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  1. Philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's Stone Book Discussion Thread
  2. The Crimes of Grindelwald {#4}: "Magic blooms only in rare souls. Still we must skulk in the shadows. But the old ways serve us no longer."
  3. Young Albus [Jude Law] #2: "If you'd ever have the pleasure to teach him, you'd know Newt is not a great follower of orders."
  4. Dream Team [Harry & Ron]: "Famous Harry Potter and all that. I'd hate to see what the Ministry'd do to me if I blew up an aunt."
  5. Rubeus Hagrid | Robbie Coltrane #4: “Hello, Hagrid. Tell us, have you been setting anything mad and hairy loose in the castle lately?”
  6. 2018 Holiday Fan Art Competition: Round 2 Winner!
  7. Ickle Ronniekins [Ron Weasley | Rupert Grint]: “You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?”
  8. Howlers {Remus Lupin|David Thewlis} #17: "One: He’s sitting on my chair. Two: He’s wearing my clothes. Three: His name’s Remus Lupin…"
  9. HP Movies Discussion Thread [#3] - Rank your favorites!
  10. Harry Potter Fanart/Graphics. Because our fandom has incredible artists
  11. 2018 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: Harry Potter
  12. The Great Hall [Off Topic]: Another new year to look forward to! Get in!
  13. FBAWTFT Movie Discussion #8: "You’ve known for twenty-four hours an unregistered wizard set magical beasts loose in New York?"
  14. Nutters [Neville Longbottom | Matthew Lewis]: “We’re all going to keep fighting, Harry. You know that?”
  15. Moonshifters [T/L] #12: "He’s still handsome, isn’t he, even after Azkaban?"
  16. Percival Graves {Colin Farrell} #5: "I ask you, Madam President, I ask all of you... Who does this law protect? Us? Or them?"
  17. Severus Snape | Alan Rickman #33: “I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you.”
  18. Prisoner of Azkaban Book Discussion Thread
  19. Newt & Tina {Eddie & Katherine} #5: "In reality, they have this effect in them. It's like fire in water, in dark water."
  20. Snoop Hoggy Hogwarts [Draco/Tom] #72: "Wait until my father hears that Dumbledore’s got this oaf teaching classes."
  21. Funny Screencaps Thread: Need a laugh? Come right in.
  22. Jacob & Newt {Dan & Eddie} #4: "You don't suffer from motion sickness, do you?"
  23. Scorpius Malfoy & Albus Potter {2}: “And you don’t – you couldn’t – hold me back –”
  24. Besides Harry Potter, what else are you reading or watching? #6
  25. Loyal to Dumbledore [Michael Gambon] #6: "But remember this: You have friends here. You’re not alone."
  26. Brothers In Arms (Scamander Brothers) | Newt ▪ Theseus {Edddie Redmayne & Callum Turner} #2 :"No, I don't do sides."
  27. Leos {Harry and Ginny Potter} The canon ship that has inspired so many gifted artists continues to grow.
  28. Padoonies [Sirius & Remus]: If you're waiting for me to disagree with you, it'ws gonna be a long night.
  29. Queenie♥Jacob {Alison & Dan} #5: "Walk with me." "Honey no!"
  30. Jacob Kowalski [Dan Fogler] #5: "I love house elves. My uncle is a house elf."
  31. Deathly Hallows Movie Discussion #29: “The Ministry has fallen. The Minister of Magic is dead. They are coming.”
  32. Granger Geeks {Emma/Hermione}: “You’re a little scary sometimes, you know that? Brilliant, but scary.”
  33. The Shippers Thread #3: Love makes the world go round.
  34. Credence Barebone [Ezra Miller] #5: “Credence may not know who he is yet, but he needs to be found.”
  35. Bill Weasley {Domhnall Gleeson} #3: "He was wearing an earring with what looked like a fang dangling from it."
  36. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child #7: “The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”
  37. Nymphadora Tonks | Natalia Tena #5: "Nearly failed on stealth and tracking. I'm dead clumsy! Did you hear me break that plate downstairs?"
  38. WWW [Gred and Feorge]: "I’ve always felt our futures lay outside the world of academic achievement."
  39. Head Auror| Theseus Scamander { Callum Turner} #1 : War Hero , Head Auror , Big brother
  40. Percy Weasley {Chris Rankin} #5: "Step down Fudge, here comes Weatherby!"
  41. Please Welcome Our New Affiliate "Daily Wizard Wheezes"!
  42. Flying Animagi {Sirius Black} #13: His bark is worse than his bite.
  43. HP Merchandise & Pictures Thread #3: Share your pictures here!
  44. Visionaries {H ♥ L}: "Oh, come on. You heard them, just behind the veil, didn't you?"
  45. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2018
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  49. Half-Blood Prince Movie Discussion {33}: “It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”
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