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  1. Not Together Yet [P. Chris + Eva] [OG] #1: "You walked by and I was like, wow... damn."
  2. Spanish Whispers [Jordan + Megan] [USA] #1: "You were dressed as the black swan. It's burned into my memory."
  3. [Megan + Shay] [USA] #1: "You're extremely beautiful and like insanely cool."
  4. Alejandro | Fernando [SKAM ES] #1: Don't call my name, Alejandro. I'm not your babe, Fernando.
  5. Edoardo | Giancarlo [SKAM ITA] #1: "When I was little, I used to come here with my mom. We had a little boat and we often..."
  6. William | Thomas [SKAM OG] #1: "In a peaceful society with equal rights, we have to manage to listen and try to understand each other. "
  7. Drinking Buddies | [Emma + Lucas] [FR] #1: "Oh, I'm so down to get drunk." "How surprising."
  8. Starstruck | [Imane ♥ Sofiane] [FR] #1: "So, how are you?" "Fine, and you?" *system error - .exe stopped working*
  9. Putain! | [Daphné + Lucas] [FR] #1: The only person who gets to call her "Daphy" and it's actually adorable.
  10. Like Gossip Girl | [Emma + Manon] [FR] #1: "I know you're here for me."
  11. Le Coloc | [French Roommates] [FR] #1: "Mika and Lisa are the worst roommates ever but I know they'll take care of you."
  12. Idriss | Moussa [SKAM FR] #1:
  13. Sofiane | Laïs [SKAM FR] #1: "Everybody hugs each other in Australia!"
  14. Heart Eyes | [Cris ♥ Joana] [ESP] #1: Can you feel this? My heart beating out of my chest.
  15. Basile | Paul [SKAM FR] #1: "I'm a misunderstood artist. I would've painted that mural beautifully."
  16. Arthur | Robin [SKAM FR] #1: "I'm not going to be mad at you for the three joints you rolled."
  17. Mika | Edouard [SKAM FR] #1: "You know, living through a heartbreak is painful, it’s a pain in the ass, especially the first time."
  18. Matteo | Michelangelo [DRUCK] #1: "Everything is kind of fooking me up right now."
  19. Sweet Potatoes | [Hanna ♥ Jonas] [DRUCK] #1: "I still got your nose" "You can keep it" "Thanks"
  20. Alex | Théo [SKAM FR] #1: @seigneurdelano: addicted to the weekend, allergic to mondays
  21. Charles | Michel [SKAM FR] #1: current mood is that charles is trash but michel is lovely.
  22. Yann | Léo [SKAM FR] #1: "Episode nine, it's almost over." #themostmeta
  23. Alexia | Coline [SKAM FR] #1: "Why would I fock with a guy? If I like a girl, I like a girl."
  24. Imane | Assa [SKAM FR] #1: "Fear is the worst poison. That and ignorance.”
  25. Manon | Marilyn [SKAM FR] #1: "I want you to know that you are not alone."
  26. Emma | Philippine [SKAM FR] #1: "Fock, I feel like I’m on Gossip Girl!"
  27. Bat Watchers | [Daniel + Grace] [USA] #1: "I hear you. I'm sorry."
  28. Zoenne | [Senne + Zoë] [BE] #1: "Was Darwin right? About the fact that we evolve?"
  29. Norandro | [Alejandro + Nora] [ESP] #1: "Sweeny Todd doesn't drink? And he doesn't dance either?"
  30. Incantava | [Edoardo + Eleonora] [IT] #1: "I dreamt about you last night."
  31. Noorhelm OG| [William + Noora] [OG] #1: "It's always gonna be me and William."
  32. Zoya | Aaliyah [SKAM USA] #1: "I'm a black Muslim living in one of the reddest states in America, I'm the biggest loser of them all. "
  33. Shay | Daniel [SKAM USA] #1: "This is such a mess. Why do I always have to fall for straight girls?"
  34. Eleonora | Benedetta [SKAM ITA] #1: "Good thinking. Are you finished?"
  35. Nora | Nicole [SKAM ESP] #1: "We have to fight together. That’s what feminism is."
  36. Noora | Josefine [SKAM OG] #1: "Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind. Always."
  37. Actual Titanic | [Filippo + Martino] [IT] #1: "Do you trust me, Rose?"
  38. Giovanni | Ludovico [SKAM ITA] #1: "You're a love wizard, Giovanni!"
  39. Contrabbandieri | [Italian Boy Squad] #1: "Martino, do you have friends?" "Of course I do."
  40. Siblings | [Eleonora + Filippo] [IT] #1: "I'm going to pour hot coffee all over you." "Knowing myself I could like it."
  41. Ton Jérome | [Lucas + Yann] [FR] #1: "Don't ever go through something without telling me, Lucas." "I promise."
  42. Niccolò | Rocco [SKAM ITA] #1: "I can’t stand someone trying to psychoanalyze me anymore. I want to figure out what I feel by myself."
  43. SKAM TPBM #1 TPBM needs to catch up on SKAM?
  44. SKAM This or That #1: In a parallel universe you made a different choice...
  45. What are you watching? (SKAM edition) #1
  46. SKAM TPAM #1: TPAM will never leave this board again.
  47. SKAM ABC's #1: Amour - Balloon Squad - Chemistry
  48. Never Enough | [Fanfiction] #1: Like 8 versions of the same story wasn't enough, we always need more.
  49. Daphné | Lula [SKAM FR] #1: "There’s justice, it’s a thing and good will always triumph. I believe that."
  50. Le Gang | [French Boy Squad] #1: Get yourself a group of friends to reacts like Le Gang when being introduced to your boyfriend.