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  1. Roswell, New Mexico | This or That #4: The Crashdown Cafe or The Wild Pony.
  2. The Scientist [Liz | Jeanine] #3: She may be tiny, but she is the brightest star in the room.
  3. 50,000 Posts Celebration | Come and celebrate with us in our spaceship!
  4. Cosmic Lovers [Michael/Alex] #31: Michael’s mom gives him away to Alex, trusting that he hold him and keep him.
  5. Standard Avatars
  6. [Isobel & Noah | Lily & Karan] #2: Because their marriage was a lie.
  7. The Trio [Liz/Alex/Maria] #3: Can we get scenes that prove they are best friends next season please?
  8. The Hardy Boys [Alex | Kyle] #5: We can't wait to see were they take Project Shepard in season 2.
  9. The Reader [Maria/Heather] #3: She Was Slaying All Of Us With Her Style
  10. Besides Roswell NM, What are you watching/listening to? #4
  11. The Fourth Alien [Karan/Noah] #2: He May Made Us Boo Boo The Fools, But Can he be in S2 please?
  12. 3 Word Post #3: We Love Posting
  13. Cosmic Lovers [Michael | Alex] #30: ”But they really belong together, you know?”
  14. Fan Creations [icons, fan arts, gifs +] #5: Because we all love seeing creations from this show.
  15. The Airman [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn] #23: Happiness for Alex Manes in Season 2 please?
  16. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #18: Because he is always in touch with his fans and that's why we love him.
  17. Roswell New Mexico [General Discussion] #3: Because we are waiting patiently for 2nd season!
  18. Dr Mc Sexy [Kyle | Michael] #3: We Are Hoping For More Kyle In Season 2.
  19. RNM ABC's #2: Guerin, Happy, Isobel
  20. Cosmic Lovers [Michael | Alex] #29: "I don’t think that love is going to go anywhere." ~ TB
  21. Post Count #4: We just keep on posting.
  22. News and Media #3: The Show is Blowing up on Social Media and We are Loving it
  23. Echo [Max & Liz] #4: "I'm in love with Max Evans."
  24. The Airman [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn] #22: "When I read the script for the pilot, I felt Alex Manes in my bones" ~ Tyler.
  25. Crashdown Cafe [OT] #8: Friendship doesn't count miles, it's measured by the heart
  26. Cosmic Lovers [Michael | Alex] #28: “With the level that their love is on, nothing can get in between them.” ~ MV
  27. A Look Into The Future [limited spoilers] #2: Because we can't wait for the filming of season 2 to start.
  28. 50K Celebration Preparation Thread
  29. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #17: "Obviously not a superhero! but I am trying!" - Because Vlamis is actually our Superman.
  30. Please Welcome Our New Affiliate "RoswellNM Malex Echo"!
  31. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #21: "I want Alex to really start to explore who he is now that he has found his voice and opening himself up" ~ Tyler
  32. Cosmic Lovers [Michael/Alex] #27: "I love him. I probably always will."
  33. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #16: "Since I was a little girl its been my dream to be in Cosmo."
  34. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #20: Twenty threads of just love and admiration for a beautiful man.
  35. Cosmic Lovers [Michael | Alex] #26: "I don't look away, Guerin" ~ Alex
  36. [Rosa | Amber] #1: Because she is back from the dead.
  37. Roswell, New Mexico | This or That #3: Michael Guerin or Michael Vlamis?
  38. The Hardy Boys [Alex | Kyle] #4: Because we love to see their friendship getting back on track!
  39. Cosmic Lovers [Michael | Alex] #25: If two people are meant to be together. They'll find their way back.
  40. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #15: His favorite things are what Max hates.
  41. The Airman [Alex/Tyler] #19: "I knew this guy in and out," the actor says of bringing Sgt. Manes to life.
  42. New To the Board / Introduction Thread
  43. Cosmic Lovers [Michael | Alex] #24: From a High School Reunion to Breaking into a Prison This Season's Been Cosmic
  44. Fly Free [LGBT Representation] #1: “I'm queer. I've identified as bisexual since a teenager." [Tyler Blackburn]
  45. Roswell: New Mexico [Board Guide | Introductions] #3: Welcome to the Board!
  46. Speculation|Theories [Spoiler-Free] #3: Because we are hoping for a season 2 so we can start speculate with what will happen.
  47. Other Dynamics #2: Because we love it when the show shakes it up
  48. The Airman [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn] #18: "I just want to feel powerful in my own skin, and my own mind, and in my own heart"
  49. Crashdown Cafe [OT] #7: Because the board is now permanent.
  50. Roswell: New Mexico 1x13 "Recovering the Satellites" Episode Discussion