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  1. 3rd Slightly Annual Fantasy Draft + Q&A #21: [Late Signup up accepted until July 1st]
  2. TPBM #9: The Person Below Me will be having many Summer vacations?
  3. Malcolm Merlyn | John Barrowman #4: "Well, at least I'm not dead!" foreshadowing much, or is it?
  4. Vixen & Steel [Amaya/Nate] #1: b/c they have instant chemistry and sparks fly when they get close to one another
  5. Legion of Doom Ⓛ (8) B/c their only failure was adding outside forces into their already dysfunctional trio.
  6. Word Association #19 - Firefly - Heat - Mick
  7. DC Comics United [48] - "I'm willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves." ~ Diana Prince
  8. Legends of Tomorrow REWATCH [#4] 1x09 "Left Behind" & 2x08 "The Chicago Way" June 25, 2017 1PM EST TIME
  9. Siblings [Jax & Sara] #04: B/c she trusted him to be in charge when she was down.
  10. Captain Canary (Sara & Leonard) #19: B/c his Russia side mission was saving her from taking assassin-like orders from the Captain.
  11. The Waverider [Off Topic] #34: B/c we miss the old FF times, good written romances and Rose we love A SUPERGIRL!
  12. Unconventional && Crossovers {#5}: B/c we saw Flashpoint before anyone else did!
  13. Birthday Thread #2: The thread to refresh our celebration memories! (June 17th - 4 Birthdays!)
  14. TPAM #21: The Person Above me knows something about me!
  15. General S2 Discussion #5: The official Season 2 Q&A is up and running!
  16. White Canary {Sara Lance||Caity Lotz} #28: B/c she sacrificed her own selfish desires for the good of the world and future like a true hero.
  17. Last Letter {#16}: Nat[E], Episodi[C], [C]rossover
  18. Fire ¤ Ice [Leonard & Mick] #11: B/c Snart did everything to insure that Mick was safe and not mind-wiped in altered reality.
  19. Three Word Post {#22} Wonder Woman Success!
  20. Other Villains {#3} - B/c it'll be difficult to top a immortal & LoD, but we can't wait to see who's next.
  21. Posting Legends {Post Count} #37: B/c we will get to 200,000 post on this thread!! [RANK #1 ✩ 3052 WK]
  22. The Waverider [Off Topic] #33: B/c Dave will cave in and watch the NBA Finals if the series turn to 3-2!
  23. ABC {#18} - [D] Comics , [E] ntertaining, [F] ranz
  24. Hawkman ღ Hawkgirl [Carter & Kendra] #7: B/c a curse will always break them apart from anyone that's not each other.
  25. Spoilery Pictures && Limited Spoilers {#8} B/c spoilers should start rolling in late July, until then, we wait!
  26. Besides LoT, what are you watching? #26
  27. Green Arrow [Oliver Queen/Stephen Amell] #8: B/c "I'm not gonna kill you. No matter what you do, that is never going to happen."
  28. Rip Hunter | Arthur Darvill #8: B/c the former time master have a weakness for his AI and jelly beans.
  29. Fan Creations |9| Themed icons, fantasy stories and graphics continue getting made through different forms.
  30. DC Comics United [47] - "Despite the primitive facilities, casual violence, fascistic meathead culture... I love it." ~ Lucius Fox
  31. Captain Cold {Leonard Snart | Wentworth Miller} #22: Because a Wentworth board is back on Fanforum!
  32. Legends of Tomorrow REWATCH [#3] 1x05 "Fail-Safe" & 1x06 "Star City 2046" June 18, 2017 1PM EST TIME
  33. LoT Hangman #14: R-p / --ll- / b-a-s / -h-?
  34. LoT 300 Reasons #3: Our List of Reasons why We Love LoT Continues On Even Through the Summer
  35. Damien Darhk | Neal McDonough #7: B/c when you aren't enjoying him as the villainous Darhk, enjoy him as heroic Flash in Injustice.
  36. Word Association #18: Paris - Con - Weekend
  37. Martin Stein | Firestorm (Victor Garber) #6: B/c Victor is like us, not understanding some LoT elements but nodding along trying to process it.
  38. Legends of Tomorrow General Discussion #2: First Two Seasons Completed so There's Lots to Discuss
  39. The Waverider [Off Topic] #32: B/c is PB really over? Will WW be the greatest DC movie ever? So much discussion.
  40. TPAM #20: The Person Above me is on LoT TPAM thread twenty!
  41. Vixen & White Canary [Amaya & Sara] #4: B/c they were the the Darhk take no prisoners assistants of Doomworld.
  42. F I R E S T O R M {Stein🔥Jefferson} #07: B/c Stein is a terrible team Captain but a great mentor for Jax during missions!
  43. TPBM #8: The Person Below Me ever binged watched a Netflix series?
  44. DC Comics United [46] - "Your fate is utterly binding. You are invaluable," ~ Doctor Fate
  45. Legends of Tomorrow REWATCH [#2] 2x01 "Out of Time" & 2x02 "JSA" June 4, 2017 1PM EST TIME
  46. Last Letter {#15}: Scienc[E], Eobar[D], Doomworl[D]
  47. Posting Legends {Post Count} #36: The journey towards 200k officially begins now! [RANK #1 ✩ 3597]
  48. Historical Steel [Nate Heywood | Nick Zano] #6: B/c Nate's mom makes the best sandwiches!
  49. ABC {#17} - [A]ssassin, [B]lood, [C]amelot
  50. Matched Set [Wentworth M. && Dominic P.] #7: B/c we've been lucky to get a double dose of these 2 (different roles, yet partners) in 2017!