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  1. Alexander Mahone || William Fichtner #3: "The press is a tool. They'll bring those men back quicker than bloodhounds will."
  2. Brothers {Michael & Lincoln} #4: "Love You" [Michael] "I Love You Too" [Lincoln]
  3. Fan Creations #3 [Graphics|Fiction|Videos]: The one place that holds all our creative juices together in one spot
  4. The Scofield's [Michael/Sara/Mikey] #8: "It was real Sara...you and me, it's real"
  5. On the Run {Post Count} #4: BC now we are going to need to find ways to keep ourselves entertained...REWATCHES are an idea
  6. Mastermind {Michael Scofield | Wentworth Miller} #4: "Make them put my real name, the man I've always been, Michael Scofield"
  7. Prison Break News, Media & Promos #3:
  8. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  9. Fox River [Off Topic] #5: It's summer; which means vacation and catching up on TV Shows.
  10. Prison Break 5x09 "Behind The Eyes" [Season Finale] Episode Discussion
  11. Lincoln & Sheba #1 "I could never forgive myself if something happened to you."
  12. Link the Sink {Lincoln Burrows | Dominic Purcell} #5: Because "Link the Sink" has been upgraded to "Tic-Tac Man"
  13. Speculation & Theories #3: The great thing about this series; is even after its over, we will most likely have things to speculate about
  14. In Laws {Lincoln/Sara} #3: "We found Michael" "Is he our Michael?" "Yeah Sara"
  15. Pocket Holders [T-Bag/Robert Knepper] #3: Because Teddy has given us some great and hilarious lines during these new episodes
  16. The Scofield's [Michael/Sara/Mikey] #7: "You aren't calling him Junior are you?" [Michael] "No. I promised you i would never do that" [Sara]
  17. Prison Break 5.08 "Progeny" Episode Discussion [LIVE WATCH---TBD]
  18. Sugar Babes {Fernando Sucre/Amaury Nolasco} #3: Our Sugar has been working on an "unique project" since we had last seen him 7 years ago
  19. Limited Spoilers #5: 2 episodes left, let's see how far into a new thread we get before episodes are done
  20. Prison Break 5.07 "Wine Dark Sea" Episode Discussion - {LIVE WATCH @ 9pm May 16th}
  21. The Scofield's {Michael/Sara/Mike Jr} #6: Because Sara thought she'd never see his face again
  22. Prison Break Intro ▪ Board Guide - Welcome to Prisneyland, Fish! [UPDATED: June 24th 2017]
  23. Paris Lovers {Linc ♥ Sofia } #3: Together with LJ, they made a happy and beautiful family.
  24. Freddie Mercury Junkie {Ja/Rick Yune} #1: What's bigger, his addiction or his Freddie Mercury obsession?
  25. Cell Mates {Michael|Sucre} #3: "Fly safe Papi" [Michael] - "Give em hell" [Sucre]
  26. Prison Break 5.06 "Paecia" Episode Discussion {LIVE WATCH @ 9pm May 9nd}
  27. Prison Break 5.05 "Contingency" Episode Discussion {LIVE WATCH @ 9pm May 2nd}
  28. The Scofield's {Michael/Sara/Mike Jr} #5: "I love you. You'll see i loved you. I never stopped loving you. This whole lie, it was for you" -Michael
  29. Anti-ABC #3: [G]reen, [H]orrible, [I]ceman
  30. The Person Above Me #3: TPAM loves the new episodes
  31. Prison Break 5.04 "The Prisoner's Dilemma" Episode Discussion (LIVE WATCH @ 9pm on April 25th)
  32. This or That #2
  33. Brothers {Michael & Lincoln} #3: because to them, even if Christina was speaking the truth about them not being brothers, love is stronger than blood
  34. The Good Doctor {Sara Scofield | Sarah Wayne Callies} #4: Because you don't mess with Mama!Sara when it comes to her son, Mike Jr
  35. Three Word Posts #3: Loving this season
  36. Word Association #3: Crash - Burn - Fire
  37. Prison Break ABC's #3: [D]ominic, [E]nemy, [F]riend
  38. Prison Break 5.03 "The Liar" Episode Discussion
  39. Fan Creations #2 {Icons/Fanart/Fan Fiction/Music Videos}
  40. Season 4 Discussion #2: It may not be everyone's favourite; it still has the same twist and surprises.
  41. Partners in Crime {Wentworth & Dominic} #3: "We know each other very well. He’s one of my closest friends. I consider him family."
  42. Partners {Michael|Whip} #1: This isnt the first prison break they have done together.
  43. Sid {Kunal Sharma} #1: He's been sentenced for falling in love with a man. Poor boy just lived in the wrong country.
  44. Ace in the hole {Whip|Augustus Prew} #1: His Michael's right hand man, his whipping man. Ace in a hole.
  45. Season 3 Discussion #2: Welcome to SONA
  46. Sarah & Wentworth #1: It was just like a high school reunion; they picked up where they left off.
  47. Prison Break 5x02 "Kaniel Outis" Episode Discussion
  48. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  49. Let It Out {Rant | Vent} #1: Sometimes its good to let out some stream in a respectful way
  50. Sarah|Robert {Sara/T-Bag} #1: No matter how harsh their scenes are, these actors never seem to make you cackle with laughter.