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  1. [The Scofield's] Michael|Sara|Mike #3: Because he was her beautiful clear blue sky.
  2. [LIVE WATCH THREAD] #6: Prison Break 2x09 & 2x10 @7PM EST Time Friday / 9 AM Brisbane Time Saturday
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  4. Last Letter #3: nat[e] - eart[h] - her[o]
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  6. [The Writer's Room] OFF TOPIC #5: Where we keep up to date with each other in Real Life and other fandoms
  7. Captain Canary {LeonardღSara} #3: Because the best pairing of DCCW that never officially was.
  8. DCTV Episode Discussion Thread #1: Legends of Tomorrow [3x10] "Daddy Darhkest" 02/12/2018
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  10. Wentworth ABC #3: Flash, Genius, Hero
  11. [LIVE WATCH THREAD] #5: Prison Break 1x19 & 1x20 @7PM EST Time Friday / 10 AM Brisbane Time Saturday
  12. [RESPECT] Rant|Vent #3: There is always something new to fuss about.
  13. [ALL WENTWORTH ROLES] Limited Spoilers #2: B/c we can't wait to get spoilers to any upcoming role of his.
  14. [LIVE WATCH THREAD] #4: Prison Break 1x08 "The Old Head" @7PM EST Time Friday / 10 AM Brisbane Time Saturday
  15. [The Writer's Room] OFF TOPIC #4: Sarah's beyond insane again with 4 boards to hopefully become 5 again
  16. Besides Wentworth, what are you currently doing-listening-reading-watching? #3
  17. 2017 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: Wentworth Miller
  18. [Superheroes United] General Discussion #2: Because the place where Marvel and DC Comics fans unite
  19. Multiverse BFF [Leo |& Mickey] #1: Because they both are looking for healing in each other.
  20. Leo Snart +/Other Dynamics [+] #1: B/c he did a therapy lesson with the legends for they can all heal.
  21. Earth X Lovers [Leo & Ray] #1: B/c Wentworth had his first onscreen male-on-male kiss with Russell!
  22. [RESPECT] Rant|Vent #2: Place to rant or vent about on or off topic
  23. Fan Creations [Animations|Fanfiction|Graphics|Fanvideo] #2: B/c the beauty of Wentworth in creation style.
  24. Citizen Cold [Leo |Earth-✘] #1: "I'm Leonard Snart but you can call me Leo."
  25. Fan Forum 19th Anniversary Moderators and Members Appreciation Celebration Week! - Wentworth Miller
  26. [Millerville] Wentworth Miller Appreciation #2: We will follow Wentworth to wherever he goes next and to any project he does
  27. Three Words Thread #2 - Excited New Year
  28. Fire ¤ Ice [Leonard&Mick] #2: Because from juvie friends, to nearly 30 years friendship.
  29. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2017
  30. Leonard Snart + Legends [#02]: Because being apart of this team changed him
  31. [Papi's] Michael Scofield|Fernando Sucre #2: B/c thank goodness that Scofield's Fox River cellmate was Sucre.
  32. [Features] Body Appreciation #2: B/c when he is talking while looking directly at you, you can't get over his beauty, just ask JB!
  33. [The Writer's Room] OFF TOPIC #3: Sarah modding 3 boards, no way! Talkative One with 500k? oh, Canada!
  34. [Face of Wonders] Expressions #2: May be rare to get a smile from Wentworth, but its worth it when we receive smiles
  35. [COUNTDOWN THREAD] WM Characters / Appearances [February 12, 2018 on Legends of Tomorrow!]
  36. [Genius] Michael Scofield Appreciation #2: "I choose to have faith; because without that, I have nothing."
  37. Rogue Canary [Leonard| Sara| Mick] #2: "A killer, klepto and pyro."
  38. [Brothers] Michael Scofield|Lincoln Burrows #2: "You need to share the burden. That's family. That's what family is for."
  39. [The Scofield's] Michael|Sara|Mike #2: "Come back to me, sweetheart. Come back to me" [Michael 5x09]
  40. Captain Cold [Leonard Snart] #2: "There are no strings on me."
  41. Package Deal [Wentworth & Dominic] #2: "They just need to look at each other and they know what one's thinking." ~ John Barrowman
  42. Last Letter #2: devote[d], darin[g], geniu[s]
  43. TPAM #2: The Person Above Me. is my co-moderator
  44. Wentworth Miller 10,000 Posts Celebration!
  45. [Camera] Pictures #1: Where we can look at all the remarkable Wentworth pictures
  46. Captain Canary {LeonardღSara} #2: "I started to wonder what the future might hold for me and you and me and you."
  47. Wentworth ABC #2: [D]aring, [E]xciting, [F]uture
  48. Board Customization
  49. Legends of Tomorrow General Discussion #1: We are very excited that he'll be recurring for 3rd season
  50. [Archived Facebook & Scripts] #1: In the words of our beloved written by him or recommended by him