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  1. Cassidy {The Spectacular Now} #1: "You'll always be my favourite ex boyfriend"
  2. Brie's Bit Parts {Guest Appearances| Cameos} From Community to The League, Brie has done guest roles too.
  3. Grace {Short Term 12} #1: "I went to live with my dad and it's impossible to worry about anything else when there's blood coming out of you"
  4. Besides Brie's projects, what else are you doing/watching #1
  5. Mason Weaver {Kong: Skull Island} #1: "You're not actually going to blame the people without guns for losing the war, are you?"
  6. Amy Phillips {The Gambler} #1: “If I have to fool you into an inappropriate relationship to get you out of your job, I’m ready to go.”
  7. News Stand {News & Appearances} #1: Brie news goes here
  8. Brie & Samuel. L. Jackson #1: They starred in 4 movies together
  9. Brie | Robert Downey Jr {Tony | Carol} #1: Wish we had more scenes with them
  10. Kate Gregson {United States of Tara} #1 "Mom keeps her ass-crack in check. It's "T"".
  11. Molly Tracey {21 Jump Street} #1: "Uh…so weird that you’re calling me. I pretty much text, except for when a random old relative calls."
  12. @brielarson {Social Media} #1: Love to hear what she's up to
  13. Creative Corner {Arts & Graphics} #1: Showing off Brie arts
  14. Little Boxes of Cuteness {Icons} #1: Fitting Brie into 100x100 boxes
  15. Brie Anti ABCs #1: Everything she's not...
  16. Joy and Jack | Brie & Jacob [Room] #1: Partners through this adventure!
  17. SUNSHINE ❤ [Brie Larson appreciation] #1: A girl like you!
  18. Monica {Don Jon} #1: "All I'm saying is, that girl, she has her own agenda. She doesn't care about Jonny, she doesn't know the first thing about him"
  19. Brie Pictures|GIFS #1: Whether still or moving, Brie is gorgeous
  20. Natalie V "Envy" Adams {Scott Pilgrim vs The World} #1: "Short answer: Vegans are just better then everyone else."
  21. Brie Larson Introduction • Board Guide #1
  22. High Spirits [Post Count] #1: We will reach higher, further, faster!
  23. Brie's TPBM #1: TPBM will rewatch Captain Marvel?
  24. Brie's ABCs #1: [A]mazing, [B]rilliant, [C]aring
  25. Brie's Word Association #1: Brie - Actress - Film
  26. Brie's 300 Word Story #1: At sunrise, a bird was chirping...
  27. Brie's TPAM #1: TPAM loves Captain Marvel!
  28. Music Studio [Off Topic] #1: A place to talk about unicorns and puppies.
  29. Joy Newsome | {Room} #1: Love knows no boundaries.
  30. Kit | {Unicorn Store} #1: Everyone needs a little magic. Even if they're all grown up.
  31. Captain Marvel | [Carol Danvers] #1: Higher. Further. Faster.
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