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  1. The Lion [Sebastian/Torrance Coombs] #14: The Tudors, Reign, Still Star-Crossed and The Originals! We love seeing this charming lad on our TV screens.
  2. Mary | Catherine #11: "Trust me. Trust me and let me help you. Trust that I can get you through this, because I swear to you that I can."
  3. Queen Mother [Catherine/Megan] #21: "No, I've always put my children first. I have done terrible things."
  4. Hangman #50: We'll never stop quoting.
  5. French Court (Board Guide, Intros, Rules) #7: Introduce Yourself and Post New Threads
  6. Reign 4.16 "All It Cost Her" Series Finale Disscussion
  7. Reign 4.15 "Blood in the Water" Episode Discussion
  8. ♔ Eternal ♕ {Francis♥Mary} #334: “Francis was your first love. And you were like-minded in many ways.” ~ Greer
  9. Reign 4.14 "A Bride, A Box, A Body" Episode Discussion
  10. Lord Narcisse [Craig Parker] #3: Lord of the court and Prince of the elven realm!
  11. Reign Spoilery Filming Pictures & Episode Stills #10: Here the, here the! The final thread that will contain anticipated spoilery picture's.
  12. Reign 4.13 "Coup de Grace" Episode Discussion
  13. Reign 4.12 "The Shakedown" Episode Discussion
  14. ☼ Lion & Queen ☼ {Mary ♔ Sebastian} #105: "Did this man give you his name?... Sebastian."
  15. Reign 4.11 "Dead of Night" Episode Discussion
  16. Henri de Valois [Nick Slater] #1: "I'm a prince who can do whatever he wants."
  17. Reign 4.10 "A Better Man" Episode Discussion
  18. King of France [Francis II/Toby Regbo] #27: I can't help thinking that every man even a king should have some kind of skill.
  19. Queen & King Consort {Mary & Darnley} #1: "I like having you on my side. It feels like it's you and me against the world."
  20. Checkered Pasts [Greer & James] #1: "I can't help wishing that at the right time, I'd met someone like you."
  21. Devoted Messenger {David Rizzio / Andrew Shaver} #1: "I know that I am meant to help you, Mary, Queen of Scots."
  22. Queen & Loyal Watchman {Stuart & Bothwell} #1: Give yourself a chance at what we could have.
  23. Sorry I am new, Why no season 5?
  24. Lord Bothwell {Adam Croasdell} #1: In real life, Mary's third and final husband.
  25. Reign 4.09 "Pulling Strings" Episode Discussion
  26. Reign 4.08 "Uncharted Waters" Episode Discussion
  27. Reign 4.7 "Hanging Swords" Episode Discussion
  28. King of France [Henry/Alan Van Sprang] #3: "With death comes wisdom."
  29. Princess Claude [Rose Williams] #3: God I wish mother were here. She handles tragedy with ruthless clarity.
  30. Luc Narcisse / Steve Lund #1: "I am a good man!"
  31. Queen Mother [Catherine/Megan Follows] #20: "Do not touch my mess. I may not be queen or regent, but I still have influence."
  32. Reign 4.6 "Love & Death" Episode Discussion
  33. Lord Darnley / Will Kemp #1: "I want to be loved. By the people. That's all that matters."
  34. Reign Post Count Thread #5: Because we'll keep wracking up the posts talking about Reign's final season
  35. ♕ Queen of Scots ♕ [Mary Stuart/Adelaide Kane] #15:"Under my rule, Scotland will find strength in unity."
  36. Royal Siblings | Mary & James Stuart #1: "We are all the family we have. And I am on your side."
  37. Reign 4.5 "Highland Games" Episode Discussion
  38. Please Welcome NotDoneAbusingYou as your new Moderator!
  39. searching a melody heard on reign
  40. The Romantic [Greer of Kinross/Celina Sinden] #3: "You provide a huge target. Gigantic, really."
  41. searching a melody heard on reign :)
  42. Reign 4.4 "Playing with Fire" Episode Discussion
  43. Besides Reign, what else are you watching #8: There are so many amazing shows out there, Why watch just one?!
  44. Reign Word Association #9: King - Crown - Gold
  45. Reign Rant Thread #1: the respectable debate conversation about what we DON'T like
  46. Reign 4.3 "Leaps of Faith" Episode Discussion
  47. Reign - Moderator Opening Announcement
  48. Reign 4.2 "A Grain of Deception" Episode Discussion
  49. Catcisse {Queen Catherine & Lord Narcisse} #7: "She and I are sort of best buddies [...] She is a fully fledged goddess." - Craig Parker
  50. James Stuart / Dan Jeannotte #1: "I am half brother to the queen. My family has royal blood in our veins."