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  1. The Claw [OT] #14- "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." ~ Albert Einstein
  2. Non Huggers (George & Nancy) #2- "What kind of dumbass question is that?" "Yeah, you're real."
  3. 2x15 Episode Discussion: "The Celestial Visitor" (feat. Tom Swift!) {5/12/21}
  4. 2x14 Episode Discussion: The Siege of the Unknown Specter {5/5/21}
  5. Nancy Drew Board 50K Planning Thread
  6. Father & Son {Ace & Thom} #2- “But I like it when you go on and on. It doesn’t happen so much anymore.” ~ Thom
  7. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #19- "I couldn't lose you." ~ Nancy
  8. Nancy Drew Countdown Thread #2
  9. 2x13 Episode Discussion: "The Beacon of Moonstone Island" {4/28/21}
  10. Blood {Nancy & Ryan} #2- “You can’t steal a family heirloom, when it belongs to your actual family.” ~ Ryan
  11. The Hacker {Ace | Alex Saxon} #8- “You’re removing the flavor layer.”
  12. Father & Daughter {Carson & Nancy} #3- "You may have their blood, but you're a Drew at heart." ~ Carson
  13. The Not-So-Silent Partner {Ned "Nick" Nickerson | Tunji Kasim} #4- "So, I'm a lying millionaire who couch-hops and has no home."
  14. 2x12 Episode Discussion: "The Trail of the Missing Witness" {4/14/21}
  15. Playboy Heir {Ryan Hudson | Riley Smith} #4- "I keep a Dustbuster in the trunk."
  16. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #18- "I'm just telling you that I know you..." "I know you too." ♥
  17. The Claw [OT] #13- “They may be cheering now, but believe me, they are dying to boo.” ~ Chuck, Billions
  18. 2x11 Episode Discussion: "The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune" {4/7/21}
  19. Co-Bosses {Nick❤George} #5- "You need to know you're loved." ~ Nick
  20. What Time Is It? #14- “Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” ~ Babe Ruth
  21. 2x10 Episode Discussion: "The Spell of the Burning Bride" {3/31/21}
  22. The Sleuth {Nancy | Kennedy} #7- "Maybe you're not who you thought you should be, but who you are now is still pretty badass."
  23. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #17- "The one with the pretty eyes." "Who, Ace?"
  24. Nancy's Journal {Post Counts} #4- Because 50K is not that far away!
  25. 2x09 Episode Discussion: "The Bargain of the Blood Shroud" {3/24/21}
  26. Carson & Ryan #1- "I have some parenting books I can recommend to you." ~ Carson
  27. 2x08 Episode Discussion: "The Quest for the Spider Sapphire" {3/17/2021}
  28. The Hacker {Ace | Alex Saxon} #7- "You found a human bone?! At The Claw?!"
  29. 2x07 Episode Discussion: "The Legend of the Murder Hotel" {3/10/21}
  30. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #16- "The interplay of their relationship throughout the season is a real pillar of the plot." ~ Kennedy
  31. ABCs #4- Marvin, Nick, Owen
  32. The City Girl {Bess Marvin | Maddison Jaizani} #4- "I'm not dying with gross nails."
  33. The Claw [OT] #12- "No wise fish goes anywhere without a porpoise." ~ Lewis Carroll
  34. 2x06 Episode Discussion: The Riddle of the Broken Doll {2/24/21}
  35. The Boss {George | Leah } #4- "Life hasn't made me nice. It's made me vicious."
  36. The Drew Crew #3- "I've never had a crew like us." ~ Ace
  37. 2x05 Episode Discussion: "The Drowned Woman" {2/17/21}
  38. Other than Nancy Drew, what are you watching/listening to? #7- What is your newest obsession?
  39. Nancy Drew's News {News/Media} #4- Season 3 here we come!!!!!
  40. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #15- "Yes, there is a vibe. You are not crazy." ~ Melinda Hsu Taylor, showrunner
  41. Virtual Hugs #9- "A hug," said Pooh "is always the right size!" ~ A.A. Milne
  42. 2x04 Episode Discussion: "The Fate of the Buried Treasure" {2/10/21}
  43. Co-Bosses {Nick❤George} #4- "We're reclaiming your truck!" ~ George
  44. 2x03 Episode Discussion: "The Secret of the Solitary Scribe" {2/3/21}
  45. Mr. D {Carson Drew | Scott Wolf} #3- "We were a family and I was afraid that telling Nancy the truth would change that. And her, forever."
  46. Partners {Ace💗Nancy} #14- "Just ‘cause I’m mad at you doesn’t mean I want to lose you.” ~ Ace
  47. 2x02 Episode Discussion: "The Reunion of Lost Souls" {1/27/21}
  48. Three Word Post #5- Happy Season 2!
  49. The Hacker {Ace | Alex Saxon} #6- "You have a lovely home."
  50. The Claw [OT] #11- "In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move." ~ Henry Rollins