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  1. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #45: 'There is a future for these two; they fit like interstellar puzzle pieces' - Tell-Tale TV.
  2. Protector [Vlamis/Guerin] #23: 'Excited for fans to see his character this season, Vlamis said that fans will see the old Guerin 'but like times 10'.
  3. Roswell New Mexico/300 Word Story #3: The Story Goes On
  4. Cosmic [Michael ♥ Alex] #44: 'Their love for one another is so sweet & kind; it translates into all scenes that they share on RNM' - TV Fanatic
  5. The mindwalker [isobel/Lily]#3. Because she will protect those she loves.
  6. Echo [Max Evans ღ Liz Ortecho] #5: "You gonna arrest me, officer?" | "No. Too much paperwork. It’ll be our secret".
  7. Cosmic Lovers [Michael ♥ Alex] #43: 'If you aren't thinking about me, these pictures are not okay' | @michaelvlamis 'I'm always thinking about you'
  8. The Airman [Alex M | Tyler B] #31: "In season 2 he is just like, he is ready to fight.. he has fire inside of him" - Tyler on Alex' journey.
  9. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #42: 'Shout out to both of my girlfriends!!! @afrenkell @tylerjblackburn' | 'I love you @michaelvlamis'
  10. A Look Into The Future [limited spoilers] #3: 'We are shooting very out of order this year for reasons' - Carina
  11. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #41: "I poured everything into our scenes, as did Tyler Blackburn, the other half of Malex" - Michael
  12. Teenage Sweethearts [Kyle | Liz] # 3:These Two Share A Sister Can Family Bonding Be Next?
  13. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #40: 'They even have chemistry during table reads' @michaelvlamis @tylerjblackburn.
  14. RNM Anti ABC's #3: Gross, Hate, Idiot
  15. The Hardy Boys [Alex/Kyle] #6: "If you ever wanna drop the 0800 hours solider jargon, we can get a beer" - Kyle
  16. OGRoswell #3:And I won't go And I won't sleep And I can't breathe Until you're resting here with me
  17. The Protector [Michael Vlamis/Michael Guerin] #22: The Cowboy Hat is Back and Pretty Soon Guerin will be too!
  18. Airman [Alex | Tyler] #30: Alex’s outward self-confidence & inner struggles are a large part of what makes him such an amazing, complex character.
  19. RNM ABC's #3: Journey Kepper Liz
  20. Besides Roswell NM What are you watching/listening to? #5
  21. MiLuca[Michael/Maria][Vlamis/Hemmens]#3: Because He was There When She needed Someone
  22. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #39: 'It's been clear from RNM Season 1 Episode 1 that Malex are meant for each other' - TV Fanatic
  23. Post Count #5: Despite The Hiatus The Board Keeps Posting On
  24. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #38: "I see #Malex stuff all day every day & it makes me vibrate with happiness. People love it" - TB
  25. The Airman [Alex | Tyler] #29: "I want Alex to really start to explore who he is now that he has found his voice & is opening himself up" - TB
  26. Cast Appreciation #2:Because the cast will be reunited starting August 12th for filming of 2nd season
  27. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #37: 'The best things in life never come easy, and Malex's relationship is further proof' - TV Fanatic
  28. [Jenna Coleman]/Riley Voelkel #2:Hoping and Praying We See Cam/Riley in S2
  29. The Sergeant[Trevor/Jesse] #4: S2 is Coming, How Much Trouble will Jesse bring?
  30. The Protector[Guerin/Vlamis]#21:“We watch all the episodes at his house and all of his friends. He’s an incredible human being.” - Carina
  31. Please Welcome Your New Moderator
  32. The Airman [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn] #28: "I wanted to be the kind of person who won battles. It felt good".
  33. Speculation/Theories[Spoiler Free] #4: Its Been 84 years since an episode. Come Speculate Whats Coming in S2
  34. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #36: 'Waiting for summer' | 'Thought you were waiting for me...' | @michaelvlamis 'always!'
  35. The Airman [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn] #27: ~ Captain Alex Manes: Decorated, Purple Heart Airman and Code-breaker.
  36. Cosmic Lovers [Michael Guerin ♥ Alex Manes] #35: "I'd stay in Roswell if only he kept kissing me" - Alex swooning over Michael.
  37. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #20: @MichaelVlamis: SUPPORT ME, SUPPORTING YOU - Michael Vlamis Emmy Nomination Nominee.
  38. Roswell, New Mexico Moderator Opening Announcement
  39. Cosmic Lovers [Michael & Alex] #34: 'The relationship between Michael and Alex is setting up to be an incredible endgame romance' - TV Fanatic
  40. The Airman [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn] #26: “It’s a time of year to celebrate who you are and being proud of it" - Tyler, Pride Month 2019 🌈
  41. Cosmic Lovers [Michael & Alex] #33: "Pieces want to be together."
  42. The Airman [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn] #25: "I want Alex to explore fashion, hobbies and relationships" ~ Tyler
  43. Cosmic Lovers [Michael & Alex] #32: "Malex is definitely the true love."
  44. Crashdown Cafe [OT] #9: Thread by Thread we are still talking away.
  45. Fly Free [LGBTQ Representation] #2: Being Your Authentic Self is the Most Beautiful thing
  46. The Healer [Max | Nathan] #3: He Sacrificed his Life for the person he loves most
  47. The Protector [Michael Guerin | Michael Vlamis] #19: Because we can't wait to see him in more projects
  48. Board Customization
  49. TPAM #4: TPAM loves to post a lot.
  50. The Airman [Alex Manes | Tyler Blackburn] #24: "Because I just dont think that we would've made the show without Tyler. He's Magnificent" ~ Carina