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  1. 👑 Q U E E N || Ellen Pompeo Appreciation #11: Because we are so proud of our star - she does it all. Leading lady, director, producer. #girlpower
  2. Ellen Anti-ABC's #6: Rude, Sour, Treason
  3. Ellen Pompeo & Debbie Allen Appreciation Thread #3: Because they both speak with so much respect and love for each other!
  4. {Meredith & Nathan ♥} #2: "He pursued me. he got me and then I gave in."
  5. Ellen & Friends Appreciation #5: Because we love when her friends bless us with pics of our Queen!
  6. Episode Discussion: 14x08 - "Out of Nowhere" (MIDSEASON/FALL FINALE)
  7. Ellen's ABC #7: Underestimated, Very good, Witty
  8. Meredith Grey Spoiler/Speculation #20: Because Meredith Grey spoilers and pics always make us looking forward for what's to come..
  9. Meredith Grey Appreciation #10: Because we hope #season14 will be good for our favorite character. Shining professionally and in her personal life. <3
  10. Social Media (Twitter & Instagram) #11: Because she slays on twitter and Instagram, and we always want more of her!
  11. Ellen Pompeo || Meredith Grey Wishlist Thread #7: Because a new season. New wishes, that we hope will happen! <3
  12. Ivery Family {Ellen, Chris, Stella, Sienna, Eli} #8: Because she's an amazing mother, and when we see her with them, it's always a happy day!
  13. Ellen & GA Cast #8: Because Ellen on set pics and videos make us excited for the new season! #moreplease :)
  14. Ellen Pompeo Board [Intro l Guide l Birthdays] #5:
  15. Ellen Pompeo Picture Thread #9: Because pics from her Instagram, out and about, events, on set, photoshoots.. we want it all!!!! #AndMayWeGetIt
  16. The Person Above Me #5: ^ wants tons of Ellen promotions in season 14
  17. Ellen Pompeo Word Association #6:
  18. SassyLand [Off Topic] #12: It's Summerrrrrr time!!! :)))
  19. Time Warp - Flashback to all things Meredith Grey
  20. 👑 Q U E E N || Ellen Pompeo Appreciation #10: Because we can never get enough of her, we always want more and more!
  21. Dreamhouse [MDZBE] #7:
  22. Meredith Grey's house #1: Because every character was at her house at some point.
  23. Ellen & Tino #3: Because Tino was with Ellen on set, even when she was directing!
  24. Meredith/Richard Appreciation #5
  25. Reflections {Meredith & Alex} #9: ''Because it’s just us now. There were five of us, and now it’s just you and I.''
  26. Sister Wives [Meredith & Callie] #5:
  27. {Meredith & Nathan ♥} #1: "I called it off, and I kept it off until I couldn't anymore."
  28. Ellen Pompeo - Moderator Opening Announcement - Extended
  29. Three Word Post #5:
  30. Ellen Pompeo Outfit Appreciation #8: Because casual or dressed up, she always looks so freaking good!!
  31. General Grey's Anatomy Discussion #7:
  32. Ellen Pompeo Hair Appreciation #8: Because her hair is longer now!!
  33. Twisted Sisters In Law {Meredith & Amelia} #7: Because scenes when they are getting along are actually nice.
  34. Their Mother || Meredith, Zola, Bailey and Ellis #8: Because we miss the cuties.. so much.
  35. Ellen Pompeo News/Media Thread #9: Because promotions from Ellen need to happen STAT!!! #weareinneedofEllenhighs
  36. Meredith & Patients Appreciation #5: Because we need the Chief of General surgery to have some good cases and interaction with her patients. STAT
  37. ❢ ℇℓℓ℮η Рᴼᴹᴾᴱᴼ Board Celebrates Three Years
  38. Three Year Celebration: PREPARATION THREAD
  39. Ellen Post Count #7:
  40. Ellen Pompeo Animations Thread #6: Because hopefully new Ellen interviews so we can get new gifs of her!
  41. Ellen Pompeo Legs Appreciation Thread #6: Because we want to see Ellen in more dresses!
  42. Ellen Hangman #5
  43. Episode Discussion: Grey’s Anatomy 13x24 (Season FINALE): ''Ring of Fire''
  44. The Blondies [Ellen & Kevin] #3
  45. 2016 Holiday Fan Art Competition: Round 3 Winner!
  46. Sisters from Another Mister {Meredith & Maggie} #4: "Hey, I'm here."
  47. Meredith Grey Appreciation #9: Because we need more Meredith in 2017 - a lot more.
  48. TPBM #5: TPBM hopes 2017 will be good to us?!
  49. Ellen's ABC #6: House of Candles, Incredible, Justin Chambers
  50. Social Media (Twitter & Instagram) #10: Because we hope that in 2017 we'll be blessed with more Ellen tweets and IG pics/videos.