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  7. [Alex | Tyler| #36: "Of all the RNM characters, Alex is the most often shown to have a near bottomless capacity for love & forgiveness” - SP tv
  8. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #58: "I took Alex because I knew it was the best way to get you to co-operate" - Flint to Michael.
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  17. The Reader [Maria/Heather] #4:\'Step aside Xena... our Nubian Queen has arrived and is ready to take over'
  18. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #57: “Of course there’s hope for Malex. Give me Malex or give me death!” - Michael Vlamis, IG Live, 7/10/2020
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  22. The Black Sheep (Alex ❤ Forrest) #3: "Forrest is a good guy. And I think that he’s representative of something really important for Alex" - Carina
  23. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #56: "It’s not our time, right now" - Michael talking about Alex | "But it will be" - Isobel | "I think so" - Michael.
  24. Airman [Alex | Tyler] #35: 'Speaking of the song. Easily my favourite day of the whole season was recording it with Tyler. I cried all day' - Carina
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  27. Roswell New Mexico 2x11: "Linger" Airdate 6/1/20
  28. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #55: @popsugar @tylerjblackburn, I guess we're iconic | @michaelvlamis, Living legends some may say!
  29. Roswell: New Mexico 2x10: American Woman Airdate 5/18/20
  30. COSMIC [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #54: "You came" - Michael | "You asked me to" - Alex
  31. The Black Sheep (Alex Manes ❤ Forrest Long) #2: "Listen, if that voice in your head ever shuts up, give me a call" - Forrest
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  39. Roswell: New Mexico 2x07: Como La Flor Airdate 4/27/20
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  41. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #34: "So no, I don't wish I was straight. I just think that if I was, I wouldn't have had all the bad memories" - Alex
  42. The Black Sheep (Alex Manes ❤ Forrest Long) #1: "You didn't misread".
  43. Roswell: New Mexico 2x06 : Sex and Candy Airdate 4/20/20
  44. [Liz/Alex/Maria] #4: "I'm doing this for Liz. Something I learned in the last ten years is sometimes showing up is the most important thing", Alex
  45. Roswell: New Mexico 2x05: I'll Stand By You Airdate 4/13/20
  46. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #52: "They have a deep history. They have a deep love for one another and they want to be around each other" - Vlamis
  47. Roswell: New Mexico 2X04: Roswell, New Mexico What If God Was One of Us
  48. The Hardy Boys [Alex & Kyle] #7: 'A sign of true friendship is when you're ok with stealing a body together'
  49. Protector [Vlamis | Guerin] #24: "Michael's still that kid who's longing for his family. He wants to find out his roots, and he does this season".
  50. COSMIC [Michael ♥ Alex] #51: "Does he want to push Alex away? Probably not. I mean, they have a kind of love that's unexplainable", Michael Vlamis