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  1. Ex Con {Ned "Nick" Nickerson | Tunji Kasim} #1: A former high school athlete with a mysterious past.
  2. OTP {Ned/Nancy} #1: No matter how many times Nancy Drew is remade one thing remains the same, Nancy and Ned are OTP!
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  4. Nancy Drew {News/Media} #1: We're excited for any and all news Nancy Drew!
  5. Three Word Post #1: Love the trailer
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  8. Other than Nancy Drew, what are you watching/listening to? #1
  9. Nancy Drew Word Association #1: Drew - Nancy - Mystery
  10. Nancy Drew Cast #1: The casting director made good choices with this cast!
  11. TPBM #1: TPBM is going to watch the show?
  12. Nancy Drew Video Games #1: After the books, but before the movies and tv shows, the Nancy Drew video game series began.
  13. City Girl {Bess | Maddison Jaizani} #1: Bess is a spirited ally to Nancy, but she also has a dark secret of her own.
  14. Nancy's Journal {Post Counts} #1: The post counts are just as mysterious as the cases Nancy goes on, we sure hope our counts will be a high, too!
  15. Nancy Drew Books #1: The series that started it all, and made this show a possibility!
  16. TPAM #1: TPAM is happy we have a board!
  17. Carson Drew | Scott Wolf #1
  18. The Claw [Off Topic] #1: Because we have so much to talk about!
  19. Last Two Letters #1: Drew, Wednesday, Aye
  20. Last Letter #1: Mysterious, Scared, Discovery
  21. ABCs #1: Amazing, Brilliant, Classic
  22. Anti-ABCs #1: Awful, Boring, Cruel
  23. Mystery Corner [Board Guide & Introductions] #1
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  26. Nancy Drew [Kennedy McMann] #1: Everyone loves a mystery.
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