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  1. Best Friends {Phoebe/Claire} #1: "Just being around each other on a set brings back so many memories."
  2. Gwen Reed {Bloom} #1: "You're only young twice."
  3. Soul Sisters {Hayley & Rebekah} #1 - "Us girls have got to look out for each other."
  4. Mama & Papa Bear {Hayley & Klaus} #1 - "It's time to fight, little wolf."
  5. I Spy #1: I spy with my little eyes... Phoebe's gorgeous hazel green eyes!
  6. Work Spouses {Phoebe/Daniel Gillies} #1: “Daniel and I are like husband and wife on set.”
  7. Jake ღ Faye #1: "There's the Jake I remember."
  8. Tell a lie #1 : I hate this board.
  9. Zen Lifers {Phoebe/Teresa} #1: They're such good friends, they cofounded a website together and Phoebe is the godmother of Teresa's son Forest!
  10. Amy/Kyle {Phoebe/Jeremy Sumpter} #1: Bratty Billionaire Kids that learnt a valuable lesson while fighting for their lives
  11. Amy Tilton {Billionaire Ransom} #1:
  12. Ray of Sunshine {Phoebe's Smile} #1 - When she smiles, we smile
  13. 300 Word Story #1
  14. Olivia Gallagher {Safe Harbour} #1: "I was hurting! I would have said anything!"
  15. Fiona Maxwell {Tomorrow, When the War Began} #1: "Can I go home yet?"
  16. Bickering Sisters {Cleo/Kim} #1: "Can I get a padlock on my door?" "Can I get a new sister?"
  17. Wind & Ice {Cleo/Emma} #1 - "This will be safer with you." "With me? No, you found it." "I nearly managed to get it stolen. I know you like it. Here."
  18. What time is it? #1 - All around the world, at different times, we all love Phoebe!
  19. Lee ღ Faye #1: "I would never do anything to hurt you."
  20. Professional Cinderella {Phoebe} #1: We think she's amazing!
  21. Phoebe Survivor Ideas/Planning #1
  22. Social Butterfly {Twitter/Instagram} #1 - So what if we stalk her social media?
  23. News Thread #1: We can't wait to get all the Phoebe news!
  24. Wicked Witch {Faye Chamberlain} #1: “I was a kid then, now I’m a wicked witch.”
  25. Hangman #1: Ph--b- Jan- -l-zab-th T-nk-n
  26. Snow Bunnies {Phoebe/Nina} #1 - Sometimes you have to stop and taste the snowflakes. @phoebejtonkin ❄️
  27. Hayley & Hope #1 - "Everything I do is for her."
  28. H20: Just Add Water Season 1 General Discussion #1
  29. Besties {Bella/Cleo/Rikki} #1 - "This isn't a birthday present, is it?" "Definitely not." "Think of it as a really late Christmas present."
  30. Original Trio {CER} #1 - "We'll draw straws, decide which one the others'll eat." "Not funny!" "I'm relieving the tension." "You're making it worse."
  31. Sweethearts {Cleo ♥ Lewis} #1 - “I want you to have your dream. I can’t stand in your way, Lewis. Even if that means losing you.”
  32. Mermaid {Cleo Sertori} #1 - "Well you want to be careful [in water]... you wouldn't want something pulling you under."
  33. Jamie {Bait 3D} #1 - "This is my payback. Life saying, "Screw you. How are you going to run away from this?"
  34. Photogenic Princess {Pictures/Photoshoots} #1 - There can never be too many Phoebe photoshoots!
  35. Hybrid Queen {Hayley Marshall/Andrea Labonair} #1 - "You can't let the bad things you did in the past define you."
  36. Star Crossed Lovers {Hayley ♥ Elijah} #1 - In the words of Phoebe, did Hayley and Elijah get their dance? "Yes, 100% for sure!"
  37. Trend Setter {Fashion/Style} #1 - “Sometimes I work all day then jump straight on a flight; I like clothes that take me places.“
  38. Moon Pool {Off Topic} #1 - We finally got a board!
  39. Luscious Locks {Hair} #1 - "I'm trying to have long, thick, one-length Mormon hair. I don't want layers or bangs. I want it fully thick and strong."
  40. Mesmerizing Seducers {Eyes} #1 - We could get lost in her eyes forever and not mind!
  41. Body Positivity {Body} #1 - She is happy with her body, and that's all that matters.
  42. JuiceNet {Post Counts} #1 - Our counts are sure to soar at mermaid speed!
  43. Wife for Life [Phoebe & Shelley] #1: "Phoebe and I are really close in real life." -Shelley Hennig
  44. French Quarter {Birthdays - Board Guide - Introduction} #1 - Come on in and introduce yourself. We don't bite. Usually.
  45. Word Association #1 - Blood, Vampires, Hayley
  46. Besides Phoebe Tonkin, what are you watching/listening to? #1
  47. Animations #1 - Perfection in motion
  48. Last Letter #1 - Phoebe, Elegant, Talented
  49. TPBM #1 - The person below me
  50. TPAM #1 - The person above me