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  1. Time Master Reports [News&Media] #9 - We want the scoop on season 3!
  2. Posting Legends {Post Count} #40: Dave's going out on top with posts!! [RANK #2 ✩ 4722 WK]
  3. Vixen & White Canary [Amaya & Sara] #5: B/c we want more partnership fighting like we got in Japan!
  4. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #1: "It's weird to think that all of this started with the two of us."
  5. White Canary {Sara Lance||Caity Lotz} #32: Sara's journey is "not about finding a life partner, [but] is about finding her own life right now." ~ CL
  6. Dave's Retirement Celebration [01] Because come September, things will get a little strange.
  7. Dark Archer [Malcolm Merlyn | John Barrowman] #5: Because he is secretly hiding out in his crappy apartment.
  8. Bonnie & Clyde [Mick/Amaya] #6: "Mick, I don't care what anyone else thinks. I still believe in you."
  9. Rip Hunter | Arthur Darvill #9: "Now, you may not believe in fate, but I certainly do."
  10. Legion of Doom Ⓛ (9)/ B/c Legion 2.0 won't beat what could've been of an expanded Legion 1.0!
  11. Captain Cold {Leonard Snart | Wentworth Miller} #24: "I saw an opportunity to turn things to my advantage, and I did."
  12. Word Association #21: Dave - Retires - September
  13. Spoilery Pictures && Limited Spoilers {#9} Judging from the spoilers, season 3 looks amazing!
  14. Interactive Artificial {Gideon | Amy Pemberton} #10: "The name is Gideon, and I'm processing data as fast as I can."
  15. Social Media {CAST} #09: B/c July - August always treats us fabulous on the social media front!
  16. Last Letter {#18}: Sunshin[E], Enem[Y], Yamashir[O]
  17. Martin Stein | Firestorm (Victor Garber) #7: "I refuse to set foot on the Titanic. Whoever built that ship ought to be shot."
  18. White Canary {Sara Lance||Caity Lotz} #31: B/c even when she was on the Lian Yu Island, she was a fast thinker.
  19. DC Comics United [53] - Live Board Rewatch In Session The Flash "1x023" Start time: 5 PM Est
  20. F I R E S T O R M {Stein🔥Jefferson} #08: B/c Franz and Victor gets along like "a house on fire."
  21. Historical Steel [Nate Heywood | Nick Zano] #7: B/c from Vince on WILAY to Nate steeling it up on LoT!
  22. Season 1 General Discussion {#3} B/c season one had it's flaws, but this was the start of everything.
  23. Captain Canary (Sara & Leonard) #20: B/c they did in 15 episodes what other pairings fail to accomplish in seasons.
  24. DC Comics United [52] - Live Board Rewatch - The Flash "Pilot" 1x01 - 2pm est time
  25. Former Assassins [Sara Ṽ Darhk] #1: B/c they have the best rivalry of the series.
  26. Reverse Flash ϟ [Eobard Thawne⌇ Matt Letscher] #14: "I'm a man of science, I'm compelled to innovate, invent, and inspire."
  27. LoT OP's Redecoration #3: B/c we love all our threads to make them equally pretty!
  28. ABC {#20} - [H]awks, [I]nvasion, [J]ax
  29. TPAM #23: The Person Above Me Will win the Draft challenge
  30. The Waverider [Off Topic] #37: B/C We're Enjoying the Moments we Have Together Here and Now
  31. TPBM #10: TPBM will miss Dave on Fanforum?
  32. 3rd Slightly Annual Fantasy Draft: Results Posted | Challenge Over, Collect Prize!
  33. Time Bureau [#1]: B/c we can't wait to get introduced yet another group created by Rip!
  34. Zari Adrianna Tomaz | Tala Ashe #01: B/c we can't wait to see what's in store this 'from the future' Muslim computer hacktivist.
  35. Professor & Felon [Mick & Stein] #1: B/c working with Dominic was Victor's favorite storyline for S2!
  36. Criminal & Assassin [Mick/Sara] #7: B/c Sara is the Captain who Mick likes and respects.
  37. Green Arrow [Oliver Queen/Stephen Amell] #9: B/c he's done blaming himself for past since he cannot change.
  38. Legends of Tomorrow - Moderator Opening Announcement
  39. Posting Legends {Post Count} #39: Our Summer Super Posting Continues [RANK #2 ✩ 4722 WK]
  40. LoT Hangman #16: --k- / --th-- / l--e / d-u-h-er
  41. Besides LoT, what are you watching? #28
  42. Countdown to Season 3 [#4] | [October 10, 2017] 9 Weeks Left
  43. Time Operations [GideonღRip] #04: "I believe in you. Now, let's get to work."
  44. Secret Force [JSA] #9: "Each one of them tried to take the fall for the other, and they tried to protect one another."
  45. White Canary {Sara Lance||Caity Lotz} #30: "Don't you think we have the power to change our own fate?"
  46. 3rd Slightly Annual Fantasy Draft + Q&A #26: Thursday = The Last Day | 1 Day Remaining, Good Luck!
  47. Legends of Tomorrow REWATCH [#6] NEXT WATCH TBD
  48. Damien Darhk | Neal McDonough #8: B/c let's reintroduce you to our newest Darhk series regular of LoT!
  49. Haircut & Thief [Ray/Mick] #7: B/c Dominic wants to see more Mick and Ray scenes for season 3.
  50. Atom {Ray Palmer | Brandon Routh} #11: B/c "Hard to break old habits." like pretending to fly like Superman.