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  1. Jeffrey Hair/Stubble Appreciation Thread #2: Because we love his salt and pepper stubble.
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  3. JDM & Jared/Jensen Friendship Appreciation Thread #2: "We're so proud of @JDMorgan. Such a kind and beautiful man, playing a bad ass."
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  8. Board Customization
  9. Brian (Texas Killing Fields) Thread #1: Because he was dedicated to taking down the bad guys.
  10. Max (The Resident) Thread #1: Because he plays the bad guy so well!
  11. Jeffrey's Tattoo's Appreciation #1: Because he's got gorgeous tattoos.
  12. Jeffrey's Laugh Appreciation Thread #1: Because his laugh will make you smile everytime.
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  14. Jeffrey ABC's Thread #3: Great, Handsome, Incredible
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  20. Standard Avatars
  21. Jeffrey Dean Morgan Post Count Thread #2: Because now we are a permanent board!!
  22. Happy Birthday JDM!! (Come celebrate with us!)
  23. JDM & SPN Castmates Appreciation Thread #1: Because the SPN cast loved working with him.
  24. Who would you like to see JDM work with? #1 - So many actors, so little time
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  26. Negan & The Saviors Thread #1: Because these are Negan's right hand men.
  27. Jeffrey & TWD Cast Appreciation #1: Because he's quickly making friends with the cast.
  28. The Sanctuary (Off Topic) #2: Because we love to sleep in.
  29. Jeffrey Dean Morgan Anti ABC's Thread #2: Dud, Ego, Freaky
  30. The Person Above Me #1: TPAM thinks Jeffrey is a charmer.
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  32. Please Welcome ♕Misha's Minion♕ as your new Moderator!
  33. Jeffrey ABC's Thread #2: Denny , Entertaining, Fresh
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  36. Jeffrey's This or That Thread #1 - Denny or Negan? Bearded or clean shaven?
  37. JDM Hats Appreciation Thread #1: Because he's a man who loves his hats.
  38. JDM's Butt Appreciation Thread #1: Because he's got a great behind!
  39. JDM's Tummy Appreciation Thread #1: Because he loves to flash us his stomach.
  40. JDM Arts/Icons Thread #1: Because this man inspires us to make arts.
  41. Jason & Alicia Appreciation Thread #1: "Anything it is."
  42. JD & Molly Appreciation Thread #1: "In another life, Molly Woods."
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  44. Negan & Carl Thread #1: Because Negan see's something in Carl.
  45. Negan Quotes Appreciation Thread #1: Because man is he full of quotes.
  46. Negan & Rick Thread #1: Because Rick doesn't like Negan, but Negan sure does like Rick.
  47. JDM Fanfiction Thread #1: Because we love our smut.
  48. Jeffrey's Hands Appreciation Thread #1: Because he's got huge, muscular hands.
  49. Jeff's Neck/Adam's Apple Appreciation Thread #1: Because we love his wide thick neck.
  50. Jeffrey's Tongue Appreciation Thread #1: Because he loves to tease us with his tongue.