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  1. Blink [Clarice Fong | Jamie Chung] #1: "Literally I have the power to bail out of bad situations. So, being scared is just a big part of it."
  2. Eclipse [Marcos Diaz | Sean Teale] #1: "The X-Men, the Brotherhood, we don't even know if they exist anymore."
  3. Andy Strucker | Percy Hynes White #1: "Well maybe it's time these people learned."
  4. Lauren Strucker | Natalie Alyn Lind #1: "We want to fight for this. You've always said that there are things worth fighting for."
  5. Kate Strucker | Amy Acker #1: "This is a burden, yes, but it's also a gift."
  6. Reed Strucker | Stephen Moyer #1: "They need to know which side I'm on. And if this is my chance to make things right, I have to take it."
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