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  1. Sarah♥James #93: B/C comments on Youtube say they are hotter than Porn!
  2. Spike♥Buffy #220: B/C her believing in Spike gave him the strength to with stand the First's torture and mind games.
  3. SMG OT #241: We can't wait for the VM movie!
  4. Immortal Lovers [B♥A] #15: B/C their love can conquer the Civil War.
  5. SMG OT #240: The new layout on PB sucks!
  6. ♥Spuffy♥Cangel♥ #50: B/C Spike and Cordy died for Buffy and Angel.
  7. SMG OT #239: B/C Endless Annoying Drama .. angst... just let a couple be happy already!
  8. SMG Intro/Board Guide/Post Counts #6: Introduce yourself. Unlike Vampires, we don't bite.
  9. Spike♥Buffy #219: Neither one really fits into the world anymore. They're also made for one another - PopMatters
  10. Sarah♥James #92: "It was fun too, Sarah on my lap, you know 'Hi honey'."
  11. SMG OT #238: There should never be anymore love triangles.
  12. SMG OT #237 b/c Ethan or Thayer... gee not much of a choice.. LOL
  13. Spike♥Buffy #218: B/C Joss says there is a possibility they made love their last night together.
  14. SMG OT #236 B/C "Emma , please do not be another "Elena"!
  15. SMG OT #235 B/C we each have our own OTP couple!
  16. Sarah♥James #91:"I'd stand there with this sock hiding things and Sarah would come over and tug on the sock."
  17. Buffy/Cordy App. #28: B/C Cordy always trusted her to help.
  18. SMG Letter Ending Game #10
  19. SMG OT #234 " You and me, we're everything."
  20. Spike♥Buffy #217: "147 days yesterday. Uh, 148 today. Except today doesn't count, does it?"
  21. Buffy App. #33: B/C she's an up kind of night person, just like us.
  22. SMG OT #233: Our fave ships make us happy.
  23. SMG OT #232: Computer problems are a bitch!
  24. SMG Bad Girl #13: B/C she wears bad really good.
  25. Insane SMG Fans #13: B/C she deserves a crazy following.
  26. Spike♥Buffy #216: B/C David Fury pitched an idea that included Spuffy together at the end of Angel.
  27. SMG OT #231: B/C Endless discussion of EB, DE, Tillow and even Spuffy!
  28. Sarah♥James #90: "Marsters is among the things she will miss most from her time as the Slayer."- Modesto Bee
  29. SMG OT #230: We hate Love Triangles!
  30. Sarah♥Charlotte App. #4: B/C she wore the dress her daughter chose to the Golden Globes.
  31. SMG OT #229: Somehow Buffy always is brought up.
  32. Buffy This or That #10: Xander getting beat up by demons or dating demons?
  33. Spike♥Buffy #215: B/C the Dead Things script says they are sensing their mate.
  34. ♥Spuffy♥Cangel♥ #49: The next time I fall in love it will be with you.
  35. Sarah/Michelle App. #12:"It doesn't matter where you came from or how you got here. You are my sister."
  36. SMG OT #228: B/C Book couples are easier to ship...
  37. SMG Pout App. #13: B/C You know you want to give into it.
  38. SMG OT #227: b/c we can go OT all night..
  39. Things Buffy Would Never Say #11: Do NOT accidentally put a stake in your naughty drawer
  40. Sarah♥James #89: "She would rub it in to me."
  41. Spike♥Buffy #214: "Honey, you're home." "Yeah."
  42. SMG OT #226: I suck at titles!
  43. SMG OT #225 B/C "We have plenty of time.... "Forever? Forever~
  44. SMG Hair App. #6: B/C we want her to be in Herbal Essence commercials.
  45. Spike♥Buffy #213: When I am with you. There's no reason to pretend that. When I am with you I feel flames again.
  46. SMG OT #224: Where else would we talk about WTF things like Dan being Gossip Girl?
  47. Buffy App. #32: B/C she's beautiful AND kicks serious butt!
  48. Immortal Lovers [B♥A] #14: B/C he wanted to be her hubby and she wanted to have his little vampires
  49. Sarah♥James #88: "When I mentioned the possibility of Spike and Buffy, Joss was like, 'No more vampires!'" -SMG
  50. Sarah Michelle Gellar Off Topic #223