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  1. The Black Sheep (Alex ❤ Forrest) #3: "Forrest is a good guy. And I think that he’s representative of something really important for Alex" - Carina
  2. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #56: "It’s not our time, right now" - Michael talking about Alex | "But it will be" - Isobel | "I think so" - Michael.
  3. Airman [Alex | Tyler] #35: 'Speaking of the song. Easily my favourite day of the whole season was recording it with Tyler. I cried all day' - Carina
  4. Roswell: New Mexico 2x13: Mr Jones SEASON FINALE 6/1820
  5. Roswell: New Mexico 2x12: Crash Into Me Airdate 6/8/20
  6. Roswell New Mexico 2x11: "Linger" Airdate 6/1/20
  7. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #55: @popsugar @tylerjblackburn, I guess we're iconic | @michaelvlamis, Living legends some may say!
  8. Roswell: New Mexico 2x10: American Woman Airdate 5/18/20
  9. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #54: "You came" - Michael | "You asked me to" - Alex
  10. The Black Sheep (Alex Manes ❤ Forrest Long) #2: "Listen, if that voice in your head ever shuts up, give me a call" - Forrest
  11. Roswell New Mexico 2x09: The Diner Airdate 5/11/20
  12. Roswell New Mexico 2x08: Say It Aint So
  13. Roswell New Mexico This Or That #5: OG or Reboot
  14. Science Bros [Michael&Liz]#3:Because Now They are Family
  15. Other Dynamics #3: New Season New Characters
  16. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #53: "For a second, I forgot about everything. Eveything expect you" - Michael Guerin
  17. [Forrest Long] Christian Antidormi #1: He May be a Long, But We Love Him
  18. Roswell: New Mexico 2x07: Como La Flor Airdate 4/27/20
  19. Roswell New Mexico [General Discussion] #4: The Show is Back and Bringing The Heat
  20. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #34: "So no, I don't wish I was straight. I just think that if I was, I wouldn't have had all the bad memories" - Alex
  21. The Black Sheep (Alex Manes ❤ Forrest Long) #1: "You didn't misread".
  22. Roswell: New Mexico 2x06 : Sex and Candy Airdate 4/20/20
  23. [Liz/Alex/Maria] #4: "I'm doing this for Liz. Something I learned in the last ten years is sometimes showing up is the most important thing", Alex
  24. Roswell: New Mexico 2x05: I'll Stand By You Airdate 4/13/20
  25. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #52: "They have a deep history. They have a deep love for one another and they want to be around each other" - Vlamis
  26. Roswell: New Mexico 2X04: Roswell, New Mexico What If God Was One of Us
  27. The Hardy Boys [Alex & Kyle] #7: 'A sign of true friendship is when you're ok with stealing a body together'
  28. Protector [Vlamis | Guerin] #24: "Michael's still that kid who's longing for his family. He wants to find out his roots, and he does this season".
  29. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #51: "Does he want to push Alex away? Probably not. I mean, they have a kind of love that's unexplainable", Michael Vlamis
  30. Roswell NM Episode 3: Good Mother Airdate 3/30/20
  31. Roswell: New Mexico 2x02: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space Airdate 3/23/20
  32. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #33: "Alex is not a pushover this season. He's picking fights. He's demanding information. He is making moves" - Tyler
  33. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #50: 50 threads of Malex angst, happiness, sex, pain & one cosmic love that has captured our hearts. Here is to 50 more.
  34. Crashdown Cafe [OT] #10: "Social Distancing" is mostly the norm for most of us
  35. Roswell: New Mexico [Board Guide | Introductions] #4: Welcome to the Board!
  36. Ortecho Sisters [Liz | Rosa] #1: "They start from scratch with a new sibling relationship" [Carina]
  37. Season 1 General Discussion
  38. The Scientist [Liz | Jeanine] #4: Damsel in distress? No, Liz will be the one to save you proving she is one badass of a woman that needs no one
  39. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #49: 'You can feel the love and the longing between Alex and Michael' - TV Fanatic
  40. News and Media #4: Season 2 is here and here comes the Content!
  41. Roswell: New Mexico 2x01: Stay (I Missed You) Airdate: 3/16/20
  42. A look into the future[limited spoilers]#4:After 500 years this hiatus is almost over!!
  43. Cosmic Lovers [Michael ♥ Alex] #48: “They [Malex] have a deep love that’s not going anywhere, whether they’re together or not” - Michael
  44. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #47: 'Malex stand out because of the tortured core of their breathtaking love story' - Tell-Tale TV.
  45. 3 Word Post #4: Almost new season
  46. Cosmic [Michael ♥ Alex] #46: 'It’s rare to see a gay ship that’s both passionate & romantic, filled with longing & vulnerability' - Fangirlish
  47. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #32: 'I was 100% sure that Brandon Urie & Ryan Ross were instrumental in Alex Manes' sexual awakening' - Carina
  48. The Healer [Max | Nathan] #4: "Men who work miracles with their hands tend to die bloody" - Max Evans
  49. TPAM 5: Keep Rocking These threads
  50. The Pod Squad [ Max/Michael\ Isobel] #4 Because they will do everything to protect each other.