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  1. Rocket Punch #2 ~ The group name ‘Rocket Punch’ has both powerful and cute feeling!
  2. f(Amber + Luna) #3 ~ "Luna is actually a lot more different than I thought. She was singing, like, power vocals. She's a cute little fuzzball."
  3. LOOΠΔ #3 ~ "We want to be Loona who are always climbing above." - Heejin
  4. Bias/Bias Wrecker #5 ~ We have too many idols that we love!
  5. Taeyeon {SNSD} #6 ~ "We're together, I'm happy. This dream will last forever."
  6. CANADA { Mark Lee } NCT #2 ~ “The possibility of all of these possibilities being possible is just another possibility that can possibly happen."
  7. K-Pop Word Association #7 ~ Music - Video - Dance
  8. Seventeen #3 ~ Left and right Left and right Left and right Rip it rip it
  9. September 2020 Comebacks
  10. K-Pop Anti-ABC #7 ~ Jerk, Killer, Lame
  11. K-Pop Anti-ABC #7 ~ Petty - Quitters - Rejects
  12. Hair & Fashion #2 ~ K-Pop is all about the interesting fashion looks and the colourful hairstyles!
  13. Red Velvet #8 ~ Hey, now we’ll be okay. Hey, now we’ll be okay. It’s alright.
  14. Power Couple (Hyuna ღ Hyojong) #2: "I love their way of love -- it's very creative."- PSY
  15. Dreamcatcher #6 ~ “If I have one wish, it’s that I want to pay back all of you who love us by coming in first place.” - Handong
  16. Twice/BlackPink/Red Velvet/Gfriend #3 ~ Any type of interactions between these groups is just great for us!
  17. The Baddest Female {CL} #4 ~ "Hey you get off my cloud, you don't know me and you don't know my style"
  18. Seulgibear (Seulgi) #5 ~ "I'd like to become a person whose positive energy you can feel. Honest and free."
  19. General Girl Groups #2 ~ We are always excited for new girl group releases!
  20. ITZY #5 ~ Say what you want. Do in our way. Never can stop us. Now we’re coming to you.
  21. Weki Meki #4 ~ Touch my heart even more. Cuz I want it more. Yeah, dazzle me, dazzle me boy.
  22. Wanna One #3 ~ "When we release our albums or get awards, we congratulate each other." - Jaehwan
  23. AKMU {Akdong Musician} #4 ~ Re-e-e bye, wave your hand without holding on, re-bye.
  24. August 2020 Comebacks
  25. Disbanded Groups #2 ~ Groups disbanding doesn't mean we can't revisit their music again!
  26. astounding voice {Wendy} #5 ~ The stage is patiently awaiting the return of one of it's brightest angels.
  27. two years celebration at the k-pop board!
  28. Baechu {Irene} #5 ~ A leader, an original visual, and a queen of competition.
  29. Stuck Like Glue (Jisoo + Jennie) #3: "I was like huh? What's this? She makes my heart flutter."
  30. Gfriend #5 ~ Even if you pass me by, I will find you. Then I’ll reach out again to you.
  31. Sexy Dynamite (Joy) #5: Her instagram is the gift that keeps on giving. What a woman!
  32. Two Years Celebration Preparation
  33. BTS #7 ~ Oh I'm taking over, you should know. You can't hold me down cause you know I'm a fighter.
  34. Bickering Babies (Rosé + Lisa) #3: "Lisa-ya, why do we look like an old couple on a vacation?"
  35. Girl's Day #2 ~ Our country’s president is now a female. So what’s the big deal? Why can’t girls do it first?
  36. Squishysoo {D.O.} #3 ~ “He (Doh Kyungsoo) can do anything well; both in entertainment and cooking. There’s nothing he can’t do."
  37. Healing Unicorn {Lay} #3 ~ His 4th album <莲> is out now!
  38. Twice #7 ~ I wanna have more more more more more and more
  39. Show Your K-Pop Collection #7 ~ It's never ending with the collecting!
  40. BVNDIT #1 ~ I got all these pretty ladies by my side, all the time.
  41. Jessi #2 ~ “Some call it music, I call it life. I didn’t choose it, music chose me.”
  42. AB6IX #2 ~ "When you look groups where the team itself does well, all the members look cool. I want AB6IX to be that kind of group." - Youngmin
  43. Got7 #3 ~ "It is important for my name and the team’s name to be more known, however I hoped our music would reach more people." - JB
  44. No Jam Hyung (Jeongyeon) #1: A true master of any hair length or style.
  45. EXO CBX #2 ~ "CBX has a cool image and we want to show a bright and happy image."
  46. Power Taem (Taemin) #2 ~ He will leave you wanting more, thirsting for more.
  47. Dancing Mochine (Momo) #1: JYP would not let Twice debut without her!
  48. JakSoTo [Eunbi] #1 ~ "Unnie, I know you sacrifice yourself to lead us, thank you for being a great leader." - Chaewon
  49. Nabongs {Nayeon} #1 ~ “The reason why this is called Nadong is because Blackpink Jisoo gave me this nickname."
  50. K-Pop Survivor #6 ~ Sistar Music Video Survivor [Round 6]