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  1. Dobby Appreciation {#5}: "Dobby has come to protect, even if he does have to shut his ears in the oven door."
  2. WWW [Gred and Feorge]: "Imagine if something went wrong and we ended up a scrawny specky git forever."
  3. Charlie Weasley {#4}: He had a broad, good-natured face, which was weather-beaten and so freckly that he looked almost tanned...
  4. Flying Animagi {Sirius Black} #16: "You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us?"
  5. Half-Blood Prince Book Discussion
  6. Chamber of Secrets Book Discussion Thread
  7. The Founders of Hogwarts #6: Four houses...one heart.
  8. Besides Harry Potter, what else are you reading or watching? #11
  9. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child #10: "I'm not sure being fearless is going to be good for your health."
  10. The Great Hall [Off Topic]: We stan fellow Potterhead Tom Holland.
  11. Philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's Stone Book Discussion Thread
  12. Loonies [Luna/Evanna] #20: "Wrackspurts! Your head is full of them."
  13. Scorpius Malfoy & Albus Potter {#4}: "You are aware that you’re an utter fantasist."
  14. Marauders #19: "Therefore, for this reason I - James Potter- declare ourselves to be the most outstanding wizards of all the times!"
  15. Rubeus Hagrid | Robbie Coltrane {#6}: "Well, yeh might've bent a few rules, Harry, bu' yeh're all righ' really, aren' you?"
  16. HP Movies Discussion Thread [#5] - Rank your favorites!
  17. Deathly Hallows Book Discussion Thread #8
  18. Moonshifters [T/L] #14: "He’s still handsome, isn’t he, even after Azkaban?"
  19. Order of the Phoenix Book Discussion Thread
  20. Young Albus [Jude Law] #4: "Regret is my constant companion. Do not let it be yours."
  21. Newt Scamander {Eddie Redmayne} #9: "I can't admire people whose answer to everything that they fear or misunderstand is 'kill it'!"
  22. Padoonies [Sirius & Remus]: "Finally, the flash reflects the madness within."
  23. HP Fanfiction Thread #3: Post your fan fic recommendations here!
  24. Prisoner of Azkaban Book Discussion Thread
  25. Percival Graves {Colin Farrell} #7: "Time is running out, Mr. Scamander."
  26. Bobsessors [Cedric/Robert] #64: "I realized I never thanked you properly for tipping me off about those dragons."
  27. Harry Potter Fan Art/Graphics/Animations 16: Lovely fan arts we can't get enough of!
  28. Jacob & Newt {Dan & Eddie} #6: "It’s best not to plan these things. You know, you just say whatever comes to you in the moment."
  29. Bill Weasley {Domhnall Gleeson} #5: "Ready? This is my time to stop talking about being a Curse-Breaker and actually being one."
  30. Salamander Soulmates {Newt & Tina} #7: What I’m trying to say is, I want you to be happy, but don’t be happy that I’m happy, because I’m not.
  31. Funny Screencaps Thread #3: HP memes make the world go round. LOL.
  32. The Crimes of Grindelwald {#6}: "Magic blooms only in rare souls. It is granted to those who live for higher things."
  33. Nymphadora Tonks | Natalia Tena #7: She's a badass with a big heart.
  34. Besides Harry Potter, what else are you reading or watching? #10
  35. Queenie♥Jacob {Alison & Dan} #7: We want them back together again!
  36. FBAWTFT Movie Discussion #10: "Magical beasts are terrorizing No-Majs, when No-Majs are afraid, they attack. Contain this, or it'll mean war."
  37. Percy Weasley {Chris Rankin} #7: He was worried when Ron was in the lake!
  38. The Golden Trio [Harry/Ron/Hermione] ~ “We’re coming with you. That was decided months ago - years, really.”
  39. 2019 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: Harry Potter
  40. Fiery Souls {Ginny Weasley / Bonnie Wright}: "Size is no guarantee of power. Look at Ginny..."
  41. Deathly Hallows Movie Discussion #31: "We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving."
  42. Leos {Harry and Ginny Potter} Their relationship is pure, we obviously know at the end, it’s long lasting" Bonnie Wright
  43. The No Maj | Jacob Kowalski [Dan Fogler] #7: "I'm dreaming, right? I'm tired. I never went to the bank. This all just some big nightmare, right?"
  44. Credence Barebone [Ezra Miller] #7: "A son cruelly banished despair of the daughter return, great avenger with wings from the water."
  45. Ickle Ronniekins [Ron Weasley | Rupert Grint]: "Yeah... it is, isn't it. I suppose I was a bit distraught."
  46. Severus Snape | Alan Rickman #35: "Which one of you can tell me the difference between an Animagus and a werewolf?"
  47. Howlers {Remus Lupin|David Thewlis} #19: Kind souls are not always rewarded. Destiny plays with them like a cruel child with broken toys.
  48. Fleur Delacour {Clemence Poesy} #5: "An 'air from ze 'ead of a veela. One of my grandmuzzer's."
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  50. Lucius Malfoy | Jason Isaacs #10: "Come forward and join us, or die."