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Old 04-27-2005, 04:52 AM
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261 Daisies/Roses 4 Dawson & Joey:“They are far and away the more compelling couple.”

Welcome to the Dawson Leery and Joey Potter appreciation thread!

The actors behind Dawson Leery and Joey Potter are James van der beek and Katie Holmes.

Courtesy of Britney:

*Why do we say Daisies and roses for Dawson and Joey?*

In the second season premeir, which is called "The Kiss" Dawson and Joey have their first date, and on that first date Dawson gives Joey a Daisy, he said he thought of everything, chocolates, diamonds, convertables - but he settled for foliage.

And Foliage is good.

Then in the 602, entitled, "The Song Remains the same", which is the second episode of season 6, Dawson and Joey sleep together, and that morning Dawson gives Joey a White rose, and its increadibly romantic. Joey says that theres a $500 fine to pick them, and he says, It's worth every penny. I think thats the reason why we consider them the Daisy and Roses couple.

Once that was said, a little intro about our couple: who they are and what they mean to each other. Thanx Coolcat200 for this review (about Coda, episode 423) that explains, so beatifully, what D/J are:

True North

It's there. There's no doubt.

But what is it. It's undefinable and yet it's unmistakable: the thickening of the air when Joey and Dawson share a scene.

Is it chemistry? Joey and Pacey have chemistry, but it's not like what she has with Dawson.

It's something different. It's something more.

I've never been one to go in for the whole soul mate thing, but I think it fits. These two people are part of each other, extensions of each other. No matter where they go or whom they are with, they will always come back together because one can't survive without the other.

Joey said that Dawson is her magic. She loved, maybe still loves, Pacey but the magic faded. Love alone wasn't enough to sustain them. But with Dawson, after everything they have been through, the magic still flows.

Dawson wasn't thanking Spielberg. The director wasn't the most prolific influence in his life. He didn't shape Dawson and make him the man he is today. Joey did that.

There's no doubt that they love each other, and that they always will. But it more than that.

It's about finding someone whose life is so intrinsically linked to your own that you don't know where you end and they begin? And not only being okay with that, but also craving it.

It's about finding someone who is so much a part of you that you can't imagine who you would be without them.

It's about knowing a person so well that even when the walls are up you see right through them.

And no matter where they go from here, Dawson and Joey are that for each other: and they always will be.

And that is what this show is all about.

You can say that again!! Nothing will ever change that, and that is why we, and everybody else (even the ones who won't admit it out loud ) know that these two would eventually get back together. Once and for all.

Now, on with the show...

Daydream Believers & Movie Night Dreamers

1. Beatriz
2. Baby Britney
3. CrisBR
4. eatyourgreens
6. Deb D
7. sassy pie
8. M_J_23
9. pacenjen
10. azjdfan
11. taubman
12. Free_Falling
13. RoswellDreamer5
14. True Daisy lover4ever
15. Swamy
16. Lor-baby
17. nghn
18. dnj4evainluv
19. *Nora*
20. Ellasblues
21. sweetee
22. PiCkLeS4dAwSoN
23. JVDBFan20
24. Jax527
25. Ana Luthor
26. Toscane
27. dcfriends


Tom Kapinos

"Well, my feelings are this, and this is just one writer's opinion, but to me the show is about Dawson and Joey and it's about these two people who meet really young, and they are sort of meant to be. They are soulmates, but life gets in the way, and it's impossible when you're that young to sustain a relationship like that. So each person has to go off and have other relationships that are positive and real and important. I think Dawson and Joey ultimately... I would like to think they would make their way back to each other, but in the meantime they have all these other relationships to explore."

Anna Fricke

"I'll say this: I do think that this show, regardless of my opinion, is about the love between Dawson and Joey. When you cut everything else away, those two are at the heart".

Greg Berlanti

"I sort of always make the case that [Dawson's Creek] is about a pair of soulmates who met too young, and that's who Joey and Dawson are, but part of the power of our show is, how do these people still manage to find their way back to each other?"

James & Katie

Katie: Yeah, we have no idea. What’s so fun about these two characters is, it is something that is so untouchable, that connection that everyone can kinda relate to, I think. I mean, I think most people have a Dawson and a Joey. (looks at James)
James: Yeah.
Both nod.
Katie: And so it's really fun, so we don’t necessarily have to know where these two characters are going because it's something we can really play with because it is very realistic that they were go in and out, in and out and in and out.

Random Quotes:

"Holmes is, as usual, too adorable for words, and she and Van Der Beek continue to be a fine match."

"Once at the point of a love triangle with half-brothers and arch-rivals Nathan and Lucas Scott, Peyton finds herslef digging a new boy. We're still pulling for her and Lucas in a Dawson/Joey kind of way."

Find out the ~ 500 reasons why we love Dawson Leery and Joey Potter ~

Welcome to the Dawson and Joey appreciation thread. To find some Dawson and Joey goodness, you can go here:


~ Pure Magic ~

~ Bed of Roses ~.

~ Peter's fanfiction ~

~ Renae's fanfic and videos ~

~ Soulmates ~

~ You and me always ~

~ Dawson and Joey Art Collection ~

~ James and Katie Webpage ~


* ~ DaydreamBeliever: the Coda fanlisting ~

* ~ Your life awaits: the Swang Song fanlisting ~

* ~ Romantic Dreamer Addicted to Movies: Dawson Leery Fanlisting ~

* ~ Be careful what you wish for: episode 2.16 fanlisting ~ <<<<<< NEW

* ~ The Perfect wedding: episode 2.18 fanlisting ~ <<<<<< NEW

* ~ changes: episode 2.21 fanlisting ~ <<<<<< NEW

* ~ Reunited: episode 2.20 fanlisting ~ <<<<<< NEW

If you have a site you would like to be added to the opening post, please let us know.

If there was something that always defined D/J and their history, was music. Music never lies, and that is why I would like to post in here some observations made by Brandi about some of the lyrics used for our couple. It was (and it still is) Dawson and Joey all the way baby! They even have their own song, written specially for them: "Joey girl", by Binge (see lyrics scrolling down)

Anyway, here you got Brandi's post:


I was listening to my D/J comp CD's last night, and I just fell in love with D/J's songs all over again. I listened to them straight through for hours, and I kept hearing the same themes popping up in the songs:


"Love for all my life, to have and to hold"- (Sunday Kind Of Love)
"He and I, we needed a brass band"- (Thistle)
"Someday somebody gonna ask you, a question that you should say yes to"- (Questions)
"He wants to marry me, carry me far away"- (Thinking Over)


"In the rain, the pavement shines like silver"- (On My Own)
"And rain falls angry on the tin roof"- (I'll Be)
"I fall alseep to the sound of London rain"- (London Rain)
"Kiss the rain whenever you need me"- (Kiss The Rain)


"Too long, too far from home"- (Full Of Grace)
"Without a home, without a friend, without a face to say hello to"- (On My Own)
"Now I'm just rolling home, into my lover's arms"- (Broken Road)
"I'm coming, I'm coming home to you"- (London Rain)
"It feels like home to me"- (Feels Like Home)
"You see that I'm crying, though I'm going home"- (Music To My Ears)
"He took her by the hand, walked her back home, and they took the long way"- (Questions)
"So I took a little time, and you took a little space, but the house is feeling cold"- (Tell Me)
"So when I lose my way, please call me home, I pray"- (Your Love)


"God blessed the broken road that lead me straight to you"- (Broken Road)
"Like the path of a star, I'll be everywhere you are"- "(Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye)
"When the road gets dark, and you can no longer see"- (Have A Little Faith In Me)
"Maybe this road we're on's the very thing that's come between us; maybe it's the highway to the very thing that just might save us"- (Each Little Mystery)
"I take the road that's right, even if I'm left alone"- (Wait For The Way)
"You're really somewhere down the road...I know"- (Souviners)
"But borrowed faith is just not the road to take"- (Camelot)
"The path of nails and scars is the only way"- (Camelot)
"We may never meet again on the bumpy road to love"- (Can't Take That Away From Me)
"There are two roads to walk down, and one road to choose"- (Thinking Over)

Even in the lyrics, it's clear that D/J are on the "road" to each other, because they are each other's "home". Even though that journey may be a long one and has a lot of obstacles ("rain"), once they finally reach "home", they will be together forever. The music doesn't lie!


"What we have is forever". "Yes, it is". "I love you Dawson". "I love you too Joey". "You and me always". "Always".

"Joey Girl"
Performed and written by Binge

All the things that we've been through
And all the things we didn't do
The colors fade
The seasons change
And all the time I've waited here for you

All the things that I should have done
To all the wars we've never won
The stars will fall
The leaves will change
My love for you will always be the same

Joey, my arms are open for you
Joey, you know that you are mine
Joey, you know that I adore you
Joey girl, someday I'll make you mine

It seems to me that I've been here once before
Can't you see that it's all worth fighting for
You used to come in through my window
But I can't wait here anymore, Joey girl...

All that signs that I misread
All the things I should have said
They haunt me now
But things will change
My love for you will always stay the same

Joey, my arms are open for you
Joey, you know that you are mine
Joey, you know that I adore you
Joey girl, someday I'll make you mine
I'll make you mine...

Watch the video here <<<< LINK FIXED!!

Remember: something has to end to begin again. This end was just a new beginning for D/J, like it always has been, because they are...

So keep the D&J love going!

Former Thread Titles

259 Daisies & Roses 4 Dawson & Joey:“He’s her best friend, he understands her better then anyone else.”
260 Daisies/Roses 4 D/Jo:"She just wanted to go home, and home was in his arms.”

Carry on D/Jers!
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Old 04-27-2005, 05:14 AM
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Hey! A new thread!
Loved the title!

An avie, just because of the opening!
Rick: I know what you did for me, for my baby, while I was working things out. Thank you.
Daryl: It's what we do.

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Old 04-27-2005, 05:31 AM
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Congrats for the new thread! Love the title nad love the avi Cris
Here's a little gift for you all:
Since you've been gone( anti-PJ,pro-DJ)

Some DJers from the free-fans(an italian forum)requested an Anti-PJ video. Unluckily I don't have enough PJ clips about their fights to make an whole video dedicated to it, so I thought about something else. Some months ago avisgirl(my fallow Java Junkie) made a video with the song "Since you've been gone"(anti-Chris and pro-Luke and Lorelai) and it was great!So I decided to do something similiar. The very first part of this video and the beginning of the second part are from Pacey's pov. He thinks about his past with Joey,how much he loved her and how she never seemed to be completely his. All the other parts are from Joey's pov. After her break up with Pacey in season 4, she's moved on pretty easily because being with him just made her understend that the only one for her was,is and wil be only Dawson
Hope you like it!

Since you've been gone
"I wouldn't change a day"
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Old 04-27-2005, 05:44 AM
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New thread
I am downloading the vid Lor-Baby, can't wait.
texas forever
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Old 04-27-2005, 05:50 AM
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Lor, you know my thoughts about your vid - once again awesome job!! Made me gloat and smile and love DJ and loathe PJ all over ..hee
: Okay, let's go Turbo...
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Old 04-27-2005, 06:02 AM
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Yay! New thread! I love the title. I've downloaded the video and I'll watch it tomorrow. It's time for bed, I will have some icons tomorrow!
In some unearthly way it’s always going to be you and me.

Icon thanks to rossfangirl86
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Old 04-27-2005, 06:04 AM
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Ah, there's nothing like a shiny new D/Jo thread. Awesome title, too!
"If Leonard and Penny didn't end up together, I would cry like it was my own break up.
I don't think I could handle it. I would cry my eyes out. I would die. Whatever path these
two choose, I want them to end up together. I really want them to end up married, I really do.
That's my dream for these characters."
- Kaley Cuoco
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Old 04-27-2005, 07:33 AM
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nice new thread

awesome video

Cause James calls her "Kate"
Our J/K & D/J Forever Always their chemistry lives on.
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Old 04-27-2005, 07:47 AM
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a new thread!! Yeahh!! i will download the video when i'm at home!!!
Dawson: You know, I think for the longest time, I was just waiting to find somebody I loved as much as I loved you. I realize that's not gonna happen, you know. You were my first love.
Joey: I don't think I'll ever love anyone the way that I loved you.
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Old 04-27-2005, 10:40 AM
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Great thread title. It's so true.
I love Jate!

Joey:I know that there's a part of me that will be in love with you for the rest of my life.
Dawson and Joey
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Old 04-27-2005, 11:58 AM
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Love the new thread

Lor Thanks for another amazing video...looking forward to your next one
"Soul mate. Two little words. One big concept. A belief that someone, somewhere is holding the key to ur heart. All u have to do is find them" Carrie

"Everyone longs to find his or her true love and build a life with his or her soul mate, experiencing a special love and sharing an extremely rare and special connection. Everyone has one true love soul mate, the one person you are destined to have a romantic relationship throughout your life on earth (and beyond)."

Carrie/Big, Carrie/Aiden, Seth/Summer, Dawson/Joey, Pacey/Andie, Buffy/Angel
* friends * lovers * soulmates*
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Old 04-27-2005, 12:55 PM
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Glad y'all like it. As always, posting the scene where the title idea came from:

[Coffee shop - Dawson sits at a table alone reading a newspaper. Drue takes a seat across from him.]

Drue: Thank God. This place can be so lonely.

Dawson: That's one of the attractions.

Drue: You're not still mad about my practically joke, are you?

Dawson: Actually no, I've forgotten about that (missed words?). But, since you insist on…

Drue: Do you want me to unfix the election so that Joey and Pacey win as Class Couple? Sorry. Can't do that. It's too boring. Where's the conflict? Where's the drama?

Dawson: There isn't supposed to be any drama.

Drue: See, things like that keep high school year books mired in mediocrity.

Dawson: Are you suggestion they should be fictional rather than fact?

Drue: Personally, I always found the truth to be a slippery little devil and somewhat lacking in the fun department.

Dawson: And you don't care who gets hurt?

Drue: It's down right sweet, all this concern you seem to have for Joey, but… I should probably warn you. All it really does it prove my point.

Dawson: I wasn't aware that you had one.

Drue: Oh, please… this whole friend dance you guys do. As if you were actually over each other. As if you haven't vaguely wounded each other's psyches and doomed all your future relationships. I mean, I'm sorry this is great stuff. It's what makes you and Joey, far and away the more compelling couple.

Dawson: As much as I appreciate having my life explained to me by you, it sounds like you have no intention of fixing this problem.

Drue: My hands are tied.

Dawson: I guess mine are, too. (he leaves)

Always loved Dru.
nothing going going wild in you, you know
i don't do sadness. not even a little bit
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Old 04-27-2005, 01:00 PM
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he's so funny in this episode! At first, I really didn't like him, because of what he did to Jen, but after some time I started to appreciate him a little bit... especially because he was so sensitive!
Rick: I know what you did for me, for my baby, while I was working things out. Thank you.
Daryl: It's what we do.

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Old 04-27-2005, 02:32 PM
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^^ lol Yep.

I made this WP a long time ago when i first got Paint shop and forgot to post it:

nothing going going wild in you, you know
i don't do sadness. not even a little bit
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Old 04-27-2005, 02:50 PM
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Love it Britney - always nice to see their special moments all together....
: Okay, let's go Turbo...
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