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  1. Veronica Donovan {Robin Tunney} #1: Because she left us too soon
  2. Who did you wish would or will appear on Prison Break?
  3. LJ {Marshall Allman} #1: "I love you, Dad."
  4. Speculation & Theories [Spoiler Free - Official Trailer Talk Included] #1: Some of us like to stay spoiler free but still speculate
  5. Prison Break 2017 (Spoilers may be included from trailers) - Our beloved show is returning to us for a Reunion
  6. Quote Appreciation {#1} - What's your favorite quotes from our inmates?
  7. Cast Appreciation #1: Because we love the cast as much as they love each other
  8. Picture Thread {BTS/Previous Seasons Promotional} #1 - Because we love to look at pictures
  9. {News & Media} {#1} - Because we are looking forward to a Reunion!!!
  10. Lincoln & Sofia #1 "I'm going to miss you." "I'll be back soon."
  11. First Loves {Lincoln & Veronica} #1 "I've loved you since the first time I saw you."
  12. Brothers {Michael & Lincoln} #1: "You two have the most messed up idea of love I have ever seen."
  13. The Burrows {Lincoln| LJ} #1: Lincoln would do anything for his son.
  14. The Pie Experts {Sara|Kellerman} #1: "A pinch of crack. A pinch of crack, a dollop of smack... mmm... that's good pie."
  15. The Secret Sevice {Paul Kellerman |Paul Adelstein} #1: He was following orders until he wasn't..
  16. The Good Doctor {Sara Tancredi | Sarah Wayne Callies} #1: She defied all the writers plans and expectations.
  17. The Scofield's {Michael/Sara/Mike Jr} #1: Their first meeting was planned, but he never counted on falling in love.
  18. Three Word Posts #1: New Board Here
  19. Last Letter #1: Michae[L], Lincol[N], New Seaso[N]
  20. 300 Word Story #1: Once A Upon A Time...
  21. This or That #1
  22. Gretchen Morgan {Jodi Lyn O'Keefe} #1 "You're messing with the wrong bitch."
  23. Survivor #1: Characters: Season 2. Round SEVEN
  24. Hangman #1: Are you ready to break out the puzzles?
  25. Lincoln Burrows {Dominic Purcell} #1 "In the end what really matters is love, blood, family."
  26. Anti ABC #1: [A]ngry, [B]east, [C]anaries
  27. Moving Parts {Animations && Gifs} #1: Because Tumblr always has great items
  28. {Support Group} Hug Thread #1: Because we love to give hugs to everybody
  29. Remember your true purpose in life.
  30. General Discussion #1: (What was your favorite storyline of the series?)
  31. Are you new to the series? #1: Welcoming New Fans
  32. On the Run {Post Count} #1: We plan to break out of the post count
  33. Fan Creations {Icons/Fanart/Fan Fiction/Music Videos}
  34. Recurring Characters && Other Characters
  35. Unconventional && Other Ships/Friendships #1
  36. Season 4 Discussion #1: Time to bring it to an end
  37. Season 3 Discussion #1:
  38. Season 2 Discussion #1: On the run time
  39. Season 1 Discussion #1: Where it all began
  40. Partners in Crime {Wentworth & Dominic} {#1} - Because they are oh so close in real life and have worked together in TWO fandoms
  41. John Abruzzi {Peter Stormare} #1: "I kneel only to God. I don't see him here."
  42. {Re}Watch #1: Needing to remember what has happened before new episodes
  43. Prison Break ABC's #1: (R)at, (S)ona, (T)ancredi...
  44. Prison Break | Word Association #1: Tattoo - Scofield - brother
  45. Other than Prison Break...what are you watching?
  46. Cell Mates {Michael & Sucre} #1: "They have their own agenda but they get each other and they support each other." [Amaury Nolasco]
  47. Sugar Babes {Fernando Sucre/Amaury Nolasco} #1: "If you can get eight people out of prison, you can get my Puerto Rican ass out of this, right?"
  48. Genius Minds {Michael & Alex} #1: Because Mahone was almost as smart as Michael
  49. Pocket Holders {T-Bag/Robert Knepper} #1: "Look at me, boy. You probably heard stories about me. They're not all true."
  50. Agent Alexander Mahone {William Fichtner} #1: Because he's one smart FBI agent