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  1. Former Assassins [Sara Ṽ Darhk] #2: Because she knew the right words to say to inflict fear in him.
  2. Time Ship {Characters} #6: B/c all characters, even the Waverider students deserve a bit of appreciation.
  3. DC Comics United [60] - The place where we discuss DC of comics & live action, while also doing live watches!
  4. Zari Adrianna Tomaz | Tala Ashe #02: Because she speaks her mind, and wonders why the future still sucks.
  5. Jonah Hex || Johnathon Schaech #6: Because he took one look at the legends to know they were out of time and place.
  6. Besides LoT, what are you watching? #30
  7. Rogue Canary (Leonard/Mick/Sara) #11: Because she belonged with them from the start...
  8. Legends of Tomorrow [3x02] "Freakshow" ~ Episode Discussion (Airdate 10-17-2017)
  9. DC Comics United [59] - "You've already asked the world of me. I'm just asking for the same in return." ~ Samantha Clayton
  10. Season 3 General Discussion: B/c a new season with a new motto for our favorite legends!
  11. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #8: Because she was willing to be left in Star City 2046 to help him save the city.
  12. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #7: Because he was not going to lose her again.
  13. Legends of Tomorrow [3x01] "Aruba-Con" ~ Episode Discussion (Airdate 10-10-2017)
  14. The Waverider [Off Topic] #40: Pack your bags, kids, it's back on board and off through time!
  15. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #6: Because they couldn't leave the Island without each other.
  16. DC Comics United [58] - "We weren't picked to succeed. You know that, right? We were all chosen to fail." ~ Diablo
  17. Secret Force [JSA] #10: Before Avengers, before JLA, before Legends, there was the first ever superhero team in the JSA.
  18. Captain Canary (Sara & Leonard) #21: B/c not taking a chance with Sara is the thing that kept him up at night.
  19. DC Comics United [57] - Arrow "4x15" Live Watch, Sunday, October 1st, 8PM EST TIME
  20. Hawkgirl | Kendra Saunders [Ciara Renee] #4: B/c she knew she had a greater purpose than just being the stay at home lover of the 1950s.
  21. Time Canary [Rip Hunter & Sara Lance] #3: B/c "Sara is very important to me."
  22. Time Operations [GideonღRip] #05: B/c it was difficult for him to leave his corrupted mind without her.
  23. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #5: Because he kept saying Sara's name when he was dreaming.
  24. Captain Cold {Leonard Snart | Wentworth Miller} #25: "Wentworth is just awesome. What a phenomenal human being." ~ Neal McDonough
  25. Green Arrow [Oliver Queen/Stephen Amell] #10: B/c we are looking forward to the new chapter of Oliver's parenting skills life.
  26. Atom {Ray Palmer | Brandon Routh} #12: Because Sir Raymond of the Palm is our favorite knight!
  27. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #4: B/c she knows him too well; he can't talk to her like she's "other people."
  28. Partners in Crime [Sara & Kendra] #4: B/c she told Sara to "be safe" before she left.
  29. [Eh?] Canadian Embassy #1
  30. This or That {#2}
  31. Other Villains {#4} - What new faces does season 3 have in store for us?
  32. White Canary {Sara Lance||Caity Lotz} #33: "I am what I need to be."
  33. Word Association #22: October - Legends - Returns
  34. TPBM #11: TPBM can't wait for season 3?
  35. Jefferson "Jax" Jackson {FIRESTORM | Franz Drameh} #10: B/c Jax was wrong, the world is so much better with him "trying to save it."
  36. Unconventional && Crossovers {#6}: B/c 'Skirt' needs to call Mick...
  37. Sunshine Brothers [Ray☀Nate] #6: Because see, sometimes similar personalities delivers for fun tv.
  38. Season 2 General Discussion #6: They really should have gone to Aruba...
  39. Last Letter {#19}: Zar[I], Legen[D], Dinosaur[S]
  40. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #3: Because they knew each other, pre, during and after the Island! No one has that history.
  41. Damien Darhk | Neal McDonough #9: B/c we love that Neal just keeps popping up everywhere!
  42. THE LEGENDS {Team} 12: Because they will show time bureau and magical beings what legends are really made of.
  43. VIXEN [Amaya Jiwe | Maisie Richardson-Sellers] #8: B/c we'll be delving deeper into her family.
  44. LoT/DC/Marvel Trivia #28: If you are a great quiz whiz, why don't you test your knowledge here!
  45. LoT Hangman #17: Flip /-l-ps / -r-m / ha-gm-n / que-t-on-ire / A-ex!
  46. ♪ The Waverider [Off Topic] #39: I thought we'd get to see forever. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. ♫
  47. DC Comics United [56] - Arrow "4x15" Live Watch, Sunday, October 1st, 8PM EST TIME
  48. DC Comics United [55] - Dave's Last Watch Retirement, Today /31 "Flash Musical Episode" Start time: 8:10 PM Est
  49. Siblings [Jax & Sara] #05: "You remember the mission and what you are fighting for; and you try to hold on to your humanity."
  50. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #2: Because he used up his one favor of John Constantine to give Sara her soul back.