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Old 06-22-2006, 09:26 AM
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*We love P/Jo~because he never got over her--how could he?~snail 351*

Since we are always welcoming new True Lovers to our home , I'm going to post this information here so that everyone will know. The reason our counter is by snails dates back to the episode Modern Romance in Season 1. Pacey and Joey were assigned an extra credit project involving the mating habits of snails. Pacey tried to create a snail menage a trois and the snails all died. So, they had to go out into the creek to collect more. At the end of that day, Pacey kissed Joey for the first time. So, we decided to use snails as our counter. Got it? Good.
Just a few reminders:
Please do not “star” post, meaning, a post to just say hello, goodnight, or anything like such.
-Please refrain from posting big long pieces of scenes, with lots of dialogue in a row, on the same page. In addition, keep the number of pics per post to a minimum in order to conserve server space.
-Also, please do not post the same pic on the same page or quote pics
throughout the snail.
Please do not bring over comments from D/Jo fans or arguments from other threads over here to the snail. This is the place to have fun and enjoy P/Jo, not to bash another couple. Thanks!

We love P/Jo~because he never got over her--how could he?~snail 351

~*The Pacey and Joey Shipper List*~
1.) Pace & Jo
2.) TrueLovePJer
3.) jopace1970
4.) lulah
5.) FinallyPJ
6.) Wilpen
7.) PJButterflies
8.) True Daisy lover4ever
9.) sweetheartin
10.) *Shannon*
11.) plushie232
12.) hshapir2
13.) Faye4Josh
14.) dewy
15.) NikNak
16.) piglet5517
17.) amore85
18.) jessica20121984
19.) ComeAwayWithMe
20.) Jenn23
21.) Emilydc
22.) Foxybabygirl
23.) dreamsingr
25.) ThornyRose565
26.) MissMi
27.) prettyeyesnads
28.) la_ferny
29.) benjigirl
30.) SassMouth
31.) JoeyandPacey4Eva
32.) Swedishblonde
33.) NikitaWitter
34.) jailynn23
35.) No Regrets
36.) Mandy
37.) Juli236
38.) chocoholic
39.) Onepapergirl
40.) Emilie Faquin
41.) KateToast3
42.) antisocial
43.) pjdorothy
44.) iverson19
45.) Fame84
46.) Sweet Honeycomb
47.) JENNY_ 83
48.) Livvie Emma 07
49.) JenC
50.) FalltoPieces23
51.) Efrosyni
52.) 2unique1
53.) Pickle-weasel!
54.) tracycutie
55.) Madel-1
56.) prettyeyesnads
57.) loulalla
58.) syler
59.) Kansaschick19
60.) Conway
61.) labrador
62.) cranny4ever
63.) Betlynn
64.) Cranny psycho
65.) *BabyBuncher*
66.) SpySyd
67.) Leyton is Love
68.) *dee
69) illyria_girl
70.) She Screams In Silence
71.) diavoletta
73.) obsessed_aussie
74.) Liljamz
75.) Adrimar_Jackson
76.) KCsGirl
77.) KatieNap
78.) LilyBabyBlue
79.) Carelle
80.) sxy_readr (Jenn)
81.) Ryan-Marissa<3
82.) dorkyxmichie
83.) Pacey'sgirl
84.) Marylynne77
85.) inzaghina
86.) McDreamy65
87.) Watchmebleed
88.) dramaqueen_sam
89.) onetreehill1216
90.) leyton_rox
91.) SweetAsCandy
92.) July
93.) Kithryn
94.) joei190
95.) jules83
96.) ~*Isa*~
97.) obsessed23
98.) summer_17
99.) Innocence
100.) PJbeliever
101.) othbaby
102.) ColdLinoleum
103.) kayemgee
104.) AnGeLfLy269
105.) bEbE xVi
106.) Callalily
107.) CraZy4eLLpEA
108.) mavie
109.) -diana-
110.) yourallineed
112.) x-love-adam-brody-x
113.) -Tina-
114.) Jason's Lover4life

(If you want to be added to the shipper list, just let me know)

banner by Tina

[Our Good Mood Pills/ The Reason List]

001. "I remember everything" from the Anti-Prom
002. "Jo, I'm going to kiss you" from Stolen Kisses
003. "I think I'm in love with you" from True Love
004. All kisses
005. When Pacey watches Joey sleep in Weekend in the Country
006. Pacey & Joey dancing during the Anti-Prom
007. Coming here and hanging out with you guys on the P/J thread
008. When Joey said "That's all you had to say, Pace"
009. TLD Grope-fest
010. The first scene of #401
011. The "coming back for more" kiss from #401
012. The end of True Love
013. The end of Cinderella Story! It's the best!...(Cinderella Story/Neverland episode)
014. The Stolen Kisses kisses
015. Watching Dawson's Creek when Pacey and Joey are making out!
016. The dock scene at the end of "Like A Virgin"
017. In VDM when Pacey almost tells her
018. At the end of "True Love" when they sail away together
019. When Joey finally kisses him in Stolen Kisses
020. Pacey YUM kisses & the growl of love
021. All of their nicknames/terms of endearment: Hussy, Mistress, Honey, Sweetie, Pervert, Prude, and so on!
022. The banter! It always makes me laugh and puts me in a happy mood!
023. Dance scenes. No explanation needed. The dancing doesn't lie. They could power a Kiss reunion tour!
024. P/J make-up scenes. So sweet and passionate.
025. When she wiped his tears--so loving!
026. I love how they can open up and aren't afraid to express their feelings and insecurities anymore.
027. P/J make-OUT scenes. They are the best!
028. The way he tugs on her hair when he is kissing her.
029. When he cups her face.
030. In Coming Home when he kissed her chin and she kissed his nose.
031. How she keeps her eyes closed even after the kiss has ended, not wanting it to be over just yet!
032. The noises they make when they kiss are great!
033. When Pacey said "Okay, you got me."
034. When she had her arms around his knee and he kissed her shoulder.
035. When he pressed his face against her hand...awwwww!
036. The way they put their heads together, literally. They look so happy and so in love.
037. Thoughts of P/J nookie make me very happy! Gutter thoughts are always good mood pills!
038. Wet Pacey also makes me extremely happy!
039. The dance scene in 'Four to Tango'
040. The end of the scene of 'Stolen Kisses'
041. "I think I'm in love with you"
042. Pacey's sexy voice.
043. All the lovely caps of PJ together.
044. Room 69 and Pacey talk!!!
045. You guys here at the Snails!
046. Pacey boxers scene
047. "I'm not going anywhere without you"
048. "You grabbed my ass! Like you even have one!"
049. "Prude/Pervert"
050. "I need him..."
051. "As long as we do it together"
052. "You absolutely wrecked me"
053. Pacey: You love me.
054. Joey: You bug me.
055. "Every part of me loves you."
056. In the end of the pier scene in Coming Home Joey sighs thank you and then Pacey does this gesture like...anything for my girl, he's too sweet.
057. The way they hold their hands when they're walking together!
058. He offers his hand to help Joey up, what a sweetheart that Pacey is, such a gentleman .
059. "You were the first person I thought of Pacey" - Joey, Cinderella Story
060. He BOUGHT her a WALL!!
061. "I don't want to talk anymore" - ahhh, the beginning of it all
062. The way he helped her repaint her mural
063. The way Pacey's always been there for her, for example, in S1 he drove her to see her father in jail - and actually paid 20$ so that she could see him - and in S3 when he went to pick her up in Boston.
064. The way Pacey didn't make Joey choose between him and Dawson, with Pacey taking the high ground in Show Me Love by saying to Joey: "I understand. I do understand. There are no ultimatums here."
065. Stolen Kisses - The Bed Scene!!! Especially when Pacey looked at Joey and almost kissed her elbow...
066. The times where Pacey has to catch his he has to remember how to breathe!
067. In Stolen Kisses- when Joey grabs for his hand and softly says Pacey, he gasps for air because he can't believe that this is really happening.
068. In True Love - Joey says "I know" he needs to catch his breath and then he has this grin...too cute!
069. He was willing to do anything that she wanted - Show Me Love - even when it was painful for him. She wanted him to talk to Dawson, which was about the last thing he wanted to do. But, she wanted him to, so he did!
070. When he was most heartbroken, he came to her, and she comforted him! (That fateful night on the docks.... And, Dawson told him he made his girlfriend Crazy)
071. Who wouldn't drool when a man that fine is undoubtedly in love with the girl we love!!!
072. They have learned to communicate their affection, and mostly their fears.
073. They gave up a friendship that was so important to them both, because they couldn't bear being apart.
074. They can't be together for more than a minute without doing something that lovesick teenagers do....
075. Seeing them both in a relationship that is so real and makes them so happy is fulfilling!!!
076. In Modern Romance how Pacey peeks in the window when she is changing.
077. From Modern Romance how he wanted to make sure he wasn't making Dawson feel weird by kissing Joey.
078. Pacey's face when Joey asked him to dance in Anti-Prom
079. When Pacey was telling the group about the smell that brought him back memories. how he was talking with his hands trying to explain that when he was little he was standing on his tippie toes to smell the snow through the small opening of the window...awwww
080. "She's actually the kind of pretty that gives you butterflies"
081. "Never lose the butterflies."
082. The last scene of "True Love." When she told him she loved him, I totally teared up.
083. When Pacey told Joey, "I'm the only guy who gets to walk in with Audrey Hepburn on my arm." Sigh... I swear my breath caught in my throat.
084. The last scene between Pacey and Joey in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." Hearing them say aloud that they loved one another... just beautiful.
085. The last scene of "Failing Down"... I loved that she could help him, and he could let her in.
086. The last scene of "Coming Home"... for obvious reasons.
087. Because they sailed together 3 months
088. Because they love each other
089. Because he plans to be with Joey
090. Because True Love always wins!!
091. Because they grew up together
092. Because no matter what happens, "Everything is going to be ok!"
093. Because they survived a storm
094. Because they read aloud to each other
095. Because her future lies with him
096. Because we love Joey saying "I'll pray for you, sweetheart."
097. Because her heart has never left Pacey
098. Because Joey is the only girl can say Pacey looks Like Caesar!!
099. Because he is the perfect boyfriend
100. Because you always tease the ones you love
101. Because he will look sexy in uniform
102. They had a boat called True Love, which described their relationship perfectly.
103. Because details are going to define them!
104. The way they kiss
105. Pacey's eyes!
106. Because they are thinking for 2
107. Because you don't choose the one you love, it chooses you!
108. Because you should never lose the butterflies
109. Because Joey is not going anywhere without Pacey
110. Because Pacey is really sweet with Alexander!
111. Because they look amazing together
112. Because he doesn't want to talk anymore
113. Because they are creating their own History
114. Because they miss the True Love
115. Because they are made for each other
116. Because they are the Hottest Couple ever!
117. Whenever P/J do the lovers knot (tm-Emily), I just feel giddy inside.
118. The Christmas picture in Self Reliance. That was excellent!
119. The way they can't keep their hands off each other - I'm thinking especially of TLD, but it applies to them all the time really!!
120. The heart-melting scenes in season three when Pacey would describe to Dougie or Buzz how much he loved Joey. Those definitely put me in a good mood. Pacey is so sweet!
121. "Okay. She's so beautiful, that every time you look at her, your knees tremble, your heart just melts, and you know right then and there, without any reservation, that there is order and meaning to the universe." ~ Pacey
122. Joey accepting Pacey's hand as she jumps down from the car when they are at the hospital waiting for Andie...and then they hold hands as they walk into the building.
123. The jail scene in "Valentine's Day Massacre"
124. When Pacey and Jen talk in "To Green With Love"
125. I loved the kiss in the hallway that was "of a spontaneous nature."
126. "Future Tense" final P/J scene
127. When Joey overreacts (with jealousy) when she finds Pacey and Jen in Four to Tango
128. When Pacey realizes how beautiful Joey is in Northern Lights
129. Because she didn't ask him to stay, she went forward with him
130. The "Look of Love" (tm-Angie)
131. The forehead/shoulder/nose/neck kisses
132. Because she had never been so scared for anyone in her whole life
133. Because he just wanted the world to see her through his eyes
134. Because he bought some groceries, did the dishes, got the teacher to let her retake the test, and helped her study
135. Because he "put his heart on the line" so she could find closure with Dawson in "Self-Reliance"
136. The way they hold each other's faces and necks when kissing
137. Simply the way they look into each other's eyes
138. They are head over heels in Love with each other!
139. When Pacey says to Joey "There's my girl"
140. Because he learned to read between the banter
141. The way Joey grabs Pacey's hand in Stolen Kisses
142. The over-the-shoulder kiss in Coming Home
143. The way Pacey lets his breath out after he tells Joey he is in danger of flunking out of school in Failing Down
144. "This Years Love" by David Gray
145. She offered him Chex Mix
146. Ten my love
147. Even though they get in an argument it doesn't mean an end to their relationship... They get through it TOGETHER!
148. The way they read The Little Mermaid together on the boat...
149. When Joey mouths "I love you"!
150. The way they make their relationship real... Where it doesn't have to be happy all the time...
151. Sailing on a boat for 3 months together!
152. Their love grew out of their friendship and surprised us all.
153. I absolutely love their scene at the end of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" where Pace reveals why he lied at the dinner...made me want to cry! "Well maybe I wanted these people to see you through my eyes for one night. To see this girl, this woman who has more class and intelligence and beauty and grace than anyone else who's walking on the face of this planet. And maybe things like this just come tumbling out of my mouth because I happen to be head over heels in love with you, but the scary thing is, I think that they're true."
154. "I just had a meltdown!?"
155. The way they started as enemies, and turned into lovers.
156. The way Joey confessed to Pacey all the things she loved about him before having nookie.
157. How they just love each other for the sake of loving each other...and not for some sort of objective or goal or purpose
158. How Pacey named his boat after his love for Joey.
159. The way one of them has been there for the other through good & bad times.
160. The way they don't pressure the other person into doing something they don't want to do
161. The way they stand up for one another even when the other person isn't there
162. The way they'd fight for the other person
163. The way they kiss each other and know it's going to be okay
164. They want one another
165. "You never know, we could even end up friends."
166. They both remember everything.
167. He's the person who knows her best.
168. He's her good mood pill. She thinks of him and immediately feels good inside.
169. She still gives him butterflies (one year later!)
170. True Love - It doesn't have a happy ending, because True Love doesn't have an ending.
171. The banter - Because you always tease the ones you love.
172. They are head-over-heels in love with each other.
173. The way Pacey put Joey's hand to his heart in "Hopeless."
174. The truck/stripping scene from "Modern Romance"- you can see they totally dig each other... love the part where Pace spies on her. Hee!
175. That "fake" scene for Dawson's movie in "Prelude to a kiss" where they are supposed to kiss each other and then she backs out... so funny.. She calls him "unworthy" to kiss but we know better.
176. Shoulder kisses.
177. Because every part of her loves him
178. He offered to "build Lego castles" with Alexander.
179. He went grocery shopping, offered to cook dinner, AND did the dishes.
180. He's the perfect boy.
181. He said he would make up a story.
182. Because they're creating their own history.
183. Because in the best possible way, she absolutely wrecked him.
184. Because her heart is a fixed point.
185. I loved that love/hate thing they had going early on.
186. Because whenever I think of love, I automatically think of them.
187. Because they've brought a new meaning to the word "love." It's no longer a boring, sappy term either..
188. Beginning of Longest Day, the acting was perfect. You could tell they were crazy for each other...the kissing just couldn't stop.
189. Why every part of me loves you part...the tone, the look, and the emotion...the way Katie Holmes delivers this line is stunning.
190. Cuz I love all the hugs
191. Cuz they are the best couple on the creek
192. Because they are Pacey and Joey
193. He brushed her hair!
194. Cuz he took her to a brand new place
195. Cuz I love how they look in the "morning after" pic
196. They were friends all along even if they didn't show it.
197. They accept and love each other for who they are.
198. Their feelings were strong enough for them to risk their friendship with each other and their other friends.
199. He took a chance and kissed her in "Cinderella Story"
200. They support each other in a way that no one else does.
201. They work through their problems instead of running from them.
202. I always fall in love with the storyline about two opposite and different people who find each other and fall in love.
203. In S3, I got goose bumps each time Pacey and Joey had scenes with hopes that they would hook up.
204. Because even before they were friends they supported each other
205. Because he's Han Solo & she's Princess Leia
206. Because the sum of two over reactions = love (Ref 4 to Tango)
207. Because Nookie isn't the end, it's just another chapter.
208. Because they have a mutual understanding of each other
209. Because they make out in the greatest places
210. Because they have a relationship filled with so much passion and desire
211. Because they make the smoochie scenes so magical
212. Because they are the true soulmates of the creek
213. Pacey and Joey studying in front of a fire
214. He helped her try to save Principal Green's Job
215. She tutors him when he needs it.
216. He protects her honor
217. She worries about him (think VDM "You gotta read between the banter!")
218. He taught her how to let loose and have a little fun.
219. She helped him through his break-up with Andie.
220. He took her to see her Dad in jail
221. She helped him fix the True Love
222. He helped start up the B&B
223. The Ultimate Guy Maneuver
224. That DAWSON can see that she loves Pacey.
225. The ending of Cinderella Story/beginning of Neverland. Pacey finally kissed her! And I loved how Joey beat Pacey up after the kiss! It was SO obvious that she was in denial!
226. Because Joey finally wanted to move FORWARD, and she wanted to do that with Pacey! (end of "true love")
227. That many people in Capeside see them as "the perfect couple"
228. "Simple, elegant, beautiful."
229. I love the way that they have a constant need to touch one another..
230. *sigh* I love those unbelievable looks they give one another...
231. That he putted first so that she would know the correct path
232. In "None of the Above," when Pacey came to Joey, asking when you should believe the general consensus about yourself, and Joey said "when its TRUE!" That showed that she really cared about him, and I think he needed that.
233. "Wanna know something, Miss Josephine Potter? I think the world may just surprise you yet. I mean, you fall in love, it doesn't work out and you think that it'll never happen again. But it does. Believe me, it does. In the strangest of places."
234. Because P/Jo have become the essence of DC.
235. "Permission to come aboard? Permission granted
236. Because they can tell when the other one is mad or how they could get mad (for example, how Joey knew that Pacey was mad at her in A Winter's Tale, and how Pacey knew that if he went off with Anna that would give Joey something to be really pissed off about)
237. Because they got to know each other deeply on the boat during the summer partly because of the "Barnacle for your thoughts" game.
238. I love that that Pacey was her FIRST..
239. I love that scene at the end of Te of Pacey, when she tells him they'll just have to try harder
240. I love that ALL ROADS LEAD BACK TO THEM....
241. Their love is just so moving and realistic
242. They take my breath away...
243. Their concern for one another.
244. They took the time to really fall in love
245. Who doesn't love a classic romance story? Two enemies brought together by love. That makes it even more interesting.
246. Their loyalty.
247. Because Pacey and Joey bring out the best in each other
248. The way they both smile when they are together.
249. Their commitment.
250. Their love!
251. When he was afraid of everything else...he was never afraid of loving her
252. She was the only thing that ever made complete and total sense in his life
253. Her butt so wanted something to do with his butt in Stolen Kisses
254. He understood without a word why she wasn't ready, and now why she was
255. He got her napkins when they went to the movies and had popcorn
256. He carried her bags
257. She didn't want to be let off the hook
258. Her future lies with Pacey
259. He wouldn't have to ask
260. She didn't mind PDA with Pacey
261. Spending time with Pacey "sounds delectable"

Courtesy of MissMi
1.) She's the one- World Party- Modern Romance
2.) I'm the only one- Melissa Etheridge- Modern Romance
3.) Joseph Arthur- In the Sun- Four Stories
4.) David Gray- Sail away- True Love
5.) Fisher- I will love you- Winter's tale
6.) Jewel- Standing Still- True Love
7.) My Friend- Annie Palmer- Clean and Sober
8.) My Invitation- Sarah Slean- The Anti- Prom
9.) Windows- Amy Cook- Mind Games and Separation Anxiety
10.) I'm All Right (Help Me)- Michael Brandmeier- Castaways
11.)Break the Chain- Sue Medley- Home Movies
12.)How Could We Know? - Say-So- Falling Down
13.)You Won't See Me Cry- Sue Medley- None Of The Above
14.)This Year's love- David Gray- Coming Home
15.) Superman- Five for Fighting- Falling Down
16.)Even Now- Trina Hamlin- Northern Lights
17.) Promise Me This- Pancho's Lament- True Love
18.) Waiting for a sign- Mary Beth Maziarz
19.)If- Dragmatic- The Graduate and All Good Things...
20.) Juliette- Vanessa Daou- Castaways
21.) Write Me A song- Edwin MaCain- Separation Anxiety
22.) In Your Keeping- Jann Arden- The Longest Day
23.) I can't fight this feeling anymore by REO Speedwagon- Cinderella Story
24.) Run- Snow Patrol- Separation Anxiety and Love Bites
25.) Say Hello Wave Goodbye- David Gray- Capeside Revisited
26.) You'll Be In My Heart- Phil Collins
27.) Against The Odds- Phil Collins
28.)Have A Little Faith In Me- John Hiatt
29.)In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel
30.)Days Like These by Janis Ian
31.)When You Say Nothing At All by Allison Krauss
33.) Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows
34.)Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne
35.)Why don't you and I by Chad Croger and Santana
36.)Be Be Your Love by Rachael Yamagata
37.)By My Side- Ben Harper
38.) Over My Head- Martin Sexton
39) Far away - Nickleback

Song of the Moment
Mary Beth Maziarz - Hold on
Time after time, feels like I'm fading away
Stopped on a dime, staring into space
And clarity comes, and clarity goes
But for all these epiphanies, I'm still lost
Holding the roses

At the start of your life, are you given a golden key
To personalize, so carefully
And slowly you groove it, make it your own
And when you find where it fits well, swing it wide
And follow him home, examine his soul

And if the moment hums with something deep and low
Hold on, hold on
And if your timing comes like you're a single soul
Hold on, hold on, hold on...

I know it's hard, yeah, you've got a complicated scene,
They tell you listen to your heart, yeah, whatever the hell that means
And whisper they may, but they will anyway,
And it's you who'll be living each minute in between


Bridge: Confessions and awakenings
Streetcorner serenades, and midnight trains
Truthful fiction at the heart of things
Believing in the game

Time after time, feels like I'm fading away
Stopped on a dime, staring into space
And clarity comes, and clarity goes
But for all these epiphanies, I'm still lost
Holding the roses, holding the roses, holding the roses

Scene of the moment

Pacey: And here we are. Home, sweet...
Joey: Already?
Pacey: Already. I know, it's a long trip up from the living room.
Joey: That was fun. See, I'm a lovely drunk.
Pacey: You are indeed, Miss Potter.
[He takes off her boots]
Joey: I talked to so many new people tonight. People love me.
Pacey: And they love it when you tell them your friends' dirty little secrets.
Joey: Huh?
Pacey: Nothing. Never mind.
[Joey is falling asleep and her speech keeps getting quieter and quieter]
Joey: It was a wonderful party, Pacey. Until all the smashes and stuff.
Pacey: Yeah, the smashing was not so good.
Joey: I'm sorry about the television thing.
Pacey: It's ok. It happens. And I probably was getting a little too attached.
Joey: Can't have that.
Pacey: No. But I'm glad you had a good time. You deserved it. And you are a lovely and wise drunk, Miss Potter.
[Joey smiles and starts to push a hair off her face, before he arm just droops]
Pacey: What you said earlier was right. I never did. How could I? Just look at you.
[Joey leans up groggily]
Joey: You know what else we never did?
[She kisses him]
Joey: Your turn now.
[She then passes out back onto the bed.]
Pacey: Sweet dreams, Joey.

Fanart of the moment

Courtesy of Steph02

by Emily

Top 3 Kisses of Season 3

Top 6 Kisses of Season 4
Us PJers are have started our very own PJ fanfic, if you would like to write a chapter please let us know.

~Former Snail titles~
**We Love P/Jo, The Show May Be Over But We Still Love Them, 289 Snails!**
**We Love P/Jo, Do You Really Need a Reason Why?, 290 Snails!**
**We Love P/Jo, He Was Never Really Gone, 291 Snails!**
*We Love P/Jo: There's one in the pro column, She's not off the hook, 292 Snails*
*We love P/Jo: He obviously had a huge impact on her life, 293 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Bc they happen to be head over heels in love w/ eachother, 294 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Bc only True Love can be Simple, Elegant, and Beautiful, 295 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because its the most amazing relationship Paceys ever had, 296 snails*
* We love P/Jo: Bc more than anything, they were happy with each other, 297 snails*
* We love P/Jo: BC she remembered why every part of her loves him, 298 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because she wrecked him, in the best possible way, 299 snails*
*We Love P/Jo, Happy Anniversary, 300 Snails*
*We love P/Jo: Bc the simple act of being in love with her was enough, 301 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Bc home is where the heart is & her home was Pacey, 302 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Bc only he could inspire her to runaway with him, 303 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Bc there's enough sexual tension for a kiss reunion tour, 304 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because they were on a crash course for each other, 305 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because she knows Pacey doesn't cheat, 306 snails*
*We Love P/Jo: Because he's got her only heart! 307 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because fireworks go off when they kiss each other, 308 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because they were destined to fall in love, 309 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because they're OUR good mood pill, 310 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because you always tease the ones you love, 311 snails*
*We Love P/Jo: Because they had the time of their lives, 312 snails*
*We Love P/Jo: Because they're Pacey and Joey... need we say more?, 313 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because a couple that dances together, stays together!!!, 314 snails*
*We love P/Jo: Because differences make a richer relationship, 315 snails*
*We love P/Jo~ Pacey Is The Most Important Person In Joey’s Life Now, 316 Snails*
We Love P/Jo~ Because Joey thinks Pacey is Lustworthy, 317 snails*
We love P/Jo~Because Joey became the woman he always knew she would-318 snails
*We love P/J: Because She Gave Him The Butterflies, #319 Snails*
*We love P/Jo~Because he made her feel alive~320 snails*
*We love P/Jo "Because they broke convention...twice." snails#321*
*We love P/Jo~"Because they were an epic romance."#322 snail*
*We love P/Jo~Because she didn't want to be let off the hook.snail # 323*
*We love P/Jo~ Because their love was a reality. Snail # 324*
*We love P/Jo~ Because she's not going anywhere without him. Snail#325*
*We love P/Jo~ Because what they have is real. Snail # 326
*We love P/Jo~ Because all roads go back to Pacey and Joey Snail #327*
*We love P/Jo~ With Pacey her heart is a fixed point and it always will be* Snail#328
*We love P/Jo~because she didn't mind PDA with Pacey~snail#329*
*We love P/Jo~because Pacey was the first one she thought of~snail#330*
*We love P/Jo~ When she listened to her heart she wanted to be with Pacey-snail 331*
*We love P/Jo~ Because their love was simple, elegant... beautiful - snail 332*
*We love P/Jo~ Because he wanted her to be with someone who made her feel like he did with her. ~snail 333
*We love P/Jo~ because they created their own history..& what a history it was. snail #334*
*We love P/Jo~because Joey thought spending time with Pacey was delectable! snail#335*
*We love P/Jo~ because he wouldn't have to ask. snail~336*
*We love P/Jo~because the most passion and grand romance existed between pacey and joey. Snail#~337*
*We love P/Jo~because he was never afraid to love her. Snail#~338*
*We love P/Jo~She's always known Pacey was the one she was supposed to be with# 339 *
*We love P/Jo~because they were king and queen of the Creek. Snail#340
*We love P/Jo~because they will always sail off into the sunset Snail #341
*We love P/Jo~because it's the details and moments that defined them Snail#342
*We love P/Jo~because she loves him the way a woman loves a man Snail#~343*
*We love P/Jo~because nothing could shake Joey's love for Pacey Snail #344
*We love P/Jo~because being castaway with Pacey was a dream come true Snail #345
*We love P/Jo~Because they couldn't keep their eyes off each other Snail #346
*We love P/Jo~"Because her future lies with Pacey snail~#347
*We love P/Jo~"Because even though the boat sunk, their true love lives on snail~#348
*We love P/Jo~"Because they are beautiful in each other's eyes snail~#349
*We love P/Jo~because even after 350 threads they are still our true ship~snail 350*

Let the P/Jo love begin
did you hear that rubber ducky? he said couples.
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thanks for the title jen
is it true you went out with Joshua Jackson last year?
Katie Holmes: I fell in love for the first time and it was something so incredible and indescribable that I will always treasure it.

KH asked about kissing her ex (JJ) in front of the cameras all day:

"Maybe there's a hint of realism?"
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Thanks are just wonderful...

and I will get the funny moments up later...after you get it opened...OK Missy!!!

Hey are ya...

I agree....He was always on her mind...She was in love with him...
In season 3...she was just very insecure about her own feelings and by season 4
his insecurities took season 6...they both were insecure about the other
their timing always he said in his little speech in the finale...but she was ready to make it right....

"I love know that"....and he did!!!
"The Story of our life, in the end is not our life, it is our story" Americano
Luv To All My Girls!! Thanks for the support and prayers
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hi katie. I am ok. How about you?

I like how she wanted Pacey there when she read the letter. As usual, they keep their hands off each other. hee
is it true you went out with Joshua Jackson last year?
Katie Holmes: I fell in love for the first time and it was something so incredible and indescribable that I will always treasure it.

KH asked about kissing her ex (JJ) in front of the cameras all day:

"Maybe there's a hint of realism?"
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YAY! You used my title!
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What a great title Shannon.

Thanks for starting the new thread jenn. <<< that's just for you.
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Thanks for the welcomes on the last page, girls!
Audrey Hepburn Campaign
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Hi Tina!!!!! (I talk to you on the romance thread)

Welcome to the snail. It's good to see you here.
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Hey Jenny!!!
It's nice to see you here, as well!

I don't quite remember that scene, Shannon. What was the dialouge in it, do you know?

I would love to be added to the list, Jenn!
Audrey Hepburn Campaign
For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;
for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness;
and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
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I'm pretty sure it's when Dawson and the gang are talking about Tamara and the mystery guy having sex on his tape. Pacey wants to see the tape and Joey calls him a purve and he calls her a prude. LOL!
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The episode is called Discovery

This is the dialouge:

Dawson: So there she is, on tape, doing it with some guy.

Jen: Miss Jacobs? As in 5th period English Miss Jacobs?

Dawson: The very same

Pacey: Wait a minute. You have a tape of Tamara?

Joey: Oh, I'm sorry, Pacey. I know you thought she was saving herself for you but...

Dawson: I was shooting some pickup at the ruins with Jen and we accidentily left the camera running when we ran out and the rest is pornographic history.

*Dawson, Joey, and Jen start laughing.*

Pacey: God, that's really strange. Um, you can't tell who that guy is or anything, can you?

Dawson: Standard over the shoulder shot we can't see the guy's face.

Joey: So if you're thinking of tracking him down just look for the guy with the brown hair and throbbing neck muscles.

Pacey: Uh, Dawson I think, uh, I think I should get to take a look at that tape.

Dawson: Sure, we'll arrange a private screening for you.

Joey: Yeah, so you can flag the bishop in privacy.

Pacey: You know that's really clever how you turn all the sexual repression into humor.

Jen: You know what, you guys? I'm late, I should get going before Grams puts on the APB.

Dawson: I'll walk with you. Later kids!

Pacey: Dawson, don't forget man, I want to see that tape.

Joey: Pervert.

Pacey: Prude.
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Ah. I remember it now.
Audrey Hepburn Campaign
For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;
for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness;
and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
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I still can't nelieve he didn't a kick out of her talking about him. I guess he was so worried about the tape, he didn't noice. hee
is it true you went out with Joshua Jackson last year?
Katie Holmes: I fell in love for the first time and it was something so incredible and indescribable that I will always treasure it.

KH asked about kissing her ex (JJ) in front of the cameras all day:

"Maybe there's a hint of realism?"
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Tina...I'll add you right now--That scene is hilarious. Just watching their back and forth banter in the first season is hilarious
did you hear that rubber ducky? he said couples.
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