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  2. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho & Ki/Dylan #25: 4 books, 3 movies, and 25 threads later, we still love these two as much as ever!
  3. Teresa [K/S] Thread #8: "I wanna remember. If we find a cure, it's the only way all this was worth it."
  4. TMR Post Count #5: It's A New Year & It Always Brings New Counts!!
  5. Gally [Will Poulter] #8: "Glad you came... because the end of the world is upon us."
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  7. Thomas [Dylan O'Brien] #14: “I don't think there is a right or wrong anymore. Only horrible and not-quite-so-horrible” - Thomas
  8. The Death Cure Movie Discussion #1:
  9. TMR Anti-ABCs Thread #5: Idiotic - Jealous - Klutzy
  10. TMR Last Letter Game #2: familY - yoU - uS
  11. [Brenda • Rosa] #5: "I'm a Crank. I'm slowly going crazy. I keep wanting to chew off my own fingers and randomly kill people."
  12. Minho "The Leader" [Ki Hong Lee] Thread #8: “The number one Runner rule: 'Never. Stop. Running.'”
  13. The Glade (Off Topic) #11: We Love To Talk & Talk!!
  14. WCKD HEADQUARTERS [Board Guide] #2: For all the new and old greenies who want to familiarize themselves with this board!
  15. TMR TPBM #3: TPBM Likes To Snack?
  16. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho & Ki/Dylan #24: 'Thomas could only worry about Minho. "I'm going after him."'
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  18. Thomas & Newt #11: Because ever since Thomas had entered the Maze, Newt had been there for him.
  19. TMR Word Association #5: Life- Happy - Family
  20. 3 Word Sentence #3: Who is WICKED?
  21. TMR TPAM #3: TPAM has seen the TDC trailer?
  22. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho & Ki/Dylan #23: Minho hovered over Thomas... something ignited inside him, making his midsection arch upward.
  23. TMR ABC's #5: Kindly - Living - Memorable
  24. TMR 300 Word Story #4
  25. Thomas [Dylan O'Brien] #13: "Thomas continues to surprise & impress. It's too soon to say, but they could be the key to everything"
  26. The Glade (Off Topic) #10: We Will Never Run Out Of Things To Talk About!!
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  28. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho & Ki/Dylan #22: "You're not going back out there alone"
  29. TMR Post Count #4: We Are Loving Posting Because We Love The Series!!
  30. TMR Last Letter Game #1: TrusT - HonestY - YounG
  31. Thomas & Newt #10: "Our first proper scene together, I remember really enjoying. Through that scene, I felt our relationship got even better" -Thomas
  32. 🎈 50,000 Post Celebration 🎉
  33. Teresa [K/S] Thread #7: "There are millions of people suffering out there. Millions of stories just like mine. We can't turn our backs on them."
  34. TMR Anti-ABCs Thread #4: Fake, Gloomy, Horrifying
  35. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho & Ki/Dylan #21: "You da boss greenie" - Minho
  36. Besides 'TMR' what are you watching? #7
  37. The Glade {Off Topic} #9: We Love To Talk & Relax!!
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  39. Thomas [Dylan O'Brien] #12: Because we're all so excited to see Dylan in the role of Thomas one last time
  40. TMR Word Association #4: Love- Trust - Truthful
  41. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho #20: Celebrating 20 threads of bum pats, snarky banter, love declarations and Thominho saving each other.
  42. Minho & Newt [Ki Hong/Thomas] #23: b/c They are about to film TDC and we can't wait to watch it
  43. TMR TPBM #2: TPBM Is Happy?
  44. TMR ABC's #4: Helpful - Intelligent - Jovial
  45. Minho "The Leader" [Ki Hong Lee] Thread #7: b/c We can't wait until Minho is rescued and safe in the next movie
  46. Gally [Will Poulter] #7: Because we're all excited for the new projects coming his way
  47. Thomas & Teresa (Dylan & Kaya) #7: "They'd kissed and he'd felt something he would've thought impossible."
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  49. [The Runners] Thomas/Minho #19: ''Stay with me Minho" - Thomas
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