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  1. Sense8 Anti ABC Game #2
  2. Sun Bak [Doona Bae] #2: "This is what life is. Fear, rage, desire... love. To stop feeling emotions, to stop wanting to feel them, is to feel death."
  3. Sense8 ABC Game #2: Riley - Sun - Togetherness
  4. Sense8 Survivor #1 (VOTING CLOSED) Favorite Sensate | Sun!
  5. Sense8 Word Association Game #2 Kala, Beautiful, Riley~
  6. Cluster Hangout [OFF TOPIC] #2 We chat while we wait for season 2
  7. Standard Avatars
  8. GRAVITATIONAL PULL {Wolfgang ღ Kala} #2 Thank God for Gravity!
  9. Besides Sense8, what are you watching? Thread #2
  10. Please welcome deejay0212 as your new moderator!
  11. Sense8 Five Letter Word Game #1
  12. Please welcome val ღ as your new moderator!
  13. Sense8 - Moderator Opening Announcement - Extended
  14. Sense8 Three Word Sentence #1: Let Us Begin!
  15. Sense8 Countdown #1: The countdown for Season 2 has begun!
  16. Sense8 Cast Appreciation #1: "It's like these insane family reunions that sort of happen when all come together and we can feel it."
  17. Jonas & Angelica #1: "We fell in love the moment our eyes met."
  18. Angelica Turing [Daryl Hannah] #1: Because she sacrificed herself to protect her offsprings.
  19. Wolfgang & Lito #1: "Sometimes you make a mistake. You've got two choices. You live with it or you fix it."
  20. Lito & Nomi #1: "The real violence is the violence we do to ourselves when we're too afraid to be who we really are."
  21. Riley & Capheus #1: "What if something horrible happens because of me going back?" "What if something wonderful happens?"
  22. Riley & Sun #1: "I thought I was alone." "Me too."
  23. Sun & Lito #1: Because there's no stronger bond than menstrual synchrony.
  24. Sun & Capheus #1: "I didn't call you or anybody else." "Maybe that is the problem."
  25. Will & Nomi #1: Because every cop needs a hacker.
  26. Will & Lito #1: Because their first time was very special.
  27. Jonas Maliki [Naveen Andrews] #1: "Who we are is less relevant than what we are, and what we are is different from them."
  28. Sense8 Fan Multi Media (Art, Fan Fiction, Videos) #1
  29. Sense8 Socia Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) #1
  30. Sense8 Media (Photos, Promos, Videos, Music) #1
  31. Sense8 [News & Spoilers & Info] #1: Christmas Special on December 23! Season 2: May 5, 2017!
  32. Sense8 This or That Game #1
  33. Sense8 Hotseat #1: 3 Questions Asked, 3 Questions Answered...
  34. Sense8 300 Word Story #1
  35. Sense8 Hangman Game #1: Pick a Letter...
  36. Sense8 TPBM Game #1
  37. Sense8 Last Letter Game #1
  38. PARTNERS [Will & Diego] #1: "Of all the partners I end up with, Mulder-wannabe."
  39. Nomi Marks [Jamie Clayton] #1: “At a certain point I realized there’s a huge difference between what we work for and what we live for.”
  40. Kala Dandekar [Tina Desai] #1: "My love for science doesn’t preclude my faith."
  41. Hernando [Alfonso Herrera] #1: "In the end, we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts."
  42. Daniela Velasquez [Erendira Ibarra] #1: "I love gay porn."
  43. Amanita [Freema Agyeman] #1: "I will burn this building down before I let anyone touch that beautiful brain."
  44. Capheus [Aml Ameen] #1: "Van Damme always comes back."
  45. Sun Bak [Doona Bae] #1: "I take everything I'm feeling, everything that matters to me... I push all of it into my fist, and I fight for it."
  46. NomiღAmanita #1: "Impossibility is a kiss away from reality."
  47. BROTHERS [Wolfgang/Felix] #1: "He’s my brother, & not by something as accidental as blood, by something much stronger. By choice."
  48. Sense8 Season One General Discussion #1
  49. Sense8 Post Count #1: The numbers are going to be outrageous!
  50. Sense8 Unconventional Couples #1: Calling all shippers! Everyone is welcome...