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  1. TPAM #2: TPAM is waiting for a season two air date!
  2. Word Association #3: Castle - Protective - Strong
  3. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2018
  4. Netflix {Marvel Shows} #2: Daredevil Season 3 is October so The Punisher should be up next!
  5. Underworld Vigilante {Frank Castle/Jon Bernthal} #3: "..As long as I can remember I don’t have a war to fight. If I have to be honest.. I'm scared."
  6. Apart From The Punisher, What Are You Watching/Listening To? #3
  7. Kastle [Frank&Karen] #3: We waited so long for Frank to say Karen's name, and come season 1 he couldn't stop saying it.
  8. The Punisher Hangman #2: P-nn- -nd D-m-
  9. Terrorist {Daniel Webber/Lewis Wilson} #2: "Remember it is ruin to run from a fight.."
  10. The Hide Out {Off Topic} #4: Summer is ending and we're all excited for fall tv shows to start back up again!
  11. Partners {Dinah/Sam} #1: They worked well together!
  12. Billy/Dinah #1: Do we love them or do we hate them?
  13. Standard Avatars
  14. The Undead {Ebon Moss Bachrach/David Lieberman} #2: "You don't have to be such a dick all the time."
  15. 10,000 Posts Celebration! Time to party it up punisher style.... minus the violence. ;)
  16. Sandwich Buddies [Frank&Micro] #2: "Where'd you get that?" "I made this." "What do you mean, you made it?" "Did you make me one?" "No."
  17. Anti-ABCs #2: Dull, Ew, Freaks
  18. The Agent {Amber Rose Revah/Dinah Madani} #2: "Well the good thing is that so much **** just blew up, everyone stinks."
  19. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  20. The Hide Out {Off Topic} #3: It's Summer, which means its hot out. Which means we all want to stay inside and post in the AC all day.
  21. The Punisher Season 2 Wishlist
  22. The Punisher Post Counts #2: We're punishing our way through the post counts!
  23. The Punisher Season 1 Episode Survivor Round 9
  24. Apart From The Punisher, What Are You Watching/Listening To? #2
  25. Board Customization
  26. Last Letter Game #2: FranK - KareN - NicE
  27. Supervillain {Ben Barnes/Billy Russo} #2: We can't wait to see how he reacts to his scarred face.
  28. The Punisher [Limited Spoilers] #1 : Because spoilers help us pass the time
  29. Fan Encounters || Fan Pictures #1:
  30. The Music #1: Whoever is in charge of the music for the show should be in charge of all shows.
  31. The Punisher Tell a Lie #1: I don't like this show.
  32. ABCs #2: Daring, Exciting, Fun
  33. Other Dynamics & Unconventional #1: Because there's so many different interactions
  34. Underworld Vigilante {Frank Castle/Jon Bernthal} #2: "People think that torture is pain. It's not pain. It's time."
  35. 10k Prep: Get in icons, arts, testiominals, special title, etc. ASAP!
  36. Gif Talk #1: Talking with gifs is so much fun!
  37. [Netflix] Marvel Shows #1: Place where we can speak of any of the Netflix!Marvel shows
  38. Kastle [Frank&Karen] #2: "You bought me flowers?" "Yeah. I'm an old fashioned kind of guy."
  39. The Punisher Keepers #1: Claim away!
  40. The Liebermans {David / Sarah / Leo / Zach} #1: Seeing them all back together again was worth all the pain to get there.
  41. Punisher Animations #1: The Punisher in gif form is just as good as The Punisher in live form.
  42. Punisher Quotes #1: The show is stock full of great quotes!
  43. Speculation|Theories #1: A place to discuss what we feel may come forth in the future.
  44. The Punisher General Discussion #1: A place to discuss our favorites and wishes
  45. [Vigilantes] Punisher & Daredevil [Frank Castle|Matt Murdock] #1: "You know, you're one bad day away from being me." ~ Frank
  46. The Punisher [Live-Action Adaptions] #1: There's been 3 Punisher movies that pre-dates our series
  47. Daredevil Season 2 #1: The season that introduced us to Frank Castle
  48. The Hide Out {Off Topic} #2: There are so many different things to talk about.
  49. The Punisher Survivor Planning Thread #1
  50. The Punisher Word Association #2: Patience - Vengeance - Justice