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  1. Thomas & Newt #10: "Our first proper scene together, I remember really enjoying. Through that scene, I felt our relationship got even better" -Thomas
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  3. Teresa [K/S] Thread #7: "There are millions of people suffering out there. Millions of stories just like mine. We can't turn our backs on them."
  4. TMR Anti-ABCs Thread #4: Fake, Gloomy, Horrifying
  5. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho & Ki/Dylan #21: "You da boss greenie" - Minho
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  7. The Glade {Off Topic} #9: We Love To Talk & Relax!!
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  9. Thomas [Dylan O'Brien] #12: Because we're all so excited to see Dylan in the role of Thomas one last time
  10. TMR Word Association #4: Love- Trust - Truthful
  11. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho #20: Celebrating 20 threads of bum pats, snarky banter, love declarations and Thominho saving each other.
  12. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #23: b/c They are about to film TDC and we can't wait to watch it
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  14. TMR ABC's #4: Helpful - Intelligent - Jovial
  15. Minho "The Leader" [Ki Hong Lee] Thread #7: b/c We can't wait until Minho is rescued and safe in the next movie
  16. Gally [Will Poulter] #7: Because we're all excited for the new projects coming his way
  17. Thomas & Teresa (Dylan & Kaya) #7: "They'd kissed and he'd felt something he would've thought impossible."
  18. TMR Hangman #6: A Different Kind of Maze
  19. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho #19: ''Stay with me Minho" - Thomas
  20. TMR 300 Word Story #3: Thomas gave his blessing..
  21. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #22: b/c "Newt had finally convinced Minho to be the Leader"
  22. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  23. Thomas & Newt [Dylan/Thomas] #9: "I’m coming for you, Newt,” Thomas whispered, so softly that no one could possibly hear him.
  24. TMR TPAM #2: TPAM cried when they read page 250
  25. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #21: We can't wait to see them back on set soon
  26. Thomas [Dylan O'Brien] #11: "That’s what makes Thomas the kind of hero I love: not a superhero, a regular person doing super things", - Wes
  27. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho #18: "I mean God, for every time Ki Hong's giving me a nice butt pat, and like a smooch, he'll be like, 'Let's go baby"
  28. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #20: Happy 20th thread for these two awesome characters!
  29. Thomas & Gally [Dylan/Will] #6: Because Gally helped Thomas remember his name.
  30. The Glade {Off Topic} #8: Because we all seem to adore Taylor Swift!!
  31. The Fever Code [0.6 | Book Discussion] #1: From when they were recruited up to just before Thomas enters the maze.
  32. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #19: "Thanks for being my friend. Goodbye."
  33. The Glue | [Newt ♦ TBS] #4: "Of all the characters, Newt's name has become sacred to people."-James Dashner
  34. TMR Cast #5: "Who would be the one person to survive the Scorch IRL?" Thomas: "We'd all be dead"
  35. Teresa [K/S] Thread #6: "Is it wrong to eat pizza at 8.30am?"
  36. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho #17: "Dylan, baby, what's up man?" - "How you doin'? You alright?"
  37. TMR Anti-ABCs Thread #3: Clumsy, Devious, Envy
  38. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #18: "I feel like Minho & Newt have always been like Han & Leia for me."
  39. TMR Post Count #3: Because it's always exciting to see our end of the month post count results
  40. Thomas & Newt [Dylan/Thomas] #8: (Fan shows Dylan her cellphone's background) "He's Thomas... I love him, he's my buddy".
  41. Gally [Will Poulter] #6: Quit shooting me down before you even think about what I'm saying
  42. Thomas [Dylan O'Brien] #10: "Dylan is this super sweet kid who just wants to work very hard. He’s got confidence that’s not bravado" - Wes Ball
  43. TMR Word Association #3: Newt - Limp - Leg
  44. Thomas & Teresa (Dylan & Kaya) #6: "She spoke to him before the world fell apart."
  45. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #17: "It's been a long day already and Thomas is giving me a massage"
  46. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho #16: "No-way!" Minho yelled. "You're not taking him (Thomas) anywhere."
  47. Thomas & Gally [Dylan/Will] #5: Interviewer: "You said that Will was your boyfriend on set". Dylan: "Did I? Oh, yeah, yeah"
  48. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #16: "Minho & Newt, because they've been in the maze longer together...I don't know if Minho could have done that."
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  50. The Maze Runner Fanfiction #1: Because we love a fans perspective of the relationships in TMR