the two of you have your own karaoke?
(So,who's rewriting history?)
Pacey: You make me feel like nothing.

Dawson: She’s my…everything.

Credit to Nagi

Reasons Why a Boat is such a great symbol of PJ's Wuv
1. Dawson and Joey had the boat thing WAY before, rowing to each others houses for years.
2. Andersen took Joey out on a yacht way before Pacey.
3. On PJ's first boat trip, Pacey forgot to tie up the boat which meant they both ended up wet and freezing.
4. Pacey named the boat for his love for Andie.
5. Pacey and Andie had sex on the True Love
6. The Potter B&B sponsored Dawson's boat in the regatta. Not Pacey's.
7. Pacey wasn't going to stay even if Joey asked him to by the end of season 3. He just wanted to get away in that same boat.
8. Joey ended up going on the boat because Dawson told her to go.
9. They never had 'nookie' on the boat
10. They only had separate hammocks on the boat. Not the shared double bed of DJ.
11. Their 'exciting' activities on the boat consisted of Pacey reading childhood stories to Joey.
12. These same stories put Joey to sleep very quickly.
13. The boat isolated them from reality and their family and friends.
14. When they returned to Capeside, there was no room for Pacey so he had to skulk back to the boat for awhile.
15. Joey wouldn't even sail with Pacey on the boat for it's last trip. Rather she stayed and worked on a project...with Dawson.
16. Dawson had to convince Pacey to leave the boat because there were people who loved him.
17. The boat sank.
18. Pacey was devastated when the boat sank. Joey...meh, not so much.
19. Pacey publicly humiliated Joey and dumped her on another boat.
20. When Pacey asked Joey if he were to ask the woman he loved to go sailing with him, Joey smiled and said 'you wouldn't have to ask.' You wouldn't have to ask because the answer is 'No, you freakin idiot. Look where you and boats have got me before.'
21. Not only did PJ not have sex on the boat, Pacey had sex with Andie beforehand and Melanie (the girl he quickly hooked up with after telling Joey he needed to be on his own for awhile) afterwards.

Fights Of Season Four (thanks Cris!)
* 401 Coming Home: Pacey doesn't like the fact that Dawson still has an impact on Joey's life, then he tried to order her around, she gets mad, they fight...she calls him asinine, immature... ha!

* 402 Falling Down: Dawson tells Joey that Pacey was failing in school. She confronts him, he talks about Dawson, she gets mad, and they fight again...

* 403 Two gentlemen of Capeside: Joey has to do a paper with Dawson, Pacey feels uncomfortable. They almost fight, but didn't have the proper time and since Pacey almost died, it wouldn't be very cool to fight... oh, forgot to mention that they haven't interacted that much, so probably that's the real reason why they haven't fought!

* 404 Future Tense: Joey is the 4th of her class, she's worried about her college future, Pacey laughs about that, she gets mad, and they fight one more freaking time!

* 405 A Family Way: Pacey decided to be ironic and says they have to stop smooching, because Joey would have stopped anyway. Joey gets mad, they fight again. She says that if he tries to manipulate her again she would do something bad... can't remember why, actually!

* 406 Great X-pectations: Joey and Pacey are bothered by Dawson and Gretchen... they almost fight, but Andie had a collapse, which finally was something more important then their little annoying fights

* 407 Joey needs a peer recommendation from the person who knows her best. We all know who she thought about, right? She asks Dawson, who hasn't accepted it first. Then Pacey knows the true, starts to complain, Joey gets mad, they fight and you know the rest!

* 408 The Unusual Suspects: Miracle!! Miracle!! They hadn't fought!! Yay!! Well... you know, I think if they have two scenes in that episode!

* 409 Kiss-kiss Bang-bang: Pacey does better than Joey in her college meeting. She gets mad and jealous, try to humiliate him. They fight AGAIN! She cries and then they had those obnoxious smoochies... everything was perfect until Dawson and Gretchen kiss!

* 410 Self-Reliance: Joey was so damn jealous of Dawson, treats Pacey like trash, put him out of her house. Pacey's a smart guy, he figures out, confronts Joey, but suddenly he becomes dumb again and accept her lame excuses. Time for smoochies: 8h55 pm

* 411 The Tao of Dawson: Again, no fights! Yay! And yeah, they only had a scene in this episode!

* 412 The Te of Pacey: Pacey's birthday. Joey tries to be nice and throws a party. His mother keeps calling her Joanne, Pacey gets mad, Joey gets mad when she catches Dawson and Gretchen making out! Time for smoochies: 8h57 pm

* 413 Can't remember!

* 414 A Winter's Tale: Oh, the sex! haha After an amazing foreplay, filled with fights, crying, yelling and, why not?, a little bit of Dawson, Pacey and Joey finally had sex, after a whole declaration of love composed by napkins, grease hands, mini-golfs and these kind of stuff!

* 415 Four Stories: Oh, the morning after! With a not so pleasant face, Joey wakes up and remembers that, eew, she really had sex with Pacey Witter, who was expecting a gold medal for his performance. Instead of this, he received a "very nice", which in his mind sounded like a "F minus". He gets mad, she cries and you know the rest

* 416 Mind Games: Joey did have sex, but she didn't want the whole world (meaning Dawson) knows about this. So she lies, which makes Gretchen mad. She tells Pacey, who gets upset, but choose to not bring the subject.

* 418 and 419: no fights! No interaction either!

* 420 Promicide: The best fight ever! Pacey prefers the turkey sub. Bad sign for Joey. Everything was terrible, the ripped dress, the dead corsage, the trash limo... Pacey was tired of cutesy Joey. After seeing Joey laughing and smiling with Dawson, he couldn't take it anymore and humiliated her in front of everybody... "I feel like I'm nothing!"
After that, he realized what he did and went to talk to Joey. She was expecting an apology, but instead, he started to talk about how he hated himself and
She asks him to leave her alone... no smoochies this time!

Thread Title Ideas
Anti-P/J #_ Welcome to 'Condoms of Hope' P/J's very own Charity Organization.
Anti-P/J #_ She thought he was so unkissworthy
Anti-P/J #_ because we miss good old Pacey Witter
Anti-PJ #_ because twu wuv always comes back to napkins and window wipes
Anti-PJ #_ because twu wuv is smoochies after 8:55
Anti PJ- 'I hope a deer tick crawls in your ear and lays eggs' means you secretly love someone. Doy!
Anti PJ- Because even when everything's perfect... it just doesn't feel right. To us or to Joey. (Love Bites)
Anti PJ- B/c After one has poured one's heart out, you *have* to tell them to 'stop' (Love Bites)
Anti PJ- Twu luv is blaming your 'other half', to make yourself feel better (Failing Down)
Anti-PJ: Pregnancies? Dawsons? Insecurities? Whatever. Pacey brought her napkins!
Anti-PJ #_ DJ = Adorable banter. PJ = Threatening 'I’m gonna kill you' banter.
Anti-PJ # _ because breaking up at school dances is what twu wuv is about
Anti PJ - She chooses Pacey. Pacey kisses Joey. Joey calls Dawson.

Previous Thread Titles
Anti-PJ #33: The place where we put the fun into dysFUNctional.
Anti-PJ Thread #32: Nothing says 'twu wuv' like "I flinch when you come to touch me."
Anti-PJ #31 – Even Dr Phil can’t help them.
Anti-PJ #30 – Because Pacey didn’t know he was with Joey. Neither did we.
Anti-PJ #29 – Because EVEN Mother Nature hated them.
Anti-PJ #18-28 – Brilliant titles which we cannot remember. I do remember one was: “Cuz we enjoyed their 5 min of happiness each week. My ass.”
Anti-PJ #17-Because even without a hole in the sheet there was no big 'O.'
Anti-PJ #16-Because even when everything's just doesn't feel right.
Anti-PJ #15- As Joey said, their whole theme was picking at scabs
Anti-PJ Thread #14 ~ "Ladders take you, well they sink to the bottom"
Anti-PJ #13 ~ Dead snails, sinking are they for metaphors?
Anti-PJ #12-Pacey could watch his love sleep all night. Joey could too (with Dawson).
Anti-PJ #11 ~ Because Pacey would rather touch a turkey sandwich than touch Joey
Anti-P/Jthread#10: Pacey didn't need one more person to make him feel like nothing
Anti-P/J Thread #9 - Cuz with DJ: words lose meaning, with PJ: bring your thesaurus
Anti-P/J Thread#8- Cuz Dawson got forever and Pacey got a couch (ok and spaghetti too)
Anti-P/J Thread#7-As Joey said: Dawson's a Leo, Pacey's a sea creature from the deep
Anti-Pacey/Joey Thread #6 - "Like Joey Potter, we just don't feel it!"
Anti-Pacey/Joey #5 - Welcome to Joey Potter's Little Charity Project!
Anti-Pacey/Joey Thread 4: Because true love doesn't make you feel like nothing
Anti-Pacey&Joey thread #3: because true love was a damn boat...and it sank!
Anti Pacey&Joey thread#2: Nothing says 'true love' like "I don't feel it"
Anti Pacey&Joey Thread-Because Dawson is Joey's true love

Anti-PJ fanart courtesy of tigre86:

Take it away people!

Anti-PJ Icons by our Cris

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I think we have one of the best opening post ever in threads history

Thanx for the new thread
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Thanks Ash and Steph!

Our opening post rocks!
Rick: I know what you did for me, for my baby, while I was working things out. Thank you.
Daryl: It's what we do.

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Originally Posted by Deb D
Thanks Ash and Steph
Originally Posted by CrisBR
Thanks Ash and Steph
I did something while I was sleeping? Wow, that's a first.
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The title is yours, isn't it?
Rick: I know what you did for me, for my baby, while I was working things out. Thank you.
Daryl: It's what we do.

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Yeah. But, I was kidding because I never actually DID anything, like open the thread or anything. I'm a thread-opener-avoider. I'll open the next one.
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Oh, that will be a major step on your mock hate, huh?

Well, since the title is yours, you deserve the credit!
Rick: I know what you did for me, for my baby, while I was working things out. Thank you.
Daryl: It's what we do.

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The title is great, and I KNOW we have the best opening post!
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Yeah, Cris, it'll make me feel like I'm an active part of this thread, because I still feel like the PJer who hangs around at the anti-PJ thread (not that much, though)
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great title girls
~ Janis ~

Dawson: Okay, all-time most life-altering moment?

Joey: "...In this room. I was standing over there, by the window. And you kissed me. And it changed everything. It’s a powerful thing... having your biggest wish come true in one moment."
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Great new thread, loving that title.

Well Steph we consider you part of our hating "gang".
"I want you to look at me...and realize that what we have is so much more incredible than some passing physical attraction."
"...she's my best friend, you know? She's more than that. She's everything."

Nic | avi by crisbr
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^^ Definitely!

Hey Sarah, Janis and Nic!

Oh, I think we need a new thing, you know, something to make the thread move and to make me laugh, cause I'm needing to!
Rick: I know what you did for me, for my baby, while I was working things out. Thank you.
Daryl: It's what we do.

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Hey Cris.

Ummmmm....I'm plum out of humor today. I haven't been feeling much for the anti lately.

Maybe because in my mind they don't exist.
"I want you to look at me...and realize that what we have is so much more incredible than some passing physical attraction."
"...she's my best friend, you know? She's more than that. She's everything."

Nic | avi by crisbr
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Makes sense!

Wait, the PJo in your sig is Pacey and Joey!??
Rick: I know what you did for me, for my baby, while I was working things out. Thank you.
Daryl: It's what we do.

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