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  28. Legends of Tomorrow Rant Thread #12: Sudden dropped storylines, real life depressing events and the little petty stuff is on the rant list.
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  30. Time Bureau Director [Ava Sharpe | Jes Macallan] #1: B/c she ensembles what the perfect woman should be.
  31. Avalance [Ava & Sara] #1: B/c the story of how human and the clone fell perfectly in love.
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  42. Vigilante Club [Oliver & Sara] #9: B/c they both have the tendency to suck up the pain and keep going strong.
  43. Legends of Tomorrow [3x12] "The Curse of the Earth Totem" ~ Episode Discussion (Airdate 02-26-2018)
  44. Martin Stein | Firestorm (Victor Garber) #8: Because he had the adventure of a lifetime that he sought for.
  45. Dark Archer [Malcolm Merlyn | John Barrowman] #6: B/c he keeps on signing on for more conventions to meet all his fans!
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