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  1. Please Welcome beyond insane & Tveitღ as your new Moderators!
  2. Captain’s Log [Introduction & Board Guide] #2 ~ Star date: January the 17th, in the year twenty-eighteen…
  3. Chris Pine 10K Celebration Prep Thread!
  4. [Pine Nuts] Off Topic #2: Wishing everybody a non-bad 2018 whether its fair|good|great
  5. [Unstoppable Force] Post Count #2: Just over a month and already getting into #2 threads
  6. Besides Chris...what are you [listening-reading-watching-etc]? #2
  7. Chris Quartet [Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, Pratt] #1: “When ordering ice cream, I get 3 scoops, w/ a little Pine nuts sprinkled on top” - Ryan R.
  8. Carriers | Brian #1: "The sick are already dead."
  9. Chris Pine - Moderator Opening Announcement
  10. Television Roles/Guest Appearances #1: Whether it’s a guest appearance or a recurring role on a television series
  11. Hangman #1: W_ H_v_ _ ar_d
  12. Star Trek [alternate universe - JJ ABRAMS' MOVIES]
  13. Rex Hanson [Horrible Bosses 2] #1:
  14. Toby Howard [Hell or High Water] #1: "We ain't stealing from you. We stealing from the bank!"
  15. Dr. Alex Murry [A Wrinkle In Time] S&S [2018] #1: "Imagine 91 lightyears traveled like that!"
  16. [Accessorize] Hats, Glasses, Scarves, Etc. #1: Contacts are great, but glasses make him look so sexy!
  17. [The Posters] Fan Pictures|Encounters #1: Feel free to show a picture of yourself...anyone had the pleasure of meeting Chris?
  18. Jack|Thomas [Chris|Kevin] #1: "Any way you can get that boy-scout-on-a-field-trip look off your face?"
  19. Jack|Cathy [Chris|Keira] #1: [Jack] "I'm in the CIA." [Cathy] "Thank God. I thought you were having an affair."
  20. Chris Survivor Thread #1: Next Survivor ~ TBD
  21. [C-Mobile] Chris’ Family & Friends Network #1: Because we want to join his network!
  22. [Comfort] Hugs, Love, & Support #1: Oh, tidings of comfort & Chris...and each other!
  23. Jake Hardin {Just My Luck} #1: Because his luck was just about to change...
  24. The Prince [Disney’s Into the Woods] #1: “AGONY!!”
  25. Bernie Webber [The Finest Hours] #1: “We all live or we all die.”
  26. [Foodie] Chris & Food #1: “Nothing beats a bottle of red wine & some Italian food” - Unknown
  27. Sam & Frankie | Chris & Elizabeth (PLU) #1: “To think I waited my whole life for him to come back to me. He sent you.” - Frankie
  28. Sam & Hannah | Chris & Olivia (PLU) #1: “I’m in a relationship right now...”
  29. Sam (People Like Us) #1: “Most doors in the world are closed, so if you find one that you want to get into, you better have an interesting knock.”
  30. Rhett Ryan (Small Town Saturday Night) #1: Someday Came Today...
  31. Jack ❄️ Frost [Rise of the Guardians] #1: “How can I know who I am, until I find out who I was?”
  32. Kirk/Spock [Chris|Zachary]#1: Because slashers will never get discouraged
  33. [WATCH] Re-Watches or Watches #1: Plenty of Chris material to go around
  34. Other Movies|Smaller Roles #1: Because our Chris isn't always the main star and does other projects like small appearances or short films
  35. [Dreaming] Dream Co-Stars and Roles #1: Who would you want Chris to co-star with? What type of project would you like to see him in?
  36. [Sinatra-esque] ♫ Chris Singing & Music ♫ #1: Because singing is just one of his many talents!
  37. [A Model] Commercials|Photoshoots #1: Because we love all the commercials and photoshoots of Chris's
  38. [Royalty] Nicholas ღ Mia | Chris & Anne #1: "I loathe you!" "I loathe YOU!" "I loathed you first!"
  39. [Guilty Pleasure] Body Appreciation #1: Welcome to the drool-fest!!! Watch out for drool on the floors
  40. [Expressions] Goofy|Laugh|Smile #1: Because Chris loves to have fun and smile
  41. [Wicked Blues] Eyes Appreciation #1: "I heard his eyes are wicked blue" [Chris Evans about Chris Pine]
  42. [Apperances] Chris + The Media #1: Whether its [Interviews or Press Conferences or Red Carpets] we want it all
  43. Nicholas Devereaux [The Princess Diaries 2] #1: "I'm Nick. Viscount Mabrey's nephew..."
  44. [Eye Candy] Animations|Gifs & Pictures #1: Because we love Chris whether its in animated or picture format
  45. [Our King] Chris Pine Appreciation #1: "The more you are positive and say, 'I want to have a good life,' the more you build that reality for yourself"
  46. Steve ღ Diana [Chris|Gal] #1: "I can save today. You can save the world"
  47. Captain's Log [Introduction & Board Guide] #1 ~ Star date: December the 1st, in the year twenty-seventeen...
  48. Steve Trevor [Wonder Woman] #1: "It's... it's not about deserve. Maybe, maybe we don't. But it's not about that, it's about what you believe."
  49. Kirk|Scotty [Chris|Simon] #1: [Scott] "Welcome aboard." [Kirk] "It's good to see you too, Scotty."
  50. [Style] Fashion #1: Because has made a style for himself and looks good in everything