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  1. Sense8 Icons #1: 100x100 Boxes of Love!
  2. Besides Sense8, What are you watching?
  3. Sense8 TPAM Game #1
  4. Sense8 Word Association Game #1
  5. Sense8 Anti ABC Game #1
  6. Sense8 ABC Game #1
  7. Lito Rodriguez [Miguel Ángel Silvestre] #1: "Lying is easy. It's what I do."
  8. Will Gorski [Brian J. Smith II] #1: “I ask way too many questions. Bad cop habit.”
  9. Riley Blue [Tuppence Middleton ] #1: "Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror & don’t know who I am."
  10. Wolfgang Bogdanow [Max Riemelt] #1: "Sometimes… you make a mistake. You’ve got two choices: you live with it, or you fix it."
  11. Love Inside a Cluster {WillღRiley} #1: "I love you. That’s why you can’t give up."
  12. Love of My Life {LitoღHernando}#1: "I have all these voices in my head, but yours... It's the only one I can't live without."
  13. GRAVITATIONAL PULL {WolfgangღKala} #1: "Believe me, I try not to think of you. But every time, it brings me straight to you."
  14. Sensates #1: A new cluster is reborn.
  15. Cluster Hangout [OFF TOPIC] #1: We got our board!
  16. Sense8 (Board Guide, Intros, Birthdays) #1: Come introduce yourself and post new threads here!
  17. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderators!