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  1. James T. Kirk [Star Trek] #3: “Four years? I’ll [become an officer] in three.”
  2. Keep Calm & Love Chris Pine ~ Celebrating 2 Years on Fan Forum!
  3. [Unstoppable Force] Post Count #6: We’re on our way to celebrating 50K!
  4. 2 Year Anniversary Prep!
  5. [United] General DC|Marvel #3: Jessica’s gonna finally get to watch Captain Marvel & Endgame on Disney+! :)
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  7. [Royalty] Nicholas ღ Mia | Chris & Anne #2: “I’m sorry I stepped on your foot.” [Mia] “You can step on my foot anytime.” [Nicholas]
  8. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2019
  9. Kirk|Bones [Chris|Karl] #2: “...just hanging out w/ Chris Pine & Karl Urban...having a conversation w/ someone as if [it] was just another day.”
  10. FDR Foster [This Means War] #2: “I am a cruise ship captain of a very large vessel...”
  11. Chris ABCs #5: Magical, Nice, Optimistic
  12. [Pine Nuts] Off-Topic #6: How are there only 10 weeks left of the year?!
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  14. [Comfort] Love, Hugs, & Support #3: All you need is love!
  15. FDR|Tuck [Chris|Tom] #2: “It will come as no surprise that Pine & Hardy handled the high-octane spy action & stunts w/ skill & daring.” - McG
  16. Will Colson [Unstoppable] #2: Chris was recommended for the role of Will!
  17. Besides Chris, what are you [watching-reading-listening to-etc]? #8: Yes, Jessica is reading The Baby-sitter’s Club! ☺️
  18. Kirk|Scotty [Chris|Simon] #2: “...Are you from the future?” “Yeah, he is. I am not.” “...Do they still have sandwiches there?”
  19. Three Word Posts #4: New projects coming!
  20. Chris Anti-ABCs #4: Jerk, Kangaroo, Loser
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  22. Star Trek [Original Universe] TV Shows | Movies General Discussion #3: “This show is such a beacon of hope...” [Fan on “Discovery”]
  23. [Dreaming] Dream Roles & Co-Stars #2: “And I’m dreaming of you tonight...”
  24. Chris Quartet [Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt] #5: ”The Internet Still Can't Decide Which Chris Is the Best Chris”
  25. Last Letter #4: frien[D], darlin[G], gu[Y]
  26. Besides Chris...what are you [watching-reading-listening to-etc]? #7: Outlander, Criminal Minds...
  27. Wonder Woman 1984 [S&S] {#2}: Because we demand to see a trailer ASAP! - Trailer out December 8th! (June 5th, 2020!)
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  29. [Sinatra-esque] ♫ Chris Singing & Music ♫ #2: “Someday was a dream that always seemed to turn out wrong, but now it's not so far away...”
  30. Chris ABCs #4: Jake, King, Love
  31. Chris Anti-ABCs #3: Gross, Horrible, Insipid
  32. [Style] Fashion #2: “What would I tweet about? My shoes?” - Chris
  33. [On the Scene] Chris + Appearances #2: Because when Chris promotes stuff, we get lots of pics!
  34. [Accessorize] Hats, Glasses, Scarves... #2: We’ll take him wearing a scarf all year long!
  35. [Foodie] 🍕 Chris & Food 🌮 #2: “If you love food, Chris Pine is your super hungry spirit animal”
  36. Besides Chris...what are you [watching-reading-listening to-etc]? #6: Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers...
  37. Chris Survivor Thread #5: Beard Survivor Coming Soon!
  38. [Salt & Pepper] Beard|Hair Appreciation #2: Because we would choose Chris’ gray any day!
  39. [Unstoppable Force] Post Count #5: Because our post counts are only gonna get better!
  40. Word Association #3: Prince - Princess - Diaries
  41. Nicholas Devereaux [PD2] #2: “Don’t you pray every night for a Princess Diaries 3?” [Fan] “Have you been reading my diary?!” [Chris]
  42. TPAM #3: TPAM is a big "Pine Nut"
  43. Last Letter #3: movie[S] - sta[R] - rea[L]
  44. [A Model] Commercials|Photoshoots #2: We hope he does more commercials or photoshoots soon!
  45. [Expressions] Laugh|Smile #2: Because his smile is infectious!
  46. [Pine Nuts] Off-Topic #5: Being sick sucks, but we’ll still find time to talk about Chris! :)
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  48. Captain’s Log [Board Guide & Introductions] #4
  49. [The Posters] Fan Pictures #2: Share the latest of what’s going on in your life!
  50. [United] General DC|Marvel #2: The Avengers. Wonder Woman. Captain Marvel. Aquaman. And lots more to come!