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  1. Word Association #3: Prince - Princess - Diaries
  2. Nicholas Devereaux [PD2] #2: “Don’t you pray every night for a Princess Diaries 3?” [Fan] “Have you been reading my diary?!” [Chris]
  3. TPAM #3: TPAM is a big "Pine Nut"
  4. Last Letter #3: movie[S] - sta[R] - rea[L]
  5. [A Model] Commercials|Photoshoots #2: We hope he does more commercials or photoshoots soon!
  6. [Expressions] Laugh|Smile #2: Because his smile is infectious!
  7. [Pine Nuts] Off-Topic #5: Being sick sucks, but we’ll still find time to talk about Chris! :)
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  9. Captain’s Log [Board Guide & Introductions] #4
  10. [The Posters] Fan Pictures #2: Share the latest of what’s going on in your life!
  11. [United] General DC|Marvel #2: The Avengers. Wonder Woman. Captain Marvel. Aquaman. And lots more to come!
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  13. News | Upcoming Projects #2: Outlaw King. I Am the Night. What’s next for our leading man?
  14. Chris Quartet [Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt] #4: We Hope To Get LOTS Of Stuff From These 4 In 2019!!
  15. 2018 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: Chris Pine
  16. [Fan Creations] Graphics | Icons #2: Your one stop for creations inspired by Chris
  17. [Guilty Pleasure] Body Appreciation #2: “Chris Pine is totally fine w/ the buzz surrounding his ‘revealing’ new role” - Entertainment Tonight
  18. For God! For Family! For Fan Forum! ~ Chris Pine Celebrates One Year!!
  19. [Wicked Blues] Eyes Appreciation #2: Because as cheesy as it sounds, we could stare into his eyes all day! :)
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  21. Besides Chris...what are you [watching-reading-listening to-etc]? #5: Um, there is nothing else because we’re watching Outlaw King! :)
  22. 300 Word Story #2: Chris attended the ‘Outlaw King’ premiere...
  23. Robert the Bruce {Outlaw 👑 King} #2: Now streaming on NETFLIX!
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  25. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2018
  26. Chris Pine One Year Celebration Prep Thread!
  27. Kirk|Uhura {Chris|Zoe} #2: These two NEED to play an actual couple in a movie!
  28. [Eye Candy] Pictures & GIFs #2: Chris spoiled us at TIFF! Now, we need more!
  29. [Unstoppable Force] Post Count #4: We reached 25K in less than a year! We’re on our way to 50K!
  30. Hangman #2: O-tl-w K-ng -s -om--g o-t soo-!
  31. Celebrating 25,000 Posts !!! Because' we are a nutty bunch of Pine Nuts
  32. Chris ABCs #3: Great, Hottie, Incredible
  33. [Our King] Chris Appreciation #2: “...Chris was whistling in the streets of NYC. Captain Fine's mood is kind of ‘fascinating’ these days.”
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  35. Chris Survivor Thread #4: Jim Kirk (Star Trek) Survivor {ROUND 13}
  36. [Pine Nuts] Off-Topic #4: Between jobs, appointments, & real-life, not EVERYTHING revolves around Chris!
  37. Last Two Letters #2: Dance - Center - Ergo
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  39. 25K Preparation || Deadline: 24,500
  40. Chris Quartet [Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt] #3: Because they all need to hang-out together!
  41. {Wonder Team} Steve ღ Diana [Chris|Gal] #2: ”It's started to snowfall. Touch it.” “It's magical!” “It is, isn't it?” “Yes!”
  42. Three Word Post #3: Show coming soon!
  43. Jay Singletary {I Am the Night} #1: All episodes have aired! Check them out on TNT!
  44. Captain’s Log [Introduction & Board Guide] #3
  45. Star Trek [Original Universe] TV Shows | Movies General Discussion #2: Over 50 Years - 6 shows, 1 animated, 10 movies & future projects in the works!
  46. Kirk|Spock [Chris|Zachary] #2: “I want you to know why I couldn't let you die. Why I went back for you. Because you are my friend.” - Kirk
  47. Star Trek Movies [Kelvin Timeline] General Discussion #2: “I like this ship! You know, it’s exciting!” - Scotty
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  49. [C-Mobile] Chris’ Network of Family, Friends, & Co-Stars! {#2}: “May you always shine bright & be the special funny person you are.” - Gal Gadot
  50. [Comfort] Love, Hugs, & Support #2: If only we could get a hug from Chris...