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  1. Julie and the Phantoms TPAM #1: TPAM loved Season 1!
  2. LGBTQIA+ Community #1: ♪ Let your colors blind their eyes. Be who you are, no compromise! ♫
  3. 300 Word Story: Julie and The Phantoms are going to..
  4. JATP Hangman #1: I HA-E -EEN -R-ING F-R -WEN-- FI-E -EARS?! H-W IS -HA- P-SSI-LE?
  5. Julie and the Phantoms | General Appreciation & Discussion #1:
  6. Other Dynamics #1: "Oh my gosh, Carrie, thanks!" "Oh my gosh, Flynn, don't bother coming!"
  7. Chaotic Duo [Luke & Alex | Charlie & Owen] #1: "Charlie, I'm thankful for you."
  8. Jukebox {Julie & Luke} #1: "This is an interesting little relationship you and I have."
  9. Sweethearts [Julie & Nick | Madison & Sacha] #1: "The truth is, your song has been stuck in my head for weeks."
  10. Julie & Alex | Madison & Owen #1: "Yeah, and you know, tell her how amazing she is."
  11. Nickypoo [Nick | Sacha] #1: "Even after three dance classes, I think I still got worse."
  12. Word Association #1: Boys - Dead - Phantoms
  13. Anti-ABCs of JATP #1: Awkward, Bad, Caleb
  14. ABCs of JATP #1: Air, Band, Carrie
  15. Best Dad Ever! [Ray Molina | Carlos Ponce] #1: "I've had photoshoots all day. I didn't even get to eat."
  16. Caleb & Willie | Cheyenne & Booboo #1: "It's still cool that they're here, right?" "Of course, William. I even reserved a special table for them."
  17. The Paul Becker Channel #1: Sharing all the BTS goodies.
  18. The Orpheum | News, Appearance, & Social Media #1: At least social media keeps us going while we await renewal news.
  19. Talented Ladies [Julie & Carrie | Madison & Savannah] #1: "Julie's one of my oldest friends. I'm sure she just forgot to invite me."
  20. Double Trouble [Julie & Flynn] #1: And if somebody hurts you, I'm gonna get hurt too. That's just how we work.
  21. Skater Boi [Willie | Booboo] #1: "Because being a ghost lets me to do my favorite thing - skate anywhere I want without getting busted."
  22. Fan Art | Animation #1: Just like our beloved band. There are alot of talented people out there.
  23. Survivors #1: Planning Stage
  24. Yelling. In. Museums. [Alex & Willie | Owen & Booboo] #1: "I should have just skated away." ღ "I would have still followed you."
  25. Nailed It! [Pop Culture References] #1: "Woke. That's a cool word. What does it mean?" "No clue."
  26. Season One #1: One girl listen to a CD and she gets three ghosts boys.
  27. Carlos the Ghost Toaster #1: "Every time I open my laptop, it's on some rock music site. And that ain't me. You know I'm all about the rap."
  28. Pink Bubblegum [Carrie | Savannah] #1: Make sure to check out MY new Youtube video.
  29. The Last Man Standing [Bobby | Taylor && Trevor | Steve] #1: "I can't get over how old he looks." "He looks like a substitute teacher."
  30. Band Manager [Flynn | Jadah] #1: "What do you mean ghosts? Like the kind that rattle chains and go boo?!"
  31. Anxious Drummer [Alex Mercer | Owen Joyner] #1: "My clothes are made of air, but for some reason, I'm still getting a wedgie."
  32. Dirty Candi Ft. Drummer Boy [Alex & Carrie | Owen & Savannah] #1
  33. Hollywood Ghost Club | Off Topic #1: Welcome to 2021! New year, new board, new you!?
  34. What Are You Doing (Besides Watching/Listening to JATP)? #1: How dare you assume JATP isn't always playing 24/7!
  35. The Magician [Caleb Covington | Cheyenne Jackson] #1: "Nothing warms my heart more than sharing this magic with new friends."
  36. The Mastermind | Kenny Ortega #1: "I gotta tell you, Bright makes me insane. I cannot listen to Bright without losing it like a big baby."
  37. Molina Family #1: "Slow down. You look like you've seen a ghost." - R "I have!" - J "Cool!" - C
  38. Dream Box | FAN FICTION #1: "Whenever I get a thought or something, I write it down to get it out of my mind."
  39. Doodled Microphones | [ icons ] #1: We might not be experts like Julie, but we try our best!
  40. Please Adopt Me! | Reggie & Ray #1: "Me and your dad are pals now. It's a little one sided but it works."
  41. Guitarist [Luke Patterson | Charlie Gillespie] #1: "Our music is like an energy. It connects us with people... I want that connection with everybody."
  42. Wicked Beauty [Julie Molina | Madison Reyes] #1: "Your voice. Your piano playing. You're like a human wrecking ball."
  43. Half A Billion Views! [Post Count] #1: We post as much as we rewatch the show and listen to the songs!
  44. My Ballerina | Jeremy & Carolynn #1: PRO TIP! Always continue to date your person even after you’re married.
  45. Playlist | Music of the show #1: Do you listen to the soundtrack in order or on shuffle?
  46. SUNSET CURVE [Alex+Luke+Reggie | Owen+Charlie+Jeremy] #1: "Eat up, boys. Because after tonight, everything changes."
  47. Whispers & Judgement [Alex & Reggie | Owen & Jeremy] #1: "It tingles. In weird places." O.o | "I'm pretty sure I just ghost-peed a little." O.o
  48. Julie & Her Himbos | Alex, Julie, Luke, Reggie #1: "We're sorry." "So sorry." "We're super duper sorry!"
  49. Butterflies & Glitter [Julie & Reggie | Madison & Jeremy] #1: "I shred on the banjo." "Then I'll learn how to fiddle!"
  50. PeterPatter [Reggie & Luke | Jer & Charlie] #1: ♪ Life is a risk but we will take it. Close my eyes and jump. Together I think that we can make it.