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  1. Stranger Things [Post Count] #4: Hiatus Season has nothing on us. We are still going Strong !!
  2. Stranger Things Anti-ABC #11
  3. Stranger Things Three Word Post #5: A long hiatus.
  4. Stranger Things Fan Art #4: Because the Stranger Things arts never cease to amaze us.
  5. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2018
  6. Dustin Henderson / Gaten Matarazzo #5: "You like these pearls?"
  7. Zoomer & Stalker [Max + Lucas] #2: "I like talking with you, madmax"
  8. Monster Hunters {Jonathan & Nancy} #4: "It's definitely you"
  9. Besides Stranger Things, what else are you watching? #7
  10. Stand By Me [Mike/Dustin/Lucas/Will/Eleven/Max] #4:"We just had fun and we just became friends right away, you know?” - Gaten Matarazzo?
  11. Stranger Things Last Letter #10
  12. Will Byers / Noah Schnapp #5:Because his MTV TV Award for Best Frightened Performance was well-deserved.
  13. Billy Hargrove / Dacre Montgomery #2: He will rock you like a hurricane
  14. Stranger Things Word Association #8
  15. Jim Hopper / David Harbour #5: cause he’s gonna be a superhero!!!
  16. [Promise] Mike & Eleven #5: I never gave up on you
  17. Nancy Wheeler / Natalia Dyer #5: Because Natalia can rock any look.
  18. Stranger Things ABC #10
  19. Eleven / Millie Bobby Brown #7: Because Millie loved Eleven's intensity in season two.
  20. Mike Wheeler / Finn Wolfhard #5: He is not just an actor. He is a rock star too.
  21. Stranger Things Anti-ABC #10
  22. Jonathan Byers / Charlie Heaton #4: Because we like that he tends to keep to himself and looks at the world through the lens of a camera.
  23. Stranger Things {The Person Below Me} #3 is hoping for Jopper to happen?
  24. Stranger Things Cast #4: Because they have a great friendship off screen.
  25. Jim Hopper & Joyce Byers [David Harbour/Winona Ryder] #3: Because even the rest of the cast ships them.
  26. Stranger Things Three Word Post #4: Waiting for S3.
  27. Stranger Things Survivor - Favorite Episode (Season 1) - Round 3 now started pg7!!
  28. [Crazy Together] Mike & Will #2: Because it´s with Mike that Will shares his secrets and fears.
  29. Joyce Byers / Winona Ryder #5: "We always knew Joyce, whoever we cast as Joyce, that´s the one star role we wanted."
  30. Steve Harrington / Joe Keery #5: Because we wonder what Steve will be doing next season.
  31. [unlikely bromance] Steve & Dustin #2: Be the captain of your own curiosity voyage with Dustin and Steve!
  32. Stranger Things Last Letter #9
  33. Stranger Things Word Association #7
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  35. Stranger Things Anti-ABC #9
  36. Besides Stranger Things, what else are you watching? #6
  37. Stranger Things - News Thread #4: “Stranger Things is pure science fiction" - Steven Spielberg
  38. [The Wheeler Family] Karen / Ted / Nancy / Mike/ Holly/ #1: "Because they bought a nice house and started their nuclear family."
  39. Jim Hopper & Eleven [David Harbour/Millie Bobby Brown] #2: Because she´s Jane Hopper now.
  40. Eleven / Millie Bobby Brown #6: "With Eleven, people call her the weirdo and she really doesn't care. She's very badass and I think when I can."
  41. Stranger Things Fan Art #3: so many talented people out there, why not show them off in here
  42. Stand By Me [Mike/Dustin/Lucas/Will/Eleven/Max] #3: “Friend”? What is “friend”? Um, a friend is someone that you'd do anything for."
  43. Steve Harrington & Nancy Wheeler [ Joe Keery/ Natalia Dyer] #2: "I missed you." "It's been like an hour."
  44. [Promise] Mike & Eleven #4: "Do you want to dance?" "I don't know how." "I don't either. Do you want to figure it out?"
  45. Stranger Things Last Letter #8
  46. Mad Max / Sadie Sink #2: "From now on, you leave me and my friends alone. Understand?"
  47. Stranger Things Season One Parody Video - Stranger Games
  48. Stranger Things Three Word Post #3:
  49. Stranger Things Word Association #6
  50. Benny's Burgers [Off Topic] #4: Come in, grab a cold drink and chill with us :)