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  1. [Collection of Goofy] Dancing|Expressions #1: Our girl is quite a goofy one
  2. Gal Gadot Video Center #1: Interviews, trailers, commercials, press conferences - everything in one place.
  3. What is Your Time?
  4. Gal Gadot Love It or Hate It #1: The WW theme song? Love it
  5. Birthday Thread #1: Because we should celebrate everyone's birthdays
  6. Gal +Hats +(Sun)glasses #1: Something In The Way She Rocks...
  7. Gal Gadot Hangman Game #1: Wo--er -om-n
  8. The Fast & Furious Franchise #1: Place to talk about the franchise as a whole and not only Gisele but all of the franchise
  9. [Superheroes United] General Discussion #1: DCEU or MCU available to be spoken about - Arrowverse or Netflix!Marvel - anything goes either Movies|TV
  10. Gal Gadot Hair Appreciation #1: The beautiful dark curls.
  11. Three Word Post #1: We love Gal!
  12. [Guilty Pleasure] Body Appreciation #1: The place we gather to praise and worship Gal's body
  13. Reasons why we are obsessed over Gal #1: Because she is Wonder Woman!
  14. 300 Word Story #1: Once Upon A Time...
  15. Other Roles||Small Appearances #1: We will eat up any and all of Gal's roles no matter how big or small
  16. {Dream Roles & Co-Stars} Who should Gal work with next? #1: Actors, directors? Name your favorites.
  17. Gal's Fashion & Pasarela Thread #1: She's one classy lady!
  18. What Gal Project Are You Currently Watching #1: Whether it's a movie or television role, or even an interview!
  19. Diana & Queen Hippolyta | Gal & Connie #1: "You have been my greatest love." - Hippolyta
  20. Word Association #1: Strong - Diana - Wonder Woman
  21. Gal Gadot Eyes Appreciation #1: One look, speechless!
  22. Fan Creations #1 [Graphics|Fiction|Icons|Videos]: The one place that holds all our creative juices together in one spot.
  23. Gal Gadot Hugs and Kisses Thread #1: We're one big family.
  24. Gal Gadot TV/Books corner {What are you watching/reading at the moment?} #1
  25. Gal Gadot DJ box {What are you listening to at the moment?} #1
  26. WonderBat { Diana & Bruce | Gal & Ben } #1: "I've known a few women like you." "Oh I don't think you've ever known a woman like me."
  27. Gal Gadot Smile & Laugh Appreciation #1: "Be the reason someone smiles today." - Gal
  28. FastTwo {Gisele & Han} #1: "I think I'm in love."
  29. This or That #1: BvS or WW?
  30. Gal Last Letter Game #1: Gal, Love, Elegant
  31. Gal Gadot TPBM #1: TPBM has seen WW?
  32. [Gal's Warriors] Off Topic #1: Because now that we have a board we have so much to discuss. Yay!
  33. Gal & Yaron {+2}: Because her real-life relationship is just as "shippable"!
  34. {Temple of Gal} Gal Gadot Board Guide & Introductions #1: Come on in and say hi
  35. [Wonder Woman] Diana Prince #1: Because she's our newest, beloved superhero!
  36. {Wonder Team} Diana & Steve | Gal & Chris #1: "I think he'll be a great love interest for Wonder Woman. Chris Pine is fantastic. He's great." - Gal
  37. Gal Gadot News and Media #1 - We love hearing about her projects.
  38. Gal Gadot TPAM #1. - TPAM can't wait to post on our new board.
  39. Gal Gadot Post Count Thread #1 - Our numbers will be strong!
  40. Mr & Mrs Jones {Natalie & Tim} #1: "The first rule is not to be in love with your partner."
  41. Gal Gadot Pictures & Gifs Thread #1: 365 days of WOW surprises!!
  42. Natalie Jones {KUWTJ} #1: She is compassionate and sensitive!
  43. Gisele {Fast & Furious} #1: "She is one of the boys, which I always love." Gal
  44. GODDESS ღ {Gal Gadot Appreciation} #1: We absolutely love Gal!
  45. Wonderlane {Gal & Amy} #1: They had a slumber party!
  46. Gal Gadot Social Media #1: "Let us make our future now..."
  47. Gal Gadot Anti-ABC #1: Silly, Torture, Ugh
  48. Gal Gadot ABC #1: Brave, Cool, Diana
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