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  1. Chris Quartet [Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt] #2: "I'm not that Chris. I look just like him, but I'm not that Chris."
  2. TPAM #2: TPAM has seen all of Chris’ movies!
  3. Board Customization
  4. [Unstoppable Force] Post Count #3: Because our Chris obsession makes us an Unstoppable Force
  5. [Goofball] Chris the Comedian #1: Funny bloopers/outtakes or funny interviews/pictures
  6. Word Association #2: Beyond - Far - Near
  7. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  8. [United] General DC|Marvel #1: Chris has given us Steve Trevor but we love superheroes so much that we need our own space to talk of it all
  9. [Scientists] Father & Daughter | Alex & Meg (AWIT) #1: “I wanted to hold the universe by its hand. Now, will you let me hold yours?”
  10. [Doctors²] Alex & Kate | Chris & Gugu (AWIT) #1: “Sorry I’m late”
  11. Three Word Post #2: New movie’s out!
  12. Standard Avatars 2018
  13. [Pine Nuts] Off Topic #3: Because we don't JUST talk of Chris Pine or the 4 Chris's
  14. Besides Chris...what are you [watching-listening to-reading-etc]? #3
  15. Chris Survivor Thread #2: Chris Food & Drink Survivor {ROUND 18}
  16. Chris ABCs #2: Danny, Excellent, Friend
  17. Last Two Letters #1: Church - Chris - Island
  18. Kirk & Jaylah | Chris & Sofia [Beyond] #1: “Okay...let’s never do that again.” “I agree, James T.”
  19. Chris Pine Celebrates 10,000 Posts!!
  20. Robert The Bruce {Outlaw 👑 King} [S&S] #1: A true David vs. Goliath story…
  21. Bo Barrett {Bottle Shock} #1: “It wasn’t always like this. Before Paris, people didn’t drink our wine.”
  22. Danny [Blind Dating] #1: “Why doesn’t he use his cane?” “Because he doesn’t see himself as blind.”
  23. Please Welcome beyond insane & Tveitღ as your new Moderators!
  24. Captain’s Log [Introduction & Board Guide] #2 ~ Star date: January the 17th, in the year twenty-eighteen…
  25. Chris Pine 10K Celebration Prep Thread!
  26. [Pine Nuts] Off Topic #2: Wishing everybody a non-bad 2018 whether its fair|good|great
  27. [Unstoppable Force] Post Count #2: Just over a month and already getting into #2 threads
  28. Besides Chris...what are you [watching-listening to-reading-etc]? #2
  29. Chris Quartet [Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt] #1: “When ordering ice cream, I get 3 scoops, w/ a little Pine nuts sprinkled on top” - Ryan R.
  30. Brian | Carriers #1: "The sick are already dead."
  31. Chris Pine - Moderator Opening Announcement
  32. Television Roles/Guest Appearances #1: Whether it’s a guest appearance or a recurring role on a television series
  33. Hangman #1: W_ H_v_ _ ar_d
  34. Star Trek [alternate universe - JJ ABRAMS' MOVIES]
  35. Rex Hanson [Horrible Bosses 2] #1: “Mr. Hanson is my father. It’s ‘Rex’.”
  36. Toby Howard [Hell or High Water] #1: "We ain't stealing from you. We stealing from the bank!"
  37. Dr. Alex Murry [A Wrinkle In Time] #1: "Imagine 91 lightyears traveled like that!" [CURRENTLY IN CINEMA]
  38. [Accessorize] Hats, Glasses, Scarves, Etc. #1: Contacts are great, but glasses make him look so sexy!
  39. [The Posters] Fan Pictures|Encounters #1: Feel free to show a picture of yourself...anyone had the pleasure of meeting Chris?
  40. Jack|Thomas [Chris|Kevin] #1: "Any way you can get that boy-scout-on-a-field-trip look off your face?"
  41. Jack|Cathy [Chris|Keira] #1: [Jack] "I'm in the CIA." [Cathy] "Thank God. I thought you were having an affair."
  42. Chris Survivor Thread #1:
  43. [Comfort] Hugs, Love, & Support #1: Oh, tidings of comfort & Chris...and each other!
  44. Jake Hardin {Just My Luck} #1: Because his luck was just about to change...
  45. The Prince [Disney’s Into the Woods] #1: “AGONY!!”
  46. Bernie Webber [The Finest Hours] #1: “We all live or we all die.”
  47. [Foodie] Chris & Food #1: “Nothing beats a bottle of red wine & some Italian food” - Unknown
  48. Sam & Frankie | Chris & Elizabeth (PLU) #1: “To think I waited my whole life for him to come back to me. He sent you.” - Frankie
  49. Sam & Hannah | Chris & Olivia (PLU) #1: “I’m in a relationship right now...”
  50. Sam (People Like Us) #1: “Most doors in the world are closed, so if you find one that you want to get into, you better have an interesting knock.”