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  1. Cafe Tropical [Off Topic] #2: I want to be cremated as it is my last hope for a smoking hot body.
  2. Schitt's Creek - Moderator Opening Announcement
  3. Alexis & Ted #1 ~ "You're wearing a little tie with your short-sleeved shirt. My little Galapa-guy."
  4. The Jazzagals #1: May I just proclaim that...I've never felt more buttress than I have in your company, dear gals.
  5. Homage [Canadian Embassy] #1: Paying tribute to Schitt's Creek being Canadian
  6. The Schitt Family #1 [Roland, Jocelyn, Mutt & Roland Jr.] ~ Because their ancestors founded our dear town.
  7. Rosebud Motel [General Appreciation Thread] #1: Room 4 is reserved for our VIPs!
  8. John and Moira Rose | Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara #1
  9. The Levy Family #1
  10. David and Alexis Rose | Dan Levy and Annie Murphy #1: "Ew, David! "
  11. The Rose Family #1: "We will get through this.. as a family"
  12. Eugene and Dan Levy | David and John Rose #1 Best father and son due out there !
  13. Jocelyn Schitt [Jennifer Robertson] #1 ~ "I've been on a real Dorito casserole kick lately."
  14. Roland Schitt [Chris Elliott] #1 ~ "What I wear under my own sheets is my business."
  15. Twyla Sands [Sarah Levy] # ~ "you know my thing with ghosts? ...she didn't seem angry like the other ones."
  16. Ted Mullens [Dustin Mulligan] #1 ~ Because he's cute in that nerdy type of way.
  17. Patrick Brewer [Noah Reid] #1 ~ "He's a business major who wears straight leg, mid-range denim."
  18. Stevie Budd [Emily Hampshire] #1 ~ "I'm wearing my maroon plaid hoodie. And I'm feeling very uncomfortable."
  19. Johnny Rose [Eugene Levy] #1 ~ "Talk to the hand, son, because the ears are no longer working."
  20. Moira Rose [Catherine O'Hara] #1 ~ "Gossip is the devil’s telephone. Best to just hang up."
  21. Schitt's Creek Award Show Thread #1 ~ Because they keep racking them up!
  22. Schitt's Creek Icon & Fanart Thread ~ Because we need to flaunt our wonderful show!
  23. Schitt's Creek TPAM #1: TPAM is happy to have a board!
  24. Schitt's Creek *Season Six* Appreciation Thread #1
  25. Schitt's Creek *Season Five* Appreciation Thread #1
  26. Schitt's Creek *Season Four* Appreciation Thread #1
  27. Schitt's Creek *Season Three* Appreciation Thread #1
  28. Schitt's Creek *Season Two* Appreciation Thread #1
  29. Schitt's Creek *Season One* Appreciation (Rewatch) Thread #1
  30. Schitt's Creek Social Media #1: All the latest selfies, tweets, and more from our favorite cast!
  31. Schitt's Creek Pictures #1: Quality content this way!
  32. Post Count #1: Welcome to Schitt's Creek. Population - all the posts!
  33. Schitt's Creek News Thread #1: Everything you need to know about the best show!
  34. Alexis Rose/Annie Murphy #1 ~ Because she's always on her own personal journey.
  35. David & Patrick #1 ~ Because you’re simply the best.
  36. Stevie and David #1 ~ I think you’re my best friend...
  37. David Rose [Dan Levy] #1 ~ "I'm trying very hard not to connect with people right now."
  38. Town Hall | Schitt’s Creek Board Guide & Introductions #1: Because we’re all family here!
  39. Cafe Tropical [Off Topic] #1: Place an order, cry a little, and talk about other things than our favorite town!
  40. What Are You Doing (Besides Watching Schitt's Creek)? #1: Eww! Why would we do anything else?
  41. 300 Word Story #1: When the Rose family moved to town...
  42. Anti-ABCs of Schitt's Creek #1: Awkward, Boring, Crazy
  43. ABCs of Schitt's Creek #1: Alexis, Brother, Creek
  44. Word Association #1 - Schitt - Creek - Town
  45. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderators!