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  1. SMG Anti ABC's #11: Dog, Elephant, Frog- All opposite of her.
  2. Spike♥Buffy #268: B/C she stood up to the man she considered her father figure for Spike.
  3. Sarah♥James #104: SMG was reportedly So Loud during Love Scenes with him that Joss had to put in music & have the volume lowered.
  4. Bridget♥Andrew #9: B/C he risked his life to save her.
  5. SMG OT #316:"You are mine, all mine.. you understand?"
  6. Kathryn App.#12: B/C she gave the word Bitch back its Power!
  7. Buffybot App. #19: B/C it turns out you CAN manufacture perfection
  8. Buffy/Tara Friendship App. #4: B/C it takes a true healer to mend someone who feels broken.
  9. Things Buffy Would Never Say #16: Snyder was my soulmate.
  10. SMG OT #315: Winter is coming...
  11. Kendall Hart App. (AMC) #2: B/C The HBIC gene got passed from Erica to Kendall
  12. Buffy/Willow Friendship App. #2: B/C Buffy was willing to give her strength to her.
  13. Spike♥Buffy #267: B/C of everything they overcame there is a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.
  14. SMG OT #314: Fanforum is like our second home.
  15. SMG OT #313: Jack♥Jennifer are considered by many to be the last true successful Supercouple from Days.- WeloveSoaps
  16. Spike♥Buffy #266: B/C I believe in you are the most important words she's ever said to Spike.
  17. SMG ABC's #26: Adorable, Beautiful, Caring- All these words describe her.
  18. SMG OT #312: Soaps need to go back to writing Supercouples, complex characters & adventures.
  19. SMG OT #311: It feels like old times with Carmen & Nia back!
  20. Spike♥Buffy #265: B/C it broke her heart when she saw Spike burning on the Cross.
  21. SMG Intro/Board Guide/Post Counts #7: Welcome to our Awesome family!
  22. SMG OT #310: It's time for a new thread and I'm the only one awake!!
  23. Sarah & Michelle App. #16: B/C without Kathryn we'd never have Georgina.
  24. Sarah & Reese App. #2: B/C we were happy to see them reunited.
  25. SMG OT #309: We want happy endings b/c RL sucks enough.
  26. Spike♥Buffy #264: B/C she was confused about the over part of their relationship.
  27. SMG OT #308: This week it's Off. that any two people can share their love/Joy & be married.
  28. SMG Hair App. #9: B/C she has such Luscious hair.
  29. Spike♥Buffy #263: B/C they were too wrapped up in their Mind Blowing Wild Passion to notice the building fell down!
  30. SMG OT #307: We are all shipper addicts.
  31. Kat♥Seb #15: "I hate it when things don’t go my way." "I hate it too."
  32. SMG OT #306: We wish we got paid for posting on Fanforum.
  33. Sarah♥James #103:"Did I take JM? I think I did." "Yeah You Took it Baby Yeah & You liked It!"
  34. Spike♥Buffy #262: B/C Buffy is the something Effulgent he has been searching for his entire existence.
  35. ♥Spuffy♥Cangel♥ #53: ♫ I will never let you fall. I'll be there for you through it all even if saving you sends me to Heaven. ♫
  36. SMG Fanart Thread #10: B/C Sarah fans make the most creative art.
  37. SMG OT #305: We love our favorite ships.
  38. SMG OT #304: Real Life Sucks but luckily we have each other and FF.
  39. Insane SMG Fans #17: " I saw vampires before they were trendy."
  40. SMG OT #303: Monica♥Chandler are one of the best couples in TV history.
  41. Spike♥Buffy #261: ♫ The thrill of the ride the fire in our hearts that burned the hurting in the end I'd go there again 'Cause it was beautiful♫
  42. SMG OT #302: The best TV ships have come and gone.
  43. SMG Fashion App. #7: B/C she gets our vote for Most Fashionable Star.
  44. Spike♥Buffy #260: "This is a scene that Joss wrote. Very beautiful. So subtle, too"-Rebecca Rand Kirshner(about the "Hell's Bells"moment)
  45. SMG OT #301: Tee couldn't think of a title..
  46. Buffy App. #37: B/C she is the Best Slayer Ever and the Shortest.
  47. Buffy/Cordy #31: B/C we want SMG & CC to star together in their own Sitcom.
  48. SMG Picture Thread #19: B/C Sarah pics are the Best.
  49. Spike♥Buffy #259: B/C Buffy was worried seeing his wounds from trying to cut his soul out when she first saw him again.
  50. SMG OT #300: "Why are you trying to change me? I am not, it's you that's changing me!"