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  1. The Witcher comics thread #1: ''Where'd you complete you're training? The school of the snail?''
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  18. 1x01 - "The End's Beginning" Episode Discussion
  19. Yennefer & Tissaia #1: "If you will not do it for the Brotherhood, then do it for me."
  20. Triss Merigold [Anna Shaffer] #1: "There is a vortex of fate around all of us, Geralt, growing with each and every one of our choices."
  21. Tissaia de Vries [MyAnna Buring] #1: "We remake ourselves on our terms. The world has no say in it."
  22. What Else Are You Doing/Watching/Reading? #1
  23. Lioness of Cintra [Queen Calanthe | Jodhi May] #1: "I bow to no law made by men who never bore a child."
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  28. GIF Thread #1: Because Moving Images Capture The Most
  29. Other Witchers #1: Because Witchers form a bond with each other that stays with them their entire lives
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  36. Princess "Ciri" Cirilla (Freya Allan) #1: "You are the Lion Cub of Cintra. You are destined for great things."
  37. Andrzej Sapkowski/The Books #1: From The Last Wish to The Lady Of The Lake
  38. The Witcher General Discussion {#1}
  39. Jaskier [Joey Batey] #1: "I fear I shall die a brokenhearted man. Or a hungry one, at the very least"
  40. Geralt of Rivia [Henry Cavill] #1: "But now, if I have to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all."
  41. The Witcher Post Count #1: Here starts the journey of the board...
  42. The Wolf & Obsidian Star [Geralt & Yennefer] #1: "Before we met, the days were calm, and the nights were restless. But now.. you're important to me."
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  46. The Witcher & The Bard [ Geralt & Jaskier ] #1: "I love the way you just sit in a corner and brood."
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  50. Yennefer of Vengerberg [Anya Chalotra] #1: "Whatever you lack in talent, you make up for in confidence."